Fug Or Fab/Unfug It Up: Katherine Heigl


KATHERINE: God, I feel good. I’m pretty, I’m thin, I’m loaded, I already have an Emmy so I SERIOUSLY DON’T CARE that I wasn’t nominated again NO REALLY I DON’T NEED YOUR MEANINGLESS TROPHIES, I’m in an expensive dress, I’m a brunette again and I kind of look better that way, and I’m taller than, like, everyone standing behind me right now. Life is so good.

VOICE: Hey, Katherine! KATHERINE!

KATHERINE: Who is… Oh, Jesus, no. Not him.

GERARD BUTLER: It is I! Gerard! Your loving co-star! Come here and give me some sugar!

KATHERINE: Oh, my, you’re hugging me with your pelvis. That’s so… you.

GERARD: Listen, Katie. Can I call you Katie? Katie, you’re a great-looking broad. Why are you in a big pile of tulle tied up with a mangy-looking ribbon?

KATHERINE: Funny, I was just standing here thinking to myself that I look hot.

GERARD: Is it a security blanket of tulle? Are you like a little baby, who needs to be swaddled to stay calm? If I rip the tulle off you, will you have a tantrum?

KATHERINE: Yes, but not for that reason.

GERARD: It’s just not working for me, honey. It’s limp and musty-looking. And you KNOW I stay away from anything limp, AM I RIGHT?

KATHERINE: Really? I was so sure this dress was hot.

GERARD: From the back it kind of looks like it got caught in your panties in the bathroom.

KATHERINE: You’re KIDDING. I don’t believe you.

GERARD: Believe it.

KATHERINE: Damn. So it’s not sexy?

GERARD: I didn’t say THAT.

GERARD: In fact, if that’s your thing, Katie, then I’ve got something ELSE we could get caught in your panties in the bathroom.


GERARD: How do you know I was being disgusting? Maybe I just meant, I have a hip flask you could keep there.

KATHERINE: You are so full of it.

GERARD: You could be, too.


GERARD: Not at all; I’m free of charge, darling.

KATHERINE: You know, Gerard, just because you don’t want people thinking that you’re dating Jennifer Aniston, because it will ruin your cad-about-town reputation, it doesn’t mean you can come over here and…


KATHERINE: So, wait. You think I am delicious, but you don’t like my dress, but you DO think it makes you want to ravage me in the ladies’ room? That doesn’t make sense.

GERARD: I’m a complicated man, Katie.

KATHERINE: You’re a horndog.

GERARD: Yes. I am.

KATHERINE: So get to the point here. Do I look hot, or not?

GERARD: You taste like cupcakes. And kittens.

KATHERINE: Forget it. I don’t want to know.

If you think it’s even slightly fug, what would you change? The bow? The tulle overlay? The color? Her hair? The ruffles? The bunching? WHAT? Tell me in the comments — with the usual caveats that it should be kept clean, on-topic, and low in trans-fats.

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Comments (187):

  1. Kates

    I would eliminate the Butler factor. And the licking. Otherwise, I think she looks amazing.

  2. Grant

    I hate the color primarily…I think if it was black, and the cut was straighter and not so bunched up, and came up above the ankles, it’d be perfect.

    Although I’m also biased since I think she’s a bit of a pill…Coincidentally, Mr. Butler looks immaculate as always…

  3. Anonymous

    I like the tulle overlay, but there is just TOO much tulle. Get rid of the droopy ruffle hanging from the left bodice and hip, change the hair to blonde, and Katie will be cute.

  4. Mrs. MidAtlantic

    Get rid of the back-end side swoop, and the whole thing is adorable. I don’t usually like beigey colors, but somehow it’s working here. Love the necklace!

  5. katie

    Trim the tulle skirt so its the same length as the under-skirty thing, put a more structured belt with it, loose half of the necklaces and add some more awesome shoes. Stay brunette, the blonde made her look like she was trying too hard.

  6. Stephanie

    OK – fab in 3 easy steps!

    1 Get rid of the ribbon

    2 Shorten the side-ruffle so that it as some pertness and isn’t all limp, and doesn’t drip down her leg

    3 Take in the tulle so it is the same length as the lining.

    Better. Much better.

  7. Laura

    these photos are PRICELESS.

    to unfug it up, leave them both outta the picture. that should do the trick!

  8. Sarah

    Concur on the tulle layer shortening. Also, I’d like to see it in an actual color, instead of something better described as “musty.”

  9. melanie

    i don’t even like her but i can admit she looks great. your post about it drags on way too long however. what if emma watson were wearing it?

  10. Suzy

    I agree 100% with Stephanie: no ribbon, shorten the side-ruffle, and match lining length to tulle length! (The raised part in back also has to be dropped back down! Ack!)

  11. bambi_beth

    I think shortening the tulle and getting rid of the panty-tuck effect should do the trick. I hate this color but it works for her.

    And Katie please, P L E A S E don’t be blonde ever again. It especially would not make this outfit/color look any better.

  12. faeriemelie

    I like the dress in theory. In fact, if it was on anyone but Katherine Heigl, I could probably judge it more fairly (I used to love her; I thought she was cute as all get out, but then, well, you know…). I wish the tulle didn’t look haphazardly stapled onto the dress underneath, so I’d clean that up first. Then the necklace. It looks like one of those neck-elongating rings that the women of traditional tribes of some Southeast Asian country wear. Maybe if there was a little less to it, or maybe if it was longer?

  13. Julie

    Ok, Lizzy looks great here. The color scheme is actually kind of working for me. I like the hair, the necklace, the colors, the tulle, EVEN the ribbon :GASP:. What’s not working, is the way the tulle is bunched. If it were not so fashion-school-drop-out draped, I’d be happy……so essentially she needs a seam ripper.

  14. Nancy

    It looks like someone had a cheap beige strapless dress and wrapped some extra tulle they had lying around onto it, stapled the side making the ruffles and then lazily tied a ribbon around the middle.

    To fix:

    - The ribbon is fine, just get rid of the sad bow
    - Fit the tulle over the lining better so it’s not bunching the lining at the bottom and bunching over itself at the waist
    - Tame downt the side ruffle including getting rid of the gathering up at the side (or at least make the gathering a little lower so the dress doesn’t look like it’s tucked into her panties)

  15. blondebombshell

    mmmm Gerard looks amazing…
    I think she looks great. I love the hair color and the dress. I just wish the necklace was a bit longer and not quite so chunky.

  16. Franca Bollo

    Am I the only one who finds her rather unattractive?

  17. KPod

    Shorten the tulle, ok, there you go…

    Now, amp up the color just a tad, maybe more of a dusty roseish … ?

