Fugli Larter

Physically, Ali Larter is looking terrific after having a baby.

Sartorially, she looks like Little Orphan Annie took a napkin-folding seminar.

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  1. Pink Coat

    This reminds me of the dress Anya made on last week’s Project Runway inspired by the raven.Does anyone else see the resemblance? She won for that and this looks eerily similar in the sense that it is black, short and foldy like hers.

  2. Sam

    I thought that was Naomi Watts.

    The shoes are terrible and even if the shorts were a skirt it would still be ugly.

    • Joy

      I actually think it would look a lot better with shorts. The bigger issue than the design of the romper(?) is the styling.

      I think if this were turned into a dress (and lose the gemstone beading), wear sleaker shoes and had her hair either pulled up or worn straight, the look would be improved considerably.

    • Rachel

      I thought that was Naomi Watts too! I’m glad I wasn’t alone.

    • Christopher D

      Shoes look kinda like she’s wearing designer shackles… maybe they beep if she goes out of the area.

  3. Christian

    I was leaning toward “yay” on this until I saw it ended in shorts. Definitely a scroll-down fug. Those buttons also look out of place.

  4. allison

    Speaking for the (apparent) minority, I love this! The color, the shape, and actually, the shoes. It’s refreshing, different, cool. Though maybe I’m just awestruck with her post-baby figure…

    • Valentina

      I second you Allison, she looks GREAT.

      • jenny

        Yep, love it! Would totally wear. Also love that description of it above as “black, short and foldy”.

  5. Karen

    I’m with Christian: I call this one a scroll-down fug. I saw it first from the waist up only and kinda liked the geometrics, but literally winced when I saw the shorts. And those shoes aren’t doing her any favors, either.

  6. gladly

    I can’t get past the color in this picture–what is going on? Is there a cheeto filter on the red carpet? I’m not believing that’s all her self-tanner.

    • Lauren

      Cheeto filter would make sense, given how cheesy the place tends to be (you made me giggle aloud, thank you :).

  7. Antof9

    Those shoes could be the newest way to hide a court-ordered ankle bracelet.

  8. Simone

    Who cares about the clothes, she has been infected with orangeritis!

  9. Mair Mair

    @gladly: cheeto filter. Hee hee.

  10. Eliza Bennett

    I loved it until I got to the shorts and the godawful shoes. She looks nothing like herself, though.

  11. Anjela

    January Jones, is that you?

  12. Vivian

    I think it’s adorable and like she could start tap dancing any moment.

  13. Eliza Bennett

    sweet baby j, a beige purse?! WHY?

  14. Lina

    I only hate the shorts. The rest is kind of cool — definitely unusual and decidedly eye-catching. I just wish she’d had a plain black skirt to offset the top and shoes. And physically, she looks amazing. And best, *happy*.

  15. Jules

    Is this what “vintage, 90′s” Halloween costumes are going to look like?

  16. El

    January Jones, Naomi Watts, she even looks a bit like Christina Applegate.
    When did they all turn in to identikit Fembots?

  17. vandalfan

    Horrid. She chould bust into a tap-dancing chorus number from “Forty-Second Street”.


  18. AQ

    Little Orphan Origami.

  19. crystal

    I think she looks cute! I don’t, like, wanna marry the outfit, and those shoes are pretty clunky, but still. Cute! Y’all are just having a kneejerk SHORTS NOOOO reaction, if you ask me.

  20. anny

    She’s right outta the chorus line in a Busby Berkeley musical. Also – nice buttons.

  21. Sajorina

    Honestly, EW!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Mlle

    I think that top would actually look really neat with a black pencil skirt.