Fug or Fab: Kristen Stewart


Several people suggested, after our most recent fugging of Kristen Stewart, that we simply don’t get it, and that we are closing off our hearts to someone truly special. To which I say: Okay! Because, look, I can’t help my feelings, and they are: Until she stops acting surly all the time — or, to be fair, acting like she thinks she should be LOOKING surly all the time — then I will be hard-pressed to believe I am missing out on anything.

That said, my clothing-related issue with Kristen’s white BAFTAs dress was that it was the wrong size. By a long-shot. It made her torso look like curdled milk. Clothes should not do that to a person. So I’ll say this, and hopefully this at least proves I can be unbiased about what she’s wearing: At this Elle event, Kristen looks SO much better.
In fact, I rather like the dress itself, seeing as it’s unusual and it fits properly. The shoes, I could leave, and I really wish she’d gotten a pedicure (that’s just me, though — I love a dark painted toenail, inasmuch as anyone who hates feet can feel affection for toenails), and she still seems unsure of how to hold herself in public. Also, smile. It’s truly acceptable to act like you’re happy with your life and career. For real. Maybe the glum expression is just an ode to the black detail around her waist, which might be making her feel emotionally connected to perennial loser and fellow zig-zag aficionado Charlie Brown, who also has very little to smile about, considering that his best friend is a dog with superiority issues and a girl whose greatest joy in life is seeing him fall on his ass when he tries to kick a football. 
But that’s neither here nor there, and I promise I will stop barking about her lack of enthusiasm (for as long as I can, anyway — I am a crabby old biddy, remember). The dress is such an improvement on the BAFTAs that I’m giving Kristen here a Fab vote.

Here’s a pre-BAFTAs outfit that hit the wires right as we were winging our way back from New York (and/or frantically Tweeting about Thursday night’s men’s figure skating and other Olympic shenanigans):

I don’t… HATE it, but it strikes me as one of those dubious tunics you pull off the rack at Express while saying, “Wait… is this a long shirt, or a short dress?” And then it turns out it doesn’t quite work as either. There’s also a faint whiff of loincloth about the bottom part. Imagine if she’d worn it to any of the Twilight events; Bella plus Eau d’ Loincloth plus either Jacob or Edward equals some seriously creepy fanfic.

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  1. Amanda in Austin

    Seriously. What is with this girl?! The sourpuss face is getting OLD, chickadee. My patience has worn very thin.

  2. Danielle B

    A suggestion for that last black number:
    Add a very flouncy shirt underneath and tights. Also a belt so she can sling a sword from her hip. Maybe some riding gloves and an ornate hat for good measure.

    She would look far more ridiculous, yes.

    However, she would fit right in on the Princess Bride set.

  3. Rissa

    If she just smiled, I would like her so much more. Girl, you have cute clothes and shoes, appreciate it!

  4. Connie

    I think what you guys read as general glumness is really just off-the charts insecurity. I think she’s just one of those people who loves to act who just doesn’t think much about the other side of things. I guess when you’re Johnny Depp people just put up with your crazy but when you’re a young, cute girl they expect otherwise.

  5. ShananaShawna

    I feel like my mother saying this but child needs to smile, stand up straight, and put a little effort into the hair. In a word TRY. Also from me to you as a pale dark haired girl, a little shimmer lotion on the legs, arms, and shoulders never hurt anybody.

  6. Sam

    I wish people would get over the fact that Kristen Stewart isn’t all giggles and smiles on red carpets. She’s pretty, she wears pretty things, and 80% of the time she makes some sort of effort. She doesn’t seem like a naturally giggly kind of person, so I fail to see what the big deal is. My guess is not every single person in the world is all smiles when a billion flashbulbs and screaming people are in your face.

  7. Linney

    She could be wearing the best fitting and most beautiful dress ever designed but she will never look great for me because she looks like someone just sat on her piece of cake. It’s like dressing up a farm animal-it still looks like a farm animal, just with a dress on. The expression never changes.

  8. Anonymous

    There’s a LOT of room between “girly girl” and “crabby sourpuss.”

  9. el tea

    I think I could be more supportive of fasion choices if she would just stand up and smile. I’m so tired of seeing her schlumping down the red carpet.

  10. Amanda in Austin

    Seriously. What is with this girl?! The sourpuss face is getting OLD, chickadee. My patience has worn very thin.

  11. Li

    This constant badgering of this girl to smile is really grating on me. As someone pointed out above, if she were a man no one would think she was surly or ungrateful or unfriendly. This expectation is being put on her solely because she is a young woman, and it is working my last nerve. People I know who are in the film industry say that she’s professional and extremely well respected by the people she works with. She’s also supposed to be very polite and gracious with fans. She just doesn’t put on a shit eating grin when confronted with photographers. That’s not a crime.

  12. Linney

    Sam, no one is asking her to giggle or ooze rainbows and puppy dogs but if she’s proud of her work, she could show it. It won’t make her part of the snotty Hollywood entitled crowd, as she apparently fears; it will make her seem human. Whether she likes it or not, part of her job is to sell her product. That face up there, with the giant sourpuss, isn’t cutting it. She doesn’t just not smile or giggle; she looks downright offended by the attention.

  13. Caitlin

    She is so pretty when she smiles/looks comfortable. Exhibit A:


    But, I love the first look – second, not so much

  14. Henriette

    That black number does absolutely nothing for her shoulders. I mean, it looks like her torso and her legs are from two different bodies. And we’ve seen her in strapless numbers: her shoulders are really not that broad! So why on earth wear a dress that makes her look that way?

  15. Connie

    Sort of on-topic. You know who smiles all the time and I wish he wouldn’t? Jack Nicholson. Not all smiles are welcome.

    Again, Kristen seems uncommonly uncomfortable with attention. I have family with anxiety, and many actors have stage fright. Maybe she just isn’t good at the public appearance portion of her job. She’s young, give her time. Confidence, sadly, tends to come with age.

  16. maisyjean

    Yes, I have to agree – the whole “put on a smile” thing is so super sexist – women are supposed to be happy and peppy all the time, while it’s perfectly okay for men to be all broody. That makes no sense to me. That said, she has surprisingly FANTASTIC legs – I’d be going all Boobs Legsly on the world if I had those pins!

