Fug or Fab: Leighton Meester


I think I’ve given up Gossip Girl — I deleted it in the middle of Monday’s episode because I just didn’t care, and because I kept hoping for Jenny to fall in front of a subway (it could happen; they killed off Marissa Cooper, after all). Which means that now I don’t have Leighton Meester’s still awesome line-readings to keep me warm, I may begin judging her solely on whatever cracked out get-up she chooses to wear out of the house. Let’s start with this one:

[Photo: FlynetOnline.com]

Cute! Although I feel a bit guilty: I have shoes just like that, and I haven’t worn them yet because they’re so high and spiky that I’m scared I will teeter over and fall in front of a subway, just like the Little J of my fictitious imaginings. Which is saying a lot, because that means I’d essentially have to trip and fall into New York. But the dress is super sassy, right? Although…what’s happening in the back? Is she wearing…a fringed cape?

[Photo: Splash News]

A) Kind of.
B) Whatever this is, I think it got caught in a shredder.
C) Apparently, shredders are AWESOME because I love this crazy thing and would totally wear it.
D) If I drank too much — which would, of course, help to catapult me in front of said subway train — I would totally shake my butt in people’s faces while wearing this, simply to make the fringe dance.
E) And then I’d wake up the next morning and think, “dear God. I hope no one remembers I did that.”
F) But it would be worth it.
G) Please weigh in for your own self:

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Comments (86):

  1. Courtney Waldon

    It looks like a grass skirt was stapled on her back!

  2. Chrissy

    I totally agree with you description of wearing it!! A) it WOULD be fun! B) I would HAVE to be drunk and C) I’d totally regret (almost) every minute of it later :)

  3. Claire's mom

    Runs with Scissors is missing his favorite combo tribal blanket-fringed jacket and he wants it back. Keep the shoes, though, pale face!

  4. Courtney Rowe

    Looks like it went through a paper shredder. It’s disgusting.

  5. Carolyn

    Hmm. This reminds me of that brief period in the 90s when bastardized Navajo patterns were all the rage. Think terra-cotta and teal colored zigzags on curtains. I have to give this a big, fat NO all around.

  6. Craig

    I have to admit that I went all Andre Leon Talley about her pose in the first picture and waxed poetic about the graceful awkwardness of her foot pointing, like a wood nymph trying to walk on slick tiles in a painting in my SALON.

    …Top Model is BREAKING MY BRAIN.

  7. poltergasm

    good morning from west l.a.
    {there are reasons for that. the “west l.a.,” i mean.}

    i would wear it if the fringe were not visible from the front.
    imneverh, oftentiredo that makes something that might have had potential look idiotic.

  8. Emily

    I love the front of this dress, but the back reminds me of the flapper costume I wore to a Halloween party in college. I looked really cute in it and totally spent the whole evening shaking my butt to make the fringe dance, and I wasn’t even drunk. Actually, I loved that costume. So maybe I would wear this dress on Halloween?

  9. Jocelyn

    Who would?…Why would?….How did?…What the?…

  10. Allison

    I would wear it only if the back were as cute as the front. I am ANTI FRINGE CAPES!

  11. Maria

    I actually did wear that. The year was 1972, and I was Pocahontas in a school production (I was the only girl in the class with long black braids). My costume was made out of paper bags, which I drew patterns on and fringed. Good times.

    But as an actual dress to be worn by someone older than age 9 and not in a school play? Um, no.

  12. funderpants

    H) Only for reasons of buttshaking like a mofo.

  13. DIANE

    Just plain ugly. So sad…all that money and not a drop of class.

  14. Heather

    I like the back of the dress better than the front; if that was the whole dress, I’d be in.

  15. Fatcat

    The back looks like it’s from a totally different planet than the front. It’s crazy.

  16. Miss B

    The phrase that comes to mind is:

    What fresh hell is this?!!!!

    It’s like some sort of odd referential Native American thingus one would find in the back corner of a tourist boutique in Arizona which primarily sold chunky silver and turquoise jewelry and when you pulled it off the rack you would say “Oh, it’s all ONE PIECE” and put it back immediately because at first you thought it was kind of a cool dress with a mod interpretation of Southwest design and hanging behind it on the rack was some sort of serape-like item.


    Just no.

    (Although bootie shaking would be fabulous to behold.)

  17. Dee

    I saw pics of her elsewhere and thought the dress was sort of cute, at least it was a marked improvement over what she usually wears. I did not expect the back to look like she’s been attacked by a shredder. That thing is just awful, wow! So the fug streak continues.

