Did we know that Shoshanna is blonde now?

I kind of enjoy her crazy pants — I am on record as being a Crazy Pants Enthusiast; from the pair of awesome Esprit pants I had in 6th grade (they were orange with little blue goldfish on them and they were AMAZING and I wish I still had them) to the crazy red and white Hawaiian pants I got at a Barney’s sale a couple of years ago which are currently too big for me (not if I keep eating these Girl Scout Cookies, though), I embrace a Crazy Pant. But something about this entire look just feels like a total BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS shot that will eventually run in Allure where the celeb in question notes, “Yeah….I don’t even know.”

[Photos: INF]

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  1. Megan

    I remember I commented on a post about Zosia a few months ago, where I said it would help immensely if she did something with her hair and smiled. This…this isn’t what I had in mind.

    • Megan

      I think I was initially too harsh. I just think she needed a different shade of blonde, but other than that, she actually looks adorable.

  2. Jamie

    The styling is just off. Diane Kruger could wear the HELL out of this outfit. Her hair would be casual, but not “rolled out of bed and couldn’t find a comb” and it wouldn’t be obscuring her cute jacket. Her eye makeup would certainly not look suspiciously like she’d slept in it. If she were rocking a full brow, she’d have the good sense to pencil in the bald patches. And she would DEFINITELY not have two hair ties around her wrist. (And I say that as a person who has a hair tie around her wrist right this minute, and who usually has as least three. But no one is taking my picture right now.)

    • Deborah

      You know, it might have gone better for her if she’d used that hair tie and pulled up a clean high pony. The long long hair with her long face is dragging her down.

  3. kickassmomnyc

    Blonde AND smiling!
    The pants are adorable, they fit her perfectly.
    A little lighter on the eye makeup and brow and I’m sold. This shade blonde is right for her. She looks good (her mom’s a good blonde, too).
    This is so much better, Zosia, than your usually dour puss and too-dark-for-you, mousey hair.

  4. Hannah

    I just can’t cope with how stumpy her legs look. Her feet look so out of proportion.. it’s weird.

    • maryse

      i don’t think it’s her. i think it’s that the photographer is considerably taller and a little too close.

      • Helen

        Agreed on the photo’s perspective, but those are still clowny pants.

  5. Tiffany

    At least she is smiling! (I still can’t believe she is David Mamet’s kid).

  6. Robyn

    It might be for the play she is in right now.

  7. Helen

    She must have got a two for one – overbleached hair and teeth, all in one visit!

  8. milaxx

    It doesn’t matter what color your hair is if it’s not styled.

  9. Vandalfan

    The blacks don’t match and both the too-small top and too-tight trou’ are horrid (in my opinion), but her hair is worse. Are you telling me this person, whomever she may be, actually wants her hair to look this way? Is there quite a bit of static electricity in the air where she is? Tragic destruction of all combs and brushes in her vicinity?

  10. Janie

    I like the pants! They fit well and, I, too, am a crazy pants enthusiast. I think with slightly different make-up and her hair put up with her pony-tail holder this could be a fab. As it is, she looks like a real person, or at least this is probably the hot mess that I look like on most days. Celebrities–they’re just like us!

    • susannestyle

      i agree- the pants are cute, it’s just the slightly grungy hair and makeup that are throwing this off.

    • michelle

      I am so happy to see other people have a secret or not so secret crazy pants thing. I have to admit I haven’t owned any crazy pants for awhile but I am ALWAYS attracted to them in the stores. I had a pair of multicolored striped crop pants (so many ways to go wrong there) in the mid 80s that I adored until I tripped on my too tall shoes one day and took out the knees. I still miss them although I know that stripes on my butt would be crazy for sure!

  11. Edith

    She’s wearing makeup and smiling! True, the makeup job isn’t very good, but lipstick! And a smile! I’ll call this a win, even though I am NOT a wacky pants enthusiast, and really wish she’d get a haircut with some shape or style.

  12. kitten mittens

    She should lighten her eyebrows a little with the new hair. She also needs to groom the brows. The contrast is part of what is giving her a home dyed look.

  13. Esme

    Why would she do that to her hair? Blonde does not suit her at all.

  14. ericajenine

    She looks like the character Sue Heck from the TV show The Middle.

  15. jar

    Holy carp, I had those Esprit pants! I also had the matching top. 8o’s me was far more daring with the patterns she’d wear. Sometimes I miss her. She probably would have liked these pants. Current me looks at the front seam and wishes it weren’t quite so noticeable.

    Also, trim your ends. Better yet, cut off six inches. It’ll grow back.

    • anonymoose

      Excessively long hair is generally unbecoming to the wearer. When/why/how did it become a thing? When will it stop? It is not just laziness and saving money on haircuts; people go to a lot of expense and maintenance to have fake extensions put in. Cher was the only one who could get away with long sleek hair. It suited her overall, in proportion to her unique looks. Lindsay Lohan and all the other trend-followers just look fashion-victimy.

      I applaud that Zosia is attempting style. Too bad the attempt is so slack.

  16. CopyChic

    Crazy pants are great sure–for brunch–with friends. There’s no way I’d be caught in that outfit for the opening of anything other than a trench coat (which I’d wrap myself in immediately).

  17. Emma

    She needs some serious help with her makeup. Her brows are really messy, and that hard line of black eyeliner under her eyes is awful. She looks like she’s not wearing any foundation or concealer, she’s just gone straight for the dark eye makeup and red lipstick.

  18. AMS

    I adore the pants! I just wish she hadn’t worn them with a black top. Had she pulled out one of the colors from the print, maybe the red(?) or the pale green(?) (hard to tell exactly what the colors are, as they got washed out in the photo), it would have made the whole thing lighter. Also, that hair is like a lead weight, pulling the whole thing into the ground. Even pulling it back into a low ponytail would have helped.

  19. h² fashion

    Her outfit isn’t so bad actually, but she needs some help with her hair and makeup for sure.


  20. Sajorina

    Shirt is nice & pants are cool, but together on her and with those shoes = Oh, Honey, No!

    • Sajorina

      By the way, I had the most awesome floral-printed pants from Contempo Casuals when I was in High School! I still have a pair that doesn’t fit me anymore, but I love them too much to throw them out!

  21. Lily1214

    She’s going to the laundromat as soon as this is finished.

  22. Fletcher

    Not a great look for her: hair too flat + an unbecoming shade (too golden); eyebrows and makeup too dark for the hair colour; lips too red; pants unflattering as well – a skirt in this pattern would have worked better… the heels she is wearing are drowned out.