  17. madRue

    She’s always doing that
    “my parents forced me to come with them to this thing and I’m so over it”
    face, and she’s too old for that.

  18. Caitlin

    For some reason my link didn’t work?


  19. TaraMisu

    I do love KStew, for sure. BUT I too think she needs to smile, or just stand up straight! The tunic thingy is just a do-over, it’s fug beyond belief. I do love the black dress though, it really shows off her giraffe-like legs! The shoes could be better but this is a cute look for the most part.

  20. Scoots

    The first dress does NOT fit! If she was standing up straight, her breasts would pop right out of it. And it’s about two inches too short.

    The second dress is pretty cool, I think. Sort of athletic-looking. And it flatters her. But her facial expressions do not flatter her.

  21. Moi

    Not sure how she won a style award – unless perpetually greasy looking hair is considered style.

  22. julianna rose

    I think if she stood up straight and didn’t look like she wasn’t sure if she was wearing a shirt or a dress the second one would be a fab.

    The first one is lovely, but would benefit from a better hair style and pedicure.

  23. Maria

    I like the zigzag dress – it’s young and cute and it fits well. The second one is another of those dresses that probably started out as a good idea but went awry in the execution. Still, I give Kristen points for effort and looking ladylike in both.

    I’m thinking her hair probably looked cute in person, but did not photograph well. Really dark hair doesn’t – I have black hair and can attest to that.

  24. Molly

    I feel like it would make a huge difference if she did as little as wear some blush. If she smiled and had some rosier cheeks I think there would be a vast improvement. I love the pale skin, but she could look less like a ghost.

  25. Sara

    It looks like a giant bib.

  26. Paige

    Somebody give her some media training, stat! Girlfriend needs to learn some public speaking skills. Once she’s done with that, teach her about this wonderful thing called shampoo. In fact, I’ll spring for the first bottle.

  27. Zoe

    If she smiled. If she did this. If she did that. What you are basically saying is if she played the game the way everyone else does. She is who she is and she doesn’t fake it to please people. I’m sick of pretty little blond chicks who say the right thing and smile just right all the time. She’s 19 and 19 year olds are angsty and not perfect creatures like movies portray. She’s real. Love her.

  28. Anne (in Reno)

    Wash that face and hair and get an actual hairdo and some decent posture. Then get a mani and a pedi and we’ll talk. You make ridiculous amounts of money to do this shit so don’t look like you’re too cool for school when you’re still cashing the checks. Make some effort!

    Also, I’d like that first dress if it was on someone who did all of the above. Girlfriend plays the game, she just wants to pretend she’s too good for it. But I bet she still takes the free clothes.

  29. jamie

    Ugh, the pedicure thing was the first thought that came to mind. You don’t even need polish – SJP is always running around with bare tips and toes – it just needs to look like you take care of yourself.

  30. K

    Frankly, I think the main problem here is the haircut left over from Runaways. Mullets do nobody any favors.

  31. Charlie

    The second one is definite fug, but the first is more on the fab side. I would love to see a smile on her face – even if she is secretly really nervous (I couldn’t knock her for that, I would be too), surely she could manage even a wee smile? A tiny one? I appreciate that Johnny Depp is a bit off-the-wall and people put up with that, but Kristen appears more sulky than anything else (to me at least). She all but rolled her eyes when her name was read out at the BAFTAs, and that just appears rude, even if it was a completely gut reaction.

  32. Delta Sierra

    I like both these black dresses, they fit her grunge look. The hair, too. The smile, I can live without, I agree with those who say the ‘smile, honey!’ thing verges on sexism.

    But if she doesn’t stand up straight she’s going to get sore back muscles. I learned to stoop in high school when I was taller than everyone else, and to this day am still trying to shake it.

  33. funderpants

    Gah! Whatta dirtball. The dirty, sullen teenage boy look is a big old miss.

  34. Lilliah

    Yeah, I’m tired of seeing her make her awkward-pose w/ bleh-face on the carpet, but I’m starting to become more tired of the criticism. Yeah,she COULD stand to smile a little and yeah, there’s a bit of sexism going on here, too, but the people who get all “SHE’S SUPPOSED TO BE SELLING HER PRODUCT AND SHE’S NOT CUTTING IT!” are going WAY overboard right about now. It doesn’t matter if she smiles, she’s still gettin’ paid, and now you’re looking even more overly serious and judgemental than SHE IS- ha! Funny how that works. I think we should all give up, accept Kristin for who she is and move on.

  35. Drie

    I agree with Zoe and Lilliah. I don’t think she’s really into doing these events but it is probably in a contract somewhere that she must make an appearance, so she’s there. I can understand not wanting to smile!

  36. Anonymous

    That first one looks like when really fat people wear shorts and the middle rides up as they walk. NOT GOOD.

  37. Casey

    Girl needs a spa day– Her legs always look like like an 11 year old boys. Until those legs get a good polish all dresses are Fug.

  38. Alma

    Geez I think everyone needs to calm down.

  39. Christina

    I agree with Zoe. However, too small dresses and/or unpretty hairstyles are NOT a part of personality. It doesn’t bother me that she isn’t that supermegahappyhappy all-american clone blonde next door sweetheart. Instead, lack of style does annoy and it does annoy a lot since she’s such a pretty girl.

  40. erin

    I don’t care if she smiles or not. I just wish she would wash her hair.

  41. Geraldine

    I like her. Not so much her style.
    Has anyone seen the acceptance speech she gave at the Baftas? Awkward! I think she’s just not comfortable being in the spotlight… which is unfortunate given that she’s in one of the hugest movie franchise ever…

    But if I was her, and I was banging Robert Pattinson, I’d be smiling like there was a coat hanger in my mouth :)

  42. me

    You ALSO only pick picture where she is NOT smiling…
    same event

  43. Anonymous

    I don’t know if it is a sexist thing. A man who looks cranky annoys me just as much. I’m not a big fan of Johnny Dep (there, I said it) because his weirdness seems like an act.

  44. periperi

    to the person saying she gets the free clothes:she doesn’t, she stated so herself. she said that she ain’t a star big enough to cary the dresses home.

  45. Eric

    I like the first dress, actually. The second one not so much.

