Fuglebrity Skin

“… and so I realized if I sewed the same piece of fringe to my pants AND my shirt, nothing could fall down without me knowing, and THAT is why I am going to be a freaking Home Shopping Network HERO, you dig? … Wait, what? Suspenders? That’s a real thing? GOD DAMMIT.”

[Photo: WENN.com]

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  1. Willow

    her hair is looking mildly healthier. Props for that and this outfit, bar the odd gift wrap ribbon suspenders, isn’t entirely awful.

    No chance of a boob slips so YAY!

    Just went through her Fug Portfolio. WHY wasn’t she in Fug Madness this year?

  2. Candy

    I’m more bothered by that awful necklace than anything else. It looks to me like something you’d get at one of those home jewelry party things.

  3. that girl

    I’d like to see this from the back, it looks like there is something else going on with the bedazzled fringe suspenders at the bottom.

  4. vandalfan

    I thought it was an elegant handbag at first. At least things looks pretty clean, and nothing is hanging out, or mis-buttoned. Baby steps, folks.

  5. Winnie

    Is she actually trying to tell us that she is now spiritually aligned with the characters in Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan (the movie on the timeline next to her) from 1990? As opposed to the actual grunge queen that she was 21 years ago? Did she or I just fall through the wormhole?

  6. elle

    I’m not looking too close at her outfit on her purpose and I actually like it. She’s going sort of Marianne Faithful on us. Not a bad direction for her.

  7. The Other Molly

    I was wondering why Courtney wasn’t in Fug Madness this year too.

  8. Kate Tull

    But she’s wearing pants! And an actual shirt!