  18. eileen

    This is obviously a take on a traditional Native American Jingle Dress without the Jingles, or any kind of consistency with the tradition of such dresses. That or they combined the Jingle Dress with the shawl from Fancy Shawl Dance outfits in an effort to be more efficient.

    Works at powwow, don’t know that I’d wear it anywhere else.

  19. Gigi

    Maybe she’s on her way to her Indian Princess meeting (pow-wow?) with her Dad?

  20. rk

    I’m fairly ambivalent about the dress but I really really want those shoes.

  21. guest72

    Actually, the back of the dress is being tested by the NFL as an alternative artificial surface for professional football games. Similarly, the shoes are being considered as a new tee for the football during kick-offs. The front of the dress has no significant value and simply serves to keep her from being arrested or cited, Erykah Badu style.

  22. Katy

    Where have I seen those green splotches before? Somewhere on this site, I know, but who was wearing them?

  23. lola
  24. goil

    I just have to point out that in 1983 I had an Esprit camp shirt in exactly the same print as that dress. 7th grade was awesome.

  25. Sandra

    I’d have to be drunk AND facing up to a double-dog dare. But under those conditions, I too would make the fringe dance. The shoes, however, are more problematic. From the front they’re made of fierce and I love them. From the back they’re cankle-tastic. They just hit her legs at the wrong point. Girlfriend has some serious calf muscles going on, so I’m sure the legs are v. v. toned.

  26. Emmy

    I love this dress. Love. It. And contrary to other commentors, I think it’s classy but avant garde.

    In other news, Jessica, seriously, I hear what you’re saying about GG — it’s been terrible as of late — but you should have persevered this week. The last 5-7 minutes were so blissfully tragic! I mean, I know that I don’t know you in real life, but I HAVE been following your adoration for teen soaps since back when you were recapping the Creek for TWOP, and I think you would have appreciated the teen soapiness of it all, particularly because our girl Leighton blew it out of the water.

  27. Sherri

    I am bemused and befuddled by this outfit. I wonder if it makes noise when she moves. It’s less fringe-y and more mini-flappy, to me.

    And, no.

  28. Zandra

    Cute, although the back is pretty alarming. The dress brings to mind strings of dried chiles and those hammered tin howling coyote fireplace screens you can buy in New Mexico.

    (BTW, you can teeter on your spiky heels and fall under the subway right here in LA. Just head over to your nearest Red Line station!)

  29. Erica

    I barely looked at the dress in my rush to agree that yes, Jenny Humphrey MUST DIE. I haven’t hated a supposed protagonist this much since…The OC, perhaps? Please, let T. Mom learn to dress in actual clothing and stop wearing smoky eyes FOREVER, and let Little J be shipped off to a nunnery, reform school, or the bottom of a well somewhere.

  30. Lauren Nisbet

    Omg your such a sad act dissing gossip girl. It’s so amazing how can you possibly give up on it ? And jenny is one of the best characters in it you clearly know nothing if your wanting her killed off!

  31. Iris - LushCrystalJewelry.com

    I am imagining if there is a big wind, it might look like she is dashing.. This look like a costume than a dress.

  32. amy

    On first glance, I thought the black band was her waistline, as in smaller than Scarlett O’Hara’s. If everyone saw that visual illusion, I might consider wearing this dress. But not with the shoes.

  33. Hester

    This looks a lot like those paper raffia-weaving busy-work craft projects the teacher used to give to the kids who couldn’t be trusted with scissors. Or glue.

  34. silly philly


  35. Auntie Nini

    I am also just here for the ‘me too’ on giving up Gossip Girl. I’m def not watching next season, haven’t yet decided if I’m going to finish out this season. I feel like I should at least stick around to see the eventual Humphrey/van der Woodsen divorce after Lily’s ‘secret’ comes out.

  36. LLinNYC

    Business in the front, party in the back.

  37. Alisa

    I saw this dress on another site, minus the back fringe, and thought it was cute and way better than anything we’ve seen Leighton in lately.
    Then I flip over here, and see the back fringe and went “WTF?! Why?!”

    No to the dress. Yes to the shoes… and I’ve barely watched an entire episode of GG in the past 6 months… I’m over it.

  38. Anne

    OMG- mullet dress!!

  39. Pellinore

    Yeah, uh…I would totally wear that. If only for the crack factor.

  40. Anonymous

    I would fight her for those shoes, but everything else about the outfit is ugly. Period. She is not fierce enough to pull this off.

  41. christine christine

    I want it. I’m going clubbing in Vegas next weekend and I could rock the booty shaking, and no one would remember because they’ll all be as drunk as I!

    But other than that exact scenario: no.

  42. SCS

    I would wear the front of the dress. I like the print and the silhouette is both sexy and conservative – it’s like she averaged Blair and the crazy stuff she usually wears to get the front of the dress.

