Fug or Fab: Kristen Stewart

First things first: I really love Kristen’s makeup here, and I think this hair color is so flattering on her:

Second things second: how do we feel about this dress? I like it, while also recognizing that it kind of looks like two super similar dresses sewn together (and while suspecting that it wasn’t always this short). [PS: We're having problems with our polling software today, so the polls that originally appeared here have been YANKED temporarily: please just have at it in the comments as usual!]

But wait! There’s more! Look what she wore this weekend!

I must confess that I rather love this picture. She has, as Tyra would point out, made her own hair-wind. Can we also just take a moment to talk about all the things that Tyra has taught us, maybe in spite of ourselves? They include: the important of hair-wind, smizing, and elongating one’s neck. I challenge ANY long-time viewer of ANTM to admit that they HAVEN’T thought about neck-elongation at some point when having their photo snapped. Because you totally thought about neck-elongation, and maybe a little bit about smizing. Don’t lie. It’s okay. I have too. But how do you like it?

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Comments (138):

  1. Anonymous

    I like this. She’s looking SO much better lately.

  2. Anonymous

    I like it. I just wish she’d like it too.

  3. Anonymous

    Not sure how I feel about the first dress, but I LOVE her second look. Way to be, KStew.

  4. Gerri

    I actually like both very much. And being fair skinned myself, I LOVE that she doesn’t faux tan (or real tan apparently)

  5. kates

    I like both – she has stellar legs – but if they were about 6 inches longer, she might feel okay about standing up straight. Which would improve both looks significantly.

  6. pinkcheese

    I agree that she’s looking better, and the second picture is awesome, but I don’t like the first one. I can’t put my finger on exactly what’s bothering me, but I think it might be the proportions (and I don’t mean just the super short hem.) Everything just seems a bit off.

  7. Sarah

    I agree Jessica, The first dress is a little too much in the lace department but the second is lighter and flattering. Hopefully she’s getting the hang of this…

    Check out: http://www.threadawards.com

  8. lesli

    I don’t like the first one — looks like cheap (even if it isn’t) lace, and the skirt looks way too tight, or like it’s just not made properly. But I do like the second one (it helps that she’s actually smiling!).

  9. Mary

    Go to eonline.com and you’ll see the back of the 2nd dress… really pretty. And what’s more amazing is she looks happy! Will wonders never cease!

  10. william

    dress up is fine but i like her better in her t-shirts and Chucks.

  11. G

    We’ve been seeing a trend of two patterned dresses more and more on the red carpet. I have to say KStew has done it best. The patterns are not too far off and distracting. I love her legs. Like, LOOK at her legs. And her skin. Jeez. I really like her style and how it has evolved. It is still funky and her…but grown up. I think I like Kristen Stewart! OMG

  12. ShaynnaB

    She is gorgeous, has a great body but what she lacks is confidence. If she stood up straight and believed in herself no-one would even question whether the dress looked any good. Guarantee she will look back on all these pics in 20yrs and go ‘what was I so worried about, I look great’.

  13. Rika

    I think she looks AWESOME in both pics. And big kudos to her for having the sexy-yet-stylish-look down.

  14. Chelsea

    I really like both dresses. I wish the first one were a little longer and that she would smile and not slouch, but I like them both and think she’s doing so much better with the hair and makeup! You go girl!

  15. miss_msry

    It might be time to rethink the bare-legged look. Hosiery can be your friend.

  16. Suzanne

    She looks pretty in both dresses. She just needs to come into her own and start wearing them with more CONFIDENCE! She’s always kind of hunched over like she’s not totally comfortable in what she’s wearing. On a sidenote: I’ve seen more pics of her smiling lately — she really is a pretty girl when she’s not sulking!

  17. michelle

    i like the fist dress, but fug her face. why doesn’t she ever effing smile like a real person???

  18. kary

    I think she looks great in both. She could use better posture, but … meh. It’s not a dealbreaker. Pretty!

  19. Faint

    Now she is pretty in the face, but her legs are as big as her arms, and I am not sure that means great legs to me. But whatever, we all have flaws right? she looks pretty good on both photos.

  20. Lo

    I wish she had the confidence she seemed to exude at the Scream awards while rocking the white dress. And if I had those legs every thing I wore would be that short. Everything.

  21. Jennifer M.

    I just want her to stand up straight and pull her shoulders back. She would look ten times more amazing in every outfit if she would just do that – she wouldn’t even have to smile!