    As to the smile issue: SERIOUSLY. This girl is so glum, all the time. Maybe it’s nerves. Maybe she hates the paparazzi and the red-carpet stuff. BUT IT IS HER JOB. She signed on to those “Twilight” movies for one reason and one reason only: to be a movie star. Not an actress, a movie star. In this day and age, nobody goes into that business, with a role that was almost a lock to be a star-maker, without knowing exactly what they’re getting into.

    If she doesn’t like the attention, or if she thinks it’s all stupid — stop. Just stop. Go away. She doesn’t have to stop acting. There are plenty of acting opportunities out there for people that don’t involve being celebrities. If she really, truly is doing this because she loves the craft of acting, then she can go act on the stage and be more or less invisible. AND she can really focus on her chosen craft by doing something more than biting her lip, huffing, and breathing loudly.

    But right now, she’s one of the biggest movie stars in the world (God help us). She should suck it up and be gracious about her success instead of walking around everywhere, slumped over, acting sullen and put-upon to be wearing fabulous clothes at sought-after events. How is that likable? How does that make me want to see any of her movies? Does she have any idea how totally replaceable she is in every single way?

    And please, Fug Girls, do not allow the pushy Twi-hards to make you feel badly for doing what you do best: calling spoiled celebrities on their bullshit, sartorially or otherwise. Stay strong. It’s what Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan would want of you.

  46. Coleen

    Smile, don’t smile, that’s her prerogative and at this point I would think it weird to see her smiling at every appearance, so used to the glum face have I become.

    However, standing up straight and not hunching the shoulders would do WONDERS for every single thing she wears.

  47. Stephanie

    I’ll grant that the first one is interesting. But I do not know how people can go out in public in dresses that look 5 seconds away from falling down and exposing their boobs to the world. I would be so nervous the whole time I was out, I would be unable to enjoy *anything* no matter how rich or famous I were.

    Also – does Tessa Virtue look like a happy version of Kristin to anyone else?

    And? (Because comments aren’t open on that thread…) If you think that the Russian couple’s Firebird costume was loud, check out some of the costumes that ballet companies use. SF Ballet’s most recent Firebird costume had a big cloth tail-like thing (http://www.sfballet.org/images/view_sidebar.asp?img=ab2&id=12340028). It was distracting until the glorious dancing made me forget the costume.

  48. Libby

    Hey…at least her face isn’t shiny in this picture. I agree though that if she just smiled I could like her a lot more. Ugh.

  49. KATHA

    she´s a EMO!
    the clothes are pretty, but she doesn´t deserve to wear them!, because of her depressive face!

  50. erin b

    if she is done filming the runaways she needs to fix that hair and smile a bit!! i am tired of the do and the face.

  51. Regina

    $10 says if she stood up straight, this dress would look fabulous. I, too, am an old biddy.

  52. courtney

    Boy, K-Stew does spark some heated debates, doesn’t she?

    I’m not a Twi-Hard — I’ve read the books and seen the movies, but they don’t rule my life or anything — but I respect Kristen for her body of work outside the series. She was fantastic in The Cake Eaters and Into the Wild. The sexism argument actually hadn’t occurred to me before, but now that I think of it, I think it’s valid. It’s OK when men are broody, but not 19-year-old girls.

    I think this is Kristen’s niche. She’s appealing to those of us who don’t like bimbos and aren’t afraid to avoid the Hollywood mold. Clearly, some people respond to that, and some don’t. But just because she’s getting paid doesn’t mean she has to be happy-go-lucky and fake smiley all the time. Is she a bit awkward? Sure. We all were at age 19. But few people in the world are under as much constant scrutiny as Kristen is, and that would be a bit overwhelming to anyone.

  53. Michelle

    Someone should teach this girl how to look gracious — she always looks put out and sullen, and can’t seem to stand up straight.
    On this page, the first dress fits beautifully, the shoes classy and her legs look great, but you top off any dress, regardless how elegant, with a sullen face like hers and you will always come out with a total that is less than the sum of its parts.

  54. Alida

    She need not smile. She does however need to shampoo and stand up straight! She has gorgeous legs. Her boos would not have fallen out of the white dress had she stood straight, but the bunching would have straighten out giveing her a longer even look. Yes, a pedicure would have been a wise choice.

  55. nona

    She must be doing something right if Anna Wintour just tapped her to grace the cover for June’s Vogue.

  56. Maile

    meh, being polished gets boring after awhile. It’s nice to see someone who seems 19, isn’t factory churned out with a beauty pageant smile and the perfect Miss Texas walk. Most girls would be scratching their eyes out and trying their hardest to correct all the awkward tics she has. She seems to accept them, even flaunt them in the face of those who keep calling her manly and awkward and dyke-ish. It takes a lot of chutzpah to sorta own the fact your aren’t the graceful swan in a sea of industry debutantes. I find myself simply chuckling about her weird toe placements or odd arm carriage and bad posture, I’m not sure why it gets under people’s skin as much.

  57. Maru

    I think she is smiling, in her own weird way, but she’s smiling in those pictures. Well, at least in the first one. But she did smile and laugh a lot in the TYH premiere. You just didn’t put a picture of it. :)

  58. The Other Molly

    As they say, attitude is everything.
    Her attitude shows in the expression on her face.
    Surly and disgruntled.
    This is not a girl who is nervous.
    It’s a girl who oozes negativity.
    And THAT is not pretty, no matter what a girl is wearing.

  59. Natalie

    Eh, call me sexist if you want to. Her constant bitchface makes me not want to see her movies. I don’t want the girl to be all 90210 fakery, but washing one’s hair and ditching the sullen pout is just hygiene and manners, not selling out to The Man. Compare her BAFTA looks and ‘tude to Gabby Sidibe from the same event. That girl looks glorious and deliciously happy, and you can’t say that’s because she’s a typical Hollywood bimbo.

  60. Erin

    The first dress is totally cute! The BAFTA dress would have been really great if she’d just put on some Spanx (seriously, there’s no shame in some assistance when you’re getting all done up for something BAFTA-caliber, even if you DO have the body of a 17 year old).

    And as a fellower lover of painted toenails/hater of feet, amen. Exposed toeses are ishy, and they really do need to be dressed to the nines to be palatable.

  61. esque

    All the fugness is located in her posture.

  62. esque

    All the fugness is located in her posture.

