Solange, I love you. I mean, I LOVE you. I think you are fabulous. Your hair is awesome. Your makeup is perfect. Your pants…wait. Shit. WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?

On the other hand, is there not something divinely F You about attending the premiere of your sister’s self-made documentary about herself sans pants? It’s like saying, “your movie might be all about you you you but my legs are ALL MINE. ”

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  1. Sandra

    Those are some awesome stems she’s rocking, but everybody needs pants. Or skirt would be okay. I might even take leggings in this instance.

  2. Vandalfan

    Holy smokes! You got BUTTONS! How could I love GoFugYourself more?

  3. TonyG

    Awww…Solange does want to be part of Fug Madness! It wouldn’t be the same without girlfriend!

  4. Lizzy

    When you put it like that, Solange is rocking the sans pants look.
    She’s the exception that proves the rule that one should always remember their pants.

  5. Katharine

    She seems to be wearing some kind of a skirt.

    On another note, I see GFY is apparently on the road to becoming a Gawker-style commenter popularity contest. Strongly Dislike.

    • Aphy

      Yeah, not sure how I feel about the like/dislike thing. Solange has beautiful legs, but she still really needs pants. Her outfit looks unfinished!

      • Sarah

        I like it, because sometimes I just want to indicate I agree with a comment and don’t need to add on to it.

      • Callie

        I like the like button, I dislike the dislike button, which is appropriate I guess.

        I dislike Solange’s outfit comprehensively, though. Great hair. That’s all I can manage.

        • witjunkie

          I’ve often wished for a like button, but never a dislike. Not that I’ve never disagreed or rolled my eyes at a post, but to dislike a comment just seems harsh. Unless it’s one of those spam website ones.

        • Vandalfan

          Yep, after a few minutes, (who am I kidding? Hours) I like “like”. No need for any other buttons.

        • Jessica

          I agree with this. FYI, we had ZERO control over this happening and didn’t even know it was going to be a thing.

      • Miranda

        I think my issue is with the categorization that precedes the like/dislike data. “Well-loved”? Is a comment with zero likes or dislikes “Neglected” or what? It just seems unnecessary and potentially depressing.

  6. Holly Hamilton

    The pants are hidden in her hair.
    Also, the new buttons are intimidating, I don’t want popularity or notoriety, just an opportunity to express myself. Now I feel the need to be intentionally witty or something.

    • Miriam

      Re: buttons. Comments get a “well-loved” after 4 likes? Considering the polls get thousands of votes, that seems to be setting the bar a little low.
      I really enjoy the conversational aspect of the comments, just hope the buttons don’t invite lazy clicking instead of actual words.

      • Scanderoon

        Indeed. I was about to lazily click instead of actual-word reply to your post in agreement.

        I watch a lot of YouTube and so don’t have a problem with thumbs up/down in general, but what I’m really not feeling is the comment system’s own commentary on the voting. I am quite capable of reading numbers all by myself – I don’t need some bot telling me which comments are popular! Plus I keep reading it as the commenter actually saying “Well-loved” at the end of their post, which is bizarre.

    • Aphy

      I agree. I’m somewhat self-conscious anyway and now I’m anxious if people will like or dislike what I say. I liked the funny conversations we could have before without the popularity buttons. Hmm.

    • One of the Leahs

      I think my life already involves being judged too much…

  7. Sallie T

    The whole Most Reverend Queen Bey thing is really getting on my nerves, so I applaud any nonviolent focus-stealing gestures on principle.

    • mary lou bethune

      LOL The most Rev Queen Bey…. it must get a bit tiresome for Solange who is so beautiful herself.

  8. Tar Heel Gal

    Not much makes me gasp, but whoa, this did! It looks like she just escaped by the hair on her head from her electric shock session at a fashionista mental relaxation spa, foregoing the day’s lunch of sprout and dandelion petals salad. Or something. Yes, even leggings would be a blessing here. Good grief.

  9. Rayna

    I don’t care how beautiful or lovable you are, or how staggeringly famous your sister is, or how severe your sibling rivalry issues may be (or not), everyone needs to wear pants or a skirt or something that covers their backside and bits in public.

