Fugabetta Canalis

Apparently, Intern George’s former paramour Elisabetta Canalis has debuted an underwear line.

Fairly standard-issue stuff, right? OR IS IT. Because, which perhaps is par for the course when you’re selling intimates, we need to take a look at her crotch.

Is… are we SUPPOSED to be seeing this? WHAT are we seeing? Why are we playing peekaboo labia? Did her pants just rip from wantonly insisting upon standing with her legs at a 90 degree angle? Or are we supposed to think, “Hey, while we’re here, let’s check out her panties in action”?

And how do we think Intern George is feeling about all this right now? Well, let’s see if we can suss it out.

1) Barely concealed wincing and attempts to avoid eye contact.

2) Profound amusement

3) A wicked slow-clap

4) The old “Ehhh, what did we really THINK was going to happen?!?” reaction

5) The “PUT IT AWAY”

6) The “Whoa whoa whoa she is not my responsibility anymore” hand

7) Deepest distress on an existential level

You decide.

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[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]

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Comments (52):

  1. Manders

    I’m concerned about the crotch, but also her left boob appears to be in some sort of shirt/sling contraption. For a basic black outfit, there are a lot of problems.

    • Emma

      It’s trying to escape from the bra she designed for it.

      • Minutiae

        Her boob actually popped out of the shirt–I really don’t think it’s supposed to be showing. Was she drunk?

  2. Anj

    This lady went from George Clooney to Steve-O. ‘Nough said.

  3. Sandra

    If you tore the seam of your trousers right before you were supposed to go onstage, wouldn’t you at least stand in such as way as to minimize the effect rather than flaunt it? Or say, ‘wait a minute. Wardrobe malfunction. BRB’

    Anyway, ick.

    • hb

      Why would she stand that way anyway, crotch hole or not? it’s not overly dignified or attractive is it?

  4. PeggyO

    I never had much of an opinion while she was “Ms George of the Moment” but then she cocked up a season of Leverage with her black hole level lack of talent, so now she’s on my Do Not Like list. Glad to see confirmation that she’s something of a mess.

  5. Mongerel

    There’s some Fug makeup going on here. Brown eyeliner (inside the waterline, ugh) and grey eyebrows! As for the wardrobe malfunction, well, haven’t we warned these people over and over and over that leggings are not pants?!?

  6. amanda

    What’s so special about the line?

    Do the panties have a fancy pre-surgery-tucking crotch?

  7. Mel

    Unfortunate, but at least it appears she’s wearing underwear.

  8. Jackie


  9. Other Emily

    I’m just deeply, deeply disturbed by this. Yuck.

  10. maryse

    eh, i just feel bad for her. that’s awkward and embarrassing. and she doesn’t have a sweatshirt in her gym locker to tie around her waste.

  11. Lisa

    Weird…on a positive note, she has pretty hair.

  12. leah

    that’s totally an accidental rip, right? if you look at the full-size image, you can see threads. (also i feel totally gross for looking that closely at her crotch, ha. but there’s a mystery afoot!)

    regardless of whether it was accidental (and that’s super unfortunate if it is!), someone needed to point out the situation to her. bleck.

    • ErinE

      I had to look too! What’s so strange about the close up is it isn’t ripped on the seam, where sometimes things split. That looks like someone ripped it with something sharp. SO bizarre and unattractive.

  13. PB

    Dear Heather and/or Jessica – I think I love you. And thank you for brightening my morning, which was sorely needed. (It’s been a “25 deg. and freezing rain, but that actually constitutes an improvement in the weather” kind of morning.)

  14. Sarah

    I think Intern George is too busy canoodling up with Ms. Amy Poehler…in my mind at least (weird I know)

  15. Stefanie

    Hey, if her pants have to split for us to see more of Intern George…so be it.

  16. witjunkie


    I voted “Whoa” hand, but part of me thinks he secretly slow-clapped.

  17. Baylon

    I think she did that on purpose!Look how she stands with her legs open, she’s trying so hard to get mass media attention to stay on the spotlight, after she split from Clooney nobody gives her a job, she is a desperate attention seeker!