  63. Tri

    Smile or not she look like she don’t give a damn about. She’s behaving like an ungrateful brat and that is freakin irritating.

  64. M.Amanda

    I actually like the second dress and don’t like the first dress. The first sits so low it looks like it is about to slide off. That might be fixed with better posture, but it’s hard to tell since we rarely – if ever – see that from Kristen. And as always, please give us some clean hair and a pleasant expression.

    @ Connie – Jack Nicholson seriously creeps me out when he smiles. Maybe it’s a flashback to The Shining. Or Batman. Or The Witches of Eastwick. Or almost any movie where he is the bad guy and smiles just before he does something dastardly.

  65. Jennie-Suz

    The only gripe I have for K-Stew is the same I have for Rumor Willis: stop effing hunching over all the time!

    As far as her smiling, she does, just not in every photograph. It’s obvious she’s unsure of herself on the red carpet, and I’m not overly bothered by the lack of grins.

    To get back to her looks – top dress is fab. Bottom dress is exactly as you said it: awkward-length shirt/dress with loincloth attachment.

  66. Janie

    She’s a gorgeous girl, a decent enough actress and quite possibly the most sullen and bored-looking person on the planet. Buck up, girlfriend. You’re rich, adored and you get to cuddle up next to most girls’ dreamboat. Life isn’t all that bad.

  67. G

    “Maybe she hates the paparazzi and the red-carpet stuff. BUT IT IS HER JOB. She signed on to those “Twilight” movies for one reason and one reason only: to be a movie star. Not an actress, a movie star”.

    I love Eric! My sentiments exactly!

    I like the first dress, but wouldn’t mind seeing it on someone else who has edgier style.

  68. Maria

    @Natalie nailed it with her comment above!

    @Nona, Anna Wintour is a smart woman and knows Twihards will buy anything related to her or Rob Pattinson. She’ll probably look gorge on the cover and sell a gajillion copies. Ms. Wintour is no dummy.

  69. GFY Heather

    I’d also just like to clarify that we didn’t just conveniently pick the only pictures where she wasn’t smiling. We don’t have gallery capabilities, or else I could post the gajillion or so others in which she’s making the same face.

  70. Rachel

    Girl, do SOMETHING with you hair!

  71. liane

    I just realized she’s going to be at the Oscars and I’m very concerned for her. She has less than 2 weeks to get it together!

  72. jeannie

    Love the first dress, meh on the second. It’s a little too star trek-y for me.

    In regards to the posture/attitude: She has said in multiple interviews that red carpets and paparazzi make her extremely uncomfortable and anxious. Apparently we’re lucky she doesn’t vomit on the red carpet, it makes her that nervous. When you want to vomit, it’s hard to smile. I also don’t think she’s had much training on how to pose for pictures.

    Sure, she’s an actor and that’s all part of the job, but she has been for many years, only now she is suddenly in the superbright spotlight cuz of twilight. All of the people involved were surprised at how popular the first movie was, so it’s not like she took the role in the hopes of becoming a MEGASTAR. How often do you see pictures of her out and about? almost never, because the attention is way more than she wants. For most celebrities, if they want to stay out of the spotlight, they can, but not her because of all the OMG TWILIGHT/ARE THEY DATING OR NOT!? bullshit.

    sorry for the rant. I just feel bad for the girl, cuz i would hate all the attention, despite all the perks that come with it.

  73. T

    love the first dress, passionately despise her shoe choice, though. and the second dress? eh…but then i love those shoes. child just looks like she is trying desperately to find her happy place so she doesn’t, say, pass out on the red carpet from sheer terror. but, her job is to be in the public eye…maybe public speaking lessons, or something, would help.

  74. Nariya

    CHILD. Fire your stylist, then WASH your HEAD.

  75. mongerel

    She’s thin, but has no muscle tone. She doesn’t carry little dresses well.

    The wry expression is probably because the eyeliner inside her lids is irritating. Her posture is bad because she is leading with her chin.

    Less makeup, more dress, shoulders and chin back: winner.

  76. Clara

    She needs to exercise and put some colour in those cheeks and stop pulling her hair back with a barrette.

  77. vandalfan

    Eric said it perfectly. She really spoiled that white Chanelle number and the tunic thing with her Attitude, they could have been at least passable if she threw her shoulders back and fixed her hair. Stop acting like a spoiled thirteen year old not wanting to be in the vicinity of your parents. Act like you have some self respect and respect for your work; do your job, gilrfriend. Like Princess Diana, you signed up for this work, so put up and shut up.

  78. Anne B

    Some thoughts on young Kristen Stewart:

    Yeah, it’s pretty right-of-Nazi to command young women (women of any age, actually) to “smile”. I’d hold off on that for now.

    I would also:

    1. Fire Kristen’s stylist, and then …

    2. No “and then”. Just keep that stylist fired. SO FIRED. Whoever this person is, she or he has clearly glommed on to the fact that K.Stew has great legs. (And that’s all, apparently.)

    3. Introduce young Kristen to the kind of designers who can work with: pants; dark, well-fitting fabrics; and strong haircuts. Clearly, she needs all three.

    4. After that, work WITH her, not ON her.

    Having great legs is irrelevant if a young woman is uncomfortable in short dresses/skirts and high heels, which K.Stew clearly is.

    Kristen here is the opposite of Miley Cyrus. There is no stripper pole in her past, present, or future. She might be a chick, but she clearly doesn’t intend to dress all South-of-Hookertown when she goes out. Isn’t there a designer/stylist team anywhere in Hollywood who’s up for this challenge?

    Come ON, people. Think kid. Think street. Think Goth-boarder-punk.

    It’s not like this is hard.

  79. Chloe

    I would have to say that on every event she’s ever been (that i’ve seen pictures of at least)
    I’ve seen pictures of her smiling! At the BAFTAs and at the Elle Style awards and so on…
    But people never seem to pick those pictures out of the bunch. (not meant as an accusation)
    To me, she just comes of as very very shy.

  80. Li

    @ Anne B, agree with everything you wrote. What do you think of Daniel Vosovic’s collection for her? Punky, yet polished.


  81. meg

    you can have self-respect and respect for your job and still be self conscious and feel uncomfortable in public. the fact that she loves acting doesn’t make her automatically like attention.
    plus, i think that the pictures of her that are released by the media are probably only those where she’s not smiling…

  82. bloo

    please, her hands and feet don’t need anything, they look completely natural and normal. there’s no need for being all glammed up all the time.

    btw i would look like that too if i had to wear heels and make-up.

