Fug/Fab Face-Off: Morena Baccarin vs. Sarah Hyland

When we saw this dress on Morena Baccarin during the SAG Awards weekend, I thought that it was kind of cute, yet maybe kind of cutesy and young for her. So along comes very cute and young Sarah Hyland wearing the same thing:

Sarah, unfortunately, lost the war on skirt wrinkles. She also picked silver pumps instead of the black ones Morena wore; I prefer the metallics in theory, but in execution those contribute a bit to what Jessica called “the uniform on the cutest carhop at the burger joint,” if you replace the last couple words with “cutest peanut-slinger NOT A EUPHEMISM at the Playboy¬†Family Circus.” But while this whole thing feels more age- and style-appropriate for Sarah, her hair looks like she sped over in a convertible and she seems stiff and a little uncomfortable, so maybe Morena — on whom the fit also looked crisper — should have the edge. It’s a toughie. Warm up your voting fingers for next week’s Fug Madness and let’s get judgy.

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Comments (21):

  1. Anna Svahn

    For me it was the shoes. And I love a silver shoe but really, they should have been black.

  2. Andrew S.

    neither? It suits Sarah more age wise but Morena clearly got the sizing & shoes Sarah was meant to. Instead, I’m pretending their part of some sort’ve bridal party together, wandering around aimlessly at the reception.

  3. LoriK

    I can’t vote. The dress really is too young looking on Morena, so I can’t vote for her. It suits Sarah much better, but her styling is such a mess that I can’t vote for her.

  4. Fuh Ugh

    Nobody wins here. Although she looked more polished, this dress is way too young for Morena B.

  5. Lucille Austero

    We need a “neither” option here. It IS a little young for Morena, something was not quite right with it on her, but Sarah is not wearing it well. Maybe it’s the dress? If neither of these two can pull it off, maybe it can’t be pulled off. Or on, as the case may be.

    • Heather

      In the spirit of Fug Madness, I decided not to let people get out of picking. :) Well, other than by not voting I guess.

  6. Eliza Bennett


  7. gin_in_teacups

    There are no winners here. It didn’t work on Morena but Sarah’s styling – oof! She looks very unkempt and this makes her look bottom heavy which she most definitely isn’t.

  8. Louise

    I don’t care for the dress, but I voted for Morena because the fit is so much better.

  9. Ellen

    I voted for Sara Hyland, because I do think it’s too young for Morena. Though, I think this is one of those dresses that might only work if you’re tall, since It makes Sara Hyland look like she has no waist, and she’s TEENY.

  10. Tassie

    Not seeing the “too young for” argument here. b/c it’s strapless? the peplum? color/pattern? Other than the bow @ the belt I’m not seeing it.

    • Aphy

      Maybe it’s the bow? I like it better on Morena. Hyland looks so messy.

  11. Squirrel!

    How did just the “y” in “cutesy” get italicized? Just curious.

  12. TonyG

    Poor Sarah…In addition to the wrinkles and the unfortunate silvery shoes, the lighting is washing the colors out a bit compared to Morena’s where the colors have a bit more pop.

  13. Vandalfan

    Neither gal could pull this awful thing off. It reminds me some of the horrid things I had in 1983, that would come with a boxy coordinated jacket with giant shoulder pads.

  14. Carol

    It is a pastel strapless dress; why wouldn’t you wear sandals instead of pumps? Morena wins on fit.

  15. brookemopolitan

    Am I a bad person because I voted for Morena purely based on the fact that A) She’s Inara and B) Sarah makes me grind my teeth?

  16. lulubelle

    Gah, this dress is like a hostess uniform if the Holiday Inn decided to open a cocktail lounge (or maybe they had one). So bad on so many levels, so no one wins.

  17. Lily1214

    It looks like the color of this dress is wrong for her skin color.