Fuggifer Morrison

I don’t care where the backdrop says she is.

Jennifer Morrison is clearly off to her first day on the job at this wicked new company called CompuServe.

[Photo: WENN]

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Comments (26):

  1. Mouse

    There seems to be a bad pants pandemic beginning today. Thank goodness I wore a skirt to work…I might avoid it.

  2. Orange Clouds

    She is so not respecting the hemline.

  3. qwertygirl

    A tailor! A tailor! My kingdom for a tailor!

    • Trent

      THANK YOU. Are tailors that hard to find in L.A.? Why do so many Hollywood actresses look like they’re auditioning as stiltwalkers? How do they walk without faceplanting constantly? I don’t get it…

  4. Helen

    This might not be half bad if it came in her size.

    • Lisa

      Agreed. I looks at least two sizes too big and the length is just ridiculous.

  5. Eli

    Ack. She has adopted the red carpet “poutyangrysexyface” of her TV mother, Ginnifer Goodwin.

  6. JMo

    Has she been taking posing lessons from Ginnifer Goodwin? Everybody needs to stop doing that with their chin!

  7. maryse

    those are some giant pants.

  8. Liz985

    Why? Just…why?

  9. AM

    She needs to put on her shirt and hem her pants (even I can do that) and I think she’d look good.

  10. Murphy Jacobs

    What, is she wearing really terrible shoes? Did she suffer a serious pedicure accident? What is she hiding under all that floppy fabric? Does she have WHEELS?

  11. Rayna

    Didn’t we used to have tags like Lingerie is Not a Shirt, and Invisible Feet?

    Yeah, that.

  12. witjunkie

    Compuserve, HAH! I get it.

  13. anny

    Did she shrink in the shower?

    Listen you kids, I am an old and was there for Compu$erve and believe you me, we didn’t wear thislike. We wore pleated chinos and polo shirts. So there.

  14. Sajorina

    This outfit could’ve been so good if it fit properly! Sigh…

  15. Faye

    I think she needs to take off some material from her pants and sew it on to the bustline.

  16. ellenderavenous

    Never ever will I understand the celebrity aversion to hemming.

  17. Callie

    I like what this could have been.

  18. Guerra

    She needs to stop shopping at the big & tall store

  19. fritanga

    WAITRESS. This is my knee-jerk reaction whenever I see Morrison. She singlehandedly made me stop watching House.

    Oh and BLEH. My mother would have worn this in the seventies, but she would have had the trousers hemmed adequately.

  20. Emma

    I love how defiant she looks. As if she’s saying “Go ahead, Fug girls! Do your worst!”

  21. SPJava

    Perhaps this is some sort of performance piece. The black too low cut top is her bathing suit; the blue WAY TOO BIG suit is the ocean because… she’s swimming in it.
    Nuts and get a mirror.