Fug the Cover: Dianna Agron, Cory Monteith, and Lea Michele

Don’t even get me started. No, seriously. Don’t get me started on this. Yes, GQ, the PERFECT person to shoot a cover and editorial spread about a show about teenagers is TERRY RICHARDSON, who’s recently enjoyed a tidal wave of press about how he is TOTALLY GROSS to all the underage models who are sent to him! WHAT AN AWESOME PLAN. And what is YET AWESOMER is to decide that the women on Glee should pose COMPLETELY SCANTILY CLAD as if they were washed up WB starlets angling for the cover of Maxim circa 1999.

Look, I get that GQ is kind of lad-mag adjacent and that the people on Glee are of age, but when you look at this cover and the shots inside and Dianna Agron looks like a nun simply because she’s wearing BOTTOMS, maybe we’ve crossed a PR-bridge too far. After all, when you’ve got Lea Michele making her Victoria’s Secret face on the cover in her underpants, do you ALSO need her to be eating a lollipop in her panties inside? And also eating a lollipop in her panties with her legs spread and playing with her hair? And, oh, just standing around in her panties — sans lollipop this time, but threatening to take off her top? I don’t mean to strangle myself with these pearls that I’m clutching BUT COME ON. You can be cute and you can be sexy and you can be alluring and you can still wear something other than your panties in every single shot in a national magazine, especially when the other people in the spread range from COMPLETELY (Cory) to kinda (Dianna) clothed. I don’t blame Lea Michele for this — although I have to admit that my reaction to these pictures was to say, “oh, god. She really IS unbearable.” — but I do blame SOMEONE for not saying, “hey, this show is all about how cool it is to be different and talented, so maybe our lead actress — who is crazy talented and would be even if she were wearing a zombie costume — doesn’t need to be styled like the most important thing about her is her body, just like every other anonymous sexpot in every other lad mag in the world. LET’S TRY A SHOT WITH SOME PANTS TERRY YOU DISGUSTING OLD GOAT.”

I need to go breathe into a bag now. What do you think?
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  1. Marcela

    MY GOODNESS that is ridiculous and naughty. But not in a good way… in an American Apparel way.

  2. Jill


    not to mention how insanely sexist it is for the man to just stand there COMPLETELY CLOTHED while the ladies gyrate half naked against his legs and he just gives a shifty leer and grabs their bums.

    i feel old and crotchety and horrified, and i am NINETEEN YEARS OLD. gross.

  3. Peeps

    I totally agree it seems totally unnecessary. She does seem like she’s trying to hard to be sexy when she doesn’t need to – it’s all about the naturalness Lea!. It’s a WEIRD shoot

  4. Savannah

    Um…. No. This was completely unattractive. I mean, honestly, they couldn’t even take good pictures, no matter what they were wearing.

  5. Kristen

    Lea just went on the record saying how proud she is of Glee for being a model for teenagers and how proud she is of herself for not getting a nose job, and then she does this??
    This is gross. He is disgusting. They should have refused to work with him.
    This really bothers me.

  6. Mandy

    Though I am not on the side of the PTC that thinks the photo shoot is pedophilic and will lead all teenage Glee fans to become sex maniacs, especially since the actors are all in their twenties and have faith that viewers can separate fiction from reality; I do think that it appears… desperate. And contrived. And way overdone. A lollipop? Really? Lea’s o-face is just way too much.

  7. Cristina

    Just adding my name to the chorus of folks who agree with this. Terry Richardson should be run out of the business on a rail.

  8. eee1313

    WORD. A world of WORD to all of this.

  9. Cathy in NH

    I’m so glad you said it first! I’m not quite shocked, but really I would expect this level of ew factor from Maxim, not GQ. Get it together, guys!
    And, Glee, you’re better than this. Even if you aren’t actually in high school, go talk to your parents, hug your teddy bear, have a graham cracker and slow down. Please!
    PS – Loving the mental image of Jessica clutching her imaginary pearls :)

  10. Laura

    I completely agree. I totally love Glee, but I find these pictures inappropriate. All 3 actors are of age, but they are not posing as themselves, they are posing as their Glee characters, who are still underage high school students. I love Leah Michele, she is super talented, but I don’t understand how she and Dianna Agron could ever think this is a good idea.

  11. themoonay


    This is an absolutely horrible editorial, and not just because, oh I don’t know, pick either Terry Richardson or Glee’s PR machine or possibly Lea Michele’s absolute desperation. It’s just because OH MY GOD, GROW UP, GQ. Also, never hire Terry Richardson again, because he is a goddamn molester who by all accounts should’ve already been charged for his behavior.

  12. Pitter

    I’m with you Jessica.
    CM is wearing jeans and hoodies while DA and LM are cast as the bimbos in bras and panties?
    Women – just say No – to skeevy photoshoots!

  13. cynthia

    Not only does it make the Glee actors seem super desperate for attensh- the whole thing has an American Apparel vibe to it, that makes it seem like one giant ode to Dov Charneu. So, um Double ICK

  14. Paige

    I agree! I’m the same age as these girls – I understand the desire to feel sexy and young – but this is TOO much. Monteith looks decent and VERY stylish in these photos – how come they couldn’t have done the same for these two lovely, uber-talented ladies?

  15. stickyheels

    YES YES ABSOLUTELY you are so on track with this. You expressed my sentiment about this so much more eloquently than what I was thinking (which was more along the lines of “REALLY?! Really? Really.”
    I absolutely identify with…”I don’t mean to strangle myself with these pearls that I’m clutching BUT COME ON.”

    REALLY GQ? Really?

  16. Karen


    Wouldn’t Michele have had to agree to this, though?

  17. HAS

    I think Lea Michele looks desperate. It’s kind of making me feel major fontrum/disgust for her.

  18. Nariya

    Ew. Ew. ew. ew. ew. It’s not even interesting. Blah. Ugh. I need some mouthwash.

  19. labyrinthine

    gross. plus: poorly done. bad lighting and a wind machine? come the fuck on.

  20. Liane

    Yeah, definitely a look into pants situation (or at the VERY least, non-white panties). I had no need in this lifetime to know about Lea Michele’s waxing regimen.

  21. Kristy

    Jessica, you pretty much took the words out of my mouth. Gross.

  22. Anonymoose

    It’s not needed. Glee is a good show that doesn’t require their cast to dress up (down?) on the cover of a magazine.

    That being said, I get the distinct impression that Lea Michelle tries far too hard.

  23. Lyndsay

    Agreed. Weird. I agree with Marcela that it’s wrong in an American Apparel way.

  24. emilie


  25. Melissa

    Gross. And the inside is SO. MUCH. WORSE. than even that cover.

    Check out this spot-on post about it:

  26. Winona

    I highly doubt that most of GQ’s target demo don’t watch Glee. And Lea is thisclose to (pun intended) overexposure. And she’s just trying too hard. Cory was wearing so many layers, he could’ve at least lent a shirt to each of the girls.

  27. GH

    I could understand a sexy photoshoot if it was actually sexy, but this isn’t. Everyone looks awkward/uncomfortable/trying-too-hard. The inside photos are even worse.

  28. Delta Sierra

    Is this GQ’s way of announcing they are ditching the ‘adjacent’ and going completely down-market and becoming a lad-mag? Because the non-idea behind this shoot is totally out-of-gas and lame and beyond unoriginal.

  29. Shannon

    What strikes me is the difference between Lea Michele’s photos and the other two. Was she the only one willing to go that far, or the only one asked?

    She’s so talented, I don’t understand why she would be willing to come across as just another cute girl trying too hard to get attention.

  30. MelissaW

    Lea doesn’t even look attractive – it’s like she’s making the face ANTM contestants think they’re making when they’re trying to look “sexy” and “sultry” before Tyra gives them a lesson on fierce-ness – and she’s gorgeous in every other picture she’s been in.

    Also, BS on Cory being completely clothed (and I agree that Dianna looks oddly chaste since she’s wearing more clothes than Lea).

    The only way this could have been a more awkward spread was to have Matt Morrison in the shoot and it veered waaaay too far into “naughty teacher”-dom.

    (also, WTF is up with knee socks and open-toe heels? nasty)

  31. mellie

    What the hell happened to feminism? What happened to class acts, why don’t women respect themselves anymore? This chick can sing…she has real talent, why does she have to suck a lollipop and spread her skinny legs. She’s not remotely sexy, she reminds me of Christina Aquilera in her dirty period, desperate to be the “hot” one, and failing in a way she may one day regret. Totally gross.

  32. I.K.

    I’m seconding Jill here, dear lord…

  33. Sabrina

    Ditto to everything. This is just gross and wrong and tacky. Maxim I expect this from. GQ, what happened? WHO CAN TEEN GIRLS ACTUALLY LOOK UP TO?!?!?! So sad.

  34. Alexandra

    THANK YOU for speaking up about this! I’m generally quite laid back about this kind of thing, but this is a little too much. And Terry Richardson is disgusting. ugh ugh ugh.

  35. kristina

    Terry Richardson is truly not a talented man, what makes people think he is..

  36. Laura C


  37. Miranda

    I’m moving to a hillside near a forest to raise goats. I just can’t take anymore.

  38. Beth

    You expressed perfectly what i thought when i first saw these pics. I didn’t know Terry R. was the photographer, but it makes perfect sense, gross old goat is an understatement of his icky-ness.

    Also, may i just add, high heels, with knee socks? in every photo? ugh. i hate that look.

  39. Big Noise From Winnetka

    Knee socks and high heels? And panties? Really, Lea? REALLY? Didn’t Jennifer Beals wear that stuff in Flashdance? Horrible, terrible cover.

  40. Jill

    I’m with Kristina. Why is Terry Richardson considered original? He resorts to the same gimmicks for every photo shoot he does. And each one looks like an amateurishly lit American Apparel Ad.

    I’m surprised we haven’t heard anything from the Glee camp yet. there’s really not much they can do to defend themselves.

  41. Emily

    Putting aside the grossness that is Terry Richardson, the whole thing is just so uncreative. Like, “Hey, they play high school kids on TV. You know what would be wild? If we shot them as SEXY high school kids!” Mind = not blown.