  22. Judith

    That girl brings out the Cranky Mom of Teenager in me:

    “Stand up straight! Shoulders back! Smile! Could you not comb your hair?”

    And like a 14 year-old girl, when she forgets to pout so damned hard she looks great. So since she’s not MY 14 year-old girl, just let me know when she finally grows up because until then she’s her parents’ problem, not mine.

  23. Lynne

    Shaynna, you hit the nail on the head there. It almost doesn’t matter what she wears cause the poor kid looks so gangly and awkward in everything. Put that first dress on Emma Watson or Rachel Bilson and it would look fabulous.

  24. I.K.

    Well, she looks stunning in the secong picture, it’s lovely. The first look is not too bad either, her makeup (and hair!) IS pretty, although I prefer a bit more natural red on the lips. Her eyes are really gorgeous. I think I’d like the first pic as much as the second one, if she unclenched her hands, smiled her pretty smile, and worn shoes a little less crazy tall, so it’d be easier for her to stand up straight. I mean, look at her feet, ow…

  25. Lisal

    I love the style of both dresses, and her hair and make-up are looking stellar. I do, however, think both dresses are a tad too short, even half an inch longer would have been great.

    For me, when you can see the start of the upper-inner thigh, it gets a little uncomfortable. She has great legs, I get that, but I don’t need to see that much of them.

    As for ANTM – I always think about smizing when I get photos taken now, elongating the neck is important as well.

  26. Minutiae

    She has made massive improvements, to be sure. I don’t love the first one (or the ‘do), but the second is pretty fantastic, and I love the lighter hair color on her. It gives her some color in her face.

  27. Amy!

    I ALWAYS think about elongating my neck in pictures. EVERY SINGLE TIME I pose for a picture, I hear Tyra in my head “WHERE’S YOUR NECK?!”

    Also, KStew looks fab. I love it.

  28. jamie

    Shocked to say I like them both. I think the first dress would be much less interesting if it was all the same lace throughout. It’s like a very subtle version of the whole “mixing patterns” thing that InStyle is always trying to sell people on but never looks right in real life.

  29. Gina

    In the first pic, I think the problem is her updo looks a bit helmet-y and that red lipstick gives her ‘mean’ lips. She should stick to softer, nude or pink colors. Also, pull the skirt down a bit so it’s not bunching up.

    And maybe it is just me, but I don’t think she has great legs at all. They may be long, but they are flabby-looking. God knows she is thin as a rail and doesn’t need to work out, per se, but she might benefit from some toning exercises.

  30. Emi!y

    Maybe Anna Kendrick’s usual good taste is rubbing off on K Stew (yesterday’s dress not withstanding).

  31. Diane

    I think I’d like the first dress a little better if it were about 2″ longer. When did dresses become so short? Even if you have great legs, there’s such a thing as too short. And I wish she’d let her hair down once in a while. She looks so much better.

  32. brianinsanfran

    I totally elongate my neck and smize whenever there’s a camera in the room.
    The first dress looks too short. Like she’s having to slump to keep it down. But doesn’t she always slump?

    the second is totes a winner on ANTM. She looks like she’s on a runway in a Wal-Mart parking lot introducing a new line of hair grease.

  33. Clisby

    The dresses are OK. The makeup in the first one is pretty bad.

    WHY is a girl with such unattractive legs wearing such short skirts? Honey – get to the gym, or wear pants.

  34. Clara

    I like both looks, the second one better, and I think I had better work on my hair-wind. There is something about K-Stew that always seems half-naked to me. Maybe it’s those long, bare legs.

  35. Nothing But Bonfires

    I not only think about smizing and elongating my neck when I’m having my picture taken, I also think about modeling H to T. Yes, even at the DMV when they’re only taking a picture of my face. H to T, baby. Always.

  36. Mania

    I think the first look is a little bit to royal for someone like KStew, the hair, the red lipstick and lace. if the skirt was long it would totally be gala dinner with the queen.
    the second I love. her skin is FLAWLESS her legs SENSATIONAL. and yes, it does make me a bit krisbian.

  37. Anonymous

    I wish she’d stand up straight and add a little length to her dresses – her legs really are not that great, very shapeless.

  38. Chasmosaur

    I feel like the first look isn’t her and she knows it. But she knows she’s knocked the second look out of the park.

  39. Foamer

    She can SMILE? Since when?!?!

  40. Mifty

    I’m with those who say she has nice legs, but it might be nice to see an inch or two less of them. I don’t care for the first dress — not the mixed patterns, but the proportions are wonky; it makes her look even a bit short-waisted, which she plainly is not.

