Fug or Fab: Leighton Meester


The woman in this photo is SO texting someone to say, “Mon dieu! I am sitting behind BLAIR F’ING WALDORF at the Chanel show. It’s like we are on the Met steps and she’s about to dump yogurt on an underling who dared to wear tights as pants! I am totally going to be all over the blogs tomorrow.” And indeed, her prophecy came true.

[Photos: WENN.com]

I enjoy that Leighton is taking subtle steps to point toward her gigantic Louboutins — like, unless she is about to run her hand up her leg as part of a plea to get America to invest in some Nair, that finger is totally designed to draw your eye down to the red sole, and thus, draw Mr. Louboutin into thinking she is such an awesome model for his footwear that he’ll give her twenty more pairs. Genius, Meester. Genius.
Let’s check out the rest of her outfit:

I lean toward “fab” very firmly here — it’s fierce in a very Karl Lagerfeldian way, like, you can practically hear him standing behind her and cooing, “Under-buttock is for the tragic, darling. THRIVE.” I do wonder if the necklace gilds the lily a little — it’s a showpiece in and of itself, and it doesn’t entirely get its due slapped in top of an already-fierce black leather dress with gold trim everywhere. And yet here I am, staring at it, so conversely perhaps it has accomplished its mission. Oh, Karl. He is never one to do anything in moderation. Why add a necklace, when you can add something that looks like you jacked it from a Buddhist temple during a trip to rural China? Why one tassel when you can have three? Why just a necklace, when you can have matching cuffs? He might reply, “Moderation is like prison for the nape, pet. EJECT.”

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Comments (101):

  1. JennyM

    I’d like to take up a collection to hire Intern Karl.

    That is all.

  2. Eli the Editrix

    This is so nonSolange-y of LMees. Why is there even a question? WELL PLAYED, WALDORF.

  3. Mrs. MidAtlantic

    Um, let’s discuss the outfit of the texter behind Leighton. What is she wearing?!

  4. TLG

    Here, here JennyM!

  5. Liz

    Love the whole look! She looks fabulous. It’s not very summery, but she still looks fantastic. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  6. poltergasm

    it’s the best thing i’ve seen any of these people wear. [same show or shows, i mean. same ouvre.]

  7. Angie

    So, I’m the only one who’s thinking:

    1. It’s summer, what’s with the full-on leather getup?

    2. She looks like she’s going to tip over wearing that Stolen-From-Bhuddist-Temple-Gong Brass-Harness.


    3. Having said that Leighton is a gorgeous Karl Coathanger.

  8. Jill

    It’s really pretty and it’s great to see her not looking ridiculous; but it’s 101 degrees where I am and I’m sweating in a jersey sundress. Looking at a long sleeved leather dress is making me break out in a heat rash.

  9. roguetamlin

    I love the necklace, but it would look better with something that looks less like a purse. OTOH she is at the Chanel show apparently, which makes it less strange if not less purse like.

  10. Gidget Bananas

    Summer, leather, hot — what Angie said.

    If this were mid-November, I’d say I love the dress and the necklace — but not necessarily together — hate the cuffs and the shoes.

  11. Lisa of wewear

    J’adore! This is much better than a predictable plain but elegant dress. She took the risks and it paid off!

  12. ortenzia

    Here here Angie – so not summer. Awesome but so not summer.

  13. tommy

    Yes to all those who break out in hives at the sight of LEATHER in July in Paris where it’s hovering in the low 90s. There is no decent a/c in the entire country; she might as well be a potato wrapped in aluminum foil resting on a grill. Ask me again in November.

  14. Lisa of wewear

    To the summer comments, I agree it is impractical but practicality is probably not a priority for her get-up to Chanel show. A/C in the tent, A/C in the limo, A/C in the hotel. We’re baked at home and on the steet but I doubt she shares the hardship.

  15. lettucecup

    Is no one else distracted by the leather boob bullets positioned freakishly close together?

  16. Lissa

    Love the dress – though I think it’s a bit heavy for summer.

    Love the necklace – though I think it deserves to be worn with something lowcut and strapless.

    So it’s a fab for individual pieces and fug for the two together.

    (I hate clunky peeptoe shoes and don’t think anyone should wear them, so dis not figure them in)

  17. Jo

    I liked it a lot in the first picture where she is sitting. In the second one, not as much. I think the dress could be a bit shorter, and maybe even the sleeves. As they are now the cuff of the sleeve looks like a bracelet of its on. The jewelry may be a bit much, but I think the necklace can stay.