    Yep, OK, now, lose at least half of the necklaces – if in fact those are separate necklaces. If they are one necklace, replace that godawful thing – it makes your neck look short..

    oh dear. all of that work, and you are still annoying…

    I give up.

  18. StephanieV

    I actually really like that color on her. Makes her snazzy new hair color pop, and the makeup is very delicate and tasteful. Love the jewelry. I like the idea of the dress, but would definitely edit a bit of the tulle out, and make it the same length as the underskirt.

    But all in all, girl has looked much worse! And The Butler is always a good thing.

  19. Magatha

    I’m with Stephanie and others.

    I’d also lose the necklace – it looks painful and makes her shoulders look narrow. And sorry, but I think it needs to be not strapless. An embellished halter top would work better.

  20. Tam

    She is so stinking gorgeous she is WEARING that dress. On anyone else- meh. On her- woo! I mean, let’s face it, Gerard Butler is licking her face. DO I NEED TO SAY MORE?? I’d sell actual useful, non-redundant bodily organs to get him to lick my face (except that might defeat the purpose). The hair stinks though. Her whole ditzy blonde thing works. If she’s a brunette she has to pretend to have some good sense. I think that might be beyond her acting ability. I mean, have you heard her talk? Seen how much she smokes? I rest my case.

  21. Ally

    I’m not a big fan of the nude trend, but it isn’t a bad look. The tule just needs some adjusting. LOVE her shoes. And I personally think she looks better as a blonde.

  22. Alexis

    I would make the underlayer tighter. The way it bunches up under the tulle makes her look like she is wearing an unsnapped body-suit and the crotch part is a-danglin’ by her knees. But other than that, I like it! Goes with the new hair color.

  23. Kate

    I think if you just shorten it, it would look great!

  24. Elaine

    1. Lengthen the lining a few inches to a bit above the knee, then match the tulle length to it.

    2. Keep the overall style of the tulle but correct the length in the back (drop it back to near the length of the lining.

    3. Change the color to something bright and fresh – maybe periwinkle or even salmon like the lady’s shirt in the first picture.

    4. Lose the sash; make it a self belt if the waist definition is still needed.

    5. Put some color in those lips.

    6. Leave the shoes and necklace because now they look fine and not blah.

    7. Lose the dude; yecch.

  25. Christy

    Lose the necklace, and the dress would be great!

  26. Dorothy Heydt

    She looks fine. He, on the other hand, looks like nothing much and is acting like a piece of ordure. (Look it up.) Please tell me that after the publicity pictures were taken she broke his nose for him.

  27. jenny

    the back TOTALLY looks like it got caught in her panties in the ladies’ room! other than that, it’s nice! not the best dress ever, but classy and i like the color and the ruffles!

  28. sandy

    Shorten it at least a foot. Make the underskirt tighter so it doesn’t bunch up, get a belt that matches the shoes (darker, instead of lighter, than the dress) with no bow, and lose that swatch of fluff over her left shin.

  29. Trillian

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the necklace had too much bulk. A few simple strands would look much nicer.

    I don’t mind the bow, I just think it adds another droopy element to the dress. Shorten the tulle and get rid of the ruffle.

  30. farmgirl

    to unfug, I’d suggest a jewel tone for the dress, and less fussiness with the tulle. It’s just too much.

    What you left off the poll options:
    [ ] Who gives a damn about the dress, I want Gerry Butler to lick *my* face.

  31. Heather

    >>>i don’t even like her but i can admit she looks great. your post about it drags on way too long however. what if emma watson were wearing it?<<<

    I’d have the same opinion. We’ve fugged her plenty – heck, just last week, we did an Unfug It Up on her. We don’t pull punches just because we like someone.

    As for the length of the post… blame Gerard. I couldn’t NOT put up those photos. Dude is crazy.

  32. Paige

    Change it to a color that doesn’t resemble dirty dish water.

  33. lks

    broaden it just a smidge at the top so that she doesn’t look like she has a bit of armpit boob going on.

  34. barbara

    I like it all but for one detail – that back swoop, where it’s hiked up to the top of one thigh, has got to go.

  35. Menolly

    -Cut off the extra length of tulle, and get rid of the dress-in-panties effect.

    -Keep the ribbon, but get rid of the bow and the dripping end, it’s too much with the tulle on the side.

    -Maybe a more streamlined toe on the shoe.

    -Un-chunk that necklace. It’s just a tad too much.

    I need to see the brunette in a different style, because I hate it here…

  36. Amy

    I don’t care. I just want to be Katherine in that last photo. I’ll even wear the damn dress if that’s what it takes.

  37. Jillylicious

    It’s the panty bunch thing that gets me the most. Also more of a contrast on the ribbon – black maybe?

  38. Tina B

    1) The dress is horrible. Looks cheap and unfinished. Straight outta Wet Seal. Way too many things going on, and too many to fix.

    2) The necklace is over the top. WAYYYY Too much and it doesn’t flatter her already full face.

    3) Hair makes her look 20 years older. The style and color.

    What happened to the beautiful blonde girl from the Emmy’s? I haven’t seen her look this bad in a long time. Everything is wrong. Katie oh Katie. This is a bummer, she used to be one of my favorite fashionistas.

  39. Antof9

    It’s the lining. The lining isn’t as long as the dress (which is understandable, since the dress has 18 different hemlines) and it’s causing the vast majority of the problems. The lining should be “attached” to the outside fabric as one solid piece. Or if it weren’t made of floof, we wouldn’t have to have this conversation at all.

    The color is also a little “meh”, but I’m forgiving it as she does look pretty good … mostly.

    I liked him until I saw that tongue, and actually have never really been a fan of hers. Now I want to smack that tongue back in his mouth (a la Adam Lambert) and rescue her from him to go have nachos.

  40. Jennifer

    Change the color (maybe a sky blue?) and get rid of the panty-tucking in the back and I think we’re in business. I like the fabric, I actually don’t think the bow looks too mangy, and the ruffles aren’t too bad.

  41. megan

    i agree–i think it needs to be shortened.

  42. Reject

    I would move the bunching lower so that it doesn’t appear tucked into her underwear.

    And is it just me or did she forget to tan the backs of her calves?

  43. Amanda

    I find her extremely annoying, so it’s hard to be objective, but that color is just not flattering. Also, the necklace is AWFUL. It looks like she dug it out of her grandmother’s attic, and not in a good way.

  44. Evalyn

    I don’t like the dress color on principal, altho it looks good on her, it would look awful on me. I agree with making the dress and the lining the same length, that would take care of the Scarlett-O’Hara’s-curtains look. Love her new hair; blond is so “everyone”. And, while I’m against licking in public, Gerald is pretty Yummy.

  45. Alyssa

    I think the back swoop was definitely unfortunate and the color looked dirty. Even a champagne shade would have been more interesting.