    In the second pic, the dress is still a bit too short, but she looks young, put-together, and happy — can’t ask for much more than that.

  41. akanni

    She has giraffe legs, as if they are going to break. Awful.
    The same short dresses over and over again.
    Cover up!

  42. Jill

    Oh look, Kristen Stewart is wearing a one shouldered mini dress. Oh and look, Kristen Stewart is wearing another one shouldered mini dress.

  43. Isaiah

    Wow, she looks amazing! I got some other really great discount finds on http://www.totalookshop.com

  44. courtney

    I love both looks, but what is up with her constant thumbs-tucked-into-fists look?

  45. Amelia

    I just always think she’s shrugging or slouching. Straighten up! No model would slouch.

  46. Pellinore

    She looks gorgeous in both. Kudos to her for finally starting to grow up looks-wise.

  47. JVG

    Wow! Kristen you look fantastic! Are you in love perhaps?

  48. Agent Scully

    I love both looks and I have a feeling that she’s going to grow up quite glamorous. I have deep pits of hatred reserved for Twilight, but I cannot deny Kristin’s beauty. It’s so nice to see her looking lovely.

  49. TaraMisu

    I love both looks on her. The first photo is part of a grouping and she smiled in every single photo except the one above LOL! But job well done K Stew!

  50. Susan

    Both dresses are great and she looks great in both.

  51. Peggy

    Concur that standing up straight would do wonders for both dresses. I don’t mind either dress, but the waistline for the first dress is in the wrong place. To high for her own waist, but not high enough to be deliberately empire waisted. Looks wonky, and adds to the feeling that the thing doesn’t fit. HATE the hair in the first shot. Just looks flyaway, like she pulled it back for yoga class, not for a fancy occasion.

  52. M.Amanda

    I like the first dress, hair and makeup. But she looks AWESOME in the second picture.

  53. Kristan

    1st photo:
    From the neck down she looks fine. The head is a hot mess in this photo (bad lighting I think).

    2nd photo:
    Gorgeous! The dress is really interesting and kind of lovely, and hey look, A SMILE!

  54. E

    The first dress would be nice if she would stand up straight and SMILE. And, God forbid, put a little sass into it when she poses. The second dress doesn’t do much for me, but I like the picture because she’s smiling and happy. Come on Kristen – it can’t be all bad!

  55. Rachael

    gorgeous in both photos!

  56. Tay

    she’s finally learning how to dress — she looks fabulous. brava, brava!

  57. vandalfan

    She doesn’t act very happy to be young, famous, and rich, does she? I do see an occasional smile, and I’m not for jack-o-lantern grinning all the time, but when being photographed, make some effort. Too red lipstick does not make one mature, nor do too-short miniskirts. Her legs need some muscle tone, and looking at her makes my neck and shoulders ache- stand up straight,and at least act like you have confidence.

  58. Alexandra

    I find myself practicing smizing and neck-elongation at the most random of times. Oh, Tyra, the things you’ve taught us.

  59. Kati

    Haha! I was a bridesmaid in a wedding this weekend, during the interminable picture session, I totally thought about (a) smizing and (b) neck elongation!!! Thank you Tyra!! And, p.s., I think Kristen looks great in the 2nd dress!

  60. Karen

    I like the first photo but I LOVE the second.

    Young and sweet and lovely. Well done, KS.

  61. Jessica

    I like them both. Now, if she can only figure out what to do with her hands!

  62. evalyn

    Everytime I see this girl, I think the same thing: how pretty she would be if she would stand up straight.

  63. Rayna

    Astonishingly, I’m pretty OK with both dresses, and y’alls know I usually don’t approve of the one shoulder thing.

    But gosh, they’re short! Which I guess is fine if crotchtacular is the look you’re going for, but I hope she’s not.

    Second picture is definitely proof that “you’re never fully dressed without a smile.” Or smize. Or whatevs.

  64. Jenibee

    Dude – unclench your fists already! Who the hell you gettin’ ready to punch?

  65. Cashmere

    Interesting topic. From the above topic she looks a bit awkaward like she is not comfortable in her own skin. nice clothes though., haha

  66. llism

    Since when did flabby, bruised legs = great? Jennifer Aniston has great legs, not K Stew.


  67. Megan

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, Kristen Stewart, just STAND UP STRAIGHT. I guarantee that you would not get half as much criticism as you do for your wardrobe if you just pulled your shoulders back and didn’t look so uncomfortable all the time!