  18. Sandra

    She looks like she’s modeling the new uniform for the girl-gladiators. I like the cut of the dress, just not the fabric. Leather is great for shoes and jackets, but nobody needs to wear the whole damn cow. The trim is just weird. Necklace would be fine without the trim. Am jealous that she can wear shoes like that and I can’t. Not only do they cost more than my monthly mortgage payment, I couldn’t walk in them to save a life. Is it okay to wear cute shoes and just sit on the couch admiring them?

  19. Nikki

    The shoes are awesome but they are flannel. What happened to seasons?

  20. Kate

    @lettucecup: NOW I am distracted by the boob bullets, haha. I hadn’t noticed them before, but now I can’t stop looking!

    Beyond that, I think it’s great…

    Except it’s FREAKING SUMMER!!!

    Sorry, you cannot wear that in the summer even if you’re always in A/C or it happens to be 60 degrees outside – it’s just not right. It’d be like wearing a white flowy maxi dress with skinny little gold leather sandals and a straw bag in January… (unless you’re in the southern hemisphere and seasons are opposite, of course).

    But really, she does look fab – flattering, interesting, and just a touch over the top to make it feel fashion-y. Just save it for October, even September! 2 months!

  21. Scintilla

    All this needs is a Viking helmet with ox horns, and it would be a sweeeet Halloween costume.

  22. JanetP

    She looks about a million years old, IMO. And it’s way too freakin’ hot to be looking at someone wearing long-sleeved leather! Hate the shoes.

    Ask me again when it’s cooler. I may just be in a pissy mood.

  23. Megan

    YES! Way to hot to look at leather clothing

    Also, I thought the shoes were pretty cute. In a stripper-shoe sort of way.

    If all the current platforms were in clear plastic, instead of this black leather, would everyone still wear them. (someone said flannel?)

    And yeah, wow, what’s with the bullet boobs!!

    It’s all a hot mess of Awesome

  24. Anna Coles

    People, it’s the AUTUMN/WINTER preview show – she is wearing Karl’s current collection and let’s not forget – beauty is pain! Good work Ms Meester!

  25. Sandra

    Of course, in comparison to what Karl sent down the runway, she looks freakin’ AWESOME. See the collection in horrific detail at Jezebel (http://jezebel.com/5581602/chanel-couture-serves-up-a-bad-nineties-flashback/gallery/)

  26. Jenny

    Am I the only person who thinks this might be more awesome not only not during the height of summer but also if it didn’t have the weird not-fitting look about the bodice?

  27. vandalfan

    She’s not on the runway, so she should wear that out in public in the winter, not in 100 degree conditions, it’s just too incongruous. I hate her hair and those shoes, and I’d remove the studded golden bits and the sleeves, and turn the necklace into the halter top. Add strappy sandals and it would be a passable summer look.

  28. CampCounsellor

    Who was it who famously said before leaving the house you should always look in the mirror and take one thing off…?
    I can safely say it WASN’T Leighton Meester.
    She does look good though!

  29. Laura

    That dress looks SUPER itchy and hot…I would feel like I was being strangled :(

  30. JoJoMcShanny

    < >

    AND the guy next to her!

  31. Lindy

    It’s SUMMER!! So no leather dresses allowed. For fall, that’s hot, though.

  32. mandiann

    The dress is fierce. And so are the shoes. But she should have saved them for October(ish). Of course I’m currently on the east coast in the U.S. which is nearly approximate to living on the sun, so I’d probably be okay if she showed up in just the necklace (also fierce) and a bikini. But maybe that’s just the heatstroke talking.

  33. Marissa

    This makes me miss Karl. Bring him back!

  34. Marissa

    This makes me miss Karl. Bring back The Lagerfeld!

  35. Tarah

    Why does it look like she’s wearing a dixie cup bra underneath the dress?

  36. kk

    Yeah I agree with Tarah, there are WEIRD WEIRD boobage issues. I can’t get past them.

  37. Bambi Anne Dear

    I didn’t bother voting, I think the whole thing is winter. Is it not a scorching hot summer at the moment in NY?
    But my eyes keep getting drawn up that texting woman’s skirt. Poor darling, she’s protecting her bag but perhaps not her saintliness.