  83. Kristen's Mum


  84. tassie

    I like the Tunic Dress. I do think it’s too old for her though. As far as the other..I can understand felling awkward & out of place (most teenagers do) & HATEHATE HATING the whole red carpet folderol. But.
    She’s been in the business since she was about nine or ten right? This isn’t new territory for her. Although I can only imagine how overwhelming the “twilight’ experience has been. (hasn’t she said she wasn’t familiar with the books rapid following) But no one MADE her go to the BAFTAs where she was nominated for an award. So I think some of this is a bit of a front. & other young people have managed this in the past Darryl Hannah for example is known to be/have been almost pathologically shy. Having said that.. I think she frequently wears things to these events that are too OLD for her. Both dresses above & the BAFTA dress. Even the first one seems too sophisticated for her. If she insists on such casual hair & make up she should look for dresses that work with that. She could dress it up with some bold funky jewelry or something

  85. Lili

    Gosh, the Elle dress could use some styling. no earrings, no necklace, no bracelets, no fun! Stand up straight please, here’s a comb and a sparkly necklace – go to town!

  86. celle

    if she had swapped shoes for each look for the other, they would have worked better. she is pretty fab and yes she’s not required to be a girly-girl and be cheerful all the time but in these pictures, she is selling a product and being awarded for something. you NEED to smile and look grateful at these sort of events, or you will get written off as looking bitchy, even if its not the intent. kudos to her for not being an attention-whore, but she really needs to exert herself a little more, even if she is self-concious. she’s an actress, and if she were a GOOD actress, we would never know that she’s uncomfortable. i will say this, bitch knows how to rock a mini dress. and she clearly washes her hair, she just touches it too much, something she picked up from her “boifren” RP.

  87. Hannah

    I don’t care what anyone says, I think she looked great that one time in that red dress with sneakers. That was a look that worked for her. I’m sure her stylists are trying to turn her into an elegant princess or whatever, but I think they’d have better success if they told her to dress how she wants and that she looks like a million bucks, no matter what she’s wearing.

    I get that some of her outfits are seriously questionable, but the general media tone is that she should conform to some ridiculous feminine standard. Seriously grating. Let her be herself.

  88. Melissa

    As much as I loathe the studied posing that nearly all celebrities indulge in (I remember seeing a clip of Ashleeeee Simpson on the red carpet where she very much resembled a chicken in the way she was darting her head from side to side with it stuck as far forward as possible to prevent double-chinitis), there is something to be said for learning to stand the right way so as to look your best, which Kristen here hasn’t seemed to have learned yet. Perhaps better posture for her body would mean she looks a little happier. And as others have mentioned here, she does need a little polishing…

  89. tassie

    I like the Tunic Dress. I do think it’s too old for her though. As far as the other..I can understand felling awkward & out of place (most teenagers do) & HATEHATE HATING the whole red carpet folderol. But.
    She’s been in the business since she was about nine or ten right? This isn’t new territory for her. Although I can only imagine how overwhelming the “twilight’ experience has been. (hasn’t she said she wasn’t familiar with the books rapid following) But no one MADE her go to the BAFTAs where she was nominated for an award. So I think some of this is a bit of a front. & other young people have managed this in the past Darryl Hannah for example is known to be/have been almost pathologically shy. Having said that.. I think she frequently wears things to these events that are too OLD for her. Both dresses above & the BAFTA dress. Even the first one seems too sophisticated for her. If she insists on such casual hair & make up she should look for dresses that work with that. She could dress it up with some bold funky jewelry or something

  90. CA MO

    Her hair still looks like shit. She could be wearing gold but she still wouldn’t shine because her attitude is disgusting. For christsake, you’re in TWILIGHT not in a movie of any depth or calabre. Stop taking yourself so seriously. No one else does.

  91. Brie

    The dress is cute; she just looks miserable, as usual.

    I understand that Kristen is 19 and doesn’t want to look like a giggly cheerleader all the time. I respect that. But there’s a difference between looking like an average teenage and someone who simply doesn’t care. Should she look like some overdone Hollywood brat? But there is a medium, you can look polished and tasteful without looking like everyone else.

    Doing press is part of the job, and she’s getting paid enough. Acting isn’t just a career based on talent, it’s based on looks, whether she likes it or not. And the slouching just makes her look tired and old. Personality wise, she seems like a smart young woman who could have a great career ahead of her, certainly more so than half of the Hollywood dimwits. But her body language doesn’t convey that at all. There’s no confidence to it, or any real sign that she actually cares.

  92. tigerstripes

    She *is* smiling. But her ‘half-way to an eyeroll’ look belies that. I dunno, it is hard to light up like a lightbulb whenever a camera turns your way. About 50% of all my photos catch me in the middle of dropping the corners of my smile and make me look like I smell sewage. I have long opted not to smile.

    I think she’s a good actress, fwiw.

    “But if I was her, and I was banging Robert Pattinson, I’d be smiling like there was a coat hanger in my mouth :)” — hilarious, Geraldine!

  93. Linney

    @Lilliah, since you practically quoted me, I just want to point out that you used the caps lock; not me. I’m certainly not that concerned with Kristin Stewart but wearing that pretty dress and making that face ISN’T pretty. Sorry. And, it’s a website about fashion-we’re being asked to be judgmental. Duh.

  94. Anne B

    Li, great find. Thank you!

    It’s good to know that there are designers with other ideas on how to dress women. Even NYFW seemed to present so much of the same things, over and over.

    When one of these young people is not like the others — and let’s face it, we should never assume they are all the same — she should be able to find a designer who can keep her comfortable in public.

    Thanks again, Li. :)

  95. Sal

    If today is Tuesday then that must K-Stew at XYZ event showing plenty of skin and looking surly/mortified to be out in scary, scary public yet again and showing plenty of skin. Young lady, if you can’t summon the balls to work it, throw a tent over it or stay home. Beyonce, please explain the whole Sasha Fierce thing to this tiresome kid. Please?

  96. Eric

    I have a strong attraction to disaffected surly women. She just seems like she would enjoy having sex and being good at it, and wouldn’t fall in love with a dumb jock.