    It’s not that hard! I promise!

  68. Fuh Ugh

    It is possible that KStew and Anna Kendrick are merging into one person? KAStewKend? Much like AEHathMend…

  69. Beata

    She looks good in those pictures I give her that and I really like the second one, but she should fire her hair stylist and for heaven sakes try to wear something other then mini dress, especially that her legs aren’t that good.

  70. Bonnie

    I agree she looks better here than usual. But it is such a shame that a person who could be very pretty has a habit of looked dazed and confused. Her typical lack of any expression is very unattractive, no matter what her outfit is.

  71. Annie

    I think both would look about 20 times better if she had on a back brace.
    Straighten up!

  72. Wrigley

    Even though it DOES look like two dresses sewn together, the young lady has fabulous legs which would distract anyone from any wildly disparate bodice and skirt ensembele.

    The only issue I have is with her posture (mentioned I realize by countless commentors previous to me). I have to ask why NO ONE has had any influence on her in this one area. I feel the overwhelming urge to poke her between the shoulder blades everytime she tries to slouch. She should keep her back straight and her head high. She is otherwise lovely.

  73. Karmen

    Never thought I’d say this, but I love both of them! The first one reminds me of a Lanvin dress my sister used as inspiration for my mom to make her. Yes, we can get our mom to replicate any designer dress with our own personal touches. My momma’s the best.

  74. Brenn

    So pretty!

  75. annabeth

    I like both dresses. I actually think the first one would be a bit more attractive with another couple inches of length; the effect would be more slimming overall, plus it would give the bottom half Lace Dominance and thus pull everything together more. But these are tweaks on good ideas.

  76. Verodemort

    People.com has a picture where KStew’s first dress and she looks AMAZINGING BEAUTIFUL but its not a full length photo of her dress. Anywho, someone FINALLY got a new stylist and for that, we are all thankful :)

  77. MG

    The second one is fine. The first one looks like she’s going to a formal event with Tarzan.

  78. Julia

    I LOVE the first dress! So pretty and flattering. The second one is nice too, but I wish, for both outfits, she would get a better hair stylist. Her hair always looks like she did it herself in the limo.

  79. emily

    Well, for what it’s worth, she’s smiling in other pictures in that first dress (I gather it’s Valentino–just a data point). I don’t love it–it’s a tad funereal, but nor do I think she looks bad in it at all. She obviously digs the one-shoulder look, which I think works much better in the second picture (maybe b/c the line is more diagonal), and I’m not sure re the bright red lipstick in the first pic. So it’s sort of mixed though gen’ly positive for the first one. I think both dresses flatter her body type: she’s short-waisted and would probably look bobble-headed in a long fitted dress. I *love* the second dress and think she looks beautiful–agreed re the hair-wind. She looks like she should be moving in slo-mo while “Dreamweaver” plays.

  80. Renee

    Very cute! :)

  81. Angie

    She looks like a confused colt who happened to run through Grandma’s sewing drawer a couple of times. I wish she wore something she could be comfy in and slouch all she wants. Skirt is too short. She should consider dressing like Kate Hepburn.

  82. Sandra

    Does she have some sort of anxiety issues? ‘Cause she looks really tense in that first picture; almost like she’s expecting something awful to happen. Either that or it’s a ferocious case of bitch-face. Either way, ouch. Much better in the second photo.

  83. Anonymous

    i love it, i think she looks gorgeous

  84. jen

    I thnk she is just more comfortable in pants, and with dresses that short, anyone would be. She looks nice, but maybe some dressy pants would solve her problem of feeling exposed.

  85. Liana

    I really like the second one- but I think part of the reason is that she’s practically SMILING, for heaven’s sake. She should do that more often! Also, though, I do think the dress looks better, too- less mismatched.
    Plus I’m just not really partial to the whole “sheer black lace over nude underlay” look.

  86. KateS

    I actually find her ‘awkward sullen teen’ thing kind of endearing. It makes a change from the cookie-cutter cute-happy-tanned-expensively capped-thing most starlets have going on, without veering way off course into Momsen-ism.

  87. albeli

    She looks so relaxed and carefree in the 2nd pic. Really works for her.

  88. whiterabbit11

    this girl will be one of the great beauties of the 21st century. so i am content to wait till she grows some confidence and a backbone capable of supporting her body in an upright position. the dresses are fine, age & event appropriate.

