Fugleficent/Better Played: Elle Fanning at Letterman

I think Elle Fanning’s escort may be better-dressed than she is.

Although, Elle IS playing Sleeping  Beauty, so at least it’s THEMATIC that she showed up in cropped pajamas. With the kind of shoes that even your elderly neighbor Maude would not be caught dead in, for fear of being stuck with them in the afterlife.

Elle did, thankfully, change for the actual show, because she left the building in this:

It’s EXTREMELY on-the-nose in a Disney Princess way, but at least it fits, and isn’t sleepwear. Someone really needed to sweep away her hair and put her in shoes that don’t match, though. And MAYBE consider downplaying the rosy makeup so that she doesn’t look like she fell into a vat of radiant orchid paint. She’s so cheery and charming, though, that even with those foibles, I can’t be truly upset at this; just mildly bugged and longing for arm adornments and dreaming of The Shoes That Might Have Been — although, over the years, and one picture ago, we’ve SEEN her taste in shoes, so maybe I should accept these with a grateful and relieved heart.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]

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  1. JenQ

    Not only is her companion better-dressed, everyone in the photo is; arguably, everyone in MANHATTAN is better-dressed. And why would anyone purposely want to appear to have rosacea? I’ve had it; it’s not attractive or fun.

    • Bottle Ginger

      She really does need to adjust her look, and IMHO the first step is to change her hair to a slightly darker and more golden shade. The super-pale hair is the same darkness as her skin, requires a lot of makeup to keep her from looking sickly, and really brings out the pinkness in her complexion.

      Change her hair to a pale gold and tone down the makeup, and she’d look so good that she could carry off wearing pyjamas to Letterman.

  2.  Alyssa

    My five year old self covets that second dress. My 75 year old grandmother covets those first shoes to wear with her lime green track suit.

    •  CremeBrulee

      My Barbie doll had that dress.

      •  Anita

        That’s a “boobs akimbo” dress, at least in this photo, plus it seems a bit dressy for a Letterman appearance. Those green shoes are an absolute disaster.

  3.  Claire

    I am, and have always been, extremely bothered by the obvious dark roots of her hair. I’m certain that with her actual hair color, whatever it may be, she’d look less… translucent. And I’m completely with you on the makeup. The last thing this poor child needs is hot pink cheeks and orange eye shadow.

    •  Anna

      Is it not possible to have dark roots/eyebrows and platinum hair? My best friend from school days was colored that way, and seeing as I knew her from the time she was born, basically, I can vouch for the fact that there was no bleaching going on. I’m not sure what to think of Ms. Fanning here, though–is it possible that she is just naturally colored that way, or am I being naive?

      • Megan

        It is possible. I myself am not platinum, but my hair grows in pretty dark and lightens very dramatically as light hits it- to a yellowy 80s Barbie blonde in summer and a slightly more strawberry shade in winter. My eyebrows are dishwater-y, my roots mousy brown.

        I don’t care anymore. Sometimes I throw an ash blonde on it if I’m going to an event or having photos taken. I look pretty wan when I mess with it too much.

        Don’t know if that’s the case with Elle here, but it’s not impossible.

      • Ryan

        I don’t see how – it’s not like your hair can change colour after it’s already grown, unless you spend a lot of time in the sun/surfing – I don’t think that’s gonna turn your hair platinum/yellow like Elle’s though…

        •  Fawn

          My hair does that – it always has. I’m VERY fair-skinned, so I don’t spend much time in the sun. And still, my hair grows in fairly dark (ashy blonde) and lightens very dramatically. I started coloring it red a few years ago because the red looks far more natural than my own dark roots/blonde hair.

        •  A Heather

          Actually, it can, especially if you have light hair. It bleaches very quickly in even minimal sun so it that you look like you constantly have dark roots. That doesn’t personally happen to me but it happens to my little blonde niece. Also, my sister had strawberry blonde hair until she was about ten, then it darkened to almost black. That tidbit is for those who don’t think hair can change color that drastically.

          • Tanya

            Yep. It can. Mine did. My mom still isn’t used to my dark hair and it has been dark for 30 years now.

