I think you know what I’m going to say about this:

And here it comes: if she is only half-assedly pulling this off, what the hell kind of hope does anyone else have?

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Comments (16):

  1. Lynne

    I don’t really understand this. Is it two pieces? One? What’s going on in the crotch area? Why is she wearing this?!?

  2. EGG

    this girl literally would look good in a potato sack

  3. Aoife

    Why would you put this on? Look at the awful fabric of the top!

  4. maggie

    She would probably look _better_ in a potato sack! As it is, she looks like she strayed in from a very bad decade….

  5. Billie

    It looks like she borrowed something from the Kardashian’s closet. It is SO baggy in the hip area, like it’s just asking to be filled out.

  6. A

    i still love her to death

  7. Carolina Girl

    It’s obvious that she’s just there for the free phone. But it is rather disheartening that, even on her worst day, Zoe Saldana looks better than 99% of us on our best day.

  8. GigiNYC

    Is the top supposed to be so wrinkled? And why in such funereal black? If you’re going to do a jumpsuit, go big or go home. Perhaps it would have looked better in a brighter color and in a less offensive fabric? I myself hate jumpsuits but if anyone could rock a jumpsuit, it’s Zoe Saldana.

  9. vandalfan

    I think a loosely fitted top calls for a more form fitted pant or skirt, and loose trousers should be paired with a snug top. I love her shoes, but want her to have a necklace with this, or some shot of sparkly or color somewhere.

  10. OracleKath

    She’s freaking fabulous. As another blogger says, she elevates everything she wears, even if it’s not really “her” outfit.

  11. Lina

    SIGH. She looks SO GOOD from the elbows up. I really wonder if she was obligated to wear this, as is often the case, or if she actually made a terrible fashion choice for once. If she was obligated, I hope she at least got a free phone in return for being photographed in this outfit.

  12. Fiona

    Aww, I was waiting for a Centre Stage joke! About not changing out of her rehearsal onesie, something something something extinguishing a cigarette with pointe shoes something something. Right?

  13. Katharine

    It’s apparently not a jumpsuit, but separate pieces by the designer Barbara Bui. But the fit is suggestive of that accursed garment.

  14. Jules

    Maybe this outfit looks better in 3d.

  15. Lily

    I’ve always felt a little overly-protective of Zoe Saldana, because I have loved her since Crossroads and Center Stage, whereas I feel like she has only recently been given the stardom she rightly deserves. So, just because of that, and completely disregarding this rumpled mess, I give her a pass. You know, cause we go way back.