Fuglee Simpson

I will give Ashlee here props for the fact that a) I love her bob, and b) this isn’t NEARLY as bad as it ought to be considering that she’s essentially wearing pajama shorts.

But girl: THOSE ARE PAJAMA SHORTS. You are fooling exactly no one. If this were paired with skinny jeans, or even a solid miniskirt of some ilk? Sold. Cute. This just looks like you got home from your 9 a.m. chem class, ripped off your pants, put on sleep shorts to go back to bed for four hours, and then woke up and threw on shoes to go to the dining hall before it closed. PLEASE treat your pelvis like a valued member of society.

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Comments (26):

  1. Aphy

    I actually like this. Perhaps it belongs on someone younger, like a teenager. The colors are wonderfully summerish!

  2. Lauren

    I think it shows lots of love for her pelvis that she didn’t crush it into an unnaturally tight pair of jeans.

  3. Donna

    There are so many odd angles going on there with her pose, it’s as far from a natural stance as you can get, and between that and the very unstructured top, there are some serious some optical illusions: like, that’s her back and she’s looking over her shoulder with a very twisty neck and her left shoulder and right shoulder belong to different people.

  4. Lina

    She should keep this hair.

    • Other Emily

      Yeah, I don’t have much to say about this, but I DO like her hair.

  5. ringthing

    Jeez, could she pose any more awkwardly? The shoulders, the wrists, the wonky knees – I need an Advil just looking at her.

    • flitzy


      That’s it. Totally contorted. I’m not a fan of her, but the hair is fantastic and the look is young and comfy.

  6. Claire L1

    That top makes me happy,,, if only it were paired with a good, slim, skirt ( no skinny jeans. PLEASE stop the madness)….
    I would totally accept the shorts if paired with a tank and plopped on a lawn chair with a Long Island and a spray fan mister.

  7. Leah

    Clearly her head is on backwards. Also her feet are blue.

  8. vandalfan

    Invisible horse. Or invisible bicycle?

  9. Nancy

    I know it’s wrong and I would never do it but something about this photo, from the smug look on her face, to the weird pose, to the hideous shorts, makes me want to throw acid on her. Please don’t call the cops or homeland security on me, I swear I won’t do anything.

  10. Lily1214

    Hair is just beautiful.

  11. Mahastee

    The top might be fine with some dark denim, but not with those shorts.

    Shame about the scoliosis.

    • Claire L1

      I just snorted iced coffee!!! “Shame about the scoliosis” !!!!

  12. anne p.

    Wardrobe from a bygone era.
    And that’s Ellen Barkin’s old ‘do (so even the hair’s from a bygone era).

  13. Art Eclectic

    The world has been a pleasanter place with some time out from the Simpson clan.

  14. FoghornUnicorn

    If society would stop giving a fug, I’d ONLY wear pajamas for all of time. But alas this cruel world has locked me into a 20% public pajama policy. Fuggers.

  15. Francesca

    Ashley has become “the pretty one” in the family. I rather like her outfit, slouchy rayon-y look that it has, it’s great on her. Just please, lose the inwardly pointed toe pose – already overdone on Etsy by every hipster, boho and waif trying to sell a vintage something or other.

    • Crystal

      With you and everyone else on the pose. This is a red/blue carpet, not the latest Urban Outfitters catalog.

  16. Sajorina

    I tend to understand her position since I wore my Pajama Jeans to Walmart a few days ago (don’t judge, I got them on sale from $50 down to $6)! Anyway, I like everything but the shorts & the shoes… If she was wearing skinny white jeans & cute gold or bronze pumps, I would’ve FABbed this, but I have to FUG it!

  17. charmi

    they’re just fine.. you’re so damn narrow-minded!! Jeez..

  18. Robertina

    My lord, the way she stands!!! …I cant stand the way she stands!!!!!!

  19. lori

    Sorry – she looks super cute! Love the hair – pajama shorts are actually working for her. Have to agree on the disjointed stance though. It looks manufactured – although not as bad as “Jolie-ing.” That’s still undefeated…

  20. Philippa

    I can’t judge her. I can only think that I haven’t been in that kind of shape since college, and she’s pushing 30 and has given birth. She must have gotten all the good genes in that family.

  21. Lily1214

    Why is she standing like that? Is that the “oh it’s just me you guys” pose?