  42. Snarkmeister

    Yup – wrong, absolutely and completely wrong. I have no problem with sexy photos in general, but in this instance it’s disgusting. Yes, LM is a beautiful, talented young woman, but she’s playing a teenager and the show is targeted at teenagers – who do you think is going to pick up this magazine and look at it? Probably young, impressionable girls, who see the stars of their favorite show on a magazine cover and then get smacked in the face with these “sexy! hot! slutty!” photos. ONCE AGAIN the media implies that girls can only be cool if they are sexy, hot and slutty. It’s infuriating.

  43. celia


  44. Anne

    Jessica, you are spot on! I am clutching my imaginary pearls with you, this is so disgusting. And re: PTC that thinks the photo shoot is pedophilic I agree in the sense that this will certainly please pedophiles and that is horrible. Very poor taste indeed.

  45. klp

    I agree with Shannon. It’s like the other two actually had their publicists/moms present and Lea Michele was sans guidance.

  46. Jennifer

    There is definitely a skeevy vibe to the photos.

  47. Dana

    Thank you for articulating what I was unable to do, given that my brain was not able to move past the spit-take of horror upon seeing this.

  48. Claire

    I don’t watch this show and am not personally invested in these actors’ lives. And it’s not anything we haven’t seen before. But I guess I feel bummed I guess that Lea Michele, especially, decided to go along with these pictures–if they don’t bug me for being trashy they bug me for being so cliche. I just question her train of thought between agreeing to wear the panties and socks and shoes to spreading her legs to the lollipop to agreeing to being photographed like that to agreeing to have it published. I just wonder what she was thinking this would do for her. I think I would actually respect her more if she just did a straight-up Playboy shoot.

  49. Jovial

    It just reeks of desperation. The shoot is tired and actually quite obvious. Wouldn’t it be nice if just once some one could do a tasteful pictorial of young Hollywood instead of the same old “look we are super young and super sexah!”. Are women with talent, brains (although this is questionable due to the fact that they agreed to this) and beauty so threatening to the modern man that these atributes must be, literally, stripped away to make them appealing? GAH! In the words of Lisa Simpson, we CAN better ourselves. Ok rant over.

  50. Katie

    I do think this is borderline pedophillic. The sensationalized, sexualized image here is…. wait for it… semi-nude high school girls! The double standard that the male in the shoot is full clothed while the females claw at him like porn stars is outrageous. I’m not sure if I will boycott Glee or magazines that hire Terry Richardson. I would say this was just a big trap and that the actresses shouldn’t be held accountable, but this is their image. Don’t they have “people” they pay to deal with this shit?!?

  51. Wendy

    “Making her Victoria’s Secret face…” ahahahahaha!!

    For real. Not only is it wrong on so many levels (*pearl clutching*),as an editorial, it feels dated. Can’t we get some new fetishes up in this joint? Maybe they could wear fur suits. ;)
    In all seriousness, I’ve had it with Lolita-ism. I find this sort of infantilizing of women obnoxious and uncalled for.
    And Cory’s expression makes me want to put a boot through his teeth.

  52. Sarah

    I was hoping you’d fug the cover on this! I like sexy, I understand how young women want to feel sexy, but when I saw the cover, and the pics inside, my only reaction was “Gross.” Its not sexy, its just sad.

  53. k

    lea michele’s poses/facial expressions were too awkward to be sexy. I think it was tasteless, and I was especially troubled by the fact that the man is the only one wearing any clothes. why does he get to be the one in control?

  54. PD

    Way to empower young women and show them that with hard work, talent, and ambition (“T&A,” as GQ would put it), they can become successful enough to appear in magazines en deshabille, sucking on a lollipop while a coworker puts his hand on their asses. That’s the hope we need for the youth of today.

  55. Sara

    PREACH! This whole magazine spread just stinks of “trying waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too hard.”

    Why is Lea Michele in her underwear again? No one else in their underwear … the guy is wearing LAYERS for heaven’s sake.

    Where were the stylists on this one?

  56. Jadzia

    Right there with you on this Fug Girls. Saw these pics yesterday and my thoughts alternated between, “Wow. Way to keep it classy” and “Does she wear nothing but panties as bottoms in *every single shot*?” And for a shoot that’s trying so hard to be sexy, every select they picked is terribly unflattering and unsexy. I don’t know how the photographer and editorial team managed to do that when the subjects are three attractive young adults!

  57. Jen

    I have just one thing to say. Cory Monteith needs to take off his clothes too!

  58. Mire

    It saddens me that he is completely clothed and the girls are bouncing around half-naked showing their tits and doing such over-sexual poses just because they are women. Well sad, I don’t like it one bit.

  59. Megan

    I have a 4 year old daughter that I am now seriously considering locking in a tower.

    Really, GQ? REALLY? Have we made it all the way to 2010 only to STILL labor under the delusion that all women are nothing more than arm candy? SLUTTY arm candy. I. CAN’T. I can’t. I just…where are my pearls?

  60. Rebecca

    Well said!

  61. LGenz

    Lea Michele needs to quit it with the “Sexy” face, she looks like an idiot every single time.

  62. ddp

    Ditto to everything above and two additions.

    Yes all three are old enough to pose anyway they want, but the pictures are taken in a obvious high school type setting, ala their teenage Glee characters.

    And just a few months ago Lea made a statement that she wouldn’t be comfortable doing one of those PETA anti-fur ads, even though she supports the anti-fur campaign. But now she is doing a Maxim style shoot for what? Money? PR?

    It just shows a total lack of conviction and thought. Even if they were pushed into it by the show/network, they are adults and can say No.

    It is a top rated show and they are three of the stars. I don’t think their jobs would be in jeopardy for saying no to one photo shoot.

  63. Cee

    The expression on Cory’s face, however, is total win.

  64. Nicole Francois

    You could NOT be more RIGHT ON. This whole spread is totally infuriating to me as well. I think I’m going to write a letter. How the hell does Terry Richardson keep getting hired? Even if it weren’t for all the sexual harassment charges, which on their own should be damning enough, one would think, his limited “vision” is absurd. COME ON. SNORE. We’ve seen all this scantily clad claptrap before. It’s all Richardson does. It’s not clever. It’s not a point of view. And yet editors keep rewarding him for this by hiring him. I call BS.

  65. Melinda (Palindrome at Home)

    Where are strong female role models that don’t take their clothes off for a buck? Lack of self respect and greed can really ruin a good thing they’ve got going.

  66. Shannon

    This cover has no relevance to the show and brings any respect I had for it down. Were these 3 the only ones stupid enough to do it? Sigh.

  67. Viv

    Basically ditto. It’s depressing because it reeks of desperation and flys in the face of everything “Glee” pretends to be about. I mean blah blah blah women owning their sexuality blah blah blah and all but bottom line, Lea Michele comes across as pathetic, not empowered. And as noted many times, it’s porr idea + poor execution. Her poses and facial expression are uncomfortable and cartoonish.

    I would love to know whether this was Dianna giong “Yeah, I’ll be keeping my bottoms on, thanks anyway” or Lea preventing Dianna from being equally unclothed because Lea wanted all the attention.

    Regardless of what the truth is, this shoot reinforce my belief that Lea Michele has to go to be an absolute nightmare of a human being.

  68. Erika

    I thought it was Teen Beat at first. And then I thought it was US. Sigh…

  69. Anonymous

    I totally agree with the post. This is disgusting.

  70. Matt

    I agree wholeheartedly. And as a huge fan of the show, it’s disappointing to see this.

    Also I don’t know if it’s this particular photographer or Lea Michele’s people but Rolling Stones did a Glee cover where her underwear was showing under a ridiculously short skirt, and I was like “SERIOUSLY?!?!?!”

  71. Trish

    Does anyone have something I can scrub my brain with? I really don’t want to go through life with these images in there.

  72. Dhiva

    I’m consistently amazed by how many young female actors do “sexy” photo shoots (as well as when they get older, and need to show they are still sexy). There are some very smart, very talented, award-winning young women who pose for Maxim’s hot list, or classed up, but unclothed, in VF. It seems like a professional requirement. I don’t know if they feel they have no choice, they actually feel hot and awesome doing it, or they’re just pushing product. It is hard to think of a leading lady under 40 who hasn’t posed more or less unclothed.

    This spread is just near the extra icky end of an unfortunate continuum.

  73. Kate

    I’m bored. Seriously. Total snore.

    Like others have said: oh look, another genetically blessed and young female in Hollywood – shock. Oh look, she’s posing half naked to prove she’s naughty and not so nice. Yeah…

    It just feels desperate, not naughty, not fresh, not cute, not sexy, not fun – just desperate and boring and stale. Is that how you want people to feel when you pose in your underwear with your best “O-Face” on???

    And, as others have said: she doesn’t even look that naughty. The shots are awkward – I think she’s a pretty girl, but had I been in her shoes and had shots turn out like this, I would have been horrifically embarrassed at my attempt at “sexy” and probably would have tried to get out of whatever agreement I had with GQ…

    It’s like those bad self shots you take that you immediately delete from your camera/phone so that NO one ever has to see how seriously awkward and unsexy you are when you try to look “hot.”


    And that photographer is seriously gross – if I had to take half naked shots in front of a guy that looked that creepy (even without his prior indiscretions), I would walk out – no matter what my contract said. Ew.

  74. shannon

    Terry Richardson is a slimeball. GQ usually has some beautifully shot spreads with fully clothed men in them (actually most of their covers are of this variety) and it seems when they want to put a woman on the cover, the shoot some creepy underage schoolgirl fantasy.

    Not to mention the objectification and sexualization of women and the implication that in order to be noticed you have to have an open legged crotch shot on a bench. There is sexy and there is vulgar, this is vulgar.

    I think that the PR folks at Glee should be fired over this. Clearly this was about the show (given the huge GLEE on the cover).

    It makes me think far less of Lea Michelle who clearly is just as vapid and self-obsessed as all of the other less talented attn whoring young starlet wannabees out there. Shame on you Ms Michelle. Wanting to be sexy is one thing, wanting to be spank material to a bunch of creepy old dudes with schoolgirl fantasies is another.