      • Kat

        If you look at pictures of her as a child, her natural hair is a darker blonde colour. Still bright for natural blonde, but a lot darker than this shade. The platinum blonde suits her though.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        Well, here’s Elle’s natural hair color when she was a little girl:


        Much darker than now. And it’s probably darkened some more since then. So yes, she is bleaching the hell out of it. And it does not suit her.

    • Mrs. Helpful

      You are so right! A gentler blonde would be a good move for her.

    •  Annemarie

      I was JUST about to comment about her roots! I twitch every time I see her or Dakota’s hair. Don’t go platinum if you’re not going to bother about the upkeep!

  4. Jilly

    On a positive note, I really dig those pyjamas!

    • annabel

      They seem very high-waisted, and also ill-fitting. Like if she hitched them up the waistband would be up under her arms. I also would be curious to see what she looks like with darker hair. Her coloring seems all wrong for so much blonde.

  5.  Maria L.

    Pink is not her friend.

    And wasn’t she on the way to Lettermen here? In which case, neither outfit is event appropriate, PJs or Disney Princess.

  6. camille

    This child needs to be stopped.

  7.  Dani

    I LOVE the cut of that second dress. But the color and fabric are killing it, ugh. It’d work so much better in a non-shiny fabric in general, and a different color on her. Elle, get a better stylist!

  8.  HelenBackAgain

    The dress is absolutely beautiful, but way too much for Letterman, and, perhaps more importantly, way too much for her styling. She looks as if she ought to be in jeans and a T-shirt. Which would be fine on Letterman, too.

    Let’s hope the girl gets over this fascination with these hideously tubercular makeup colors soon. I’ve given up on her hair, but the makeup still might be a phase.

    • Joanie

      Yes! Jeans and a t-shirt would have been so great. Maybe with a kicky little cardigan to ward off the chill so pervasive in the Ed Sullivan Theater. And some killer shoes, just to prove she has some crazy fashion sense.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        That would be SO CUTE. And age-appropriate! She only just turned 16.

  9. Paisley

    The lime green shoes play really well off the burn sienna eye makeup, both of which compliment the Pepto-Dismal crop-a-thon to the maxxx.

  10. Emperor Cupcake

    Is that dress Vivienne Westwood?

  11. Framed

    I really like the second dress and the matchy shoes! What does this mean for me?!?

  12. bilbo

    I was so shocked to see my pajamas on gfy. I love my pjs! I have them full length in pink and blue

  13. Francine

    I am absolutely sure the escort is better dressed than she is! Did she even look in the mirror before leaving the house!?


  14. So Cheap So Sexy

    Miss Fanning have grown up becoming so beautiful argh not…..argh yes….argh can not …

    //Just Shop it Fashion Accessories

  15. Roosje

    I adore anything with a dogtooth/houndstooth pattern so I really want her assistant’s trousers.

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  17. Faye

    Sorry, I think the dress is hideous, too. It looks like something those kids who get pushed into the pageant circuit would be forced to wear when their crazed mothers try to sex them up at age 6 or thereabouts. I think we’re only finding it better in comparison to the pajamas. At least the pajamas would have made good pajamas. This dress doesn’t make a good anything, IMO.

    Very disappointed in Elle. Isn’t she supposed to some big fashionista -close friends with Rodarte or something?

  18. Ms Poopy von Pants 

    She looks like she’s being escorted back to the asylum in that first pic.

    • TonyG

      Yes! And she’s singing a happy song in her head as they escort her to her padded room.

  19. Dorothy E. Smurf

    any elle fanning look that doesn’t immediately draw my horrified eyes to her feet is a success in my book.

    also i need those houndstooth pants.

  20. Kristin C

    Hasn’t someone else worn that dress before?

  21.  Jules

    She should really stop dressing in clothes that are almost the same wind-chapped pink shade as her skin. It’s dreadfully unflattering, and she deserves better. A haircolour change would do her good as well, since that shade of blonde really amps the bright pinkness.

  22. Dawn

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was Courtney Love

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