  46. Leti

    First, I want to say that posts like these are why I read GFY. So, thank you!

    As for the dress, the tulle definitely too long and droopy. It really needs to be closer in length to what’s underneath. I don’t know what happened to Heigl’s dress, but on the runway, the tulle was much more scrunched up starting in the bodice, and as a result it matched up better with the hem underneath. This looks like it just sagged or something. Also the weird back slit should either be eliminated or in the front.

  47. Angela Wilson Gyetvan

    A little less Heigl, a little more Butler. If the dude is crazy, you should milk it. Does he have his pants tucked into his shoes in that first photo?

  48. Joyce

    I laughed out loud reading this…thank you! “It is I! Gerard!” Priceless. KH is a bore.

  49. Sonya

    Change the color to something more flattering to her skin tone. Short the overlay to the length of the rest of the dress and get rid of some of those necklaces. The dress is pretty, but needs a few tweaks.
    I also like the man candy, reputation or not.

  50. Eurydice

    You know, I didn’t have a real problem with this dress until I saw the side and back views. The back looks stupid – pick a length and stick with it. The side looks like dying seaweed – maybe she’s making an environmental statement? Overall, lose 75% of the tulle.

    I think the color’s fine, but the cut of the top has to change so she doesn’t have armpit overhang. With less tulle, maybe the choker will look less clunky, I don’t know. And the hair color’s fine, but the style looks greasy and goopy.

    My stars, I enjoyed that – now I feel utterly refreshed.

  51. Nikki NotSixx

    It’s a little tulle-y in the front, but it looks okay. Frou frou, but suitable for a midsummer afternoon thing. As long as she never turns her back to a camera, it’s okay, because it really does scream “honey, just a minute, let me just help you untuck that right there…”

  52. Anonymous

    I like the tulle overlay, but there is just TOO much tulle. Get rid of the droopy ruffle hanging from the left bodice and hip, change the hair to blonde, and Katie will be cute.

  53. brista

    I actually thought this was Melora Hardin before I started reading. I think this is fab (including hair and makeup) but I can’t stand Heigl! The side view is a little messed up and the back is a little too much like a professional ballroom dancer outfit. But I actually think that champagne color works really nicely on her and I love the shoes. On someone else, I probably would have liked it.

    But I can’t stand her! So thanks for giving us the last option.

  54. testington

    I hate her so much, I really can’t judge. That being said her hair is cute, and I think I somebody with a darker complexion like Natalie Portman this might look OK

  55. Jen - The Alien Spouse

    It’s an OK dress, but she’s wearing it to the premiere of a film in which she is one of the leads. She needs a WOW dress, and this is not so much.

    It’s too subdued and fussy when you consider she is supposed to be the main event here. It’s so off message it feels as though she’s turned up to her own wedding in the bridesmaid’s outfit her cousin Lois chose for her. And you know Lois only picked that as the bridesmaid dress to dress Katherine down, so Lois had a shot at looking pretty at her own damn wedding.

    But hey, I clicked “I think she’s a pill…” so I wouldn’t have told her before she left the house either. I don’t know what her husband’s excuse is going to be.

  56. Elisa

    She looks radiant. Her makeup could not be more flattering and complementary of her new hair color (which I love!). It’s so fun to see someone (like Amy McAdams the other day) pull off flesh tones. She looks fun, feminine, and delicate.

  57. so

    lose katherine heigl altogether.

    lose gerard butlers clothes.


  58. bees on pie

    I’m not a big fan of flesh tones or KH, but I actually think she’s working it here. Get rid of the sad little ribbon belt, make the bottom all the same length, and it’s good to go!

    GB is obnoxious, but so, so pretty!

  59. Catherine

    I like the hair color and the color of the dress, but that’s it. Oh, and I’ll take Butler, please :).

  60. Debra

    she plays the same character in every movie and then complains about it. she’s majorly annoying – lots of points off; can’t behind this

  61. Ashley

    If she was blonde…it would brighten. her hair matches the dress, thus making it seem dull.

  62. holly

    it does look kind of weird in the back. ok from the front except that it annoys me how much lower the tulle dips past her underskirt.

  63. Anonymous

    I like the color on her. Like the necklaces, although looking again, maybe they are a bit high on her neck. Fix the boob bulge and (as everyone has said) make the underlayer the same length as the tulle. And ye gods, the back! Down, boy, down. You, too, Gerald.

  64. anonymous

    i think the dress could be vastly improved by getting rid of heigl and inserting another actress, preferably one with a lower annoyance factor.

  65. LadyRain

    Maybe if he were wearing what he wore in 300, the whole world would look like a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

  66. Mifty

    If it didn’t have the tulle or that strange swoopy business in the back, it might be OK. I’m not wild about the sash thing either, but have no problem with the color or the necklace. Meh, on the whole.

    And Butler’s cute and all that, but it is to Heigl’s credit (pill though she may ordinarily be) that she didn’t nail his instep with one of those heels when he licked her face, given that she is, as noted, technically married to someone else.

  67. JESR

    The dress and jewelry are fairly average but I keep thinking she resembles someone- possibly Roslind Russell at sixty. Hair is not brunette, it’s dark blonde, maybe, and the make-up is way wrong, although it matches her hair. Her skin looks muddy, her eyes have shrunk, and her lips have disappeared and left an oil-slick.

    It is possible the makeup/hair color problem would be reduced if the dress was either a cold grey or a darker taupe, and the dress would look better with different hair/foundation/lip color, but the combination is not happy.

  68. Laura

    Okay — bear with me here…

    WHAT IF Gerard was making me chocotinis, and she was deleted entirely (hideous dress and smarmy face and all) from the picture and/or the celebrity spotlight?

    Isn’t that much nicer?

  69. Ling

    The dress is cute. But Kat Hei’s a menace.

    Also, her hairdo makes her face look fat somehow. I think she looks better as a blonde. And this is new. I rarely think people look better as blondes.

    What needs to change the most is G But. It hurts to think that his “thinking girl’s man” cred that swirled about him in his growly Phantom days was really just him not realizing his full greasy potential. It’s like that shy girl in high school who becomes the campus party animal once she actually starts getting invited to parties.

  70. Renny

    That dead looking ruffle thing on the side has to go. I like the way it drapes in the front, but you’re right, the back looks like it got caught… I think if it just came down a little lower in the back that wouldn’t be such a problem. I’d like it in a richer color too. Whats with people wearing colorless stuff? YOU LOOK DEAD!

  71. Shapoonia

    I’m sorry…. is Katherine Heigl even IN these photos? The only thing I can see is the extreme hotness that is Gerard Butler!