  89. marcia

    Once, on Project Runway, Tim Gunn described one of the designer’s models as having “weird gumby legs.” I think of that line every time I see KStew in a mini. And yes, that is uncharitable of me, but I can’t help it, and she could wear a more flattering length than “at the crotch.” Otherwise, she looks great.

  90. Anonymous

    Second picture is great. First is just okay.

    I think I’d like her a lot better if she smiled more.

  91. Bambi Anne Dear

    Yeah, not sure about the first dress but the second is lovely. Very over Kristen Stewart and her scowling and poor posture. And so over Anna Kendricks. I just don’t see what the attraction is. And that pale aqua dress! Burn it!

  92. Anonymous

    I love the first dress! The red lipstick finishes the look off well (if only she would smile). The second dress is okay as well, although I think Kristen’s complexion would benefit from a splash of colour every now and then. But seriously, both would be awesome if she would STAND UP STRAIGHT! Her consistently terrible posture ruins the look every time.

  93. Kristin

    With a dress as short as the first one, the height of the waistband makes it look like she bought a dress designed for someone six inches shorter than her and said “screw it, I’ll wear it anyway”.

    That second dress is beautiful, though.

  94. Jackie

    Considering smiles are so important to some people here (for some reason – isn’t it about the clothes?), then why do you avoid posting pics of her smiling?

    Yeah, it’s obvious to me too. Just want to put it out there.

    If you want to see a shallow, vapid celebrity smiling to sell something, there are MANY to choose from. Kristen Stewart is obviously not your thing. Paris Hilton maybe, or Ashley Greene? Always fake and at the ready.

  95. Rachel

    Dig the second, don’t care for the first. Oh, and there was a wind machine there (note the floating fake snowflakes). Kristen Stewart’s not cool or talented enough to make her own hair wind. It takes great skill, Obi-wan.

  96. will-smith-but-not-that-guy

    My issue is that these are nightclub looks, NOT red carpet occasion looks. They’re hot, they’re swanky — but they’re also seriously SKANKY, albeit in a gorgeous way. I’m such a fuddy duddy….

  97. Curtis

    I love both the looks, smizing and hair-wind included. And I know we’ve gone over this, and the dead horse has turned to glue, and my Manolos are now stuck in it, but THE GIRL NEEDS TO SMILE. You’re one of the most beloved teenage(ish) actresses of the moment (by numerous crazed, foam-at-the-mouth t[w]eens). Pop a Paxil and show some teeth!

  98. Smokey

    She always looks like the teen druggy out of a midday movie that has been reluctantly made over by some do-gooder types and she’s just waiting for them to turn her back so she can go shoot up some more.

  99. NYCGirl

    Her dress in the second picture is much better than her dress in the first picture. And her hair in the second picture is much, MUCH better than her hair in the first picture.

  100. Anonymous

    I like them both quite a bit. Her makeup is really pretty in the first one and while it is sort of reminiscent of two dresses sewn together, I think it works. And she looks plain gorgeous in the second. THat dress is simple and pretty without being boring. Way to go, KStew!

  101. Lily

    I ADORE the first one. I love it, i want it. The second one is too short; it’s not classy. It looks cheap, imo. Maybe if it covered more than an inch of her thighs it’d be super cute.

    Did I mention how much I love the first one?

  102. Matilda

    I really like both dresses. They aren’t too short, she’s what, 20? If you can’t wear a short skirt when you are that young and have great legs, then when can you???

  103. meow

    i love her in both the dresses, but would it kill her to throw on a single piece of jewelry?!

  104. Cecilia

    I love her look.
    I think she just look so fabulous, no, no,
    not fug at all.
    But sometimes she looks messy. :D

  105. Rachel

    Really, would it kill her to have a polished hairdo just once? It is nice to see her smile in the second picture, she looks so much prettier that way.

  106. Kerri

    She’s stunning in both dresses, but I prefer the first one. It fits her perfectly and is absolutely gorgeous.

  107. Cherise

    I think she looks absolutely gorgeous in both pictures. Kristen’s been looking all kinds of amazing lately. Good for her. <3

  108. A. B.

    There is something about that first dress that just looks caveman-like to me. Like it’s something that Betty Rubble would have worn to that one formal Lodge event she and Barney went to because Wilma nagged Fred into going and the couples just have to do everything together.

    Maybe it’s the scalloped edge, maybe it’s the gathering at the one shoulder, maybe it’s her incredibly bad posture. I don’t know. She’s wearing a caveman dress, though.

