Fug or Fab: Marion Cotillard



We all know I’m not a huge fan of the mono-sleeve, especially when it’s more of a cape, as if the arm within has a superhero complex. And this material looks sort of… less expensive than I want it to, and what’s more, did she stuff her bra? I know Marion is capable of plumping them up like Thanksgiving turkeys, but history shows they’re not always that way, so why do they look so weird and lopsided and swollen under this dress? I’m sure they’re lovely and non-lopsided and normal in real life, so what’s up with the Pamela Anderson effect here?
That being said… I can’t decide if I hate the dress. Why? Because I am fond of her, and I think she elevates outfits I ordinarily might reject. What to do? How to feel? It’s Friday, it’s been a loooooooong week, and I am out of Diet Coke. So I need you to decide for me.

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  1. Mongerel

    Neato! Bubble wrap, now with new and updated square pattern!

    Sigh. Seriously, I once opined that Marion could wear a burlap sack and still look fantastic. I have just been proven wrong.

  2. LowSlash

    Honestly, I love it! It’s like sexy chainmail, which I can always get behind.

  3. Anonymous

    Maybe she’sknocked up.

  4. Tfrank

    I think it is the shoes that look cheap. She can work the dress.

  5. Katharine

    It’s not OMGWTFBBQ terrible, I think, but it’s not the most flattering thing she’s ever worn, either in colour or cut. More of a le blah.

  6. Olga

    i love you whatever you wear , Marion!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. Jill

    I don’t know what’s up with her boob situation, but higher neck lines like thatt end up having the opposite effect of modesty- it ends up looking like you’re trying to burst out your outfit. I hope she didn’t get work done…

    The fabric does look a little cheap, but that nor the capesleeve bother me so much. It’s really the shoes and Flock of Seagulls hair that turn me off to this look. She’s got nice legs, but ankle straps don’t really flatter her very much.

  8. SH

    Is this still a Halloween costume photo? Because it’s clearly an homage to her favorite old school stock Star Trek character — The Alien Babe Who Seduces Kirk. Both the dress and the ‘do. I don’t know why she didn’t go all the way and do the skin makeup. Maybe she couldn’t decide whether to go green or blue or grey or…

  9. tango sans cash

    awfulplasticsurgery reckons she’s had a boob job. I was sceptical at first, but now I’m thinking they might be on to something.

  10. Bookworm

    I think the sleeve (and/or maybe the way she’s standing) is pulling the top of the dress wonky and thus making her look a little lopsided. I know this isn’t exactly an “unfug it up,” but lose the sleeve and change the shoes for maybe some slingbacks and it would look a bit retro.

  11. Rayna

    Gaaah. The fabric looks strange and not nice to the touch. If you cover up the capesleeve, it is almost passable. Cover the sleeveless side, and it IS an old school Star Trek look.

    In any case, the girl who played The Little Sparrow so well deserves better.

  12. amy

    I hate it. Honestly, aside from the Oscar dress, I’ve never liked anything she’s worn.

    Also? I wore those shoes to prom in 1998.

  13. christine christine

    Speaking of prom, it kind of looks like something you’d buy in the prom section at the nicest store in the worst mall in town. Not that that’s bad, I mean that is where I shopped for my prom, and I probably looked at things in that exact fabric. But my prom was in the 90s and this is the new millenium!

    I like the shoes, they make her feet and ankles look pretty.

  14. geemee

    I’m reeling from the thought that Marion might’ve gotten such an obvious boob job. That would make me almost as sad as Christina Hendricks going on a diet.

    That said, everything about this looks cheap, from the shoes to the lipstick. And I think I saw Phoebe wearing those shoes in a “Charmed” episode. Oh, Marion. You can do so much better.

  15. vandalfan

    Total Star Trek, down to the Vulcan hairdo.

  16. Lori Beth

    She’s above this.

    Her face is still fabulous though. And the color of the dress matches/accentuates her eyes, which could have been part of The Plan.

    Horrible horrible Christmas bridesmaid shoes. Horrible.

  17. kirsten

    How can you possibly be out of Diet Coke? I would drag my tired ass to a grocery store the next county over at midnight rather than run out of Diet Coke!!! I am so, so sorry.

  18. Anno

    Bras can work wonders, but these photos raise some questions:

  19. Libby

    Is she working on a remake of “Logan’s Run”?

  20. Maria

    It looks like Marion is one pair of footed tights and a set of “dance paws” away from doing a moving and heartfelt modern dance interpretation of the theme from Star Wars.

