Unfug It Up: Kristin Chenoweth


Oh, Cheno:

You are the cutest, but not even you are cute enough to out-cute the fact that you’re wearing something that looks like gift wrap. Seasonally appropriate, expensive gift wrap, but gift wrap ne’ertheless. However, I am fully of the belief that this look can be SAVED. Step one — LESS gift wrap. I’d chop off those sleeves and commence hoping for the best. What would you do? 

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Comments (115):

  1. Bill Johnson

    Be nice. That’s just the smock while she’s under the dryer. Her real outfit is still hanging… Oh my God, never mind.

  2. Pam

    I actually think she looks cute… it’s just the picture is so in your face. If we could back up a few steps then I could tell you, but as she is, I think it’s cute.

  3. Chelsea

    Well, for one, I would take a makeup wipe to that bad lipliner/lipstick situation. Then get rid of the sleeves. Then steam the wrinkles out the dress. Then steal her really cute shoes!

  4. Edith

    The sleeves definitely have to go (though maybe a nice 3/4 sleeve would be good). The bodice and top skirt, at least, should be a material other than satin, and about 1.5 inches more length on the skirts would do wonders. I think the orange would work better if she were less orange – in fact, whatever else you do, she should be less orange. It’s November, feel free to be pale.

  5. bex

    anybody else think she looks like heidi here?

  6. Blair

    The dress doesn’t bother me so much (though I would get rid of that thing hanging off the bottom), but her hair is SO severe. Soften it up, maybe lose the up ‘do altogether. She’s also a little over tanned for my liking, but I’m willing to blame that on the lighting.

  7. daisyj

    Lower the hem by a couple of inches, swap out the waist seam and the pleating for a smoother-fitting bodice but keep some of the fullness of the skirt and I think she might have something.

  8. Joshwahhh

    OH HONEY, NO! I absolutely love Cheno but here, they have managed to make her look so TAUT and ORANGE from the neck up. You would think the obnoxious sack-dress would make her look less orange by comparison, but all it does is highlight the blue veins busting out of her forehead against the pressure of that slick-back.

  9. djheydt


    No. Cannot be saved. The dress can’t, anyway. To save the lady, follow these steps:

    (1) Drag her into the ladies’ room.

    (2) Remove the dress.

    (3) Take it off somewhere and dissolve it (since it’s obviously plastic, I suspect the acetone in nail polish remover would do the job. LOTS of nail polish remover.)

    (4) Dress her in something else.

    (5) While you’re at it, take her hair down and loosen it a bit: right now she looks the next thing to bald.

    (6) Then let her go.

  10. B

    Maybe flip so that the orange is the liner and the gray is the main color. I would also take off those sleeves.

  11. Another Kate

    I actually don’t mind the dress. I think it’s cute. I mean, chop off the sleeves if you must, but it’s fine. It’s the heavy eye makeup and the harsh hair that I’m having trouble dealing with here. And the lip-liner. All wrong for such a lively little dress.

  12. Andrew S.

    I have bigger issue with her make-up and hair :/

  13. geemee

    If the dress was fitted from the waist up I’d feel better about it. I also like B’s idea of flipping the colors so the gray is the main color and orange is the accent. Softer makeup and bigger earrings, too.

  14. kate

    I think she needs to listen to Project Runway this season and get some better styling. Take the hair down, lighten the makeup, and she would look so much better

  15. qwertygirl

    Give this back to the Hollywood dental assistant to the stars that she stole it from and start over with something…else.

  16. Chasmosaur

    Dress isn’t bad if you take into account KChen’s overly diva attitude and that this is a Halloween night Broadway premiere. It’s kind of like the whole “Well Helena Bonham-Cartery Played” thing. Despite her fame and success, I always feel like she shows up to these things dressed as desperate for attention. Which is a shame. But then again, look at Lea Michele right now – maybe it’s a Broadway Diva thing.

    Anyway, she definitely needs an intervention. No raccoon eyes. Softer hair (which includes the color – it’s just looked too brassy in recent years, she needs to go back to a softer blonde). And I’d be interested to see this in a non-satiny color with the bodice dropped an inch or two so it looked like it actually fit her. It looks like it’s a cute, comfortable dress, but it could look better.