  75. Lana

    Thank you so much for saying this. It needed to be said.

  76. Liliana

    Right on, everyone. This reminds me of the time the cast of Gossip Girl posed in their underwear on a bed on the cover of some magazine, including Momsen who was 14 at the time…and we all know how that turned out (lingerie and WEAPONS). But GG is a stupid show about pretty people wearing pretty clothes and I wanted to think Glee was better than that…guess not. The skeezy stench of desperation is all over this shoot – and how embarrassed does Dianna Agron look in EVERY SINGLE SHOT? Just no. No.

  77. Carrie Hall

    I could not agree more!

    And here I was so proud of Glee for its respectful discussion of religion, gay rights and its celebration of what makes us each special. And here I had no idea that what really makes a girl special nvolves lollipops, white panties and a Jessica Simpson trademarked open mouthed, blank expression. Oh, and a wind machine.

    I pray to Grilled Cheesus that this wrong can be righted…

  78. Noelle

    Everything everyone has said, I agree with. So tasteless. BOO!

  79. Vivian


  80. JVG

    These pictures make me sad.

  81. Hil

    This wrong can only be righted if we have CORY MONTEITH on a cover without his shirt on. Come on, Glee. A significant portion of your audience are young females. We demand that you put scantily clad Cory in a cover too.

  82. Melissa

    “I don’t mean to strangle myself with these pearls that I’m clutching BUT COME ON.” THIS THIS THIS. I agree with everything you wrote. Also? This just makes me sad.

  83. Jackie

    100% agreed Jessica. I LOVE Glee and these photos are ..wierd and unsettling. Lea looks like she is trying way too hard, Dianna looks uncomfortable and Cory just looks like big giant douche. I’m dissapointed to see this from actors from a show that I really respect.

  84. Ally

    The GQ-ites are going to read the reaction to this as “You people can’t handle the sexy.” when in fact the problem is that the shoot reflects a 1970s-prepubescents vision of sexy* that is reductionist of where women, photography AND sexy are today. THAT’s what people are reacting to: that this shoot is lame, pathetic and reactionary — it is the sexy equivalent of the Tea Party.

    * That’s all T.Richardson does — caters to the wishful goshdarn-it-I-was-it-was-still-1970-and-the-chicks-were-still-Stepfordy fantasies of old dudes. Thanks @Cristina, the tarring/feathering/railing ritual should be brought back just this once especially for Richardson. But given known actors’ public defense even of Polanski, I won’t hold my breath.

  85. fritanga

    This is the stuff I always associate with morons like Britney Spears (because she’s always been a commodity moved around by men), but is a little surprising coming from Michelle, whom I’ve always thought was highly ambitious. It’s a little counterintuitive for the current frontrunner for the role of movie Elphaba, isn’t it?

    I’d expect this from someone like, say, Vanessa Hudgens, who doesn’t have much talent to trade on and has to do what she can for attention while she can, but Michelle has more than her newly-emaciated body to flaunt around. Or maybe she doesn’t, and that’s the point of this spread. Oh well. Just another cheap starlet showing her ass. NEXT.

  86. SharonCville

    Ditto to everything. SO disappointed! I just can’t believe that Michele doesn’t have someone– an agent? a FRIEND?– who could take one look at her proposed “wardrobe” (panties, bra, torn shirt, knee socks and high heels) and say, “Where’s the rest of it?” and “NO!” My problem is that not only do the photos have a skeevy, soft-porn vibe, they aren’t even good. They’re just stupid.

  87. Christy

    Could not agree more. When I saw this cover I almost threw up. Completely unnecessary to say the least. Kids of all ages love Glee but they seem to be touching on some things either on the show or in the press that are completely inappropriate and even makes this 32 year old cringe… Boooooo

  88. Anita

    Of COURSE the socks are by American Apparel!!!

  89. Treetopbirdy

    Yep. I hate it and it makes me sad.

  90. Sarah

    My. Thoughts. Exactly.

  91. Ann

    I agree- thanks Jessica for taking a stand- you have many who agree with you!

  92. Jennifer

    As a Broadway star, Lea Michele was talented and confident. Like many others before her, she has fallen victim to “Hollywoodification,” which renders talented, confident young women totally desperate and insecure. This cover is ridiculous. I agree with many of you.

  93. Mandy Paige

    Wow, I am so impressed by another sexy photo shoot. Desperate and contrived is right. And as long as they are doing sexy, what is with Agron’s skirt? Is this supposed to convince me she’s the “innocent one”, is Lea Michele’s lollipop supposed reinforce this? Ugh. It’s just soooooo cliche and it’s making me really sick of Lea Michele. I get it, you’re attractive. You don’t need to fly the flag in my face constantly, I believe you.

  94. Cranky Old Batt

    Considering the “models” in question are supposed to be teenagers, it makes me sick to my stomach.

    Yes, yes, yes, I know. This is EXACTLY what the average male teenager wants. Pandering.

    But seriously? More “underage” skin for dirty old men? Since morality and decency no longer exist, how about done to death, give it a rest.

  95. JenniferWriter


  96. Carina


    And Terry is DISGUSTING.

  97. L

    Thank you. That cover makes me cringe so hard, I shudder to think what the interior images actually look like. (Although given the crap that’s going on covers lately, I should be grateful they aren’t all naked and covered in blood, huh?)

  98. Claire

    I agree completely! When I first saw Lea Michele yesterday I was pretty shocked. I can compare Dianna in her cute/sexy cheerleader outfit and Lea’s over-the-top underwear ‘outfit’ to how I feel about my recent foray into dance lessons: pole dancing is raunchy and obvious, and belly dancing is sensual and subtle.

  99. Kate

    I officially know WAY more than I ever wanted to about Lea’s grooming, erm, down there.

  100. anne

    horrible, horrible, horrible. sooo dated, sooo uncomfortable-looking, sooo effing stupid. terry richardson: you are not arty because you take lo-fi pictures of scrawny naked people posed in front of chipped-plaster walls. mutton chops! plaid! ’70s glasses frames! dirty motel carpet and wood paneling! so original, so gritty, so real.

    you can practically hear the conversation that took place before this shoot, wherein lea either was the only one willing to go full-on yuk, or insisted that she bare the most in order to remain the focal point of the spread. and there is something even sadder about dianna’s half-hearted stab at jailbait.

    i suppose GQ has gotten people talking about this cover, and maybe that’s the point. this is just so disappointing. and i’m not even a fan of “glee” (it’s totally uneven, except for jane lynch).

  101. Gigi

    One of the reasons why this show is so successful is because it is supposedly over traditional gender stereotyping and celebrates the “oddballs”: teh gays, the disabled, the fatties, the weirdos, etc. while leaving the hetero-sexy crap in the dust.

    Now they’ve gone and lost 90% of their gay audience and a lot of the str8 kids, too.


  102. Virginia (heliotro.pe)

    Word, to every last bit. I don’t even give a damn about Glee, because there’s just too much other good TV out there and I missed that train — but even *I* know this sends the wrong message about the show, the actors, the magazine, the photog, everything. Just a big shoot full o’ douchery and bad decisions. I agree with the commenter who said straight up Playboy would’ve been a better angle! No pun intended.

  103. jen

    gross. the one of her sitting on the bench is the worst. I felt like I was looking at playboy. and I am a huge glee/lea michele fan. say what you will about her but I saw her twice in spring awakening and she is incredibly talented. no need for this skeevy-ness. at least dianna got to wear some skirts!!

  104. Alma

    My biggest issue with this is the cover pose. The guy’s big grin and ass grabbing hands just says “Hey everyone! Look at my two sex dolls!” Way to completely objectify women.

  105. Steven

    Hey.. I’m a 50-something gay man who loves this site because of the fashion & witty writing… But I’ve never felt compelled to write a comment. Also, I love Glee because of the talent. However, I am totally in agreement regarding the photo shoot for GQ… And VERY surprise that Les Michele would agree to those photos…. Whatever happened to class?

  106. barbarena

    The one chick may not have gotten a nose job, but she’s overfilled her bottom lip to the point that the weight of the filler has created a pocket the size of a golf bag

  107. Little Moron

    I do NOT understand why people keep hiring Terry Richardson, when he is clearly a lecherous, sexist creep. Not only do these pictures made me feel totally skeeved out and uncomfortable, they also make Lea Michele look gross and desperate. Geez. There’s something called autonomy. Exert it.

  108. LydiaBrunch

    With you completely.

  109. Erin

    Words cannot describe!!! Perfectly stated. I am so beyond done with Glee! Sue Sylvester needs her own spinoff – she’s the only great character on that show.

  110. Amanda

    Totally agreed. This is disgusting.

  111. Jennie

    wow. how embarrassing for Lea (assuming she would be embarrassed by such a hideous and cliche photoshoot).

    I love the contrast between Dianna’s & Lea’s faces. Dianna’s face clearly says “Ew, Mr. Terry man, I am SO not into your antics” while Lea’s face is like “Yeah! I’m hot, make me a star, Terry!!!”

    Again, I feel embarrassed for Lea…

  112. loveslemons

    100% agree, fug girls. The concept is cliche, badly executed, and most importantly, idiotic and gross. I do partly blame Lea Michele, who unfortunately gives off such an unappealingly desperate vibe in these shots – sorry, Lea, you’re not going to get cast in Megan Fox roles, and that’s not really such a bad thing.

  113. A.J.

    I agree with whoever said it earlier, that the rampant sexism in this makes me want to throw up. The guy fully clothed and the girls frolicking around in the bras and panties, come on! I understand it’s a men’s magazine, catering to the demographic, blah blah blah, but frankly, if that’s what the modern men want, then when did they all become chauvinistic pigs?

    And I’m not a prude, I’ve seen other photoshoots of models/female stars that were sexy, but that…there’s nothing sexy about that. At all.

  114. Ky

    I am currently ignoring a certin hacktastic and gross photographer and by extension this AA ad knock-off in hopes that they will go away.