  97. ana banana

    she was, she is, she will be: FUGLY! she has potential but she doesn’t use it…so yeah..she’s fugly

  98. g

    @Eric and numerous others
    It is her job…But have you kept a smile on your face the ENTIRE time you are at work? This is just ONE photo. She smiles at the camera just not for every pose.

  99. SmR

    The thing I like best is that the first dress of this post makes her legs look about eighteen miles long. Other than that, meh. MEH I SAY.

  100. granny

    I don’t care if she smiles or not, but she should WASH HER HAIR more than once every six weeks.

  101. Alice

    It’s the make-up! The horrible, smudgy, fourteen-year-old Goth eyeliner seriously looks like she took a nap with mascara on, forgot it was there and rubbed her eyes.
    And bitch needs to cheer the eff up, wash her hair (and face- let’s start again on the make up, shall we?) and, if not stand pole-straight, at least not hunch over.

  102. Amber

    I can deal with the not-smiling and occasional bad fashion choices if girl would just wash and style her hair sometime!

  103. Edel

    Well, the comments in here are getting a little, well, unsettling. Yes, it is unfortunate that she seems to rarely smile at these events but we (to paraphrase Tommy Tiernan) don’t know her life. She may have good reason, she may not. Not our concern. In any case, first dress lovely and second dress not as lovely. If the best thing you can say about it is ‘it fits’, then it’s a bad sign. I hope she soon figures out a way to style the ‘Joan Jett’ hair. Just sweeping it back doesn’t seem to do anything.

  104. Meg


  105. Rachael

    I don’t care if she smiles or not. I don’t care about her movies or her life. We don’t need to analyze her emotional state or argue about what we think she is feeling.

    I’m here to judge the clothes and her clothes are usually unflattering and rather ugly. Keep the criticism coming Heather and Jessica. Don’t worry about overly invested commenters/emailers.

  106. Carrie

    She’s not smiling because she’s just upset that her hair always looks so bad. I sympathize– I also have bad hair. For some of us there is just no hope.

  107. Kristen

    As someone said above, it’s not about being happy and smiley. It’s about being gracious. Because of her terrible posture and purported anxiety, she comes across as absolutely miserable to be at these types of events. There are plenty of female celebs that are notorious for not smiling that still manage to come across as confident and happy to be at whatever event that they happen to be at (namely Victoria Beckham and the Olsens).

    That said, if she’s as insecure as everyone says, why does she always wear tight, strapless mini-dresses? K Stew could wear a smoking black suit ala Angelina Jolie and she would look STUNNING.

  108. Wren

    I liked the first dress when I first saw it, and I liked the glittery tunic.

    But, I’m sorry, I just have to ask. Is that a pocket about halfway between her hand and the hem on the left of the picture? I’ve zoomed and pondered and I can’t decide if it’s a shadow of something or a pocket. Please let it be a shadow!

  109. Janice

    The fact that she’s standing in front of a sign that’s proclaiming “The Yellow Handkerchief” while wearing something that appears to be a handkerchief edged in yellow was not lost on me … I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

  110. Katie Starfish

    The thing with the top one is this: if you can’t physically straighten your spine or lift your shoulders without worrying that your boobs will pop out the top of your dress…you shouldn’t be wearing it.

    For real.

  111. autumnpearl

    You know, the lack of judgment about Kristen’s attitude is really grating on me. I get that she’s not like Hollywood, or rather purports to be considering both her parents are in the biz and she’s been an actress all her life.

    And yet, this attitude has come across only lately. If you look at her earlier work, and even the very first Twilight premieres, she looked happy, and might I add, in spite of wearing a dress apparently made of sweatshirts, stunning.

    So I’m not buying this. She can choose her jobs, is apparently doing the horizontal mambo with the hottest guy on the planet, is now loaded, and has designer dresses thrown at her…and she looks like this? That’s not shyness, it’s petulance, sullenness and all around ingratitude. She needs to either get better meds or get out of the business if she can’t fake it for an event or two. I have zero sympathy.

    Back on topic, I don’t hate the first or the second dresses, but they could have been better. I’d like the first to have about two more inches on top and four on bottom. And dare I say it…even though I loath them, she should have worn booties of some sort.

    The second dress needed a lower neckline, a longer hemline, and a defined waist. Otherwise I think it was fine.

    What she really needs to know is that “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

    Oh, and I should mention that I am in fact a Twilight fan, I even read FanFiction, so there you go. Not all of us think this is acceptable behavior.

  112. Athena

    I don’t care what anyone says, that girl needs to smile and stand up straight. Her presence on the red carpet with her teen angst attitude gets on my nerves. She made tons of cash to star in a crappy movie that required very little of her as an actress. If she doesn’t like the attention she can and should stop.

    As for the first dress, I like it a lot actually. I don’t think she can pull it off because she still can’t seem to finish getting ready so that she doesn’t look like she is wearing day old makeup and she still forgot to do her hair. The dress itself is very cute and the cut is interesting. I think it would have looked better on someone like Kerry Washington. Or me for that matter.

  113. Anonymous

    You know who is charming? Her costar, Dakota Fanning. She smiles, stands up straight, and generally appears to have washed her hair. Maybe we should think about contacting her to stage some kind of intervention.

  114. Rix

    I can’t really give an unbiased and fair opinion on the clothes, because I LOATHE her. LOATHE.

  115. Anonymous

    I love that first dress and it would look great on her if she would just stand up straight, open her eyes, put her hands on her hips and smile for gods sake!
    Her expression paired with her terrible posture is giving her some serious Rumer-chin!

  116. billiijiin

    big improvement in my opinion. Her body structure needs something that is more geometric (straight lines) and less organic (flowy).
    I don’t like the shoes on the second dress, but I’m not a fan of the 80s heels on anyone. Been there, done that, dressed Barbie in them.

  117. La Seditiosa

    I love the dress. After reading other people’s comments I’ve decided to lighten up on the whole smile thing. I do want to see her with good posture, washed hair and maybe a more flattering cut, and some makeup that’s more appropriate for her skin tone. Nude lipstick does not work well on dark haired, pale people. And eyeliner is fine in itself, but she could consider pairing it with some eyeshadow, and MOST IMPORTANTLY changing to a product that doesn’t run like that under her eyes.