  17. Rachel

    I agree with the hair folks, remove the severe back-swept do, it ages her. The dress color MIGHT be okay if the dress itself were made out of something less shantung-y. A more drapey silk – that would also keep the liner (I think that’s what it is?) from hanging so obtrusively.

  18. challis

    I think she’s making it work, quite an accomplishment since it’s the same color as her skin.
    I’d just like to see the darker brown peeking down at the hemline also be on the inside of her sleeves.

  19. Lara

    Add a belt. All that color needs to be broken up.

  20. Jule

    Lose the sleeves, change the fabric, de-harsh the hair, and bring back Pushing Daisies.

  21. Strunkette

    Different color…perhaps deep plum and less severe hair. I think it’s a great cut on her and she needs to get away from the tube dresses she usually favors. Definitely a step in the right direction.

  22. KarenG

    Yeah, I’m thinking this is for while she gets her hair done – since it’s clearly not been done yet. It’s a smock, not a dress. But if this were a Project Runway challenge to turn a hideous smock into a cute dress, I’d make it strapless, make it actually fit in the waist, and make the grey part hanging out hang out evenly. Maybe have some grey piping in the waistline to tie it to the grey at the bottom. Then I’d switch to a nude shoe, loosen up the hair, and get rid of that terrible, aging lip liner.

  23. carina

    Do we have to get rid of sleeves? I swear, it’s just nice to see sleeves on someone.

    I think my issue is that the neckline and torso are too-too orange. How about some outlining on the neckline in a different color? Is that a slate, navy, or brown on her hem? More of that on the dress!

  24. Mongerel

    Easy: Add a feedbag full of brains for that zombie to snack on.

  25. Marie

    Does anyone else remember that Sophia Bush got fug or fabbed for this SAME dress last year? And it looked much cuter on Sophia!!

  26. Minutiae

    I think the color and the makeup are the major problems. I’d change the color to, perhaps, a pewter or emerald green, and wipe most of that gunk off of her face.

  27. Kaitlin

    Let’s take a step back and address the most severe problem in the photograph: her hair. Why is it pulled back so severely? She’s got great hair. That being said, I think the sleeves have to go, and maybe a color change and I’d actually like the dress.

  28. carolyn

    Agree with Kaitlin – the hair is harsh on her. Also think a sleeveless version would be much better, and the color just isn’t right!

  29. Annie M

    Aw, give her a break. She’s a Broadway Baby – she dresses (and makes up) to be seen in the back row of the balcony. That’s what your Broadway Babies are SUPPOSED to do. The comparison to Helena Bonham Carter is quite apropos. She’s being Kristen Chenoweth, and I for one adore her.

  30. B

    Why do I always feel like KChen is trying way to hard to look young? This dress is certainly far more age-appropriate in terms of length and coverage than some of her recent numbers, yet something about it screams to me twee on her. She has a great figure, and she is super pretty, I just wish she would wear clothes that didn’t make her look older for trying to look younger. And, ditto on hair and makeup.

  31. Anonymous

    chop the sleeves, tailor the dress to fit her freakin body and change the material! that material is awful it draws away from her natural beauty, actually it draws the eye away from everything and its just ugly, awkward and wrinkly.

  32. Jill

    Maybe her hair is like that because it’s a DIY face lift.

    I would chop the sleeves off, wipe that lip liner off her face, and take out that bun. Because crows feet are less scary than hair pulled so tight your forehead veins pop.

  33. kpod

    She is as cute as a button!! Maybe loosen up the hair, and tone down the eyeliner, but if I looked as adorable as she does, I would be quite content.

  34. spacedcowgirl

    I actually like the dress, and the hair is fine with me, but she looks like she is freezing.

  35. vandalfan

    Her face, or her hair? Could either of them be worse? The black eyes and roast-beef lip-liner? The ponytail yanked so hard her veins are popping out? That orange satin number is really the lead apron they drape across your chest while getting dental x-rays, and is the least of her problems in this photo.

