Fug or Fab: Kyra Sedgwick


There is no denying that Ms. Sedgwick, herself, is fab. I love her. And there are very few celebrity couples I actually get invested in — like, I was the only person I know who didn’t bat an eye when Sarandon and Robbins busted up — but if she and Kevin Bacon ever split up, and it’s revealed that he’s a misogynistic gigolo who feasts on eyeball pasta and she’s a big ol’ coke ho or something, I will be so upset, I will have to hit the Diet Coke early that day.

[Photo: Splash News]

As for the dress, I’m undecided. I loved it at first, but I couldn’t tell until I enlarged it just how much it looks like her bra is showing, rather than just being black lacy detail. I understand it’s a stylistic choice, but I kind of wish it had a round neckline that met in the middle, instead of a V; that would remove the brassiere from the equation, and I could go back to admiring her arms and writing my Kevin Bacon/Kyra Sedgwick Come To My House For Pancakes fan-fiction. It’s going to be really good, you guys. There are Dynasty DVDs involved.

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Comments (73):

  1. Peri

    If you hadn’t pointed out that it is more likely her bra than an incorporated lacy detail, i would have loved this. But once you brought that up, well then…..

  2. V

    I read on another blog that that IS her bra showing. If it was just the dress I’d give her a pass, but as it stands, this is an unacceptable undergarment display.

  3. V (again)

    Just confirmed – look at the original dress in the Antonio Berardi Fall 2010 show. NO black lacy inset. That’s Kyra’s black lacy bra peekin through in broad daylight. Despite her delightful personality, the outfit is F-U-G.

  4. lauren

    I really hate to let you down, but kyra sedgwick is a total cow. But points for her nice, pretty lady disguise, I guess, if we’re giving credit where it’s due…

  5. Laura

    I am against any showing of a bra INCLUDING straps. For Pete’s sake a bra is an UNDER garment! Old fashioned and not progressive, I know. But I was raised by a Grandmother that felt handbags and shoes should match. So No. Kyra Yes…bra No!

  6. Kristan

    I don’t see why it matters whether it’s her bra or part of the dress — if it looks good, it looks good! And while I’m normally NOT a fan of bras peeking out, in this case I think it looks purposeful and attractive.

  7. acbatz

    I find it amusing that you mentioned a V because I was in the middle of thinking that the dress made her look like one – as in V is for visitor in that new show that I couldn’t bring myself to watch even for Morris Chestnut.

  8. Erika

    She’s awesome, and she looks great–but if that really is her bra, then yikes! Can’t support (har har) it in any way.

  9. evalyn

    I voted no, but I’m kinda yes. No for the bra display and the knobby little things on the shoulders. But yes for the overall design, the fabric, and the fact that it fits her and she seems to be comfortable with her underwear hanging out in public.

  10. Suzy

    I absolutely love the dress, and I think it needs some kind of black trim up there at the neckline, to balance out the black portions on the sides. I’m not so sure it needs an ACTUAL BRA to create the black edge, though. I’m going to put my head in the sand and hope that’s not actually a bra, and just some black lace or under-trim. I don’t have my glasses on.

    Love the color and style and it makes her look very space age while not quite to Lady Gaga levels!

  11. jen

    As others have mentioned, it is her bra. I’m with Kristan – I love it. Without the bra, it’d be a little too low cut for me … but the color is perfect, the lacey bra isn’t vulgar, and the sleeves are very Cate Blanchett-esque. Love it.

  12. FireFly

    Love her and Kevin!
    Love the dress!
    Full of Love today!

  13. Kate

    I’d like it without the black on the sides, and without the bra. The pattern is unique and awesome on it’s own. If it really must have some black contrast, I’d prefer some slim black edging around the neckline and sleeves.

  14. Izzy

    I would like it if it just continued with the pretty line that started at her collarbones and just continued to meet in the middle without the unnecessary V.

  15. Ducki

    I actually do kind of just love this whole thing but because there are so many ridiculous girls running around thinking they are (the most annoying phrase in the entire universe) “fashion forward” for flashing their bras all over town, I have to wish that this didn’t resemble a bra. If that weren’t some dumb fad this would be lovely but since that is a dumb fad it winds up looking like Kiera (who I adore!) is falling in with a crowd of 20-something unemployed “actresses”.

  16. Cecily

    I just thought the lace detail played to the waist detail, but other commenters seem to think it’s her bra. Regardless, she looks slim and happy and normal and her arms are awesome, I give her a pass!