  43. Andrea

    This dress is the epitome of a mullet…business in the front, party in the back!

  44. Yo

    I kind of get this from a fashion perspective, but I think the fringe is way too much. All the way down the back…? Is that even necessary for the effect? I think it would have been much better off with a few rows of fringe not fringe-o-mania. And I hate the shoes. I don’t understand why she ALWAYS wears big, heavy, chunky heels that have too much of a look. I like the idea, but she is consistently executing it incorrectly. Also, does anybody really wear them that often? Right, case and point.

  45. Annie

    Front good.
    Back bad.
    Really really bad.

  46. Sarah A

    It’s awesome, except the back. Would totally wear it if the back wasn’t like that

  47. sarah ashley

    Jessica … I give you kudos for name dropping the television character I loved the most: Marissa Cooper.

    As for this dress … it would have worked, if it didn’t have the fringe.

  48. ohhoneyno

    This dress is the style equivalent of a mullet– business in the front, party in the back.

    And that is not the sort of style evocation that is going to work. On anyone.

  49. La Seditiosa

    I love the front, but I’m not sold on the back. However, I think I would wear it. It’d be fun.

  50. Wear Balldorf

    It’s not the worst I’ve seen La Meester wear lately, so..it’s ‘interesting’ I guess.

    So agree about Gossip Girl though- swirling the drain of ridonkitude.
    Leighton’s still great, but she’s not given enough to work with.

    Let’s just pray she’s given up trying to sing. Please.

  51. Rayna

    LOVE y’all’s comments re: misappropriation of Native American colors and patterns…………

    AND mullets!!!

    LOVING reading them!

    Also have personal interest in paper shredders, so this whole item is like 3/3 for me.

    Thanks, peeps.

    Peace out.

  52. Suzanne`

    It kills me. She is sooooo pretty but she wears heinous clothes.

  53. Schadenfreudelicious

    I too fell for the “black band thingy equalling the total circumference of a 12 inch waist” illusion..and all without benefit of a corset…whew…as for the dress…Navaho rug meets Flapper girl would only be amusing for a drunken booty shake…so lets call it a no….

  54. ESP

    I totally thought that was Whitney Port at first glance!

  55. Lilliah

    Reminds me of this handbag that Rachel Zoe had in one of the “parallel universe” (ie things you could actually afford) parts of a post about fringed bags. I remain unconvinced.


  56. Foo

    Front is good, waist looks wee, and I like the shoes. The buckles/buttons (too lazy to enlarge) look like they belong on the side of a guitar.
    (which = cool) Lovely hair and face, too.

    The back looks like a motley collection of leftover St Patricks’ Day weaves. It screams as it slinks to the left and shimmies to the right, “O’shit”.

    PS- Don’t watch GG, but all I have to do is look at a picture of usually pantless; the (wannabe) rocking raccoon and it makes me twitch. Not in a good way.

  57. lareader

    funny. but i thought you’re in los angeles. we have a subway here. so, you could trip and fall in front of a subway train right here. i hope you don’t. wear the shoes and take the gold line instead. it’s above ground.

  58. sylvia

    why isn’t there an option for liking the front? because i would totally wear it if the back was more like the front.

  59. Kelly

    I just had to post and agree that I too am over Gossip Girl – but Jenny’s about the only character that I still have any time for.

    I actually find myself fast-forwarding through the mind-numbingly dull Blair/Chuck, Serena/Nate storylines and don’t even get me started on the awful Dan/Vanessa snoozefest.

    If it wasn’t for Little J’s ridiculously implausible internationl drug trafficking and heavy eyeliner -I wouldn’t even bother recording it anymore.

  60. karina

    Why do celebrities have an irresistable urge to take what could be an awesome dress and fug it up with some meaningless crip-crap? Yes, this is a bit better than the miniature forks-and-knives bedecked gown we saw a couple of weeks ago. But wouldn’t this be smashing if she got rid of the fringes?

    By the way, the shoes are hideous, but would look great on Bride of Frankenstein.

  61. Fuh Ugh

    I remember going to the local department store in my mother’s home town when I was about 12. The store had a white “pleather” fringed bikini whose exact twin I swore would be mine when I grew up…

    Would it surprise you to learn that Jaime Pressly is from that same town? She could rock a white pleather fringed bikini.

    Anyway, my 12 year old self might have also loved this dress. Hmmm. That’s not a compliment to Ms. Meester.

  62. Gball

    Someone could really hurt themselves if they ever came into contact with her calves.