  115. Julie

    I’ve already mentioned this today, but I really REALLY hate the airing-out-your-crotch pose. We get it Richardson. Lea has a vagina. And legs that spread wiiiiide open! Now stop taking that picture so I can cease imagining a ferret crawling up her hoo ha.

  116. pidge

    I look down at my wing-tips and shake my head. Disappointed, indeed.

  117. cris

    I agree with everything you said fug girls.

    And yes, maybe it isn’t Lea Michele’s fault but it does make her seem even more annoying than she is, non? I mean Dianna certainly had the sense to keep her face under control and not look like she was getting bonked from both sides but Lea’s face? In every single shot? Embarrassing. Embarrassing and quite frankly, demeaning.

    But the thing that really GRINDS my gears the most is that Lea said in a couple interviews, regarding the GQ photos, that it was fun but totally outside her comfort zone. I don’t believe that for on effing second. Her Marie Clare semi-nude spread sealed the deal on that one. This is a girl who loves attention, who CRAVES attention. She’s a show girl and she’s loving every single moment of this spread.

    If you want to do that kind of raunchy shit, fine, but own up to it! Don’t pretend like you’re somehoe above it or afraid of it and then keep doing it over and over again.

    Sorry for my Lea Michele rant. I cannot stand her. And the GQ spread is embarrassing.

  118. Li

    Terry Richardson exists to make Dov Charney look good by comparison.

  119. Mary Ann

    I love the show “Glee” as I am a music theater lover and singer; however, I am beginning to feel that the show is WAY overexposed and that the actors involved are getting horribly boorish (look it up). Inasmuch as you can feel compassion for actors who are on a wildly successful show making tons of money, I can only imagine that for most of these same people (who are indeed older than the characters they play) will crash and burn after all the attention disappears.

    Whew! That said, this is a terrible cover and all involved should be embarrassed.

  120. Sara B.

    This is utterly tasteless and … gross. Really, I don’t have the words to describe how low these three have sunk in my estimation.

  121. Mongerel

    When you’re through with the paper bag, please pass it over here.

    ps. Steven, glad you de-lurked today!

  122. Suzanne

    How is Terry Richardson not in jail? Was there not enough evidence? How can anyone not be afraid to work with him? Ew.

  123. Annabeth

    This would bother me less if they’d sexied up Cory too. Then I would feel like, okay, whatever, it’s an erotic photo shoot set in a high school, there will be some kink here. But leaving him in the same old polo and jeans basically makes it clear that he’s there as a star and the girls are there as pieces of meat. And Terry Richardson is straight-up disgusting; shame on the mag for hiring him to do anything.

  124. Photo Fan

    Wasn’t Richardson once quoted as saying he never photographs a model he hasn’t slept with? He’s definitely creapy, and his photos are different but not necessarily in a good way.

  125. L.S.

    So I guess these Glee actors aren’t after RESPECT at all.

    So poor…

  126. Jessica

    Dear Lea –
    Stop taking after J.Simp and close. your. mouth.


  127. Suz

    Dear Lea -
    Please. close. your. legs. For the love of glee.
    A Gleek from Day One!

  128. MaryJo

    Exactly. It’s disappointing and just gross.

  129. liz985

    Oh, they’ve reached the “Friends” stage where the publicity photos went from the entire cast in blue jeans, white oxford shirts, and big smiles to the actresses being styled as street walkers in fishnet stockings,overdone makeup, and ‘come hither’ looks (or with their a$$ completely exposed — I’m looking at you, Jen Aniston). What is it with actresses these days? These are talented women who could easily say, “Nope, not wearing that. Find something else or I’m gone.” Instead, they all end up like amateur Playboy centerfolds. Jeez, so much for progress.

  130. Dani

    Oh my goodness – thanks for saying exactly what I’ve been thinking since I saw those shots. Seriously – WHY?????

  131. april

    touche!!!!! sometimes i worry where all the feminists have gone when i keep seeing and hearing words or images about sexy women, cougar, etc…. i have no problem with natural sex appeal or women trying to look nice, but i also feel as a society, we should make a conscientious effort for women to not be seen as merely sex objects. thanks for calling this one as it is.

  132. Vince

    I’d like to join Steven as a gay man who has long enjoyed the site and is now compelled to comment for the first time.

    I stopped watching Glee at the end of the first season because it just didn’t know how to be what it seemed it wanted to be. It was a mess. It was too much of too many things. It kept moving further and further into some absurd world where everything was clichéd and vague and presented for the purpose of the moment without any real thought as to how it fit into the whole.

    In that sense, this photo shoot 100% completely represents Glee for me. It’s a sad, clichéd mess that neglects that fact that (whether or not Ryan Murphy wants to admit it) Glee is absolutely marketed as a family show. It’s about kids in high school. It airs at 8:00. It has merchandising tie-ins that no one over the age of 16 would buy without feeling massive amounts of shame (Glee original novels, anyone?). And having these actors pose as raunchy, depressing, vague shadows of some outmoded version of sex symbols is simply appalling.

    And that does not even address the point everyone else has made about Lea Michele looking like some desperate tart who has been turned down by every last casting director in the business and is left doing made-for-television movies about zombies. Someone should tell her that in the long run the stench of desperation can easily overpower the sweet smell of talent.

    Or the fact the Cory Monteith is serving as some sexist, anonymous droid who looks more like a lost puppy dog than a man with the gumption to grab anyone’s panties.

    Or the fact that Dianna Agron appears to have been made to stand there against her will, thus completing the kiddie porn vibe perfectly.

    Or the fact that Terry Richardson was allowed anywhere near this.

    Bad form, Glee. Bad form.

  133. Jenni

    DAMN STRAIGHT, Fug Girls! Whatever happened to the objectification of women, especially very YOUNG women CEASE to be a bad thing? This looks like some horny, hormone driven guy’s fantasy.

    It’s not art.
    It’s not stylish.
    It’s juvenile, sexist, and considering the person BEHIND the camera – CREEPY.

  134. Tracy L

    So glad we completely agree. Lea has just dropped considerably in my opinion. Don’t these people have PR reps to help with things like this? Just yuck.
    I really liked Glee’s first few episodes, but it is getting a bit much. There’s only like 12 kids or whatever in the club. Do they all have to start inter-dating already?

  135. Bonnie

    This overly sexy thing is getting old. It’s hard enough trying to get a Halloween costume without looking like a tramp. This is sick…and getting old.

  136. Jenni

    So angry I can’t think straight to type correctly. I meant:

    Since when did the objectification of women, especially very YOUNG women, CEASE to be a bad thing?

    It sickens me that some women now equate empowerment with porn, and strength in a female with wearing as little clothes as possible!

  137. NoHo Mom

    Clutching my pears in revulsion right along with ya.

  138. NoHo Mom

    Sorry, pearls. In my revulsion I left off an L.

  139. CJ

    I agree completely. This spread made me irrationally angry at something I’ve never really cared about before. Why on earth would any woman w/talent who wants to be taken seriously do these kinds of shoots for mags like this? Dianna seems to know it too–she looks really uncomfortable.

  140. Fuh Ugh

    I remember reading a review for “The Mirror Has Two Faces” where the reviewer addressed a line of the review directly to Barbra Streisand saying, “We get it – you’re attractive.” The reviewer basically pointed out that BS’s own sense of inadequacy about her looks caused her to make some poor career choices.

    So, to musically paraphrase the lady herself, “Lea Michele, Can You Hear Me?”

  141. Meg DesCamp

    Excuse me. I have to go find and put on my pearls, and then I’ll come back and write a long post about how much I agree with every single word you’ve written.

  142. Malady

    Those photos are disgusting.

    If I were Lea Michele, I’d be sacking my manager, or whoever signed me up for that shoot, and I’d be taking a long hard look at myself.

    She’s a beautiful talented woman, not a playboy tard.

  143. Judi

    I felt your rage the minute I saw the cover and the ensuing spread (ew) inside (ew).

    All the big complaints being made over the misogynistic treatment of the women in “The Social Network” (whether or not it’s true) and it’s being treated like an anomaly- meanwhile, something like this hits the newsstand.

    Is it so wrong to want for my nieces to grow up believing in their brains, their strengths, their talents and their charisma over fretting about how sexy they or are not? Beyond that, the continual perversion of equating sex with school children. Ugh.

    I don’t care how old and fuss-potty this makes me sound. Honestly. If we don’t have respect for ourselves as women, we can’t whine when suddenly men don’t have any respect for us either.

  144. Jill S.

    I so totally agree with Jessica and am also clutching my imaginary pearls in particular because my 12 year old niece who loves everything about this show will see this and think it is cool to pose in your fricking underwears for a known pedophile. UGHHH!!!!

  145. Amanda

    Terry Richardson isn’t just gross to all the UNDERAGE models that pose for him. Allegations indicate that he’s gross to ALL of them. Jamie Peck? The model whose story you linked? Was 19 when she did those two shoots. Richardson preys on women of whatever age, as long as he thinks they can be manipulated into nonconsenual sex acts.

    Also: This photo shoot isn’t particularly interesting. Teenagers? Like sex? Oh man, surely not. How shocking!

  146. BeeDreams

    Hate. It. All.

    I love Glee and usually when I hear people banging on about how inappropriate a photo shoot was, I think “Oh FFS< lighten up!” Then I saw this shoot. Awful.

    Looks like a massive whore-fest for the girls and Cory looks wholesome. Awful.

  147. Lara

    Fug Girls, I couldn’t agree more with you and almost everything that has been said in the comments. It’s scuzzy beyond belief.

  148. Ian

    Terry Richardson’s aesthetic is getting rather tired, non? I would’ve preferred to see his take on whoever plays Mercedes or the Chinese girl (Tina? I haven’t been watching season 2). Terry Richardson shooting half naked pretty white young people isn’t exactly groundbreaking.

  149. Shelley Noble

    Terry Richardson is a foul foul disgusting pervert as everyone understands. And as everyone with any sense would want to keep far away from any young woman, except for the foolish and knee-jerked editors that hire him.

    But more than that, isn’t it all of the magazine buying public’s duty to not plunk down money on crap like his? If sales go up with this garbage then weak publishers will take the money. Sad but true.