  21. Jacquilynne

    I really hate the dress, so it’s a testament to how awesome Mario Cotillard is that I still think she looks fabulous overall.

  22. Jeni

    You know what this reminds me of? Grease. When Frenchie and Frankie Avalon sing their song the girls in the background are dressed exactly like this.

  23. Leanspa Acai

    So classy, so sexy, so elegant!

  24. Cranky Old Batt

    I want to like it.
    I want to hate it.
    Weird hair do. But kind of Blade Runnerish which is cool and she pulls it off.
    Weird disco dress but ooooooo shiny!
    Shoes that don’t really go with the dress but at least they are all matchy-matchy.
    Capey mono sleeve but points for being not boring.
    And so on…my brain keeps getting stuck all wibbly wobbly and I just can decide.

  25. Melly

    I think she’s been corrupted, ie, Americanized. I think she went and ruined herself with a boob job, and not such a good one. She should have stayed French and slightly remote for a few more years, then made the plunge to outfits like this and surgery like that. I don’t like this look at all.

  26. Fuh Ugh

    First, let’s deal with the real emergency … out of Diet Coke?!?! For god’s sake woman – get the hence to a 7-11, McDonalds, Albertsons! Do what it takes before the crisis point is reached.

    Now, as for the fashion emergency … I am done – DONE I tell you – with the one sleeve. I am getting a giant pair of scissors (like they use for ribbon cuttings), and I will be trolling the countryside looking for wrongs to right in realm of one-sleeveness.

    I just realized why I want to talk like a night of the Round Table – it’s this freaking chainmail dress. FUG.

  27. Anonymous

    It’s just so generic. The shoes look payless from 1996. The dress looks cheap and ordinary. She looks blah. What happened to her fashion balls?

  28. barbarena

    This look would be complete if she had nylons on, the kind with the reinforced toe.

  29. ATZ

    I think she got breast implants. They make it harder to dress up because most clothes are cut for more average-breasted people. So, she wound up wearing something that fits up top but doesn’t fit around her waist and hips.

    I think a big problem is the lack of fit. I’d like to see the dress on someone with the body type it was cut for before I judge it.

    Marion should buy clothes cut for her body.

  30. anonymoose

    i think she’s got 2 helium balloons underneath that dress, leftover from kim kardashian’s 130 30th birthday partays. the boobins make her look our of proportion now, head to toe. the wonky dress exaggerates the wonk further. great legs, though!

  31. witjunkie

    @Jeni, exactly! Her hair is even evoking the pyramid of rollers! Good call.

  32. Amy

    For whatever reason I was scrolling up from the bottom when I first saw this picture. I saw the dress, went past the face quickly, was forming a “thumbs down” opinion, and then saw the title. “Oh,” I said to myself, “Marion Cotillard. She’s good at this fashion thing. I better look again.” Alas, even Marion C. couldn’t save this dress IMHO.

  33. Anonymous

    if you watch some of marion’s early films, she’s definitely always had big tits. nsfw – http://tinyurl.com/388b5vj she may be filling out in her age, but if you watch nine they were fairly sizeable there as well.

    maybe she’s pregnant!

  34. Taylor

    Well. Now I’m going to spend all night trying to figure out how to pronounce “L’yucky.”

    Anyway, this dress would work if you were to:
    a) remove the monosleeve
    b) make the dress fit better. Less baggy. Et Cetera.

  35. not drew

    The dress is made from the thin padding you get under cheap carpet, spray painted silver.


  36. Becky

    Dolly Parton meets Herman Munster-Yuck!!!

  37. Karla

    Looking at her previous pics, I think she just has really large, NATURAL boobs, which means after 30 it all comes down to the bra.

    Wear a firm cupped bra, or a good strapless one a size too small, and the puppies will be up to your chin. No bra and they’re just kind of…there.

    As a DD in her 30′s I deal with the exact same thing every day. They look enormous (and nearly fake) on a “good” day, more like a B-cup when I’m doing laundry.

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  40. Celtrixa

    She is looking gorgeous in this dress. I do have such a dress.

  41. Vera Charles

    She looks adorable. She IS adorable. I love her dressed in this mignon little 60′s go-go dress. I love her dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. I love her dressed in a smart apron of cocoa leaves. J’adore cette fille.

  42. Bethany B.

    I like everything about it except the sleeve. Rip it off and it would be excellent.

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    Scrolldown fug! Bargain basement stripper reject shoes!!

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