Fug/Fab the Host: Work of Art, episode 1

Did you guys watch Work of Art last season? I really enjoyed it — I don’t know anything about the art world, and while I could figure out what to design if I were on Project Runway, or what I could cook if I were on Top Chef (not at the level of any of those contestants, by any means, just¬† in a totally theoretical sense), I would be completely and utterly flummoxed weekly if I were on this show, which makes it all the more fascinating to me. Plus, I think the judges are really smart (one of them, Jerry Saltz, actually recaps the show for NY Mag, and his pieces are full of inside dish and he pulls no punches in them — they’re really good and funny). So I’m glad it’s back. I’m also glad it’s back because this show’s Heidi Klum, China Chow, wears some MAJOR OUTFITS.¬† Let’s look at this week’s!

I actually think this is probably beautiful, except for the part that it’s got a silk albatross artfully slung around her neck and something about it is affecting her posture.

I think the dress she wore at panel was more effective:

Okay, maybe not here. It looks a little lumpy here — a little paper-mache-y – but in general, I think its bulkiness is sort of thematically arty and pleasantly funky, like a good cheese. See?

I just want to go up to it and feel it — are the spherical, multi-colored parts pleated? Too bad I’m pretty sure we’re not allowed to touch the art.

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Comments (26):

  1. that girl

    Those blue shoes are great. I’ve been looking for shoes in exactly that color for about 2 years.

  2. Stefanie

    I haven’t heard of this show before now! Looks interesting.

    Love that second dress and shoes!

  3. S.

    I just love this show! And the outfits China Chow wears put Heidi to shame…

  4. TheReset

    with all her leaning forward and putting her hands there, I think she’s knocked up. and i’ve never seen her before. also, i love those shoes!

  5. Sam

    China Chow? Really,? That can’t be her real name, can it.

    The 1st dress would work if it were a bit longer and if she stood up straight.

  6. JanetP

    I did see this show, and noted that first dress! She looked better in it “live” so to speak, less slouchy. I actually really liked all that wrapping. And I didn’t even notice this second dress. Tsk.

  7. Leah

    @that girl and pidget-I JUST bought some shoes in that color at ModCloth!

    The first dress would be much better if she had better posture to show off all the draping instead of making it look like it is weighing her down.

  8. Anne

    The host should do her panel hair again. Frankly, it would have looked better even if she did the same hair style but with more of her hair hanging behind her shoulders. Because in these pictures, she look like a Cher wannabe.

    And correct your posture, woman.

  9. Fuh Ugh

    I love good cheese.

  10. Marcela

    I love China Chow. Everything she wore on the first season of Work of Art was, as Penny Hartz would say, ahmahzing, so I’m psyched you guys are covering it this year!

  11. Caroleena Stantonova

    I like her dress and shoes. I think she looks fabu.

  12. Gigi

    Her posture makes me want to pull my hair out!! Stand up straight, lady!

  13. vandalfan

    What gorgeous tresses.

  14. Tatiana

    Can we talk about the guy’s shoes? Look at those things! They are ike high-heeled Carharts, hidden by the black and white stripes. They must add a good three inches.

  15. Moi

    Thank GAH you’re Fugging this show! I spent all of last season throwing popcorn at Tina Chow’s outfits and it looks like this season is going to offer her up in many more riotously awful outfits.

  16. Moi

    Oooop, CHINA Chow. Ridiculous name as well.

  17. Christopher D

    OK grey suit looks like he is wearing two tone Brown Suede shoes with white soles!!!! Please ladies can I at least get an Ewwwwwwww?

  18. Groceries

    The first dress looks like a Serena Williams fuaxriginal.

  19. Nicky

    I’m pretty sure the first dress is Dion Lee and it looked amazing on the runway…

  20. Sajorina

    I watched the 1st season of this show and was in awe of her sartorial choices on a weekly basis, so I’m glad you’re covering the 2nd season! I like China as a host and I get into the art-making because I studied Arts & Humanities, but I rarely agree with the judges’ opinions/decisions or like what China is wearing! The 1st dress is not good on her, but the 2nd dress and shoes are FABULOUS!

  21. kate

    this show is so fantastic–you really get a full sense of art-MAKING, and all the engineering and construction ability that must go into creating a piece, that art is much much more than paints on a piece of paper. and I love that China Chow’s outfits are just as creative/beautiful/wacked out as the art, and her hair is a part of that moving target/moveable feast. a good half hour after show for Bravo would be to focus on her fashion and styling choices.

  22. kate

    ALSO, Jerry Salz indeed pulls no punches, letting us know that on one episode he was horrified to learn about moose? camel? knuckles, personally. hilarious.

  23. Mem

    So pleased that you guys are fugging this show! The first dress thoroughly confused me. I didn’t even see the second dress because I spent the whole time looking at those incredible shoes. Give them to me.