Peekaboo, I see through. I'm sorry if this is prudish of me. But I have a method to my madness: To me, the greater crime is that combination of nude design and flesh-toned hue don't equal stylish -- they equal HEY CHECK OUT EXACTLY HOW MUCH OF ME MIGHT BE NAKED! Even with the Marchesa we hated, there was at least a characteristic edge to her exposure. This, to me, has all the edge of melted butter. And about as much body coverage. It's just... unimaginative. Now, if this dress was forest green, you could argue that at least the statement was bold, with her pale skin against a stunning, rich color. As it is, she might as well be wearing a glass of champagne. It is a big nakedy nakedfest, whose defining quality is that her crotch can salute you.
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