  18. katdunn

    The poor got a rip in her pants and may not even have known it. It is a little mean to point it out and make fun of her.

    • McLisa

      Yeah, I feel bad for her. To have a big press event for your work and have a rip in the crotch of your pants? She must have felt mortified. I would have anyway.

  19. amys

    That is some aggressive fug right there. Boob out, standing like she just wet herself? She must have been quite high to not have noticed that major of a malfunction.

  20. Steven

    As cheap as her pants! Desperate in need to get attention! Her lying in front of the camera is unnatural! me too, I think she did it on purpose, the same for her bra, btw isn’t she trying to launch a underwear line?

  21. amys

    She might as well just have worn a bra and panties and skipped the awkwardness of clothing since a shirt and pants just get in the way of the view.

    • Steven

      Pictures can be photoshopped reality not, in person she’s not so fit as she appears in her pictures….

  22. Mark

    Look how she stands with her legs well wide open…sorry but I believe she was very conscious of what was happening…Bad attention is better than no attention at all!

  23. Kayla

    So glad you used the picture!

  24. Michelle

    I just don’t buy that this was on purpose; it’s too sloppy. Somebody from the PR team has probably already been fired.

    I’m just sayin’.

    • Mark

      She retweet the same article (but from Daily mail) in her tweet account…just trying to promote hard herself….she and her pr give her pics to online magazine to promote herself it is impossible they didn’t notice before giving them!

  25. Steven

    Many wannabe attention seekers are known to give her photoshopped pictures to magazines, if you are enough coarse to show yourself naked, one pic more about your naked body is nothing, it’s just a matter of getting exposure, I think she doesn’t care so much…

  26. Donna

    It’s probably a lot of work for you guys, but I LOVE Pick Your Reaction!!!

  27. ceecee

    I wish I could believe she accidentally ripped her pants and is now deeply mortified that no one caught it before photos were taken. It would do my cynical old heart good to believe that.

  28. Molly

    Crotchless pants! Why didn’t I think of that??

  29. Heather

    Popping in to say that I hope it’s understood that I’m not accusing her of being a tramp or anything; I am just reacting to how unpleasant and famewhorey she was with/after Clooney (based on her own quotes), and suggesting that IF it is an intentional tear or hole, that it was for PR reasons and not because I think she’s untoward as a person. Somebody misunderstood my intentions on that score and so I want to be clear that I’m not trying to slut-shame anybody, am not calling her a slut, and would not/will not call her a slut.

  30. Su-Yin Johns

    Overall, I think this was intentional. The rip is in a really weird place, i.e. not in the seam. The boob-sling situation is also intentional, presumably to show off the undies she’s selling. Odd decision-making all round.

  31. Nancy

    Huge wardrobe malfunction bummer for her.

    I always thought that people who (I assume) could afford pricier clothes had better seams.

  32. Sajorina

    This post and poll were so much fun!!! Extremely amusing, GFY heather! I thoroughly enjoyed it… More, please!

  33. Kirsten

    Anyway on purpose or not, it’s really trashy and coarse, she has never been classy, I think that amoung all the Clooney’s former girlfriend she is the ugliest, I’ve always thought she was a man, she has really manly face and arms, crooked legs, no surprise her trousers split right there…maybe something was trying to go out…

  34. deee

    Based on slide 3, it crossed my mind that intern George might have, ah, um, hair enhancement. It pained me so I had to minutely examine the rest of the slides. Phew. I can see hairline! I guess he had a hair product mishap in slide 3.

    Tragic wardrobe malfunction, whatever the reason.

  35. Cinthya

    Oh my dear!She’s not wearing underpants! How gross! Akward!!! It would be better for her to wear some of the items instead of just launching them!

    • Cinthya

      Or maybe yes, but anyway it’s true, definitely the hairline is visible!Really embarassing!

  36. Vandalfan

    I think it’s just real cheap satin fabric, and I think she could have noticed the crotch tear and bra flash.

  37. Lily1214

    Wait! What happened with the crotch?