    I know there are MANY who disagree, but, well, there it is.

  10. Nancy

    Wow!! How out of touch am I? I didn’t even know this was Beyonce’s sister!!

    Have to say, with or without pants, I think I like this woman more than I like Beyonce nowadays. She seems proud to be who she is, and not try to fit into some mold that society has created about female beauty. I don’t think she looks anything like Beyonce, but she is very beautiful in her own way!!

  11. Art Eclectic

    I don’t really mind sans pants as long as I’m not in imminent danger of vagina viewing.

  12. nmlhats

    How did this outfit not merit a “Look into Pants” tag!?

  13. Sajorina

    Nothing against her, but I don’t get what you see in her! What I don’t see in her is pants and she needs a pair… Even cute white or black formal shorts would’ve been nice!

  14. jerkygirl

    If I had legs that good I might also be tempted. . .no. No, I can’t for anything–dear gorgeous Solange, I join with the others in saying Look Into Pants, or at least a mini, even if it’s gynecologically short because at least it’s SOMETHING. Everything else about her is, as usual, stunning.

  15. jw

    It almost looks like she’s wearing a diaper or a loincloth. Maybe it would look a little better if the bottom weren’t so rounded.

  16. Clarence Beeks

    She has gorgeous legs, but she still needs SOME sort of bottoms!

  17. Deborah

    I dunno, this whole thing is too Diana Ross to me. “Lookit me! Lookit meeee! Lookitlookitlookit!!!!!” fwiw was never a fan of the big wild hair on Miss Ross either.

    • Cassandra

      Or it’s her hair’s natural texture and not a way to grab attention. She shouldn’t have to straighten or tame her natural hair because you’re “not a fan”.

  18. Chris P


    I’m not mad at her for leaving the house without pants.


    Anyway, thoughts:


    I can just see it now. Tina dusting off her sewing machine. Tina clearing out the sequin aisle at the local Michael’s. Tina ordering yards upon yards of lamé. Tina holding up her unholy creation and cackling in glee, ready to unleash five years’ worth of pent-up fug upon the universe.

    Those would be the hot pants of the Apocalypse.

    2) For the record, cigarette pants would work awesomely with this, I think. A pencil skirt would probably look heinous.

    3) Given that her sister is Our Holy Mother Beyoncé, I can excuse the “LOOK AT MEEEEEEEE.” Plus – dudes, it’s Solange. If she showed up places looking conventional, we’d wonder if she was all right. She’s like Gaga in that sense, except far less pretentious.

    4) I almost referred to Beyoncé as “Beysus,” which I just realized is appropriate on multiple levels.

  19. Kit

    Oh God – Solange – girl – we know that compared to Mrs. Carter you’re just a basement baby, but this.. this is trying to too hard – and it draws attention to your plan to draw attention. You need some sneaky classes, girl. And change that outfit. *sheesh*

  20. amanda

    Yes dear, nothing says I’m not jealous of my big sister quite like showing up for her big premier PANTSLESS and with a giant affro.

  21. Ladyblahblah

    I think this is Solange saying: “So Sister, you may have the most blonde weaves, Grammys, $50 million Pepsi deals, and narcissistic HBO documentaries, but we both know who has the best LEGS in this family.”

  22. Jules

    Sorry. If I could choose a celebrity to see pants-less, it would not be Solange.

  23. Maria Catarina Fonseca

    Why Solange, why??

  24. yvetterene

    I heart her!! I mean she went out in public with no pants on! Not too many folks can pull off the “sans pants” look.

  25. gryt

    I wish the Like/Dislike buttons were light gray and didn’t stand out so much. It’s harder to read the comments now with the GREEN! and RED! buttons; my eyes immediately go to the buttons first. It’s distracting.

  26. Lily1214

    Don’t you dare “go sheer and wear grannie panties.” That look is so dated. For now, I like Solange’s outfit. No pants, so what? She looks great.

  27. house mouse

    Oh man, she’s so pretty. I just love her. That said, I’d like to see this with some skinny leather pants. Or any pants at all, really. Gorgeous as her legs are, it just looks like she forgot to get dressed.