  36. AJ

    Love her — like the dress but wish she was styled differently … but she is another one with a disturbing disproportion between head and body. And that’s with no hair adding volume.

    And would really like to see her back off tanning.

  37. Kaysox

    Soften her hair (nice loose tousles?), use a less shiny material in the same colour, KEEP the sleeves, ditch the slip and give it a couple inches longer on the hem. Also, I wouldn’t go as heavy on the eyeliner, I’d keep the eyes nice and natural but have a plum lip.

  38. je t'aime

    a) Turn down the shine in the dress.
    b) Girlfriend needs shoes that fit.
    c) Give her ten more minutes. She clearly slicked back her hair in order to fit it under either a wig or a bald cap. She just had to rush out the door before she could decide which one.

  39. Pumpkin3.14

    Why does her face look like a 50 year old, mottled, sun-worshiping Floridian?

    Wrapping paper, ribbon, and sparkly dresses are most appropriate with spaghetti straps. Also, a little cleavage would mean less attention to the face. Ohhh, her poor face.

  40. elle

    I like it. I just don’t care for her makeup much

  41. Rachel

    Um. Kristin Chenowith always looks super cute and pretty, so what’s going on with her face in this photo? I feel like the color of the dress is reflecting onto her face and making her look badly sunburned.

    I think this dress should be strapless so we have less orange to deal with. She should loosen her hair; the slicked back look is not working for her. And I think her make-up should be less extreme.

  42. ATZ

    The main problems I see are that the dress is too wide and too short. It’s like she put on a plus-size toddler gown.

    The waistband needs to hit at her waist and not right under the bustline. And the skirt should be longer, not for modesty but so it looks like it’s in proportion with an adult body.

    So, lengthen the torso and the skirt. That probably wouldn’t make this dress attractive, but it would help it be less unflattering.

  43. jenny

    I think it’s just a cute dress in the WRONG fabric! Something a wee bit softer, less stiff and shiny, and we’re good to go. The makeup is also…troubling. Was she going to be doing a newscast later?

  44. Lemler

    The problem is from the neck up, not the neck down. (Although, when your skin looks like a leather saddle that’s been lying in the sun for a few years, wearing orange is a really, really bad move.)

    She claims that all the botox injections she’s had were done as treatment for her chronic migraines. There are some doctors who recommend botox for migrane sufferers, but…this much, Kristin? Really? Your doctor insisted that you use that much?

  45. Mags

    The main problem with this outfit is that it makes her look OLD.

  46. ProudMary

    she’s basically just styled wrong. softer hair, less severe makeup, and some sort of focal-piece necklace would make a huge difference.

  47. Tracy L

    “she’s basically just styled wrong. softer hair, less severe makeup, and some sort of focal-piece necklace would make a huge difference.”
    Proudmary, this is exactly what I was thinking! Dress itself is quite cute–maybe the skirt should be an inch or two longer.

  48. Michele

    The only thing wrong with this ensemble is too much botox. I mean FOR REAL….. look at her forehead. ACK! Her horrible make up isn’t helping either. *sigh*

  49. liralen


    New colour – perhaps blue – steam and/or iron it, and change either the sleeves or the neckline (together they rather resemble a hospital gown). I also wouldn’t object to somebody barring her from the tanning salon, taking some cold cream to her face, and letting her hair down.

  50. Anabelle


    2-Black patent belt

    3-Get rid of the sleeves. Indeed.

  51. will-smith-but-not-that-guy

    Extend it to her knees. Switch the colors, and have the orange be the underlay, and that cool blackish-gray the main color. It’s just too much Creamsicle to work for a Halloween Orange and Black. And make the dress out of a material that doesn’t shine so much. Oh, add a pair of shoes that have some glam, these look like something my sister the software engineer wears to important meetings with DOD officials. That’s what I would reommend to make it a a chic and sexy look. Here, she looks like a Yankee Candle trick or treat favor. Pumpkin Licorice for the dressing room!

  52. Sweetsinger

    Say HEY!
    All she needs is more black–say a pillbox hat?–and it would be perfect!
    Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants for winning the 2010 World Series.

