MTV Europe Music Awards Fug Carpet: Katy Perry (AND FRIEND?!?!?)

I feel like Katy Perry might be Over It.

This doesn’t seem like our usual exuberant Katy Perry. She seems like a tired drag Katy — who, I guess, would be named Kary Perineum, or something — whose wig dried on the window ledge too long and began to melt. She also appears to be wearing a billboard for a new Saturday morning Cars knockoff about a bunch of¬†anthropomorphic pool rafts in Palm Springs. Although come to think of it, if I were to choose anyone to sing the theme song for that show, it would be Katy.

But perhaps she’s not merely bored. Could there be another reason why she seems to be a less sparkly shadow of her usual self?

Let the bump portmanteau games begin. Brerry? No. Perand? Eek. Katsell? Eh. I guess Russell can call it My Bumpy Wump, but that feels awkward coming from the rest of us. Let’s just work on it and hope that when she’s ready — whenever that is, either now or later or on another planet — we will be too.

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  1. Heather

    I vote for Rusty!

  2. Christian


  3. Ms. Pants

    I spy a spanx seam. I secretly love when I can tell a celeb is wearing spanx.

  4. Jasmine

    I second Rusty!

    If she’s not knocked up she’s probably just tired because she’s been on tour for like… EVER.

    Also this outfit is terrible and her makeup is making me sad. Come on Katy, I love you too much to let you get away with this.

  5. Joanne

    If she is knocked up would she stilll be dying her hair? Incidentally, the pink hair washes her out and could be why she’s looking so tired.

    • GFY Heather

      The wig is, I think, pinker than her current hair — I HAVE to believe that’s a wig, since it looks too… clean, at the hairline. And I don’t think she currently has those bangs all the time.

      • GFY Heather

        Well, now I look back at it, the sides don’t look as much like a wig, just the bangs. So now I have no idea again.

      • Vicki

        Freakishly, I don’t think that’s a wig. Yikes.

    • Mire

      In Europe women still drink alcohol, eat cheese and dye their hair during pregnancy.

      • Gosia

        Oh really? Because I’m from and in Europe and no, they don’t. Well, maybe cheese.

      • Hel

        I’m from Europe and I’ve never heard that it was wrong to dye one’s hair or to eat cheese (Where does that come from??? Anti-cheese lobby?) during pregnancy. But well, I’ve never been pregnant.
        As for alcohol, it’s definitely wrong. In my country, it’s even written on the labels of wine bottles. But maybe it’s okay for very small quantities of alcohol.

      • Vera

        Another European here: Careful with those generalizations, please. No, we don’t drink&dye during pregnancy.
        I just decided that’s what I’m calling my imaginary hairdresser salon: “Drink&Dye”. Subheading: “We serve cheese, too.”

      • mochaleet

        Actually I live in NYC and there’s a place in Union Square where one can get a blow out and drink alcohol, martinis I think, so there you are.

    • Kim

      I’m pregnant and I still get highlights. My doc said it’s ok,and I’ve read a few articles that say it won’t harm baby. I also used to work in a salon, and knew plenty of women that dyed their hair while pregnant.

      • Anne B

        Yeah, it’s okay to dye your hair when you’re pregnant.

        Cotton-candy pink, though: wouldn’t recommend that. :)

  6. Dee

    For her normally svelte look that bump is huge -esp considering it is under spanx.

  7. Mandy

    Hmm. She could be pregnant. She could also be bloated – PMS, maybe that’s why she looks so tired and blah and not her usual cheery self. OR perhaps she went back to the set of California Guuuuuuuurls and ate everything on set.

    • Geemee

      That’s a helluva lotta bloat. I say she’s preggers and too tired to face the hoopla of announcing it, so she was like, “eff it, I’ll wear that dress that’s too damn tight now and they’ll figure it out. Get me a cheeseburger.”

      • Heather

        For me it’s more the SHAPE of it than the fact of it. Bloat is fine — it’d be comforting to know even she gets puffy — but it LOOKS like a bump.

  8. Billie

    I third Rusty, good call.

    And maybe she is taking a page out of the J Simp book … you aren’t cool unless you wear tight ass clothing letting everyone speculate that you are knocked up, yet never saying a word. It’s the new publicity stunt.

    • Alix

      Actually I wish more celebs would do that. Time will reveal every pregnancy eventually, and why should anyone reveal that info before she’s ready? Especially if there are any special concerns (history of miscarriages, IVF, etc.)