  150. CJ

    Well said, Jessica. Brava.

  151. Jack Garcia

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  152. Joanne

    Abso-fracking-lutely! Please please let the cylons loose in the GQ headquarters ASAP. and apologies for going all BSG on your ass.

  153. vinniepop

    I like me some racy pics just as much as the next guy – HOWEVER, there is a time, place and indeed a proper subject for said pics to exist. And the GQ shoot with Lea Michele doing the schoolgirl spread’em is a whole lotta wrong that doesn’t make anything right.

  154. Rayna

    Wrong message indeed.

    (also clutching pearls)

    Actually, y’all, seeing so much disgust, outrage and indignation expressed at this negative stuff allows me to dare to hope that all is not lost after all.

    Thank you, Fug Nation. Rock the integrity.

  155. lori

    I love the show and the actors, but this is just too much, and flies in the face of all they’ve tried to do with the show in terms of self-respect. Also, the undies/lollipops/high school lockers? Too much with a capital everything. Disappointing.

  156. josi

    They’ve styled Michele like a Max Hardcore starlet. Cheap cheesecake (ala Katy Perry) gives me a giggle, but this is… something else entirely.

    Richard Kern is a contemporary of Terry Richardson and I think Kern’s work captures an art and soul that Richardson’s intentionally exploitative lens misses. Kern is a dirty old man, too, but at least he draws you into the humanity of his subjects.

  157. Debra


  158. Cecily

    Agree wholeheartedly. Terry Richardson is a perv, these photos are an insult to the young women, the one on the bench with legs spread wide open, PULEEEEEEEEEEEZ. So sick of it. Bad, bad judgment on the part of the publicist and the actresses…

  159. Janice

    SO disappointing. Please, make it go away! Seeing Lea Michelle return this season Hollywood thin :( and…maybe somehow different… was bad enough. Wonder who thought this was a good idea…? …anyone?

  160. Sherri

    SO much excellent commentary here!

    I’m no fan of Glee (although many around me are enthralled) but this, as has been said, is just more “Women aren’t people, but just sexy toys” imagery.

    Of course, GQ is looking to get the attention of straight men (do they even watch Glee?) since that is supposedly their target audience, so it isn’t out of reach that they put the girl sexy on the cover. But, really — I’d think that a lot of MEN would find this cover fairly stupid and even insulting. Yes, they are adults doing the ‘naughty schoolgirl’ costumes, but really, aren’t there fetish mags for that? Manga? Something other than GENTLEMAN’S QUARTERLY???

    Tacky. Unfortunately, as much as we might protest, until some of the more intelligent and enlightened men who are in that target audience get up and say “Ya know, that’s just a few miles over the TASTELESS line, guys.” it won’t make a lot of difference. More’s the pity. GQ can always fall back on the “it’s for GUYS” argument, like men can’t be better than that.

    As for the actors participating in this — sad double standard at work, poor message to send out, and generally a bad choice.

  161. carol

    Oh. Help. Lea. Why??????????

  162. Anonymous

    WHY DIDNT YOU TALK ABOUT THIS PHOTO?? that book is about to fall on diana agrons head! teehee!

  163. tigerstripes

    YIKES, GQ, you SUCK. This photo article is like that last gross scene in the original Fame, only over and over and over. It’s retro perv.

    Glee seems to bring this quality out in the media — as if society’s ‘watchers’ can’t see so much fresh-faced talent without wanting to soil it. Read the Rolling Stone cover article where the interviewer spends all his time thinking of — and asking! — inappropriate questions. Best part of the article was Jane Lynch threatening to swing on the guy, right before she walked out. She’s too smart for that, but how I wish she’d broken his nose.

  164. Karina

    I hear from the feminist media machine that girls should be able to express their sexuality. You know, all that “You go grrrl” baloney. So, this is what you end up with.

    Unfortunately, feminists are not known for having good taste.

  165. Carrie


    Also, WHY?

    And, REALLY?

    Finally, HEAVY SIGH.

  166. Murph

    Cosign. Cosign completely.

  167. AVI

    Why is the male actor not similarly undressed and getting his cheeks massaged? He looks kind of cute.
    All of this controversy is working, however, I am getting more and more curious about ‘Glee.’ Maybe this is Halloween Glee.

  168. Lena

    I just wrote to GQ. Soooo sick-making.

  169. CCStereo

    Isn’t this some textbook Psych 101 having to do with sexualizing yourself when one is insecure and needs validation?

    yawn, blah blah blah.

  170. Cheryl

    Glee JUST aired an episode in which Rachel tarted herself up to woo Finn, and the moral of the story was to be one’s nerd self. But apparently Lea Michele (whom I adore and think is gorgeous) is falling into the Jessica Biel trap: “Just because I play a good girl on TV doesn’t mean I’m not sexy in real life. Slutting it up will prove I can’t be typecast!” Although Jessica Biel is a big star now, so maybe it works. Sigh.

  171. tiny

    crushing disappointment hit me when i saw this. with all their talent – this is what they reduce to? any men who like this are obviously either dogs, pedophiles or chauvinistic pigs. im just happy my parents raised me right (obviously you guys too) so that i get the overwhelming feeling of wrongness. seriously – terry has a picture of himself edjeculating(spelling?) on a topless model! what the fug?!

  172. BeeDreams

    Just wanted to add, the ONLY saving grace for this photo shoot is that GQ- not really a mag a 10 y.o would buy or should be allowed to buy.

    This is a mag for “older” people, so the young Glee viewers should never see these pages… kwim?

  173. nat

    Terry Richardson is NOT an artist. He’s a sleazy guy who got lucky in that the fashion world considers him an artist. There IS a difference between nudity as art and the self-gratifying, frankly creepy, “work” he does. Anyone can recreate his style of photography – set up a white background and overexpose every picture, and BOOM, you’re an artiste~. I don’t doubt for a second that all these “supposed” rumors of him being a creep are true – just look at his photos!! What I don’t understand is why people still commission him – is it approval for the fact that he takes advantage of young, impressionable models who don’t know any better? Is it really because his work is so groundbreaking that no one else can do what he does? Because all I see when I look at his work is a physical manifestation of his own fantasies. Frankly, porn is art eons above Richardson’s work because at least there is no pretense; porn is what it is. That he is able to pass off his cheap, degrading photos as “art” has actually got me wondering about the people who accept it as so – are they really so blind? He KNOWS what he’s doing and has even found a way to capitalize on it. Is the fashion world really dumb enough to believe him?

  174. Lauren

    They took it WAY too far by putting his hands on their bums. It went from a touch of naughty to just plain naughty touching.

  175. mw

    this whole cover/editorial smacks of 1983, where men were clothed, women were portrayed as sluts and it was all meant to be taken lightly. way to go, GQ…and shame on these women for giving them a hand.

  176. whiterabbit11

    thank you for your articulate, amusing & sensible commentary. my thoughts were incoherent but mostly – ‘aargh where is the brain-bleach?’
    lea is just painful to look at. her stiff, scraggy body, her blank eyes, her DESPERATION pouring off the pictures. little wonder that even photoshop couldn’t remove the fontrum from cory & diana’s faces. these people are genuinely talented. they’re better than this. HUMANS are better than this. tho apparently not the photographer or the editors of gq.
    a fun, sexy photoshoot is one thing. this is the other.

  177. Sarah

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAYING THIS EVERYONE I’M SO GLAD I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE. Just looking at the photos makes me sick. These girls are lovely and talented; they don’t need such tacky “sexiness” to get ahead. Lea Michele just keeps plummeting in my opinion, and this is a new low.

  178. Addie

    classless and inappropriate

  179. Anne B


    Either GQ or men’s magazines may be in some trouble. There is nothing attractive, modern, interesting, or appealing about that shot.

    In a word, it looks desperate.

    If I didn’t know better, I would call this the product of a guy who is trying to assure the world of his (or his gender’s?) continuing relevance — all evidence to the contrary.

    Not a great moment for GQ.

    Or for men, now that I think about it …

  180. Jessica (not the lovely lady who co-runs this site)

    Lea, I like your voice. I don’t want to know about your vagina. Turn down the trying a couple of notches, okay? At least Dianna Agronn was a little closer to dressed.

    On the upside, Corey Monteith had the best day of his life so far at this photoshoot.

  181. RicketyRack.com

    Looks like those ladies need to visit RicketyRack.com for better fashion!


  182. Alice

    I totally agree, this photo shoot was classless and never should have gone to print. Really, they had since July when it was shot to think about it and realize what a bad idea it was.

    Still, I think the fact that Lea Michele is getting most of the negative press is also wrong. She’s the undeniable lead of the show with the most “hollywood” body so of course they put her in the skimpiest clothes and focused in on her more. Add to that, she naturally always throws herself 110% into any “role.” Should she have thought about it and realized how classless it was? Yes. But really, so should have Dianna and Cory.

    And Dianna may have been more restrained, but she’s also the one quoted talking about what a cool and fun guy Terry is which turned me off more than Lea’s full frontal shot could ever hope to.

    We don’t know what happened at the shoot, but we have the outcome. This has been done over and over again. They aren’t the only cast to ever do so and they won’t be the last. Because we’ll all bitch about it for a few days and then move on, nothing accomplished. So instead of wasting valuable time whinging about something that can’t be changed, you should be teaching your kids how to change an inherently sexist society, and applying your teachings personally.


  183. Kelly S.

    I’m in the same boat as Steven, in that I love this website but have never commented. I’m sitting here going “hells to the yes!” to everything that both Jessica and all the commenters have said. Although I can’t help but laugh at Lea’s face in all of them– “LOOK AT ME I’M SO SEXY LOOK AT MY SEXYTIMES THIS IS MY SEXY FACE.” although, I must admit that for some reason I am amused by Dianna’s face on the cover– it’s kind of cute in that she seems kind of… in on the joke? over it? there’s something about it where’s she looks like she’s just thinking “…*sigh*.” like the whole situation both irritates and amuses her.

  184. vandalfan

    Put it away. My feminist heart is breaking.