  38. Bambi Anne Dear

    OMG I just read about the boob bullets @lettucecup and had a look again. Her boobs are not only close together but they’re pointing inwards!

  39. polly

    Is that Momsen next to her wearing *gasp* clothes?

  40. samanthaalice


  41. cociolph

    All leather anything makes me think too much about dead animals. And what’s cool about looking like your ribs stick out in wiggly lines around your middle, like some infernal exoskeleton? She is sweating this getup to no good end.

  42. v

    as the dress is a statement on its own and totally amazing i wouldn’t add the necklace and i also don’t like the shoes.. i would prefer a platform sandal…

  43. RebeccaS

    I’m just going to assume she’s got people following her with fans or something to make this dress liveable right now. My biggest issue is that the trim on the dress clashes with the necklace and bracelets. I’d rather have the trim *or* the jewelry, but not both.

  44. Jules

    Maybe she’s just reeeally inspired by the movies she’s seen this summer?

    It’s like Prince of Persia meets Twilight.

  45. Sajorina


  46. Jess

    I say she looks good, but I can never really give props to Leighton properly because OMGSHEUSESASTYLIST and it would be like saying she has a nice voice, even though her songs have clearly been the audio version of photoshopped. But this isn’t, awful. But I think I’m only saying that because its Chanel, and maybe theres something amazing about the dress that I don’t GET, which is a possibility.
    I just wish that one day she would actually wear normal shoes, that didn’t cover her ENTIRE FOOT AND ANKLE and didn’t have spikes or big buckles and weren’t red or multicolourred and didn’t light up when she walked (REMEMBER those shoes? It took me two years to convince my parents to let me have a pair of Minnie Mouse trainers that lit up when I walked. Then 2 months after I got them they didn’t light up anymore and were just plain old trainers. SOB. This is why I have relationship issues.)

  47. Matilda

    Mhm. Leather in these temperatures? Not sure. Same goes for the trim on the dress around her neck… there’s not enough room for the necklace which I find gorgeous by the way. And I also don’t like the shoes with this outfit.
    There is too much fuffing going on with what she wears and the handbag and those cuffs…

    And gold and silver don’t go together, at least not in my book. I’d cut off the arms of the dress and make it into a strapless dress, then incorporate the necklace into the dress so it’s more halterneck. Then I’d rip off the gold bits on the hem and make her wear black/silvery strappy sandals.

    Different hair style too.

    Sod it, go send her into a changing room to wear something entirely different!

  48. Ancyrre

    I really really think this would have been awesome with short sleeves.
    Just picture it.
    Awe-some !

    Here it looks too heavy.
    (anyway, if Karl tells you to wear something, and you don’t like it : it means your sense of fashion is perfect yet. Karl Lagerfels is the one who knows best).

  49. Anonymous

    Is it me or does that dress look like pleather?

  50. willow

    I think it having sleeves detracts from everything. If it were sleeveless but had one of the cuffs as a bangle then all would be right in the world.

  51. The Other Molly

    This whole ensemble is fug of the highest order. What the hell happened to Louboutin? He used to design, sexy, strappy shoes. Those things look like they were borrowed from a dominatrix.

  52. cammie

    yes lettucecup et al! I couldn’t see anything past her crosseyed boobies either. it makes me think she’s got her head on backwards and those are some VERY prominent shoulderblades.

  53. Lassie

    I’m not sure who she is, but this is the most awesome gorgeous outfit I have seen on this site in years. OMG it is just spendid. (don’t like the shoes).

  54. butt

    I hate to be the one to say this, but her legs aren’t shapely enough in the cankular area to wear those shoes with a knee-length hemline. I love the shoes though. Just on her, they would be better with leggings or a mini.

  55. Laura Elaine

    I can’t get past the nips. The dress makes them seem like they are but a wee 2 inches apart. Dreadful.

  56. deltadawn

    Man, it’s 100 degrees these days in Paris! Leather? And tights on the pic from yesterday? Geez!

  57. Debby

    She looks great, relative to the guy behind her in the cowboy hat, Great-gran’s sweater, and the white genie pants.

  58. Gina

    What’s bugging me about this outfit is the sleeves. They are too long. Or maybe just the trim on the cuffs. The trim combined with the cuff bracelets is just overkill. Take off the sleeves and we’re good. Or pick a wrist adornment — remove the bracelets or the trim.