      • Billie

        I totally agree. But why wear something so tight if you don’t want the world to whisper?

  9. Alix

    Usually I hate it when people scream “baby bump” at what is obviously a mere food pregnancy, but this looks like more than a burger and fries, or a PMS special. I think you’ve uncovered a story here, detectives.

  10. Hel

    If she was pregnant, she wouldn’t have worn something so tight? I say that only because I wish she would spare us the sight of this ugly dress.
    I don’t think they are cars but glasses and random coloured carpets/matresses.
    Finally, I would say that it’s not a wig. Maybe the colour has faded?

  11. Sam

    She’s not pregnant, you just had to pick the photo with the worst lighting.


    God forbid a celeb is not stick thin and has – gasp – internal organs and a big dinner. There’s also a pic where she seems to be having a drink. So there.

  12. grapefriend

    It’s because people keep plying her with awful Pinot Grigio

  13. Kimberli

    There’s something about the combo of her wig and her heavy eyebrows that makes her look ugly. And Katy Perry is not ugly, no matter your personal opinion of her.

  14. Joanne

    She looked gorgeous as a brunette – with her pale skin it made her blue eyes just pop.

  15. CJ

    Rolled bangs don’t look good….on anyone.

  16. Not that Jessica

    I think it’s just PMS, not a baby bump.

  17. Linney

    I love when I catch thin celebs forgetting to suck it in. We’ve all got a little gut hiding somewhere. It makes me feel better about some unflattering pictures of myself that are floating around with a “baby bump”. If Katy Perry can get away with her Rusty, so can I.

  18. wendy

    It could be a baby bump; the thing that gives me pause is that she doesn’t show any other signs of early pregnancy — no chub around the face, for example. It’s likely a food baby and a bad camera angle.

  19. Megan

    Ever since the whole kerfuffle with Kate (not Middleton anymore, but you know who I mean) maybe being pregnant, I’m seeing baby bumps on EVERYONE. If I saw a picture of Adrian Grenier right now, I’d probably think he was pregnant, too.

    So yes, it looks like a baby bump to me, too, but it could also be an awkward angle. Stars…they’re just like us!

  20. Ailatan

    If she is pregnant, congrats to her and her hubs. Maybe we should invent a drinking game for the months to come, in which she will talk about her boobs.

  21. Winona (not Ryder)

    She probably just looks pissed because she knows that, if I could, I would reach through my computer screen and steal those shoes.

  22. vandalfan

    Team Rusty.

    It’s her heavy, heavy, heavier even than her normally overdone makeup that ages and tires her.

  23. Francesca

    She looks one, thick eybrow away from Joan Crawford territory – and not in Joans’ fun, pre-code days, either. Katie’s looking a bit like a walking, vintage repro cliche.

  24. TaraMisu

    I call baby…. the bump is too much in the middle and up high to be a burger.

    But either way, the pink hair needs to go.

  25. melanie

    Can we PLEASE call a moratorium on the expression “baby bump”?!??

    • UghManpris

      I’d second that.

    • Ladyblahblah

      I third, fourth, fifth, etc. that. This seemed to become a popular term around the same time it became socially acceptable to wear belly shirts to formal events into your 3rd trimester.

    • NYCGirl

      I sixth that. ;)

      • Sajorina

        Then what do you want to call it? A stretching abdomen? I like “baby bump” better!

  26. Anne B

    Casting my vote for bun-in-the-oven, as well as the usual signs of overwork.

    Also, if she wears this outfit again, I might just have to gouge my own eyes out …

  27. TheBlossomShed

    I too like Rusty, though not as much as I love the use of “bump portmanteau”.

  28. Lupe

    The hair, the brows. She looks awful. Maybe just a rough day?

  29. wordphreak

    I feel like I may be over Katy Perry.

  30. Amanda6

    “Kary Perineum”

    I DIE. Thank you for this tidbit of fantastica.

  31. wordphreak

    That dress is heinous, and appears to be from KMart. Her obnoxious smirk is etched into her face (not good), and she needs a good bra. Maybe she and Maggie Gyllenhall can go shopping together and find a good fitter.

  32. Jen S 2.0

    Meh, I think she just ate for a change. That’s just a grilled cheese and some mashed potatoes.

  33. Lina

    Girlfriend needs to take about four years off, have a heap of babies, and come back as a children’s folk singer. Also, go down a band size and up by at least one cup size. She’s too young to look so saggy.

