Olivia Pope would REALLY NEVER. Although I am grateful for the opportunity to veer off topic here for a sec to talk about Scandal and say: Can we just talk about how Fitz is (was? I DO hope he lives) possibly kind of a terrible president? I get that he is doing a lot of LONGING after Olivia and whatnot but DUDE YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES YOU NEED TO FOCUS. Stop looking out the window/trying to make out with Olivia whilst pretending to me hiking/spending your meetings of the Joint Chiefs of Staff daydreaming! Shonda Rhimes, here’s my note: Next time you are tempted to write a scene where someone is yapping about how Yemen is on fire (or whatever) but Fitz is staring at a tree and thinking about girls, can you PLEASE instead open the scene with him saying, “I think we’ve finally cracked this Yemen thing,” and THEN segue into DayDreamVille. It’s much sexier to be having a sordid affair with a dude who is also really good at his job. It’s not like Derek Shepard ever started doodling Meredith’s name on someone’s brain while he was in surgery.

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  1. Karen G

    I’d like the white dress if you chopped off at least half a foot. She could even keep those shoes if it were shorter. But I’d go with a chunky silver necklace and some modern silver sandals instead.

  2. anna s.

    What is wrong with her lips? The first dress was enough of a trainwreck (and the first lipstick was understated enough) that her mouth didn’t bother me too badly, but in the plainer dress with the vampy lipstick it looks like she really needs a Get A Grip Friend to declare this lip injection amnesty decade.

    • Tiffany

      I am pretty sure those are her real lips.

      • Kara

        Her lips have been that size since Save the Last Dance. I think they’re hers too. My lips are pretty full and I’ve never gone near collagen injections.

  3. Vandalfan

    She got the first thing from Carmen Miranda, and just omitted the flamenco sleeves and fruit hat. She crafted the second from a projector screen.

    Love her shoes in the second photo, though.

  4. Jes020

    Well, I think these are her lips with no help of any injections! I think she has a great face and all but the dresses both look terrible. Love the first colour combination and both pair of shoes. I would change her hair though, make it even more sleek or wavy, either way but not so in-between!

  5. Laura

    so true! FITZ! you are HOT! you and Olivia are HOT & STEAMY & are so TRAGIC! but, for the love of this great nation, MAN UP and make a decision for yourself for once!

    also, are we ever going to see his kids? That’s going to be a doozy for Olivia and co.

    p.s. Kerry is too pretty for that hideous dress.

  6. Nikole

    i love that she was ballsy enough to wear the 1st dress

  7. Sharon

    After reading this blog every day for several years, let me use my first post to say: Yes, Fritz DOES seem like a terrible president. Hearing Cy talk about what an incredible leader he is makes no sense when all we see is Fritz longing for Olivia and grimacing at his wife. This man had the DRIVE to be president and would now throw it all away in a heartbeat? C’mon.

  8. Lizzy

    Ugh to both dresses, but at least she’s smiling in 3 of those photos. Usually she has this weird, frozen, mildly shocked look on her face.

  9. Caity

    I think if the green ruffles were removed, the first dress would be perfect for her. Unusual, but still flattering. Love the second dress, minus two inches and plus some more interesting colored shoes. I actually don’t think she needs any jewelry, just a hem job

  10. SallieT

    She’s been taking hits all over for it, but I actually think the first dress is pretty fab in a deliberately crazeballs way and she is pulling it off (funny how being ridiculously gorgeous will do that).

  11. Stefanie

    As someone who, growing up, had (and still has, sometimes) a hard time finding jeans long enough, I HATE that length. Loathe it. It reminds me of being 12 in jeans that left 2 inches of my socks showing because I had had a growth spurt and my parents were too broke to buy me a new pair. Just no. No.

  12. amys

    Her bangs are hiding the majesty that is her face. No bangs, Kerry!

  13. annie

    I don’t even know how you figure out how to put the first dress on. It’s just a hot mess. And, sadly, I think her makeup is pretty awful, way too pale and cakey looking. She’s a gorgeous woman-she doesn’t need this.

  14. witjunkie

    I hated that length on Sally Field but with this dress, and her, it works better. Why? I don’t know.

    Whoever designed the first dress didn’t listen when Tim Gunn said “edit”.

  15. maryse

    fitz is pretty hot though.

  16. Lisa D

    Oh my gosh, Fitz is wicked, crazy hot. I want to go hiking in the woods with him and have the secret service discreetly “disappear’ so that he might have his way with me!

    And also, that first dress is a disaster.

  17. Aphy

    The circle cut out on the second dress reminds me of the one piece bathing suits from the 80s and Julia Roberts dress from Pretty Woman. Ick. I love the shoes from the first dress, though.

  18. pidget

    She is lovely. The dresses are not. Do-over!

  19. Tiffany

    I have such a girl crush on her. She is soooo beautiful! And very talented as well. Glad to see this year she is finally getting props!

  20. Rubee

    I’d apreciate the dress as an exercise of crazy fashion if the diagonal stripe in front was green or black. The white makes it is just another too busy dress. She’s so pretty, but if she just could tone down the face powder??????

  21. Lovin' every minute

    Call me crazy- but I am liking that first dress. Unusual, yes- but the colours are fab and she is totally pulling it off. So much better than the blah white dress.