  17. Tara

    Looks like real bra to me, so I must say FUG. No showing of delicates, please.

  18. albeli

    I don’t like it whether it’s her bra or not (and it IS her bra).

  19. albeli

    As V said above, “look at the original dress in the Antonio Berardi Fall 2010 show.”

    Here’s a link. No bra showing.


  20. Julia

    It’s the shoulder knobs that are throwing me. I feel like I should hitch something to them to haul across the country.

  21. Kate

    Bra aside, is it just a weensy too long?

  22. daryl

    she is gorgeous and adorable and petite, no? i think the dress could be a tad bit shorter, it makes her look a little bit short. Curvy and stumpy but nonetheless..don’t mind the black bra thing but am not crazy about the fabric. it’s neither here nor there and sort of looks like a ginormous snake or something vaguely reptilian.

  23. Blanche

    La differance here is all about the close up.

    No close up? Fab. She’s pretty and little and it’s a good shape on her and the black panels are flattering and the shoes match.

    Close up? The dress is f-u-g-l-y, from its splotchy herpetic pattern (yes, V) to its shoulder knobs to Sedgwick’s (otherwise nice) bra, it’s all a big no. I don’t know what material it’s made out of, but I would call it No.

    I wonder how Sedgwick & Bacon are recovering from the Madoff ponzi scheme.

  24. EliTheEditrix

    Bra or no bra, I still dig. Fervently.

  25. EliTheEditrix

    Bra or no bra, I still dig. Fervently.

  26. quentin

    Not a fan of the dress/bra ensemble and barely like her but how great does her make-up look?!

  27. erin

    I hate the shoulders. Seriously, what is that about?

  28. CG

    NWIWW (Not what I would wear), but DAMN, she looks FAB and carries it off — bra or no bra. How old is she? She looks gorgeous for her age — heck, for any age — and refreshingly real. Plus I saw her years ago doing Twelfth Night at Lincoln Center and she was so wonderful and totally stole the show and I’ve loved her since. You go Kyra!

  29. christinalouise

    That is definitely her bra.

    If you look to the left, you can see a bit of the strap peeking out.

    As much as I love Kyra Sedgwick, that’s a great big NO.

  30. punxxi

    I think it’s cute and better than a nip slip anyday. The pattern looks like camo,

  31. Bambi Anne Dear

    Hmmmmmmm, just read a comment above that the original didn’t have the lacy detail so that is a fug point. I’m also not too keen on those half tennis ball shoulders or the lichen fabric pattern. I’d prefer to see this shot on the level rather than from above and I need to see some accessories. Not too much to ask is it? The shape and fit are great.

  32. kary

    those cap sleeves DO look like tennis balls. i call foul. that said, pretty face, great makeup, boring shoes (i know, i know — they’re everywhere)… she’s TINY. i love The Closer. that is all.

  33. Lina

    She looks great, better than I’ve seen her in years.

    I love the general style of the dress — it’s a flattering cut and she’s wearing the hell out of it.

    I hate the pattern of the fabric. I’m not a huge fan of the colors, in that combination, but I might be able to live with them in the face of a better pattern. I generally dislike reptile prints, but I especially can’t stand this one.

    I’m kind of indifferent to the ridiculous shoulder pads. They’re a thing right now. It just means all those dresses will be *so* 2010 and hilariously vintage in 25 years. Whatev.

    I like that the little V in the neckline gives it a saucy edge. That does great things for HER. Not having the little V — having the plain scoop neck instead — would be pretty, but it would also make this into something respectable enough for, like, church. Which is totally contrary to the point of having her wear it in public in the first place.

    I mean, it’s proclaiming “Kyra Sedgwick: too saucy for church! (Hire her!)”

    So, yay stylist? Because I haven’t thought about her in ages, and yet here I am writing a ridiculously long comment about something she wore. That’s a success.

  34. vandalfan

    Hate the shoulders, love the snakey fabric, hate the neckline, love the sides, hate the stumpfying length, love her figure.

  35. Janellionaire

    Nah. I hate the whole thing, top to bottom. She looks frumpy. And slutty at the same time.

  36. Acai Max Cleanse

    I liked her outfit especially her sandals. Moreover her pose is also nice enough to attract attention.

  37. trixie belden

    Hmmm, I don’t think that’s a reptile print. I grew up in the boonies, and while you might mute it down and put it on nice shiny fabric, I will still know camo when I see it. Possibly the prettiest camo ever, but it belongs in the woods shooting at things.