  72. Katharine

    Well, for starters, that colour is not her colour. I’m also a fair-skinned blondish brunette with a tendency to get just a little brown in the sun and a slight yellow undertone, and beige almost always makes me look either weirdly naked, or dead. This is a beige of the “dead” variety. Change the colour. Probably in a slightly peach-inclined rose direction, to keep the sexy nude vibe and warm up her skin – or, alternatively, bronze.

    Second, I am unhappy with the disconnect between the underdress and the overdress. What, it was too challenging to create an assymetric hem on the under? Suck it up. The draped hem of the tulle is exciting, and I don’t even mind the hiked-up effect in back, but the straight, boring skirt below clearly showing? FAIL.

    Third, clean up that mess of crap spewing down the bodice — keep the nice flattering drape across the bustline. And the corresponding mess on the tuckus of the dress. I think this would be more successful with a more twenties attitude, and a SIMPLER, elegant, confident drape of tulle flowing off the side of the skirt – to keep the flirty suggestiveness of “This dress is just a little something I pinned on. Out of bedroom sheets!” without the fussiness.

    Fourth, loosen the drape at the back to correspond with the front and eliminate the unfortunate hiked-up effect.

    There could maybe be a couple fewer strands in the necklace, and it could perhaps be a touch less choky-looking, but it’s not that bad.


    I particularly like the dude checking out the G Butt in photo number 2.

    And I did spell that correctly.

  74. melissa

    Lose the necklace. Hair blonde and down. The dress made over with a more hourglass silhouette and a more even hemline. Lose the bow. Add gauzy straps to the dress. Keep the shoes. Lose the guy.

  75. simone bernhard

    fix the lining fix the lining FIX THE LINING! God.

    Fug Girls FTW!

  76. MAmanda

    Color! Please!

    Lose the necklace. It looks like it’s choking her.

    No bow, just a simple strip of material at the waist. The bow is just too much.

    With those changes, it wouldn’t be a look I loved, but it also wouldn’t belong on this site.

  77. Maria

    I really don’t like the color. The dress sorta looks like a project runway product from one of the less talented fashion designers where they were challenged to make an evening dress from the fabric section at Walmart. The skirt looks super messy and the lining just looks like its stuck to her leg. I also prefer her as a blonde. Her make up is nice though. Like the necklace but with a much simpler (and a little bit higher to eliminate side boob) neckline. The shoes are ok/good. More the type you would wear around town rather than to the premiere of your new movie.

    As for GB, he probably shouldn’t have licked her fact (tongue full of makeup doesn’t sound yummy) but you never know the type of relationship they have together. She didn’t seem to mind. Besides, he is that delightful type of bad boy you want to date for a few months to make an ex jealous and eventually just become friends with. He looks good in that suit!

  78. Grace

    I thought it was going to be T.R. behind her, nay, i was hoping.

  79. Vicki

    Forget the outfit, I just love the expression of the guy in the back of the 1st photo. The one checking out Gerard’s a$$. heh

  80. Dee

    I guess it’s okay. The ribbon doesn’t fit and from afar the whole thing looks like a mess that needs to be ironed, but I actually like the color.

    I think Gerard is in poor taste with his licking, but what do I know, maybe that’s the latest “kiss kiss” in Hollywood.

    Her body is still great and maybe it’s just me but, doesn’t her face look rounder or something? Or maybe it’s just the reddish hair.

  81. anna b.

    u ladies, got too far…and tend to get too far more and more often nowadays…how can u fug a dress like this??its incredibly pretty, theres nothing immodest,badly mixed,extravagant about it. just a classical pretty dress with a ribbon!and the color is beatiful. go go katie, ur flawless!

  82. Meesh

    I’m saddened by the fact that Karl Lagerfeld is not present during this scene…

    KARL: Katherine… You are like the peach on the bottom of my fruit cup. You make me fly to new heights aboard my whirlybird. FIZZLE.

  83. Mellie

    What is this trend of bunching up a fug ton of fabric and making it look like you pinned it randomly with 50 safety pins? It looks like she tucked one side of the back into her pantyhose. It’s so sloppy and half-assed. How to unfug? Fire the stylist.

    That necklace makes me think of one of the Oz books where the queen has several heads and switches them around to her fancy, and is after Dorothy’s head so she can add it to her collection. The seams are under that necklace. When she goes home, she’ll put on her other head – the one with the clean hair.

  84. Marbles

    Just get rid of the tulle. That’s it.

  85. jessica

    Gerard Butler is the only good thing about this whole situation.

  86. camille

    The ribbon isn’t mangy. It’s the colour of the dress that’s mangy. I mean, it actually looks like it’s got THE MANGE.

    And the hike-up in the back is bad news bears as well. Pull it out of your undies and it might be ok.

    Am I the only one who doesn’t get what’s so hot about Gerard Butler? I mean, sure, he has a good body, but so does everyone else in Hollywood. Is there more to it than that?

  87. jen

    The necklace. PLEASE get rid of the necklace.

    Actually… don’t get rid of it, it’s pretty fab. Just wear it with something else, ok?

  88. RenaissanceGrrl

    I’m glad to see that girlfriend looks good here (I voted “SHE looks fab, but the dress is drab.”), because until now, when I saw the trailer for this movie I thought she was a photoshopped/plastic surguried Kim Cattrall. Then thought to myself that there’s no way that they could make KC look that young…it was confusing. And KH is definitely better brunette.

    As for the dress, let’s make it an actual color (hot pink would probably be good, or an emeraldy sort of green–very bright), and make the hem even across the back to fix the panties problem. All better!

  89. RenaissanceGrrl

    PS–can we please just have open commenting? Maybe fix it where you have to register an account to comment so that you’re sure people read the rules before they start posting?

  90. titan tresses

    the combo of the length of the skirt with the length of the tulle overlay doesn’t work. the ruching is fine, but the skirt should be longer…having the tulle be just a little longer than the skirt is fine, but when it’s so much longer than the skirt in actuality, it looks like a mistake.

    plus, the ruching should stay on the front of the garment and go vertical from where it is on the bodice and not do the weird twisting hip thing.

    as far as the rest of the look, i’d wear her hair down instead of up and not put such a heavy necklace on her. the dress is, to quote mr. gunn, a LOT of look, even though it’s in a neutral color. i’d probably take half of her necklaces off and let her hair be softly waved rather than pin straight or too stiffly styled.

  91. Cheekie

    Musty color is the perfect description. And, I’d change the “caught in panties” look in the back, too. It looks lovely in the first pic…maybe it’s the way she’s posing?

    But, I’d like it heaps better if it didn’t look like it sat in the attic for 50 years. It has that “Grandma’s wedding dress” color to it.