  34. Anastasia

    I called it! I called it in the comments of Oct 13′s posting for Fug the Costumes. I’m sorry to be so self-congratulatory, but I’m proud of My Bumpy Wump Radar!

  35. Bambi Anne Dear

    She makes me think of eating strawberry icecream at a diner.

  36. Blanche

    Don’t color your hair when you’re pregnant.

    Also, don’t do that to it with the sloping too-short curled bangs. Or cultivate short, thick eyebrows. Or ugly pastel Pinky Tuscadero reject costumes. Simple traditional folk-techniques to kick the nausea + 20-hour-per-day sleep pattern like that.

  37. Emma

    I think if she was pregnant she wouldn’t be wearing a skin-tight mini dress.

    She looks absolutely dreadful, and not in a deliberately off-beat Katy Perry-ish kind of way, just tragically uncool.

  38. Claire L

    Am I the only one that feels Spanks makes me look Worse? Seriously, it sort of pushes everything into a more rounded version of itself.

  39. Sajorina

    I like the jacket, but the dress looks like my 6 y/o niece’s beachy pajamas and the shoes look like they belong to Pee-wee Herman! I retain A LOT of water and get very bloated when I’m ovulating and PMSing, but I never look like I’m 4 months pregnant, so I think that this is a baby bump!

  40. stw

    well – shes got her mommy dearest look going on – a signal?

  41. Emily

    I vote for just plain tired. Heck, when I wear Spanx and a fitted jacket all day, I feel like I’m pregnant again from all the uncomfortable tightness. And she’s on stage and in public all the time, not behind a desk like I am with my pants unbuttoned until I have to get up again. I’m NOT a fan of hers, but I think she just looks exhausted and kinda like she wants to have a glass of wine and watch TV for a bit instead of performing. Can’t say I blame her.

  42. Angie

    I have no idea if it’s a food baby or not, but that second picture needs to be erased from being. It is SO unflattering to her (her face looks bad & the tummy and spanx seam are awful too!), and need to be destroyed.

  43. Krissy

    She probably just found out that Dr. Luke has signed his own label with Sony, and now she can’t work with him anymore! Her ENTIRE career has been based on Dr. Luke’s work.

  44. Megan

    A) I can’t believe you actually used the word perenium or however you spell it. B) She could be prego, but you can’t dye your hair w/ harsh chemicals when you’re prego and she has bright pink hair at the mo, which I don’t mind actually I think it’s cute, so unless she shaves her head (not advisable) she’ll be trapped w/ bad roots. You can’t cover that w/ non-toxic dye, so that kind of disproves…

  45. Hannah

    I think she just looks tired of doing the whole ‘cotton-candy-pink-1950s-knock-off’ thing. I would be.

  46. Stephanie Hoch

    Katy Perry and Russell Brand have a cat named Rusty… because it’s a combo of their names. So good call by those on Team Rusty! BTW, I’m not like some weird super-fan filled to the brim with random trivia about the Perry-Brands. I just read a Vanity Fair article (from like, a year ago) and learned about the cat.

  47. Dacre

    Oh Katy… Katy, Katy, Katy… *shakes head*
    Who is dressing you?! FIRE THEM. You were gorgeous with your natural (I assume) dark brown hair. And lord, I could scrape that makeup off with a trowel (see Wikipedia definition: “A trowel is one of several similar hand tools used for digging, smoothing, or otherwise moving around small amounts of viscous or particulate material.” EXACTLY.)

    As for that bump, meh. Could have just been a combo of bad lighting, unfortunate timing, and a big meal. Although, seriously, who eats a big meal before wearing something THAT skin-tight? Us normal folks wouldn’t eat for 2 days in advance.

  48. amy

    Igirl has done wings,smurfs, and wigs on the red carpet but never a jacket…interesting…. If so good luck & congrats!

  49. hilary

    I’m so surprised you’re casting pregnancy allegations for a sticky-outy stomach!! You’re a witty fashion blog not a trashy gossip magazine who jumps at every celebrity not holding their stomach in or wearing make-up!

  50. mochaleet

    Still laughing about the anthropomorphisizing rafts, especially as I’m working on something for (ahem insert huge brand name Children’s brand product.)

  51. Kendra

    GOD these pictures are depressing. Poor thing, she needs to get some rest! Whoever said the thing about her being on tour for like ever is totally right. Go home, drink a cup of tea, and tell your lovely husband to politely put a plug in it for a few days until you’ve gotten some beauty sleep.