Fugging Up With The Fugdashians

“Hmm,” Kourtney thought to herself.

“I can’t believe this hot-air balloon actually FIT.”

[Photo: Splash News]

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  1. Lindy

    That dress is hilariously bad. Just once I’d like to see her in a simple pair of jeans, fllats and a tee shirt and without 10 pounds of slap on her face. I bet she’d be super cute in her natural state.

  2. Sally

    Oh. Dear. Lord. Can some one please buy that girl a sense of proportion?

  3. Alyceinwonderland

    Whoopsie… I forgot my pants!

  4. amys

    It looks like an old blouse she scrounged up from the back of her mom’s closet circa 1978. You know Kris was rocking the poofy sleeves back in the day. I still will never appreciate the appeal of clodhopper high heels with anything, let alone a mini. Oooh, fringe.

  5. LoriK

    No “Look into pants!”? This really seems like a the time for a “Look into pants!”

    Also, I’m pretty sure that pattern is what the drapes in hell are made of.

  6. Caroleena Stantonova

    It’s easy when your legs are 8″ in length!

  7. Claire L

    Kim’s and Kourtney’s hair always makes it seem as if they are just waiting for the next The King and I audition.

  8. AQ

    What are people thinking when they combine an ill-fitting boxy something that makes them look stumpy with gladiator sandals? Adding “cankles” to “stumpy” is not a recipe for fasion success.

  9. AQ

    Or “fashion success,” for that matter. I was so freaked out by this that my h-finger got all paralyzed.

  10. Sherri

    Is her hair made of plastic?

    I’m not even LOOKING at the rest of it.

  11. Chris

    Oh, Kourtney, your dress
    My grandmother might want it
    To wear as a blouse.

  12. Ginni

    I’m just glad she didn’t think it to anyone else.

    Ugly dress.

  13. schadenfreudelicious

    i have a photo of my mother wearing a halter dress in an almost identical fabric sporting the same hairdo…circa 1977……

  14. AndersonicTK421

    @ Claire L: TTLY!
    + Dear Fug Girls, henceforth let the lot of the people be known under the “Fugdashian” moniker.
    + Dear E Television: PLEASE STOP

  15. Crazy Cat Lady

    AQ: I agree with stumpy and cankles being two wrongs making a fright.
    How’s about we coin a phrase: “Stumples”? “Stankles”? Anyone?

  16. Mongerel

    Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman were murdered on June 12, 1994. We could be cooing at photos of Nicole (Goldman)’s 17 yoa sweet child this very day if OJ Simpson had not murdered them.

    These Kardassian people are the spawn of the monster who hid the evidence. Never forget. Never forgive. Don’t publicize. Don’t reward.

  17. vandalfan

    Look into pants and a better hairdo.

  18. Jules

    Reaction # 1: *gasp*
    Reaction #2: Maybe it’s her first attempt at using a sewing machine.

  19. JillB

    What’s in the bag, a head?

  20. Sajorina

    Yuck! Ew! WTF?

  21. Lina

    Okay, Hollywood has ALWAYS been ridiculous, but this wins some kind of award for being heinous below and beyond the call of duty.

  22. What's The New Black

    I love the shoes, but the rest is, well, in a word: bad.

  23. Ranee Singleton

    Mogerel, I think that people need to be reminded of this. I am so sick of this whole family that I cringe whenever I see them. I keep on thinking that maybe they will go away.

    That being said, I do love Heather and Jessica’s “Lord and Lady Douchelord” posts.

  24. Leopardgirl

    It’s a piece of fabric she found at Micheal’s and she was running late and her designer just sort of threw it over her and as she was walking and then she FINALLY realized that it was a parachute but it was too late to go back and return this hideous mess so she just wore it. Or at least I hope only two seconds went into this thing because that is how much work it looks like it was given. Ya, you keep on futzing with that thing, but its way beyond help at this point honey.

  25. Triple8

    I think she should start a group called the Parachute Palz. Isn’t that what you do when you have a crappy fashion day? You find other fug nightmares and cry over the reviews and compliment each other on their hideous clothing even though it makes you look like you have a uni-boob or (ahem) no legs.

  26. Sara Jane

    This is a perfect circle, with legs sticking out the bottom and a head perched on top. I feel quite sure this wasn’t what she thought she looked like. Pretty hilarious though.

  27. Wordphreak

    Can she think to someone else?

  28. maggie

    Goooooo awaaaaaaay Kardashians! Abracadabra! Poof! Good bye!

  29. Grace

    I can’t stand that the media tries to portray Kourtney as being even remotely attractive. She’s a short little butterface, I really don’t know what people see in her.