  53. RenaissanceGrrl

    I think she’d look just fine as is if her hair was styled in the April Rhoades coif.

  54. zuzu

    I didn’t realize she is over 40.

  55. Prunella

    Yikes. She looks like some alien queen from a sci-fi flick. It’s not the dress (which is merely blah). It’s the overdone raccoon eyes, orange-y tan (which makes her nose seemingly disappear), and beige lips–with her hair brushed so closely back, all I see is the scary eyes and the vein on her forehead (she has to go easy on the Botox). Alien, I tell you.

  56. Lara

    What she needs is less botox and tanning in addition to different hairdo and make-up.
    Then the dress wouldn’t be half that bad.

  57. Bethany B.

    I’d lower the waistline so it looks less like a robe from the doctor’s office. The bust is also unflattering, and lowering the waist would probably help.

    I like the color, but would change the type of fabric – what it is now is too crisp, shiny, and wrinkle-prone. It needs to be made of something softer and a little more flowing.

    The length of the sleeves doesn’t bother me, but they need to be more closely tailored to her arms.

  58. MBG

    I am in the minority in that I love the dress. I do agree, though, that her hair/makeup could use a change. I can excuse that, though, because I do know that she literally left right after a performance of her own B’way show to go to this opening, and therefore most likely still had her stage makeup on and her hair probably just pulled back real quick. And I get the feeling that her dress is kinda making her look extra orange…I just saw her in her show and she doesn’t look so orangetastic in person!

  59. Emily

    Actually, I think the dress isn’t that bad, chop off the sleeves maybe and make it longer….it’s her face that really scares me! Looser hair, less eye makeup, please!

  60. Marie

    Personally, can’t even see the dress: I can’t take my eyes off of her bad lipstick and hairdo! Also with all that eye liner and fake tan, she reminds me of those women in Florida who are much older than she is. Too bad, I love the woman!

  61. Sarah

    Change the color and fabric of the dress. I still don’t know why people think that shade of orange works on blonds. The cut of the dress is ok. Change the hair, loose and casual is fabulous on her. Wipe off about 2/3 of the eye make up. Keep the great shoes and cuff.

  62. The Other Molly

    1. Satin is not your friend unless you plan to stand all night.
    It wrinkles, and wrinkles and wrinkles.
    2. No one, I repeat no one looks good in orange.
    3. You must be strikingly beautiful to get away with that hairdo.
    Kristen is cute, that’s it.
    And she has great hair.
    It’s a waste pulling it back like that.

  63. anonymoose

    she looks like phyllis-diller-without-her-wig!

    and, dark lipliner????? seriously?????

  64. Jenni

    I totally disagree. I think this looks fab on her, and that she IS rockin’ it. I would only have her tone down the eye make-up, which is too heavy, and have her hair be a little less severe.

  65. Lily1214

    I think that the blotchy leg makeup needs to be re-done.

  66. Nicole

    Seriously. Sophia Bush wore this dress LAST YEAR.

  67. quichepup

    She’s so tiny and the color is overwhelming. I don’t like her hair pulled back either, too severe for her, well, for anyone.

    I’m willing to say it’s Halloween and everybody should be given a pass this time of year. I’m also willing to overlook it because she’s wearing the colors of my Alma Mater and we Okies stick together.

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  69. Bambi Anne Dear

    Except for the gaping shoes I love it. Maybe just lengthen the charcoal portion at the bottom. Just an inch.

  70. healy

    It doesn’t look so bad…

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  72. gryt

    She needs hair. And a different dress.

  73. sydoweth

    This reminds me of the “gown” you wear for your pap smear. And that can’t be good. Yes, it’s a fancier version of said “gown,” and it does (presumably) cover a bit more of your girl bits than said “gown,” but I don’t like to be reminded of gown-and-stirrup time. So, no thanks.

  74. Molly

    Lengthen the underskirt, lose the sleeves, let down the hair.

    She looks unfinished.

  75. miss_msry

    Please God, let hosiery come back in fashion.

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  77. Aimee

    I would get the wrinkles out, chop off the sleeves, get a nude stiletto, and take her hair down and do barrel curls. or something less “harsh.”

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