    On the whole I think it’s the schlumpy posture that’s irritating me the most.

  118. kate13

    I’ve been on Team KStew since she wore that red dress/Chuck Taylors combination. Anyone else would have been trying too hard. Personally I love the way she defies expectations. Wouldn’t you rather your daughter looked up to her than Paris Hilton or any of those useless Kardashians?

  119. hhhhhh

    I’m not crazy about the first dress, perhaps because so much of what she wears is recycled from when I was in fifth grade. The second photo makes me think that 80 years ago, she would have been walking around the lobby selling cigarettes to patrons in that outfit.

    I don’t have so much of a problem with her slumping or dressing or notoriety as I do with people giving her awards. (Thankfully, the BAFTA award was voted by the people.) After seeing a number of her films, I’ve realized girlfriend can’t act worth a damn. She just twitches her way through her roles, most of which have involved playing…a moody teen. Acting, huh?

  120. Celia

    Her toes have officially made me nauseous. I could seriously throw up! Why would she wear strappy sandals two nights in a row and NOT get a pedicure. It looks like she’s never had one, her toenails are yellow…YELLOW! But I’m really sick and tired of her constant “too cool for school/FML” attitude. She’s in a position that a lot of celebrities would love to be in and even if she’s uncomfortable with being in the spotlight, she should SUCK IT UP and at least act happy! Brad and Angelina are 200x more famous than this girl, but every time they get on the red carpet, they SMILE! They work it, because it’s their job. She will not get very far with her attitude. It’s very off-putting. End rant.

  121. Celia

    @Anne B: I agree, although I don’t think she has great legs, normal legs, but not great legs. I completely agree about her firing whoever is styling her, because they are messing her up big time! She needs to be rocking pants and leather jackets and maybe fun t-shirts, not dresses. She’s not a girly girl and she never pulls it off.

  122. Anonymous

    She does need to smile. I don’t care if it’s not her personality or not. To walk around sullenly at an event that most people would die to go to/you’re being honored at is just rude and nasty.
    That said, as a shy girl, I think she’s trying to smile in the first picture. I’ve seen pictures of myself where I could have sworn I had a huge smile on my face but apparently I was just quirking the corners up a bit and it didn’t translate well to film.

  123. Celia

    @Anne B: I agree, although I don’t think she has great legs, normal legs, but not great legs. I completely agree about her firing whoever is styling her, because they are messing her up big time! She needs to be rocking pants and leather jackets and maybe fun t-shirts, not dresses. She’s not a girly girl and she never pulls it off.

  124. Celia

    @Anne B: I agree, although I don’t think she has great legs, normal legs, but not great legs. I completely agree about her firing whoever is styling her, because they are messing her up big time! She needs to be rocking pants and leather jackets and maybe fun t-shirts, not dresses. She’s not a girly girl and she never pulls it off.

  125. Kate

    I think she is tryign to look glum in the first photo – she jsut comes off as smug.

    And her attidtude and slumpy shoulderedness make the dress look rumpled rather than structured, which is unfair to the nice dress.

    But then, I can’t stand any of the twilight gang – I just want to tell to stand up straight, cheer up, and brush their hair.


  126. DqJeniffer

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  127. la

    is it just me … or does kristen stewart look like the bad twin of reese witherspoon (kinda like an i dream of jeannie thang?)

  128. Anonymous

    Love the dress AND the shoes of the first outfit. Still hate the stupid pouty look and the atrocious acting.

    Hate the second dress. It makes her look like she has no boobs at all. And there is… something… wrong with the bottom of it…

  129. Anonymous

    @G: Nope, I don’t smile at work all day. But that’s because I’m an editor. My job is to move copy and yell at people. I’m quite good at it, and I take it seriously. If my job WAS to be personable and promote something, you bet I’d smile all the time.

    And like it or not, at these red carpet events, Kristen is supposed to be working. She is promoting a film, or herself, or her career. And she always looks miserable. And personally — I’m just speaking for myself — that is an issue. It does not make me the least bit ingratiated toward her, or interested in seeing her films.

    As for this being a sexist issue: please. I say the exact thing when I see her co-star out and about looking like a malnourished homeless man, and generally acting like he resents the very readers/ticket buyers who have made him an international movie star. I keep hearing from all these “Twilight” fans that he’s just shy or nervous. I don’t believe that’s the case for him, nor do I believe it’s the case for her. But again, that’s just personal opinion.

    But what isn’t opinion is the fact that the girl is supposed to be doing a job by appearing at these events, and I don’t think she takes it seriously. I’m not asking for her to be a spray-tanned Malibu Barbie, but for Tyra’s sake, you’re at a MOVIE PREMIERE, not front row at the Spanish Inquisition. Lighten up, Mary! (And wash your hair. Kisses!)

  130. herzco

    I think she is a breath of fresh air, and I am not being AT ALL ironic! I mean – really – don’t you all get tired of the relentless SAMENESS of almost all of the other young Hollywood actresses out there? Give Kristen a break.

  131. herzco

    I think she is a breath of fresh air, and I am not being AT ALL ironic! I mean – really – don’t you all get tired of the relentless creepy, insincere SAMENESS of almost all of the other young Hollywood actresses out there? Give Kristen a break.

  132. Kara

    This fugly site is the exact reason Kristen doesn’t crave the spotlight and isn’t into acting for the fame. You must have really pathetic lives to be harping on someone you don’t even know who happens to have more talent, class and integrity in her pinky than you will ever have. I suggest you all read this from the actor Noel Clarke who presented Kristen with the Rising Star Award on Sunday. IF you have any speck humanity in you hopefully it will enlighten you. Because THIS is what matters. Not how she looks: http://noelclarke.tumblr.com/

  133. Zoe

    Dress, yes. Shoes, SO yes. Eye make-up, no. Posture, looks like Quasimodo. Hair, WASH IT, GIRL!

    She just has no poise or grace.

    It’s really sad, you guys! … sniff…

  134. kyasarin

    Dear Kristen:


    Seriously, hon–Rob Pattinson is *so* not a good role model for this.




    I like the first dress, it is very beautiful and then I love also her shoes. I don’t like the second dress and then I don’t understand because she has this attitude.