  92. christine

    I usually love it when blondes go brunette – it brings out their natural beauty and their features usually pop- but she’s the rare bird who needs to be really blonde. Also, Gerard Butler does, as usual, look absolutely immaculate. The haircut, the suit (the fit, the drape, the cut of the fabric, the break in his trousers, need I go on?) He can lick whomever he pleases as long as he continues to dress beautifully and groom himself as well as he does -sooo masculine. Back to Kathy – the dress is musty looking and drab on her, but it could be fab on someone with the right coloring – it just washes her out – she should stick with what works on her. Bright hair and bright lips (kind of a crazy color cross between Marilyn Monroe and Carolyn Bessette – a moment of silence for a fashion icon who is truly missed -) The whole thing is fug – the hair color, the hair style, the makeup and the dress on her. Gerard makes her look good.

  93. Libby


    I can only speak for myself, but Gerard is literally the personification of the “dream man” I built as a teenager, thinking that “ok now that I’ve defined this guy who could not possibly exist, I can let go of wishing for my white knight and be more realistic in boy choices.”
    And then, voila, a few years down the road I’m watching a movie at home and thinking “That actor looks familiar, but I can’t place where I’ve seen him before” only to find out later that I’d seen all his movies, enjoyed his performances in each one, thought to myself, I LIKE this ACTOR, but never recognized him in subsequent roles.
    I still lose sight of Gerry when watching a movie he’s in, because, IMO, he’s that good.
    When I take a look at what’s been released about his life, I recognize that he’s not just “some pretty face” but rather a whole lot of character too.
    My impression of that sequence of pictures is that when he was saying something in her ear he may have been asking if it was ok with her if he struck that pose for the cameras to play up his character’s image in the movie.
    But then, I’ve already admitted to being way overly biased.

    As for looks, hey if we all liked the same thing, it would be a very boring world. =-D

  94. Sara

    Love the color, which works beautifully with her hair, skin tone, and make-up.

    Love the Necklace; love the way the bodice looks with the Necklace.

    Can live with the ribbon, because a more structured belt might fight with the Necklace.

    Meh on the shoes. Boring.

    But the skirt of the dress? Not sure there’s much to do with it but start over. I like the length of the tulle, so it might work if the underskirt were longer & the tulle was ruched on the hip, but one length all the way around – not tied like a sarong on the beach.

  95. Libby

    As for the dress, the only change I’d make is matching the front and back tulle hemlines. It’s looks like she got it twisted just a skosh off center, like it was supposed to be worn with the ruching right on her side, not slightly to the back.

  96. Fruitfly

    Longer lining! And adjust the drape in back so it doesn’t look like it’s caught in her panties!

  97. marcia

    I can’t decide if I think she’s annoying. She’s got a Zellweger thing going on, where sometimes I like her a lot and then a week later I’m thinking “this chick is a PILL.”

  98. nitrogirl

    here’s the fact. She looks just as cute as any ordinary person like you or I could look if we dressed up for an event. A little stay hair here, a little bit of a drab dress that looks semi-fab there…
    but she IS NOT AN ORDINARY PERSON – she is Katherine Heigl.
    She’s not up to code on the Hollywood regulations for formalwear. She’s just pretty and eh. Needs some wrangling to get it right.

  99. Carrie

    I think if the tulle were the same length as the rest of the dress it would do wonders for this look. I actually think she’s pulling the color off. And I love that necklace, but I don’t think it’s really working with the dress.

  100. Kate

    Actually, I like the color on her, especially with the darker hair. I think the dress is lovely, even if it’s a little overdone. I would get rid of the panty-tuck, and ditch the trail of ruffles down the side. Also, I would dial down the necklace. I think it looks too chunky and heavy for the delicate dress.

  101. Amy H.

    She needs some lip color. I like the color of the dress on her, but it’s too much nude with that makeup.

  102. 'Mela

    The dress is a natty horror- Asphyxia!

    Why not a cool gun-metal grey print mid calf ?

    The shoes. Make them Strap-py, it’s SUMMER!

    The new hair color… BLEH.

    If it were sleek, maybe- Wavy reddish brown with a skintone color dress
    makes her gums and elbows appear CLOSER.

    And GET that guy AWAY with his licking… Criminy.

  103. Wendy

    I can’t even weigh in on Katherine’s dress because I don’t care (I’ve seen approximately 1.25 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy). I’m too busy ogling Gerard. I don’t even mind if Gerard Butler IS a face-licking man-whore, I’ve loved him since I saw him in an off-Broadway production of Phantom in Kansas City (this was a LOOOOONG time ago). Mmmm, Gerard Butler…

  104. emily

    I think the dress is too old for her (color & Style)– it would be fab on someone more mature…And Gerard is hot, but the licking is a little much.

  105. Anne B

    So when you said KH is “loaded”, FugLadies, I think you meant it in the sense of the OTHER kind of liquidity. Like, ‘I’m-drinking-my-fourth-homemade-Martini-and-trying-s**t-on-OMG-I’ll-try-the-curtain-OVER-the-minidress-WITH-the-birthday-ribbon’, kind of loaded.

    Don’t drink and dress when you’re up in the crib by yourself there, girlfriend.

    Miss Heigl normally does not bother me at all, but nothing here is working for me. The hair, the necklace, and that … I can’t even call it a dress. With a body like hers, she could have found something that fit like a dress. Not this molting cri de couture.

    But it’s the guy who worries me the most. My sainted aunts would have told me the same thing I’ll tell you, KH: a lady doesn’t spend time fixing her face just so some BOY can lick all that careful work off.

    Licking is for dogs, not young men, Miss Heigl. Find an object to toss into the distance, and see if Gerard doesn’t go running after it.

    Now, see? He really wasn’t the boy for you.

  106. Izzy

    It’s the color and the weird overhang in the front that messes this up. With the darker hair and the tan this dress should be in a soft yellow or aquamarine blue to make her hair and skin pop, even a leaf green would’ve been better.

  107. Anonymous

    color, color, color…..

  108. Stacey

    I laughed sooooo much at this. What a funny and completely silly dialogue. Thank you so much for being so silly all the time. I love your sarcasm. :)

  109. serfryydr

    i’d change the color fo sho!

  110. Morten G

    Ok, so everybody else has pretty much fixed this dress (most important: shorten the tulle, tan the calves/thighs).

    I just needed to say that, God he’s an idiot and I would totally do him. Why do I always think dumb, really straight guys are hot? That’s so self-destructive.

  111. bljn

    A dark color that accentuates the shape of the dress as a whole. I think she’s lovely and can pull off more than the average bear with her personality alone.

  112. filmcricket

    Nothing’s working here except the shoes and The Butler (even though he looks as though he might have got someone’s body makeup on his one shoulder, there).