  59. Mopple

    I would like to choose……..Fug. Like the other comments, we’re in the middle of summer and she’s wearing black leather!

  60. Meeka

    I loooooove this to death! It’s so different from what we’d normally see and she freaking rocks it! However… those cuffs… GAH! They kill it for me. The necklas, while strange, is really funky and I like it. The shoes on their own maybe not but with the whole outfit, yes please! But those cuffs… *le sigh*

  61. Bratta

    gothic, crazy Aunt Rita, marching band for the Damned

  62. Lutz

    All of this is hideous. Maybe I’d hate it less on someone like Cate Blanchett, but on Meester it just looks like she’s trying too hard.

  63. Katharine

    I don’t know why, but I really just don’t like any of this. The getup looks like the costume of a Romulan princess in a lost original Star Trek episode, worn while sentencing Captain Kirk, whom she’s designated her champion, into a fight to the death with a studly young Romulan. And Leighton Meester doesn’t have the, I don’t know, personality or distinguished features to carry off this sort of outfit. Tilda Swinton, sure. Even Cate Blanchett (although I’m betting both Cate and Tilda would’ve had the sense to leave off the necklace, which is both de trop and clashing). Ms Meester becomes no more than a bland little head being walked around by an outfit.

    It looks uncomfortable, unseasonable, and somewhat pretentious.

  64. Mellie

    Is she attempting to fill in for one of Santa’s reindeers? The shoes are just awful. They make her feet look like hooves and create instant stumpification. I get a headache every time I see shoes like this. And then I feel ill upon the realization that people think they’re CUTE. Hoarf.

  65. Kelli

    She looks amazing, but am I the only one who’s seen the crazy looking foot on the right?!?!?

  66. Blanche

    Wrong. The necklace is mighty. The dress demands the necklace. It barks commandingly: O tasseled necklace, only I, fitted leather warrior dress of the ages, can serve as your ungelded steed. Together we will RULE the Mongolian steppe! (The shoes we will only allow to accompany us from profile, because straight-on they sink our steppe-cred.)

    Now. To at last put the Chin Empire under our excessively-dapper brass-buttoned Laboutins, where it belongs!

  67. MeMe

    Ok seriously what is with the shoes of the person beside her? Are their feet that big or is just the shoe doing weird proportion things?

  68. Janellionaire

    Yep, I noticed the freaky bullet boobies, I was appropriately shocked at the sheer gall of wearing long-sleeved black leather in July. I even questioned the sanity of bracelets-over-sleeves, and silver jewelry over gold trim. I even loudly protested all this stuff to my poor husband. But you know what? I voted Yes. Something about this whole combo is really working for me. Hang on, I have to look again… Eeeee her chest is staring at me! It’s like a cobra about to strike! Hell, that makes it more awesome. Maybe it’s the heat getting to my head.

  69. Shan Shortcut

    I just think this looks so so so cute.

    At first i thought that it was just a bit too excessive, but then I’m like, what the heck! It looks kinda cool.

    Especially the giant necklace. I would love to buy that just out of magpie-like instinct, even though I would never be able to pull it off with any of my outfits (although, I would probably walk around my room with it on my head, pretending to be a princess or something)

  70. aditi

    I like it a lot, but if you look carefully; arent her boobs looking funny- like you can almost see the nipple rings?

  71. tweedull

    I am very sensitive to clashing gold/white metally things.

    Season is irrelevant–she looks comfortable in her awesome.

  72. pameoduz

    I would say she looked better sitting down. The second pic kinda made me go yawn a bit with too much leather…chains…necklace…shoes… but she still looked pretty fab.

  73. Bark

    Agreed, she looks so much better sitting down.
    I’m wondering if maybe the reason she looks better sitting down is because the dress is a tad too long…would it work better an inch or two shorter?

  74. Otter

    THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one. It looks like she has one mid-chest two nippled boob and I can not stop staring long enough to look at the rest of the outfit.

  75. Mindylu

    This outfit reminds me of one of my favorite cheesy Arnold fantasy movies–Red Sonja!

  76. Jessica

    Intern Karl!

  77. rosiesmith smith

    Leighton Meester is looking so beautiful and she’s so famous celebrity and i like her and she did good work in last movie.

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