    Alice, I don’t think it’s necessarily mutually exclusive to be whinging about this on the internet AND then, when we get home from work, to be teaching our kids why it’s wrong that the dude in this spread is fully clothed and the girls are not — that he’s playing the drums and they’re just eating candy.

    I actually think people talking about this with such annoyance and outrage is a sign that our sexist society IS changing. Because X number of years ago, I don’t think people would be making that big of a fuss about it. And now they are. And that’s good.

  186. Hayley

    UGH! That look on Conteith’s (I always end up calling him that in my head) face is just….UGH! Why?!?

  187. monstrule

    It looks like everyone’s been pwn’d. The PR machine’s mission is accomplished; everyone is talking about this spread. We all know Terry Richardson is a sleazebag. Everyone is just adding fuel to the fire. This spread is so mediocre and unbelievably uncreative. It doesn’t deserve this much attention. What the hell, guys??

  188. sal

    Rachel: Can I ask you guys something..private?
    Santana: Yes, you should move to Israel.

    God, I miss last season’s kickass writing. Anyway, because I watch way too much E!News I can tell you kids that Michele says it’s important to her that fans get to know how much more “sensual” she is compared with her character. Erm..tween fans too, Lea? I guess she grew up doing her homework in Broadway dressing rooms, saw a lot of stuff hanging out & about and has artsy theater ideas about nudity being just one of many tools (hee) an actor shouldn’t fear using.

    If you really want to over analyze her (like her Jewfro’d stalker on Glee) she does seem to think she’s slumming in H’Wood (flies home every other weekend) and might be uber working it in publicity photos as an artsy inside joke to show her friends in New York..? Or not.

  189. Sister Wolf

    Terry Richardson is obviously some kind of royalty to magazine editors because no matter what he does, they don’t disassociate themselves from him. It’s actually bizarre how he is allowed to continue with this shit, even after he’s been outed as a molester of young models.

    I have written to both the CEO of Conde Nast and the CEO of H&M to complain about Terry Richardson. Both of them said that they were disturbed to hear the allegations. But GQ is a Conde Nast publication.

    What about a massive letter-writing campaign? Or a boycott? It would be nice to have an effect, wouldn’t it??

  190. crowgirl

    I am queasy from the skeezy.

  191. NYCGirl

    There’s really nothing more I can add.

  192. Bambi Anne Dear

    Yes, very sexist and silly. As payback for Cory with his hands on the goodies he should at least be wearing Speedos WITHOUT Lea’s knee covering his junk.

  193. Bambi Anne Dear

    Just a thought:
    As there are so many negative posts here perhaps the Fug Girls would consider contacting the publishers and giving them a piece of their/your/our collective minds.

  194. molly

    yeah, those girls are both in their twenties. plus they’re ridiculously hot and it’s their choice, so lighten up.

  195. Emily

    That full frontal shot of Lea made me physically ill. Yes we know you have one PUT IT AWAY.

    So tacky. What was she thinking??????

  196. Veronica

    I had initially typed out a long comment about why covers like this frustrate me, but then I saw the little tag about the thirty-three Chile miners saved and…well, I thought that pretty much summed up the amount of class that went into it.

  197. Soapstef

    Oh My Stars! This is beyond uncomfortable. I don’t sense a full level of commitment from Dianna in this shoot. Maybe she’s upset that she wasn’t asked to “totally skank out” like Lea! Maybe this is an interpretation of role reversal for the girls. Lea is Blantant Hottie like Quinn and Dianna is Subtle Hottle like Rachel. Cory is Boring Tool like Finn…no adjustments needed.

  198. erlan

    thanks for writing this post.

  199. evemarkz

    I’m 25, but I often feel like I’m 85, and seeing these pictures in GQ, definitely makes me feel old. The whole thing seems so desperate, which doesn’t make any sense because the show and the actors are doing so well. To me, even worse than being in her underwear, is the O-face slutty body language Lea is doing. I don’t get it, this isn’t sexy, it’s just really gross.

  200. Anna

    OMG OMG THANK YOU AND AMEN. This crap makes me ALLCAPSY and just reading along with your rant made me hyperventilate. GOD, PEOPLE. A LOLLYPOP? REALLY?

  201. Ally

    Belatedly, I gather this may have been meant as T.R.’s pervy take on the Archie comics’ Betty/Veronica/Archie threesome.

    Just adds an extra eye roll to the proceedings.

  202. Maryse

    I get it that Cory is clothed, you might have too. He doesn’t have the body to go shirtless (yet), but that doesn’t mean the girls should go so scantily clad in comparison?! Especially Lea, it is a bit over the top and yes one pair of pants or a skirt even would have been nice. She doesn’t need this nor do the others.

  203. Lara

    “I hear from the feminist media machine that girls should be able to express their sexuality. You know, all that “You go grrrl” baloney. So, this is what you end up with.
    Unfortunately, feminists are not known for having good taste.”

    Karina, you’ve NO idea what feminism really is if you think this particular photo-shoot is in the vein of “women should be able to express their sexuality freely”.
    Please, educate yourself.

  204. deee

    Yes, these photos are disgusting. But, I do want to defend Lea a tiny bit. How many of us did questionable, stupid, ill advised things during our late teens and twenties because we wanted to be cool or fit in or be different or whatever? Thankfully, my young adult poor decisions were not published in national magazines.

    I find the whole thing to be sad on many levels.

  205. peteski

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve long thought I was the only person who couldn’t stand TR and his perverted attempts to create ‘art’. I’m so relieved to know that I’m not alone. As for the lone comment supporting him…I’m sure you’d stop singing his praises if it was your daughter/sister/partner he’d exploited in the name of art.

  206. Share

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying this.

    Lea looks like she is on the road to Spearsville.

  207. MrsBug

    Hmmm, I thought Lea was actually kind of working it. Cory and Dianna looked bored.

  208. Serena

    You know, I agree that this photoshoot is totally classless, and sexist, and every negative thing you can think of. Still, you can criticize it without slut-shaming Lea Michele. That’s just as wrong, people! You all make good point, but calling a young woman a “slut” and a “whore” for posing in a photoshoot (or, indeed, ANY OTHER REASON) is NOT OKAY.

  209. Fugfan

    I just don’t get how any of them went along with this, especially after their prissy interview with Rolling Stone where none of the girls would own up to anything remotely naughty in their past, the overall thing was the cast wanted to be good role models – and now THIS? What the hay – someone involved with the show must have had to sign off on them working with a known sex offender, abuser of young models, etc. Sickening. They don’t need this kind of publicity surely? Especially Lea Michele, she just seems depserate to be a sex symbol with her newly scrawny frame. Way to conform, despite all her nose job speeches. Yeurch. Sorry, just soooo tacky.

  210. Gina B.

    It’s just so… over the top. It’s one thing to be sexy and a bit risque, it’s another to go this far in the opposite direction of what’s classy. They’re all adults, yes. It’s not borderline pedophilia. But! Just because you’re over 18, doesn’t mean you need to be photographed in nothing more than panties.

  211. Vicki

    Jeez. Lea Michele was already getting my on nerves this season. She’s been so cringe-worthy. Now I’m not even sure I can watch her at all. She looks so desperate lately. What’s that about? She loses weight (which I don’t understand in the first place. She looked better before) and then just becomes annoying? Ugh.

    Weirdly though, I am not bothered by Diana Agron’s shots. She looks like she put her foot down & said, “No. I WILL wear bottoms, thank you.” ..and good for her.

  212. salth2o

    Making my comment the 214th Amen.

  213. Lindsay

    Seriously, this is the crappiest idea GQ has ever had.

  214. BrieCS

    Oh, gosh, I so agree with you.
    1- It’s tasteless, just like most UBERtrashy shoots like this are.
    2- The ratio of ladies looking slutty to dudes looking slutty is very imbalanced.
    3- Even if THEY aren’t teenagers, they’re still being PORTRAYED as teenagers – cheating for ephebophilia at best!

    Overall, I’m disappointed. I didn’t really like any of these characters OR actors in the first place, but now I’m even more against them. They could have at least tried!

  215. Lori


  216. Gucci briefcase

    This is really a nice post.

  217. KC

    I just don’t like the whole shoot in general. It looks like they are all 3 on different shoots. LM looks like she is trying to hard to be a Victoria’s Secret model, DA thinks she is in some cutsie fanatsy world where you wear a bra and a skirt to cheerlead, but at least she is smiling the whole time, and doesn’t look like she is taking it waaaaay to seriously (ahem LM) and CM looks like he is in an ACTUAL GQ fashion spread. What is going on here!?! LM looks horrible in this, and I can’t believe any of them thought this was a good idea.

  218. Katy

    Oh. my. lord. I see this and I can’t help but be reminded of the episiode of 30Rock where Liz gets frustrated that only Jenna is getting press for her “That’s a dealbreaker!” joke and they go to do a photoshoot together and Jenna warns Liz not to take the props but when the photographer shines more attention on her for acting goofy and weird, she ignores the advice. I feel like Dianna Argon was all, “…so where are the pants in this wardrobe?” And Lea Michele was all, “I’LL DO IT!” And I don’t mean that as a diss to Lea Michele. I think people are waaaay worked up about her supposed “diva” status and it’s completely unfair to blame her for the horrific raunchiness of this shoot. They are supposed to do things like this for the larger PR machine of Glee and I highly doubt all 3 of these new startlets, who let’s admit, unless you were a big Broadway-phile before, were mostly in relative obscurity. Of course they are going to wind up in situations like this if no one who has more ground to do so says something. Where was someone to say, “These kids are role models. This is wrong.” For that matter, if you’re going to blame Michele, why not blame Monteith for not saying, “Hey, why are they naked and I’m not?”

  219. Soapstef

    Ok I done with this issue…the men/boys at work in my immediate vicinity just referred to Dianna as “Anime Thighs”! I feel a Cammie/Street Fighter reference coming on. There goes my midnight cereal.

  220. steph527

    I once got a lollipop stuck in my hair- it was a mess.

    I’m fine with her wanting to look all playboy-sexy BUT I thought GQ was men’s vogue?? Go to playboy & get paid more money if this is what you want to do.