  136. rintastic

    yeah, i’m with Kyasarin on this one. i’d forgive the not-smiling thing if she could get over her TEEN! ANGST! long enough to wash her freakin’ hair. oh, and clean off last night’s eyeliner before reapplying.

    am i the only one terrified that she is turning a generation (possibly two, if we include TwiMoms) of teenagers into unwashed misery-mongers? no teenager, male or female, should go without showering for more than a couple of days.

    in summation:
    Dear Kristen,
    Wash your hair and your face. Purchase a new stylist with your gobs of vampire money. Keep reading for serious films.

  137. Rob

    It may just be the angle, but the first dress kind of makes her look like she has a huge boner…

  138. Leah

    Get her? What is to get? This girl is talentless and sullen, she has two emotions onscreen, moody and stoned, and she is making millions by playing an antiquated Medieval “beloved”, the untouchable object of the affection of several violent stalkers, and that’s supposed to be interesting or moving? I’m supposed to cut her slack because her diamond tiara is just so tight? It must be dreadful to be rich and famous and have designers throwing their dresses at you, I guess you just COULDN’T pick something that fit you and/or looked halfway decent, and when you did (first picture), well, god FORBID your hair look good or that you SMILE. Is there something seriously wrong with her teeth? Is that what it is, she’s just super nice and awesome but she has bad teeth and all this is some misconception? Kristen: Invisline. You’re worth it. And go to college. And stand up straight. And sound like less of a spoiled douche in interviews. And pass that on to your little co-star.

  139. Connie

    Kristen, talking about her new film The Yellow Handkerchief.

    “I could relate to her in that she’s so sort of the typical girl that really wants to be out there and smiling and totally in the middle of whatever is going on, but has been sort of embarrassed one too many times and has just gone, ‘I can’t do that anymore.’ I feel like she’s also isolated herself in terms of she’s put herself above everyone else,” explained Stewart when asked what attracted her to the part of Martine. “It’s like she can’t talk to people because they’ve let her down too many times and so she’s suddenly…in reaction to that, you sort of make yourself better than them. She realizes through this journey, which is a really cool thing to see such a young person go through, to go, ‘Oh God, I never looked at you and now I’m opening my eyes and I can see you and I was wrong.’ So I liked that.”

  140. Susan

    Fab all the way.

    I absolutely love the first outfit and love it even more with the leather jacket she wore. Shoes are to die for. Everything about this look works for me 100%.

    Love the second picture too.

    Just wait until you see the Burberry fashion show pictures.

  141. Jenny

    I have to say this even though it has nothing do with how Fug or Fab KStew looks: Reading all these posts about people smiling/not smilling is sort of amusing. Some people equate not smiling = serious actress, and actresses who smile on the carpet are bimbos who are just part of the Hollywood machine. But others say because she doesn’t smile she is a sullen spoiled brat. Both of which are broad generalizations that are not true. Some people don’t like smiling for their own reasons, and some people are just natuarlly happy and love to smile. Just because an actress enjoys getting dressed up and smiling for the cameras doesn’t mean she is selling out any more than you can assume Kristin is a spoiled brat because she doesn’t smile in pictures.

    There I said it. I think the top dress if FAB. The bottom one, not so much, but it’s not as Fug as that white thing she wore earlier.

  142. Celia

    @HERZCO: “Fresh” is not a word I would use to describe her. More like a breath of smoky, polluted air. Plus she’s not the only actress to act all sullen on the red carpet because they want to seem like they’re too cool to be there. A lot of them do that and then they realize it doesn’t work at all and they grow up.
    I don’t have a problem with her not smiling. It’s just the way she holds herself, like she’s unsure; but, she’s not unsure because she’s done this before.

  143. Jess

    Check out her unpedicured toenails at the Elle event.

    Sick. Cover those hooves!

  144. Anonymous

    I would like a “WASH YOUR HAIR!” option for the second outfit.

  145. Andreea

    Whoever she is, I need this shoes (first pic).

    These are the shoes I want to marry in (okay, I will put a dress on also).

  146. Mia

    Wait, wait, WAIT. Good actress? Seriously? She has one character – sullen, brooding, with a hint of accusatory bitchface (which, ironically, is what her mug looks like ALL THE TIME). I’ve seen her in everything from “Adventureland” to “Zathura” and she has that same slack-jawed, mouth-breathing look on her face in every film and the personality to go with it.

  147. Mia

    Wait, wait, WAIT. Good actress? Seriously? She has one character – sullen, brooding, with a hint of accusatory bitchface (which, ironically, is what her mug looks like ALL THE TIME). I’ve seen her in everything from “Adventureland” to “Zathura” and she has that same slack-jawed, mouth-breathing look on her face in every film and the personality to go with it.

  148. forex robot

    What a great resource!

  149. sugarkat

    I want to slap her, feed her a veggie cheeseburger, and get her drunk, so that maybe she’ll fucking relax with the pissy-princess bullshit and fucking enjoy her youth/career/the fact she’s surrounded by beautiful young people all of the damned time, for fuck’s sake. AUGH. THIS GIRL DRIVES ME NUTS, VERILY UNTO THE POINT OF THE (NOT-TO-BE-ACTUALIZED) CONTEMPLATION OF VIOLENCE. I just want to…rrg…SHAKE SOME SENSE INTO HER. GRAH.

    That first dress is very cute, but ruined by absolutely horrid posture, boring and ill-fitting shoes, and a nasty case of slap-me face.

    The second so-called dress is appalling. NO.

    Man, I’m going to have to put a lot of quarters in the cuss jar today.

  150. Morgan

    I wish someone would tell this girl to stand up straight and smile.

    what the fuck gives her the right to always look like she’s in such a bad mood? “Ugh. . . it’s so tiring being a no talent hack with tons of money. *yawn* bored.”


    I’m not saying she’s gotta tattoo a smile on her face, but:

    a. get an acting coach
    b. take a shower
    c. prozac and therapy child, it will help you stop being a whiny twat.

  151. TakeAHike

    What is the big deal with this untalented tramp anyway’s? Oh! I get it she know’s something most stupid teenager’s dont. That she actually is talentless, and Robert Pattinson her ghostly Casper looking friend can do a trick, and just dissapear. pfhhh..hottest guy in the world? Sorry. Im actually married to him, and I smile in my life. Stupid cunt!

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