    I find KH mildly annoying but I do think she’s gorgeous, so it’s not her that’s the problem. She needs to be blonde, and she needs to wear a colour – emerald green, maybe? This thing looks like someone’s old window sheers that’ve been lying in mothballs for 20 years. It can’t be fixed; start over.

  113. Filmcricket

    Oh, and I totally thought it was going to be Dead Denny speaking to her from beyond the grave or something.

  114. Becca

    The dress needs some tweaks, but it is not possible for me to put into words how much I want that necklace. The shoes are fab, too.

    Why did she have to become so annoying? It dampens my enthusiasm for praising her fashion.

  115. Sweetsinger

    Simple change: make that dress a real color.
    Fussier change: unfuss that dress. Too many drapes.
    Either way: lose the necklace. It’s strangling her.

  116. JordanO

    Ok. Well. That licking photo is going to freaking HAUNT me now. Thanks girls! Just kidding. Now – down to business.

    1) WTF was with the bunching up at the hip? No Sweetie. Bad. If you want a slant cut do it, put a frill on it, but for the love of Pete DON’T bunch that.

    2) Kill the color. Especially now that your hair is brown. You’re looking awfully vampirically pale due to the color of the dress’s knack for washing you out. BIG TIME. Make it some sort of medium blue maybe? Just NOT lamé, but something VAGUELY shiny maybe? Like silk?

    3) Lose the tulle and the tool who keeps licking you and asking to ravish you in the little girls room. I laughed, but the lick-y photo is quite honestly haunting me still *shudders*.

    4) At this point I scrolled back up and started to think that scrapping the entire dress could go. Yeah. I’ll send you a sketch of what I think with swatches of possible materials k? Cuz girl, you need a stylist who ISN’T out for revenge on you via your wardrobe. Sorry! But it’s true!

  117. Cecily

    I don’t know Gerard Butler, but I no longer want to with that licking thing. How declasse (no insert accent on this site). He’s a juvenile who’s been allowed to attend a grown-up’s party. The more I read about or interviews with Katherine Heigl, the more she impresses me, how disappointing for her to have to suffer this fool. Her dress, her hair, everything is terrific, and his behavior only makes it more so. Harumph and get some advice from your H’wood elders, Mr. Butt-ler!

  118. Catherine

    The necklace for starters! Wow get rid of that thing, it’s just way too much. Even the hem of the entire skirt, the chiffon overlay I suppose it is.

  119. anonymouse

    At this point, nothing new to add to the unfugging of the dress. I quite agree that the entire thing should be scrapped, KH and her huge ego along with. It’s just a horrible example of tailoring and styling all around; while individual elements of the dress may work, the combined whole is a disaster. KH kitted out in the the mangy, musty thing is more fitting than that dress could ever be, IMO.

    As a non-fugging aside, I was terribly disappointed to see her in this with Butler (any man-whoring aside – I don’t have to talk to him – his value to me is as eye candy). Now I have to decide whether or not to watch it and suffer through her overacting and mincing about for some of his serious hotness.

  120. Chris

    I dont care what she is wearing cause I am not looking at her. I’d like a helping of that man candy attached to her side. What. A. Hunk.

  121. Romana

    The haircolor sucks. I like her better brunette, but that dark-blond-orangy shade would work on no one. It’s so “blond gone dark and put too much gold into the color”. You don’t have to have orange hair in order not to make it look green only because you were blond before!

  122. Anonymous

    Get rid of the necklace, first and foremost. It’s just too much.

    Also, fix the bit in the back that looks like it got caught in her underpants. Other than that, I think she looks really great.

    Oh – and get rid of Gerard Butler’s tongue. He’s sexy, but it’s never cool to lick someone in public. Ew.

  123. Sarah

    Even up (or, really, down) the lining, lose the bow (not the rest of the cream colored sash), and lose a few of the strands of beads. God. This could have been so beautiful. A symetrical lining would have gone a loooong way.

  124. Mystiria

    First I would get rid of that ribbon around her waist. It doesn’t add anything to the outfit, and does take away from the interesting gathering of the dress.

    Secondly I would get rid of the necklace. It is way too big and chunky for a delicate dress.
    Something simple and classic, or a little funky but still discrete, would be much better.

    Third, I’d change the color of the dress. This flesh tone doesn’t look good on Heigl; she should be in more of a jewel tone instead.

    And, of course, change the makeup/hair/shoes/etc. as needed in keeping with the new direction I just took.

  125. Emma

    I love your blog, but could you please not use the Savior’s name in your posts? Thanks!

  126. L

    I would get rid of the bunching, make the bodice more streamlined, make it a slightly better neutral color that doesn’t make her blend into the woodwork, and give her a nice, simple gold necklace to wear instead of a neck brace bedazzled with pearls.

    Oh, and her shoes are amazing. That is all.

  127. Kalvinn

    The dress is pretty nice. But the skin tone makes it look drab as it often does, so it would be a lot nicer firstly in a powder blue or salmon pink, maybe even a coppery-goldy color. Then I’d take those horribly ruffles off the front and side, to make it stream-lined, which is always more flattering. The draperies of the skirt and the top of the bodice are actually really nice in my opinion, if only it weren’t for those DAMN RUFFLES!

  128. Lily

    There is something about Katherine Heigl that just doesn’t look right… I used to think it was her blonde hair, but she still looks wrong.

    She was so hot in My Father the Hero! I really want to figure out why she’s gone so far down hill!

  129. ProudMary

    I think lose the bow, make the bunching less voluminous and then she’d have looked as pretty as she ought to. I’m usually a fan of going back to original hair color, but she is such a bombshell blonde I think I prefer it to the dark.

  130. dolores_doll

    I’m loving the guy on the left in the first picture. That’s all I have to say.

  131. Magatha

    “I’m loving the guy on the left in the first picture. That’s all I have to say.” Me too. Isn’t he the cutest wee puppet man?

    Emma, honey: dialogue often contains words or phrases that aren’t the actual opinion of the writer of the dialogue. Some people say “Jesus” as an exclamation. Some people are actually named Jesus. And I totally respect your beliefs about your Savior, but I do not share them, and it is discourteous to assume I do. But we agree on loving this blog.

  132. TWoP Fan

    Just cut out the weird draping ruffle on the front and she is good to go. And I just adore her. I think it’s because she’s got so many devoted haters. I like Kate from Jon and Kate too. Maybe I’m just contrary. Which would be kind of awesome. Pass the diet coke.

  133. marie

    is it just me, or does she look like a bobblehead in the first picture?

  134. Emmy

    Needs to be shorter, like ASAP– the top layer of fabric does NOT need to go a foot beyond the lining, which is what’s making this shit look messy and like it was spun around her willy-nilly in the dark.

