Fuglé Kardashian

I think Khloe is the greatest sister of all.

I mean, since Kim’s sacred union of true lovers didn’t even last as long as a 90-day trial period, the considerate thing to do when you’re forced to go out with her is to look as much like a lame frat-party theme as possible — that way, everyone will be so busy wondering when the toga magic show is starting that they won’t even remember to ask Kim if she got a full refund. Well done, Khloe. Although I imagine it doesn’t hurt that, by comparison, her bizarre quickie marriage to someone we didn’t even know she were dating — and whose kids she hadn’t even met — now looks like a sensible and responsible act. If you’re not going to win at clothes, at least you’re ahead in life, eh, Khloe?

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  1. Dazie

    I have to keep reminding myself that Khloe is normal height, not some shambling giantess.

    This outfit does not help. WTF.

    • Miranda

      Although I gotta say, at least in terms of proportions, her legs go on. AND ON. That girl in a short skirt and heels is basically a tour of Leg City.

      This has been a Public Service Announcement.

  2. Ladyblahblah

    That poor girl is doing nothing to dispel theories that she’s really a dude.

  3. dee

    That is an astoundingly obnoxious picture. WTH is going on with Khloe’s bosom.? Yes, I know bosom is a Grandma word but Khloe is not looking too youthful or perky in that department. Her lip color? Yuck.

  4. Anne B


    Still, props for the body language here, which could not be any more “Ew. Little help with this sociopath I picked up off the street, guys?” if she tried.

  5. theotherjennifer

    I don’t understand why everything Khloe wears has to be see through and show her bra. If you are the most ginormous of the Kardooshians, that’s to be respected but my god, must you wear an ELASTIC WAIST GARMENT?

    she’s like a lipsticked bodyguard, wtf.

  6. Crazy Cat Lady

    If there is one thing I learned from eight seasons of “Charmed”, it’s that if one invokes the name of the Demon, it will shimmer on in.
    So please, can’t we all just agree to NEVER again utter the kname.
    On the other hand, l’il K does look appropriately wistful and sad, and has perfected the far off stare which lets us all know she is thinking deep thoughts: “oh dear, how did it all go so tragically wrong? We tried so hard to make it work”

  7. Steph

    Khloe’s outfit is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. She’s French Maid on top (good for when the inlaws give you a moments notice on dropping by), and Christmas wrapping on the bottom (good for… well, wrapping).

  8. Twins

    they are cool =)
    from http://www.beckaliza.blogg.se

  9. Sandra

    This is what happened when Tim Curry dressed up as Khloe for Halloween.

  10. jjdaddyo

    1) Those look like Hammer Pants- never a good look.
    2) She needs to find a crowd with a taller average height to hang a around with to make her look like normal human-size. And since this would mean staying away from the other Kardashifugs, it’s win-win!

  11. Jamie

    I just LOVE that with all Kourtney’s initial superiority about being the only one with a boyfriend and Kim’s scheming and dreaming to become a trophy wife to any professional athlete who’s willing, Khloe pulled off the ultimate WAG. Meanwhile Kourtney is bound for life to an enormous loser and Kim is now twice-divorced 30 year old. LOVE. Well done to Khloe. Not so much on the outfit, though.

  12. Geemee

    Not the best outfit, but Khloe’s body is bangin’. I wish she would stop thinking she’s a hoss. Is that Kim’s idea of a mourning getup — ass and boobs covered?

  13. vandalfan

    Never could tell any of the interchangeable K’s apart, nor do I want to. Lefty’s looking quite nice for a K, all the bits covered. The amazon with ankles the color of a dead body, the Christmas tablecloth around her waist, and the ill fitted matronly yet see- through top seems to have dressed for the “Bag, Sack” theme.

  14. Amber

    I can’t help it, I feel sorry for Khloe. She seems the most *ahem* normal of the K klan, and she’s got the most normal-sized body (meaning she is actually human sized, not teeny tiny pixie like her sisters). She has to pose next to them all the time, which makes her look huge. That being said, she does herself no favors. There are so many great clothes out there for normal sized people, but apparently, she can’t find any.

    • Lina

      Excuse me, but we “tiny pixie” like women ARE human-sized and normal-sized. We are ALL human-sized, whatever our size, and all sizes are normal. The size differential between two people is, in itself, nothing to criticize.

  15. kata lata

    …I completely disagree. I love red lipstick, I think shes got quite a glare from her angle and the lights, but her hair and makeup look gorgeous, in my opinion. I also love the bright color of the skirt, so fun as contrast to the boring and predictable wardrobe the k krowd wear normally. Shirt is playful and cute and I think if it was longer, untucked, maybe a different fabric?, and belted over the skirt so the proportions were different (they ARE off), khloe’d be the family knockout.

  16. Charlotte

    I may be a dissenting opinion, but I love that red lipstick. Okay, maybe I don’t love it on HER, but it’s still a great color.

    If that was a red, knee-length pencil skirt, instead of a shapeless sack, I would not only love that outfit but covet it for myself. Sure, it’d be very “gothic librarian,” but I happen to like that look. What? Don’t judge me.

  17. val.

    How tall is Khloe? Is she super tall or are her sisters just really short? I am 6’0″ myself and kind of feel for her. When you are towering over another woman, you don’t feel very delicate or feminine… and apparently you don’t come across that way to many others, either.

    Still, though, she could at least choose better clothes.

    • Dazie

      She’s around 5’9″. Taller than I am, but not towering. Unless she’s around her tiny sisters, then she looks much taller.

      • fritanga

        Khloe is also probably wearing at least 4-inch heels, which would make her at least 6′ 1″ right? Pretty tall, although that does nothing to elongate her in this K-Mart-y looking outfit. Kim, on the other hand (and to paraphrase the immortal Cordelia Chase), looks like she’s experienced the softer side of Sears.

        In other words, they both look bad. Cheap and bad. But what else is new?

  18. jean

    The angle of the picture is unfortunate. It does make her look massive. The photo almost looks photoshopped, especially since they aren’t looking the same way. Kim looks really nice for once and I usually hate her clothes. She always looks cheap to me, even in her Vera Wang wedding dress.

  19. jean

    Ug, I wish I could edit. I didn’t mean she looks cheap exactly. I know her clothes are really expensive, but she never looks elegant. I’m digging the hole deeper. It’s not a character thing! It’s just an appearance thing. I know almost nothing about her other than I saw her on Rachel Zoe’s show and she seemed like a very pleasant girl.

  20. Sajorina

    I like everything Khloe’s wearing but the red skirt!

  21. Franziska

    I have a soft spot for Khloe because she once said she’ll always have a problem with her weight. Her honesty amongst all those superficial Hollywood people who of course all have amazing lives, can eat what they want, never diet and are basically super humans was so refreshing. I don’t think her outfit is that bad. It’s not good, no, but it’s not that bad either. She can get away with it.