  109. jessie

    love both! she looks so pretty when she tries a little bit… :)

  110. Leah

    I mean, it’s so much better, obviously, so she’s mip, but I still don’t like her and I still don’t know why she’s famous. Average the two together, she’s a solid C.

  111. Eimear

    I love the second one! It is new and she wears it super well.

    I’ve never been a big ANTM fan but after a dozen episodes or so I think about smising ALL THE TIME. Life fail.

  112. e


  113. Nicole Francois

    The second dress is to die for. (Tangent: Why do we say “to die for”? Really, shouldn’t it be “to kill for”? I would totally kill, like, a frog or a spider or something for that black and white dress. It’s rad.
    The first dress is only okay. It reminds me very very much of this dress I bought back in ’97 from Contempo Casual, that I LOVED. (God, remember Contempo Casual? Like the trashy parent of Forever 21.)

  114. S.

    thank goodness. she’s pretty endearing in interviews, but she always looks like utter hell. now if we could get her to stop slumping we’d be in business…

  115. Becky

    Love the first dress. Second one? Not so much. But she is smiling, so points.

  116. Anonymous

    She looks FABULOUS, and so refreshing to see a real person and not to see that bleached hollywood smile, fake tan and general sameness of all the rest. hope she never loses it!

  117. Anonymous

    she looks so pretty and her hair color is super cool!!! love both the dresses <3

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  119. Jenny

    I am sick of KStew in a short tight ine shouldered look , And wearing a small band ring does not constitute as an accessory.
    In both looks she looks a million times better than her preferred knotted tshirt and saggy butt low rise stretch denim,
    and let’s face it if I hated crowds as much as she does I wouldn’t wear an accessory I would undoubtedly fidget with ..
    I’m torn, it’s the same old same old, but the look suits her somehow sexy akward stick legged, no breasted, boy hipped body.
    I do know I don’t like the red lipstick, or the unstyled hair

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  121. Wolfie

    I actually like the dress in both pictures. The first dress is interesting and shows off her awesome legs, but really needs to lose the weird ruffle thing o0n the shoulder (and do something about her hair, and the second one is flattering and edgy.

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  123. Rowen

    I like both dresses. She can wear short, so it’s ok. But a love the look an her face in the second picture, she’s so confident.

  124. neptune0909

    She looks great until you get to the bottom of her hem, she really needs some muscle tone!

  125. Ali

    She looks great. I love the lip color she wore with the Valentino, and I think the dress itself is 80% win. I really loved the dress she wore to the Scream awards, though I think there are many more flattering pictures of it out there. Her hair wasn’t awesome then, but she apparently flew from Baton Rouge and made it to the awards 5 minutes before she walked on stage, so hair and makeup was a super rush job. I love that she doesn’t feel the need to fake tan/dress trashy/do what the media tells her to do (smile more!), because I don’t think there’s enough of that out there for young girls. But enough of the morals, I give it a fab, on both counts.

  126. Jane

    I don’t mean to sound like a snarky jerk, but I just think she is kinda funky-looking in every photo I see of her. In a not-good way, I mean. However, recent photos of her seem to be showing a happy person as opposed to the bored or possibly borderline suicidal -looking chick of yore. So, that’s good!

  127. Kristin

    I know bare legs are in style, but in the first picture, I can see bumps and bruises on her shins. That’s not attractive.

  128. Kristin

    I know bare legs are in style, but in the first picture, I can see bumps and bruises on her shins. That’s not attractive.

  129. Nicole

    I just wish she would hit the gym and get some muscle tone in those legs.

  130. Anonymous

    i love the dress and i think she looks beautiful in it!

  131. esther

    i think whoever told her that her legs are her best feature should be shot.

    that said, the first dress looks quite nice (someone needs to teach her how to stand) and the second photo is just an awesome photo.

    like, pretty damn cool capturing of a moment there. and her legs look the shapeliest i’ve ever seen them. the dress might not actually be that fantastic, but it’s just such a nice photo.

    reminds me of the shot of angelina jolie in her pale pink glittery caftan dress at a “Salt” premiere, when she’s smiling back over her shoulder and the dress and her hair is all billowing beautifully. to me, just a magical moment captured.

  132. alicia

    AHH- first pic legs need some improvement. She does not have alot of natural definement- even a light tan would cover the obvious bruises against her white skin. They make leg makeup spray for this purpose. You can find a very light color that will not be obvious. She needs to start exercising and quit smoking so she has better muscle tone.

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