  135. jackie

    Dress is fab; hate the shoes (Herman Munster does metallic platform pump?) and the back of her hair (nasty and bunchy)! As for her accessories, I am neutral…

  136. M'Lynn

    That, to quote Tim Gunn, is a lot of look.

    Lose the necklace, untuck it from the panties, amp up the color…go home and change.

    Oh, some silver on the lips. I’m thinking a generous piece of duct tape.

  137. Danielle

    1. New necklace. The pearl choker is way too chunky; instead, she needs something small and delicate.

    2. Lose the tulle overlay. In the first picture, it looks like the dress itself is a perfectly fine, simply knee-length number. Go with that and the bow, but put an end to the swaddling.

  138. Emma

    Magatha, dearest: I am not ignorant, I hold a doctorate in English Literature and I am fully aware that dialogue and fictional writing does not necessarily reflect the beliefs of the writer. That is not my issue. I am also aware that Jesus is a name and that Jesus is also used as an exclamation. In this case, it is used as an exclamation and that is what I find problamatic. For many people in the world using the name Jesus is offensive as it is deemed to be taking the name of God in vain. It is not merely an arbitrary word. You believe that I am being discourteous to you and your beliefs by asking that the blogger not use that term in her post. If what you are saying is true, then you would be offended at every other blog that does not use the term Jesus. Which I gather isn’t the case. I have always appreciated that the bloggers are inoffensive in their postings. I am merely asking that the bloggers not lose readers by using a term that is offensive to many.

  139. Magatha

    Dr. Emma, I apologize for offending you. (But fyi, I am not offended by blogs which do not use the term Jesus.)

    Meanwhile, back on topic: I have no real opinion about Ms. Heigl’s personality or demeanor, because I don’t watch her TV show and haven’t seen her movies. But I think she is beautiful in a weird, very Hollywood way. And I agree there is a bit of bobblehead about her – it’s the same feeling I get when looking at Kate Bosworth. The teeth, the sleek roundness of the face, the radiant smile: very photogenic but also a bit other-worldly.

    But she is beautiful. I just tried to picture myself wearing that dress, and oh my, there goes another keyboard. It would be unfixable fug.

  140. szaza

    Whilst looking at the hair and dress colour, I suddenly began craving some oatmeal.

  141. Anonymous

    definitely change the colour! something brighter
    chop off a few ruffles and either take out the slit in the back completely or move it more the side so its not coming up and revealing her butt!
    finally hit gerard over the head with a lamp or something for licking her!

  142. andy

    She looks amazing and I would lick every inch of her.

  143. Cool

    All this is cool!

    Britney Circus + Bonus tracks – http://tinyurl.com/lzuzq8

    Green Day Transmission – http://tinyurl.com/nq5bae

  144. RaccoonPrincess

    I’m part of the fix the lining set. In that, I’d like to see it more structured and even boning applied since it is strapless. The top half–the mess of ruffles at the ribbon–have no support to them and just sag. It looks like a group home-ec project.
    Additional fug points: her mouth and eyes are popped open the entire time in the most unnatural way. Gerard Butler may have gone too far with licking her, but he came off as very natural, and I liked him for it.

  145. carly

    The dress is the color of an embalmed corpse. Well,you know, it makes me think of bloodless skin. It would probably work better on a different complexion.

  146. Emma H

    soften the bunching and change the color, I’d like to see a contrasting lining and tulle, like nude underlay, black tulle overlay. The bunching desperately needs to be softened, it is forcing the dress into an awkward wrinkling. If it were light waves of black tulle on a nude lining this dress would be stunning. Love the necklace. The lining definitely needs to be lengthened.
    Gerard is an absolute creep! That licking picture is going to haunt me the rest of the day

  147. j.tar

    1.) Lose the bow
    2.) Do something about the underskirt. We can see it warping under the tension of the tulle.

    Other than that, I like it. Even the color, which I think is understated and demure and complements her skin/makeup.

  148. Carrie

    It makes her look as if she’s got no chest, which we know isn’t true, it’s that awful bunching… which in turn makes her look too hippy below the waist. It’s also the color of dirty dishwater. Black would make things so much better, it would make the overlay look less accidental and more glamorous. I agree with PPs that boning up top would do a world of good, that blousy bunching thing with the ruffles makes it look like a butchered drapery.

  149. Hannah F

    I like the dress, but don’t like the brown hair.

    Oh, to be licked by Gerry Butler. Lucky bitch.

  150. Will

    WHAT!?! Child, don’t go hating on Alber Elbaz. His dress is beautiful.

  151. KL

    Well, fixing the outfit is a bit beyond my skill set. But I will chip in my two cents and say that I do think she looks better blonde, although I do like the wavy, relaxed updo.

  152. Salicia

    I love you gals! Really, I do.
    But… I’m starting to get a little weary of you fugging Heigl simply because she annoys you for some reason. Isn’t this about fug or fab? Whether or not you think Heigl is “a pill” which she isn’t, take my word for it, is neither here nor there, really. Not all tabloids gossip is true.
    Can we please get back to the fashion?
    You kind of do the same with Walsh. The orange onesie was the worst garment ever, but a boring fedora? Srsly? That was the worst fashion outrage of the day…?
    Heigl just has a personality and a sense of humour, get with the program!
    The dress is fab, not to mention the shoes, which are porn.

  153. George

    The dress is Lanvin, b.t.w. Just f.y.i.
    Since you are all seem sure you could do better, maybe you should write a letter of complaint to Lanvin, one of the few 100% haute couture houses still left.
    It’s lovely imho. You ladies can be a tad… conservative at times.
    And I don’t understand your aversion to the girl either. Even I want to lick her skin and I’m gay…

  154. HeyThatsMyBike

    Keep the dress, lose the necklace. It’s too much for a dress that’s already visually interesting, and makes the whole thing look more busy than it actually is.

  155. Magatha

    George, Lanvin may be a 100% haute couture house, but nobody gets everything right 100% of the time.

    And conservative? Ooh, bite your tongue. I mean it. Don’t make me pull over.

    But ITA re the girl. Heigl is awesomely lickworthy, and I’m not gay….

  156. MadMooby

    Hagsville. Butler’s hot as hell, though. Poor Jen…..she doesn’t stand a chance.

  157. spike

    Make it longer- floor sweeping longer, and it’ll work.

  158. Ella

    I think it looks great from the front and weird from the back. I want to UNTUCK it, or something. Also the lining sort of shows through the front and it’s a few inches shorter than the hem of the dress. Not a good look. But at least it’s not see-through.

    Oh, and I don’t share the general negative attitude to flesh-toned dresses around here – I think on girls who aren’t too pale it looks chic and expensive.

  159. Anne

    The necklace!!!!!