    And it’s stumpifying.

    Plus, ugly shoes.

    Also, shoulder knobs.

    Andplusalso, the black on the sides is ugly and totally unnecessary for her already banging figure.

    The bta doesn’t really bother me.

  38. The Other Molly

    I’m with Erin, what’s with the shoulders? It looks like she has two tumors.
    A scoop neckline, without the bra showing and this would be a winner.
    Kyra and Kevin and Amy Madigan and Ed Harris are my two favorite celebrity couples.

  39. Warwick

    Isn’t she anorexic enough without resorting to black side panels and body distortion shoulder pads? Don’t get me started on the weird pose.

    Eat some food woman.

  40. M.Amanda

    I can forgive the bra because other than that she looks great.

  41. Em

    If the font panel was in a different, more striking print, I would so be on board with this. But as it stands- no. Nothing fabulous about 80′s hotel sofa fabric. Shame, cause the cut and design are pretty.

  42. eee

    I recind my vote thanks to it being her actual bra.

    No clue as to whether or not Kyra’s a good person. However, I have it on authority that Kevin Bacon is a nice enough guy. The Bacon Brothers recently played at the theater my husband manages, and after the show the guys in the band invited him backstage to do tequila shots with them. My husband says Kevin is a bit “standoffish, but nice.” Kevin’s brother is super-nice. And they gave him a bottle of really good tequila at the end of the night, which makes Kevin and his brother OK by me. So I have Kevin Bacon’s tequila at home, if anyone ever wants to come over for shots.

  43. cranky old batt

    It looks like she has breasts growing on top of her shoulders.

    Yeah. Other than that, swell dress (eye roll).

  44. Lizzie

    Does anyone else think that this looks like a strange, futuristic suit of armor over a simple black dress? No? So it’s just me then….

  45. Bella1

    I don’t mind the bra, it’s the shoulders balls that concern me. Other than that, she looks gorgeous!

  46. Danielle Lilly

    I’d like to see it from the back to be sure, but I do kinda like it. And is it just me or is Brad Pitt turing into Robert Redford?

  47. JanetP

    I have a problem with someone so tiny wearing a dress that makes her look even smaller. C’mon, enough already.

  48. silverin

    I don’t understand why even mature, poised actresses who should know better pose like they gotta pee.

  49. Ranee

    She’s so cute and sassy and full of herself, that she gets a pass for me for whatever she chooses to wear.

  50. Sandra

    Oohhhhh, ALMOST! But not quite. Cover up her unmentionables–there’s a reason they call it UNDERwear, ladies–and make it one color and we’re home and dry. A rich aubergine (that’s eggplant in American) and it would be lovely.

    Lurrrrv her and Kevin. Hope they’re happy together forever.

  51. Lindy

    About that pic of Brad Pitt–are we sure that isn’t his brother, Doug? It looks more like him than Brad. (I can’t believe I know BP’s brother’s name. Ugh!)

  52. Lindy

    About that pic of Brad Pitt–are we sure that isn’t his brother, Doug? It looks more like him than Brad. (I can’t believe I know BP’s brother’s name. Ugh!) Plus, the Pitt in the pic is wearing a wedding ring.

  53. Paige

    I’m sorry, but anything that even remotely resembles camo is an immediate FAIL.

  54. Ranee

    … and since we are talking about Brad Pitt here, if that prior picture is really Brad, he has had some serious work done to his face.

  55. vandalfan

    And don’t think we missed it: Pancakes and Bacon. Har dee har har!

  56. buttercup

    It’s not so much the bra that’s causing trouble for me, although it does feel superfluous and unnecessary, it’s the color/print and the length.

    It’s just too alien/lizardy looking for my taste. I get the futuristic feel of the shoulders and the neckline, but this might have worked better for Kyra in another color.

    As for length, it’s a wee bit too long. It should end above her knees. This length is the same length everyone’s eighth grade dance dresses were back in the day. Way back. Like, the early 90s.

  57. Katie Starfish

    She looks gorgeous. And perfect. Again.

  58. Sweetsinger

    The dress rocks but for one annoying detail: those STUPID SHOULDER PADS. Pul-eeez. Ditch those and I can forgive the annoying bra. I was hoping she didn’t dress so ticky-tacky Brenda in real life.

  59. designerclothes

    I should have love this dress but there is something wrong with it. The design and the color combination looks amazing but the bra and the pads is not that good to see.

  60. Sajorina

    I love Kyra and I like the bra showing, so YES for me!!!

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