  221. Tucker*T

    I agree with you totally. Unreasonable.
    Side note- can we talk about how stunning Dianna Agron is?

  222. Sarita

    Here here! Well said!

  223. Brian Davis

    I love the photos. Very Hot!!

  224. Erin C.

    I totally agree with all the previous comments. I’m a huge fan of Glee and I think the photos in question are desperate and tasteless. Lea Michele is WAY too talented to stoop to this!

  225. Daisy Fairbanks

    It will be a wonderful day when Terry R. is unemployed.

  226. nmlhats

    Technicolor yawn forthcoming. Excuse me while I go talk to the toilet.

  227. Cee

    Sad and infuriating on so many levels. I was thinking about starting to watch Glee, but now. I don’t think so.

  228. Katey

    Very well written and worthy rant.

    Did you see Dianna Argon’s blog response to the outcrys about this photo shoot? I kinda dug it. She made a couple good points but also seemed contrite enough. Good for her for at least ackowledging what’s going on…

  229. Gidget Bananas

    Gawd, I am so over Lea Michele.

  230. the jumping bean

    I don’t care if I’m the only one who thinks it, I think the pics are hot. The best pics ever? No, but come on, it’s GQ people. You’re looking for quality and class in GQ?? These people are adults and they are in the entertainment industry and they weren’t forced to take the pics.

    Here’s a newsflash: celebrities do things for attention. It’s kinda how they stay employed. Even negative attention is attention. This made everyone look twice and start talking. Mission accomplished.

  231. Lisa

    I hear you woman.

    Seriously – what is it with lads mags and MTV? Why is it that men seem to be allowed to walk around all fully clothed, whereas women (it seems) by LAW have to be as near to naked as possible, or they DIE. Or something.

    I mean, FFS, in one music video, the two male singers/whatever are going to a pool party – so all the girls are naturally writhing around in bikinis and they get to wear JEANS and shirts, the whole time?

    What is the world coming to?

  232. Michael

    Seriously, get over it. In reality what’s she really showing off? More or less than she would on any given weekend at the beach? What’s next? Are you people going to tell her that she isn’t allowed to don a bikini anymore? Or that she isn’t allowed to suck on a candy because to you it’s an implied phallic symbol?

    They are adult women and they are going to do what they want. It is, after all, a “lads” mag that’s in the business to make money and sex sells. If they offer these girls some cash to look sexy, they take it and in return the magazine sells more copies, good for them. Everyone is happy except of course, the ladies of those subscribing lads that are looking for something to gripe about when in reality it’s YOU who’s making it worse than it is. In the end you’re still going to watch the show and six months from now this will all be a memory that’s overshadowed by the next “scandal” you people decide to get your noses into.

  233. Cam

    They are posing as their high school characters. The message to the readers of GQ is “high school girls can’t wait to have sex with you”. As the mother of a young girl, I am disgusted and angry.

  234. B-Fiend

    In my opinion, we need to see more of this. Im sick of siddling up to ladies in poorly lit clubs and they are not dressed of have a BMI like the above two ladies. Women will be single forever if they dont take a leaf out of these girls books. They are trend setters and role models. Shucks, im even prepared to throw the term ‘social heros’ out there.

  235. Lea's Bikini Waxer

    This is some of my best work!

  236. molly

    as IF you need a two hundred and thirty NINTH comment on here, BUT
    I TOTALLY AGREE!!! and i agree so much i had to put it in yelly capitals!
    i don’t watch the show, but i know who they are, and i didn’t need to see that chick in her underwear to recognize her. plus, the STYLING, oh god, the styling, is so fuggin AWFUL!!! the first time i saw it on-line, i really wondered what era they wanted to invoke. and the more i look at it, the more i realize, they didn’t CARE. it doesn’t matter WHAT show these people are on– it’s a really, really fugly cover GQ.

  237. AJ

    These pictures? I feel slimed. I want a shower. I want one (or more) of the people involved in this crapfest to say “Big mistake. Huge. My mistake. My sincere apologies.”

    I am SO tired of hooker chic.

  238. elizabeth daniels

    Obviously these kids are working hard and not having a normal life, so they made a bad decision. With that said, Diana looks the most relaxed and sexy, Cory looks boring, and Lea looks like a freak.

  239. Meg

    Just sad. Another step backward for feminism.

  240. Big Matt

    Whatever people. You all think way too much. I personally think Lea looks really hott in these photos. I’m not a fan of the show. But I might start watching it more.

  241. Karah

    I do agree with you on this. I’m actually a little (a lot) disappointed that Ms. Michelle would agree to something like this. I hate to pass judgment when I don’t really know her but for someone soooo talented as Lea Michelle to do a photo shoot like this when there is ABSOLUTLEY NO NEED to put yourself out there any further when your recognized practically everywhere…it’s a little…I don’t know (?) sad? I mean I get it. She’s twenty something-odd years old and she can do whatever the hell she wants to with her life, I mean more power to ya, but I love Lea’s character. Rachel’s ambitious, however overbearing she may be at sometimes, but at least she knows what she wants. I admired that. I respected that. I still do in fact and I sometimes thought of Lea as being an alternative product of what Rachel could aspire to if that makes sense. But I’m not so sure if I like that idea now. I understand the need for exposure (from the media mind you) but she didn’t need it. She’s doing wonderfully all on her own and even though they have a right to do these kinds of photo shoots, they’re still embodying their characters. Ex. CM red/white letterman jacket, Dianna showing off her pom poms. Now I’m rambling but I just feel kind of let down as a fan. However beautiful these girls are they shouldn’t have to/ feel like they need to showcase that to stay ‘popular’.

  242. Scott baker

    OK, the voice of unreason. You want to walk on the edge of youth / inappropriate. Fine. That’s your job. If you want to be “cutting edge”, you’ll get the attention – paycheck. The public likes to walk the edge. Just enough to accept, but they want to draw the (horrors!) line. You want it, you got it. They are over 18, this is legal. Wring your hands, pick your line, you asked for it you got it. Check the ratings.

  243. fiona

    RCompelled to reply for the first time. Leaving aside the fact that the photographer is clearly not popular, for good reason, these photos are bad on so many levels.

    They are cheap, tacky and utterly without class. I am annoyed by the stereotyping, the lack of creativity, the blatant sexism, basically everything. My personal feelings on Lea aside, I am sad for her here. She is a beautiful girl and super talented and the world does not need to see her crotch to validate any of that. I feel awkward just looking at these pictures of her because she looks so needy and desperate and has no reason to be either.

    Dianna had the sense at least to not even try and hide her contempt for the situation. She looks better but the photos still make me uncomfortable. She’s a classy girl with so much natural style and elegance – she needs photoshoots like this like she needs a hole in the head.

    I’d respect Cory a little more if he just didn’t look quite so smug. Or wearing less (not that I find him particularly attractive, I just reckon the scales should be a bit more even)

    But overall – vaguely nauseating and totally unnecessary. The Glee PR machine surely can’t be this desperate so early on on Season 2 can it?

  244. Etiana

    I’m grateful for everything that has been said because right now, I have no words.

  245. KW

    I hate this shoot, it is stupid and silly and has nothing to do with anything that Glee is about. It also completely ignores every character that isn’t thin, white and conventionally attractive. I would like to defend Lea though, she likely just did what she was instructed to do. The whole shoot comes off as sad and desperate, not just her. Ugh to the whole thing!

  246. Munchkinboy

    Pictures are completely gross and NOT even good! They seem like amateur photos of a cheap soft porn site.

  247. Anonymous

    Urgh, I’m sooooo sick of the soft-porn aesthetic peddled by the likes of Vice magazine and American Apparel. It’s not interesting or cool or different; it’s just the kind of thing that appeals to hipsters in a tediously “ironic” way. And, presumably, frat boys. You’d think it would have died by now considering it’s been going strong for about a decade…?? And in any other industry Richardson would be called out for what he is – a dirty old perv with serious mysogynist tendencies who gets his rocks off bullying young women. But there’s the fashion industry for you…

  248. Moni

    I love glee but this is too much for Lea and Dianna. Cory is the only one who is normal, it looks like the girls hadn’t finished getting dressed. I don’t understand why they would want to do this.

  249. lou

    CHILL OUT people!
    Anyway I agree that the guy should have been half naked too, to be fair

  250. Antonio C. Vilela

    I totally agree on spirit with you, Jessica. The thing is, Rachel stated, on Glee’s first episode, that being famous was more important than being rich (or something to that effect). So, congratulations, Rachel, you made GQ’s cover!
    Her goal was never to fight the cheerleaders/jocks system, but to achieve fame using her talents. No matter what, as she proved several times.

  251. Cherise

    THANK YOU. I hated this cover from the moment I saw it. I know a lot of people are brushing it off as no big deal but seriously! The photograph is an atrocity in itself. And I’m sorry but Lea appears to be trying WAY too hard and kinda failing at it.

  252. JCo

    I think Lea Michelle is auditioning for Playboy. She’s thinking, “Ooh, look at me Hef, I can spread my legs and show my ass too.”

    Fame has went to her head. Agreed, she’s trying to hard. Get over yourself. Wonder what her parents think of the pics?

  253. Sharon

    1) I agree that adults who take care of youth definitely must make it a point to talk & clarify values/beliefs. These particular adult actors (the male actor is near 30 years old playing a teen) currently make a living/$$$$ portraying teens battling peer pressure, self-esteem, self-acceptance & discrimination in high school. How naive, disregarding & dismissive are they given their vast fan base are youth that they can profit off the portrayal of young people and be shocked of their contradictory over-the-top sexualized depictions vs. the underdogs GLEE club members! Whether we like it or not, media plays a role in perception, in the case of this magazine cover “GLEE gone WILD” perpetuates that women are objects, it’s ok for males to inappropriately put hands on their bottoms – sexism frankly. Though I like GLEE for the musicality and some of the themes, I’ve lost a lot of respect for these adult actors. What a contradiction from Monteith, who portrays himself as affable & socially conscious: supporting a benefit for a Rape Crisis Treatment Center in LA, encouraging to wear purple on this past Wed, Oct 19, 2010 to raise awareness about LGBT bullying/hate crimes THEN participate by objectifying women on the cover a magazine. He stated he shared the value of “virtue” w/ his GLEE character, Finn. We don’t think so -more like hypocrite & sellout.