  160. Menzie

    I can’t judge, because I’ve always hated her, ever since she left Roswell in a huff. She’s a spoiled brat; a completely ungrateful, arrogant twit. AND… I have to say, I’ve never thought she was pretty, even during the first season of Roswell, when I was desperately in love with everyone on that show.

    I don’t care how much of a cad or man-whore G.But. may or may not be – he is SMOKIN’ hot.

  161. Sparkie79

    The dress is a mess! The color, the cut, the gathering, the stupid sash/belt. The necklace reminds me of something I found in a second hand store and the shoes are about as cute as a banana hammock on Jack Nicholson. The hair color is a bit brassy and the makeup is as bland as the dress. Someone tell Butler not to lick that, it’s possible whatever disease has caused her temporary blindness is contagious.

  162. Meredith

    If the tulle overlay cut straight across the bottom instead of awkwardly draping across her shins this would be infinitely better, even with the bunching.

    The color doesn’t bother me – if she were still a blonde she’d look washed out, but with the darker hair and that tangle of baubles around her neck it totally works.

    Almost well-played, Katherine!

  163. Dana

    Regardless of what she’s wearing, she looked better 20 pounds ago. Is that a sandwich in Gerard’s pocket?

  164. KT

    P.S. Re the Vanessa Bryant post, the “Dude” is Jalen Rose. Hello, Fab Five?!?! ;)

  165. Tara

    Lack of color and the poor, limp excuse for a belt/ribbon/sash/adornment. Not a fan of the excessive use of ruffles either.

    The back is a hot mess. HATE the caught in panies look.

  166. OnTheCouch

    I could actually tolerate the dress if the necklace wasn’t so awful on her. It makes her look like she has no neck.

  167. Lauren

    She pulls of the drab color, especially with her new, darker locks – but I think it’s the lines that make it look fug. Make the overlay and the underlay the same length (both short?) and repair the caught in the panties hemline. Also, I think it would look better with sandals, not pumps. Like the necklace.

  168. Mrs Lovejoy

    1. The dress looks like it was built to be Princess Faustina of the garden cupids on one side and all Pronto, Giancarlo, baby! in the rear.

    2. ….but she’s wearing it front-loaded like a doomed driver on Ice Road Truckers.

    2. She needed to be blonde, or truly brunette (think Anne H dark, healthy & glossy). Maybe worn long and wavy to the bum to suggest she knows the frock had playful bend-over, tucked-up-there cut.

    3. She also needed to send that goblin of necklace somewhere else to be happier. Like, to a nice charity lunch with the Queen of Denmark.

    4. The hair is a strange fairies-wear-acorn-caps quiff, in such a tip-toeing maybe-I’ll-go-brown-maybe-I won’t color, the result looks at best like her roommate Maude Jo Beerhufdt spitcurled and pinned it up for her for the Wellesley Swim Team 1932 Champions Dinner.

    Only the Gerard is perfect; tongue at the ready, he leapt in to bravely draw the cameras up away from her bundled pants, wedding pumps and elbowy gym teacher pose. Smooth save.

  169. Joe Noir

    Cut the Heigl, keep the Butler.

  170. Elaine

    It was great looking straight until the close up where the ruffled bodice is awesome. Then it was ick. Count me in the 18% who feel Heigl is a pill.

  171. Andy S. aka 'O'

    hair: her longer movie hair

    the dress would remain with the ruffles at the side, but not have the draping over the top portion and end where you see the slip(?) end in the inner portion

  172. daisyj

    I know I don’t like the necklaces– too much, too old-ladyish, and I’m pretty sure I don’t actively hate the dress. But some time between Roswell and that movie where she’s a bridesmaid I developed a clear but pointless antipathy to Ms. Hiegl, so I can really only count myself in the 18%.

    Also, odd for me, but I think I liked her better as a blonde.

  173. Dutchgirl

    Sorry, can’t focus… much too distracted by how good Gerry looks :)

  174. Lori

    My deep and abiding love for Gerry combined with my loathing of KH makes it hard to focus, but honestly, the back of that dress is reminiscent of a horrible ice dancer outfit. NO.

  175. katie

    I hate this dress. You know how you see a dress and you don’t think it looks good at all and then you try it on and it really looks okay? Well, I don’t think Katherine Heigel did that at all. Try it on, I mean. I like the black dress she wore in “My Father, The Hero” much better. I totally wanted her wardrobe in that movie.

  176. Lisa

    The color! Yuck.

  177. JPool

    She looks great, if too skinny for my taste. The dress looks good, if complicated for wearing, but the color is awful, at least on her (I don’t think it would look great on anyone, but I think it would look beter on dark skin). I’d love to see it in a bright color, say orange.

  178. Buffy

    I would make the hem of the tulle line up with the hem of the sheath underneath, and do something about that slit in the back (to keep it from coming up so high), and make her hair a bit lighter in color. Also I don’t really like those particular shoes; something strappier, maybe, or with an open toe.

  179. Anonymous

    So mother of the bride. The necklace is choking her, but I can’t stand her so I am biased

  180. Fay

    I’m not sure I care about the dress. The imaginary conversation with the Butler is all that matters.

  181. miriam

    it’s like she dyed her hair to mask a tan that was too dark for her, but it’s failing, because her lips are still too pale, and the dress is the dullest shade of beige ever.

  182. Kristen

    I have such a complicated opinion on this. I think it looks great from the front, and from the back, but not from the side. So here’s what I would do:

    1. Lessen the side bunching. I still like how it looks on the rest of her, but I don’t like looking at that bunch of fabric on the side. So just cut it down a bit there (literally).

    2. Shorten the ribbon. It’s too much, along with the side bunching.

    3. Lengthen the underskirt. The tulle hits her just right, under the knee, but the underskirt looks almost like it wasn’t finished or something.

    4. Get rid of a couple of necklaces. Pearls are great with that kind of dress, but that many is too severe for the delicate fabric.

  183. Jay

    The dress is quite nice actually, except that it does seem to have gotten caught in her underwear. If she’d just pull it out, the dress would be perfectly fine and she’d have every right to think of herself so fondly.

  184. Pam

    Why is he licking her face? Very degrading.
    I like the dress-colour, but as has been said already, the lining of the skirt should meet the tule below the knee.
    She should be blond again. Matches her character better.

  185. K

    I thought it was okay in a slightly better than meh way, and then I saw the back. It does look like she didn’t check before leaving the bathroom. Then again, I’m kind of meh on the Heigl. I thought she was great at first and then the whole bashing and bashing of seemingly everyone she’s ever worked with. Does she hate all the Roswell people too?

  186. abi

    well, it looked amazing on the runway…leave it to her to ruin the great Lanvin!

  187. sanne

    I hate how part of the tulle at the bottom is see-through. It just looks cheap.