Fugdog Millionfug

Oh my God. Somebody at Burberry was not doing any tailoring this week.

It’s always a bad sign when polterwang is the least of your problems.

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  1. Rayna

    This is very sad. Such an adorable girl, so hyenously dressed.

  2. giggleswick

    Ugh. More of the geriatric wedges.

    • Edith

      I was just coming here to say that! I think these are the black version of the hideous wedges Rita Ora wore. Are the SHOES Burberry, and if so, why is Burberry making HIDEOUS shoes?!?!?

      I have to find a way to work the phrase “polterwang is the least of your issues” into conversation.

  3. Katie Lynn

    My boobs hurt just LOOKING at this. OUCH.

    • Maria L.

      That top is giving her itty bitty baby boobs. Squashed itty bitty baby boobs at that.

      • Bottle Ginger

        I’ve never seen a garment so unflattering to the bust.

        It looks like she has a couple of bandages under there, not boobs. Or maybe a loose piece of duct tape.

  4. Sandra

    Those colors are gorgeous together and stunning on her. Too bad they were wasted on this outfit.

    • Helen

      Yes! If only those colors – and I like the fabrics, too – had been made into a nice dress, which fit her. That would look terrific.

      • erin

        even if this exact same outfit was just properly tailored i would be on board! i love the fabrics and the peacock color scheme, but her poor boobies! what a shame.

  5. Lizzy

    Wait – this isn’t the work of a Project Runway contestant? There’s no excuse for the unequal-sized cups, misbehaving peplum, and tragic groin fit.

  6. philippa

    Ugh. It looks like halves of two women stuck together at the waist. And neither woman’s clothes fit.

  7. Ruth

    The top looks like it has buck teeth.

  8. Francesca

    Luckily she has such a wonderful face, it’s easy not to look below her neck and see the horrors that top is doing to minimize her bust and maximize her waist.

  9. Sajorina

    Just NO! Fail!

  10. h² fashion

    I really like the jewel tones of both of the pieces, but that peplum style is a bit to extreme and it just doesn’t fit her very well at all.


  11. Ladyblahblah

    I hope the Little-Girl-Who-Got-Into-Her-Mother’s-Closet look doesn’t become a thing.

  12. mepe

    OMG…that might be the saddest bodice I’ve ever seen…wow.

  13. lori

    “Fugdog Millionfug.” Okay, that made me chuckle. :p

  14. Niru

    Most of the girls in India look better than her….or as good as her, to say the least

  15. whiterabbit11

    I’m going to go ahead and blame the designers and stylists for this and many other atrocities we’ve seen lately on beautiful women. *cough*Chastain*cough* To make such an elegant, attractive human look badly proportioned and ungainly is a skill best left undeployed. On a plus note, her hairdresser is doing an excellent job.

  16. Lily1214

    Freida, don’t ever wear this again. It doesn’t fit anywhere.