  254. Bee man

    Oh come on you guys, these people are all grown up and those are their bodies. I think the pictures are racy and nice. They are just this side of ‘scandalous’-not! If we can have unclothed models on the catwalk showing their nipples, then what is wrong about a teenage guy having his pic on GQ with his hands on the backsides of those two beautiful gals on either side of him. A lot of you are trying to appear morally upright, when you are either ambivalent about this or you secretly agree that the sky is not going to fall down just because someone poses in their pants. Don’t be such prudes.
    Further-and this goes to those people who say this one magazine will negatively influence teens-are you saying you can’t influence your children to live the morally clean lives you want them to have? What happened to mother-daughter/father/son talks?

  255. lesli

    You are absolutely right, that is disgusting and disappointing. Yet another great message to send to young girls — Be a whore, it’s the only way to be successful! Sorry, but this sort of thing makes me crazy angry. And don’t even get me started on how these women are representing teenagers, and the whole pediphilia issue surrounding that. Grrr…

  256. S.

    Thank you for acknowledging how degrading this is to women. It is disgusting! And all the people who think this is okay are pigs. It has nothing to do with the characters these women play. It is about how this pushes the idea that women have to act dumb and submissive to be desirable. SO SICK OF THIS AGENDA.

  257. Kitty

    While I admit, when I first heard about this, my thoughts were ‘yeah uh huh.. like Miley Cyrus was ‘scandalous’? Pfft, whatever.’ Then i saw the pictures and yeah.. I may have stopped for a second for a double take. Scandalous or not though, they are artfully done. After my initial shock, I found myself rather admiring the pictures. One of them is even my Aria’s background. It makes me giggle every time I turn on my phone.
    Anyways, I don’t see what all the fuss is about? These celebrities aren’t actual teenagers. They are real people who are also adults. While they do want to be good role models (I guess that’s what celebrities wish to be?), their career is their first concern, so if their managers think this is a good idea (and they ARE paid to know) then hey, let them do whatever they have to do in life.
    For those parents who are livid about it corrupting their children, all I have to say is: Watch your own child. It is NOT a celebrity’s responsibility as to how YOUR child turns out. There are LOTS of distractions in life like these, and it is YOUR responsibility for telling your kids what to do and not do. Really.

  258. Julia

    This cover is atrocious. What disturbs me even more than Lea Michele displaying her backside goodies is Cory Monteith’s hands over the girls’ asses, as if they’re his property. At least on the True Blood Rolling Stone cover, ALL of them were unclothed and equally sexualized.

  259. notaprude

    I guess I’m in a minority here, but I greatly enjoyed these pics. If anyone is wishing for some shots of the guy in his underpants, I say go for it- just not my thing.
    In all fairness, I’ve never once seen the show- or even a trailer for the show… all I’m seeing here is 2 ridiculously hot girls looking sexy. To which I’m not opposed.

  260. A thinking person

    Lol @ all the women on here going YES YES YES and GLAD I DIDN’T HAVE 2B THE 1ST ONE 2 SAY IT lol!

    lea looks amazing. did it ever occur to any of you that she’s young and hot and she WANTS people to know that? who’s to tell her she can’t be a sexpot if she wants to be?

  261. Common Sense

    Perfect way to encourage pedophiles to masturbate, kidnap and lure underage girls. Perfect way to objectify highschool chicks. Why is Cory completely clothed and grabbing the a$$es of two girls, in a highschool locker room?

  262. It's All Too Much

    Amen, people.

    Yes, why don’t women respect themselves (anymore–or is it YET, or EVER?!). No one is FORCING us to be represented in this way. So just stop. Refuse to go along. Or at least let’s have equal opportunity skeeviness with the guys, because we all know THAT is RARELY the case, let’s not kid ourselves. It is keeping us in the role of second-class citizens. Awful. Vomit. And the lollypop?! Give me a fucking break. So old and played out. It was old the first time it was ever done.

    Here in Canada, a serial killer was just convicted. His thing was breaking into women’s homes, stealing their lingerie and masturbating with it, and then eventually he escalated it to forcing them to pose for nasty photographs, and then raping and killing them. You might think I am nuts to put these two things in the same category, but what they have in common is THIS: misogyny. voyeurism. objectification. an obsession with panties.

    DOWN with misogynistic objectifying portrayals of women. We are NOT just playthings for sexual gratification.

  263. It's All Too Much

    Amen, people.

    Yes, why don’t women respect themselves (anymore–or is it YET, or EVER?!). No one is FORCING us to be represented in this way. So just stop. Refuse to go along. Or at least let’s have equal opportunity skeeviness with the guys, because we all know THAT is RARELY the case, let’s not kid ourselves. It is keeping us in the role of second-class citizens. Awful. Vomit. And the lollypop?! Give me a fucking break. So old and played out. It was old the first time it was ever done.

    Here in Canada, a serial killer was just convicted. His thing was breaking into women’s homes, stealing their lingerie and masturbating with it, and then eventually he escalated it to forcing them to pose for nasty photographs, and then raping and killing them. You might think I am nuts to put these two things in the same category, but what they have in common is THIS: misogyny. voyeurism. objectification. an obsession with panties.

    DOWN with misogynistic objectifying portrayals of women. We are NOT just playthings for sexual gratification.

  264. Kelly

    Apparently GQ is just trying to prove they’re not really a gay magazine. Because really, they’re a gay magazine.

  265. Lizzie

    Wow. Leah Michele just comes off as really desperate for attention in these photos. Diana looks more like she’s doing what she’s told. And Corey looks goofy, especially since he’s got two half-dressed pretty girls near him and he’s still fully clothed.

  266. joetree

    I shall masturbate profusely to these GLEEFULLY wonderful shots!!! Thank you for offering me a safe haven by which to exercise my pedophilia demons…

  267. Saskia

    You should stop overreacting. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. What do you think to achieve with placing this online? That it wont get printed? that nobody will buy it? WRONG! You’re giving it more attention!! Apparently nothing is possible in the great conservative country we call America.

  268. Anonymous

    I recently worked for a major national magazine, and had to transcribe an interview with Lea Michelle. Having never seen Glee, this didn’t thrill me to begin with, and about 5 minutes in I was banging my head against my desk in agony. She is, without a doubt, the most vapid, obnoxious, self-obsessed moron I’ve ever heard speak. Seriously. All she talked about for 45 minutes was her trainer, her macrobiotic vegan diet and how talented she is. I don’t care how talented she is, she’ll fizzle and be gone in the next 3 years with her bitchtude and terrible decisions (case in point)

  269. xue

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  270. jean

    I didn’t even recognize her, so, um, what was the point? I think of Demi Moore’s first nude photo shoot and how artistic it seems now.

  271. Sammy J

    And yet the world wonders why we have pedifiles (sp) but im saying though these adults are portrayed on T.V. as teenagers and thats what ppl reconize them as and yet you put them in a mag with their clothes half off, its practicly like being attracted to kids…Bad move GLEE!

  272. Anonymous

    Possibly the most offensive part is that there is nothing original or creative or truly daring about it. It’s just more soft porn. Not that there’s anything wrong with soft porn in and of itself, but this debases talented actresses/singers/dancers and makes them nothing more than soft core porn stars in this shoot. And the juxtaposition of Cory fully clothed is just offensive.

  273. Andrei Plastic

    I tried all day to think of some witty comment to write on your blog but all I got is “War doesn’t determine who’s right. War determines who’s left.”

  274. Anonymous

    We are talking here about an actress who is working in an industry where youth and sexual availability are everything for women. She may be in a show that’s usp is that talent matters more than looks but we all know that just isn’t true in the TV/Film/Modelling/celeb industries.
    To get on women have to botox, undergo surgery, flash their bodies, and pander to the men who pay money to drool over them.
    And this is what our mothers fought for?

  275. gravura bucuresti

    Very informative and nice design. I really like your posts and your style.

  276. Em

    The reason why Dianne-i think her name is-the blonde girl-looks uncomfortable in most shots, is because she is. She Twitted a sort of apology the other day re: the shoot, and said that she did not feel comfortable about the shoot, but she did it anyway. This why I think she is (more or less clothed) and no underwear, spreadeagled shots for her!

    I just hate that Cory has on so many clothes in each shot. not Just a shirt and pants, but, shirt, tie, jacket, the shots are ridiculous!!!

  277. EyesGlazed

    Tacky, tasteless, trite and terrible.
    And I actually used to like GQ. But this is just grotesque.

  278. esther

    to all the commenters who ARE NOT “PRUDES”, i think the main point that all the “PRUDES” here are trying to make is that:

    these actors are from a show that supposedly celebrates values such as individuality, freedom of expression, respect, equality and personal integrity.

    in a sex-soaked society, for many of us, promoting these values enables women to be the sexual equals of men.

    a photo shoot that shows the women scantily clad and positioned in sexually suggestive poses, while the man is fully clothed, is obviously sending the statement that the women are sex objects and should be used as such.

    it doesn’t necessarily say that they are sex objects ONLY, but it certainly doesn’t suggest what else they might be, which could be intelligent, compassionate, talented people with something to say.

    for many people, this kind of photoshoot just does away with any credibility the actors might have had as positive role models for teenagers i.e. don’t feel pressured to have sex, beauty is only skin-deep, you don’t have to be like everyone else to be loved and accepted etc.

    all of which just makes me glad i’ve never relied on TV shows to provide me with suitable role models.

  279. esther

    ok. so.

    i just went and looked through the photoshoot.

    and i’d just like to say, that in addition to everything i said in my comment above, the photoshoot was also-

    the stylists should be shot (not an adjective, but w/e)
    low budget

    i’ve done better photoshoots in my living room, playing dress ups with my sisters.

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    You, on the other hand, absolutely nailed what was wrong with this shoot. And the commenters here have restored my faith in, I don’t know, the Internet!

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