  63. albeli

    For some crazy reason, I think she’s actually rocking this wacky look! :)

  64. Cecily

    Native American blanket belted, car wash brush thingy fringe glued to back. This dress doesn’t know if it’s a teepee or a squeegee.

  65. minette

    i would totally wear that if i were her age. i love fringe, and that is a cool use of fringe. i might have decorated the top of the uppermost strip of fringe, but otherwise, very neat-o.

  66. GL

    two words (and a hyphen)

    Green back-hair


  67. your neighborhood librarian

    I love fringe, it’s a secret silly craving, but fringe that tickles the backs of your knees and makes you think that:

    a) a meek but persistent toddler is trying to get your attention
    b) bugs are on you
    c) you have a rash
    d) did I mention the possibility of bugs?

    is nothing to be desired.

  68. grace

    i like the idea, but not the execution…too much fringe. mostly I like the shoes, though I would teeter over immediately. also, I really like the shoes on the random black-suited woman gawking in the background. (though I’d totally teeter over in those too — heels are not my friends, sadly.)

  69. Eurydice

    It’s like she sat down on something icky, or ignored the sign warning “Danger: Wet Wallpaper.”

  70. Annemarie

    Totally agree with the works for a pow-wow. But how many of those do we go to?

  71. quichepup

    I dunno, Eileen and Annemarie. I wouldn’t wear this to a powwow (incidentally, powwow at Oklahoma City University this Saturday in Freede Center)

    It reminds me of something from one those catalogs that sells wolf t-shirts and indian inspired crap. The only thing missing is a made in China dreamcatcher on the back.

    Though I admit, I love her shoes.

  72. niki b

    Whoops…LM forgot to get her back waxed before going out in public…

  73. mepe

    It doesn’t really matter if I would wear it (since I’m old and fugly). The point is she looks young and sassy and totally pulls it off. If I were young and sassy I would totally wear it!

  74. evalyn

    A mullet dress!! Would one dare to sit down perchance never to be able to stand up again due to fringes tangled in chair parts?

  75. Hopper

    It looks like the back fringe would help keep you warm – like a built-in cape. Sensible.
    I’m a bit jealous.

  76. Anonymous

    I, too, had that Esprit camp shirt in the same fabric—also had a coordinating sweater vest in black with green and neon urine Navaho designs. And, if I remember correctly, wide-wale cordoroy stirrup pants…never thought about adding fringe, but, as I can see now, I just wasn’t thinking big enough. (although the matching neon urine socks were pretty hot.)

  77. Soapstef

    Holy S&%# F#&$! She’s a freakin walking car wash. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the back could be this damn bad! Unreal…I need a shot of something strong.

  78. Fiona

    This dress= the best thing I’ve seen today, even including the frighteningly cute guy in the library.

    The last GG episode= the biggest waste of my time since silly putty was invented. Boring. As.

  79. Anne B

    Fug the shoes.

    They’re just … how to say this? If I can walk past a white ceramic mannequin in Nordstrom whose frozen white feet are jammed into the same things, they’re not for you, Meester.

    But the dress: Fab! Fun-business in the front, and that’s kind of a waterfall party in the back (AWE-SOOOMMME!). Who cares if, on closer inspection, she kind of looks like she backed into the Jungle Tiki wall at the Party America store on her way to this event? Or that the dress makes the shoes look like a women’s prison somewhere in Berlin is missing its dominatrix warden?

    Either way, this is the kind of mullet-dress I like. But only on the Meese.

    It doesn’t matter whether I would wear it. The point is, I COULDN’T wear it. I am not this young woman. SHE can. She knows exactly how this whole outfit looks, and she can TOTALLY pull this s**t off.

    Rock on, Meese. Enjoy your time at the tiki bar! Have a Mai Tai for all of us!

  80. Joh

    Northwest Children’s Theater in Portland, OR just finished the world premiere production of “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!” The pigeon was played by a gentleman wearing slacks and a vest in *very similar* fabric. I’m thinking Leighton has her next part in the bag!

  81. titi

    the whole thing makes her legs look like two mushrooms! which is not something anyone would want. those shoes look totally awsum, if she got it in her own size. and seriously. she should take off the dress. even if that means going totally starkers if you dont count the clogs. its… hideous!!!

  82. womanofwords

    One word: astroturf. Get the lawn mower out…

  83. Mirror

    Well…I like it better than the time Posh wore a fuzzy bathmat in a similar configuration. That’s something, I guess.

  84. Kate

    Is this for her upcoming movie ‘Dances With Fugs’?

  85. Harley Rentals Miami

    OK so when I saw the dress from the front I thought it was very beautiful. When she turned around I simply don’t know what to say, it spoiled it all. But at least she has gorgeous sandals, I love them.

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