Fug or Fab: Jennifer Lopez


“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ha ha ha ha hAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa, lovers! They said I could not do it! They said I could not make my Marc walk among the living like a man with a pulse and a thirst for clear liquids! Well, as they say on my beloved block, SUCK IT AMIGOS! He is here and he smiles! Do you want to know how I did it? Aha! I am not going to tell you. I am going to save it for my book. Do you want to know the title?”

“I am calling it Delicate Melting Snowflake: A Romance: How I Learned To Stop Caring If My Dress Continues Below My Thigh: Fierce Bridezilla Tutu:  I Don’t Need Big Lips To Succeed At Life, AHEM, GARFLECK: The Jennifer Lopez Et Cetera Story. Although if that is too long I might just call it, Yo!

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  2. Julie

    Just married?

  3. kary

    The major issue with this dress is the fact that she seems to have forgotten that the tulle at the bottom is see-through. And through it, I can see what look a lot like my grandma’s “fancy shoes” she usually only busts out when she’s hitting the Liberace museum (RIP)on her annual trip to Vegas.

  4. currygirl

    Between Heather channeling Kanye and now JLo, this is an embarrassment of riches! Love it. Looks like she finally convinced Marc to use some of her bronzer. Good for him (and her)!

  5. ddp

    Maybe it is just the repeat of Mythbusters that I saw yesterday but the lower section of dress looks like mold cultures growing in a petri dish.

  6. eme

    Unfortunately Ms. López, it seems that the esteemed literary genius known as Ricky Martin has beaten you to the tittle of Yo!. But alas, you can still go for: Yo, un copito de nieve que quiere ser libre sin derretirse ante este vampiro!

  7. Bella

    It looks a little bridal, but hey, she looks a a d@mn sight better than Gaga below her.

  8. Stefanie

    Jenny from the Block can do no wrong in my eyes so Im not the best to be judging this. I JUST LOVE HER! (Im totally serious too.)

  9. Chasmosaur

    The poll needs an option of “On anyone else fail on J Lo, it works.”

    I think it’s just a variation on a theme of her Met Ball gown, which was gorgeous. And it’s a damn sight better than the stupid cat-suits and jump suits she’s been wearing.

    I think I’d like it from another angle to see how the skirt drapes. That’s a weird angle and her oddly healthy looking husband is in the way.

  10. Chasmosaur

    Okay, found a picture on my own.

    I think if the tulle was more opaque (as in the aforementioned Met Gala gown) this would have been better. With the transparent tulle, ick.

    However, WORLD’S better than the performance costume.


  11. candy

    First of all, Mark looks great! That is something to celebrate, right? Anyway, I think I would really like the dress if that extra tulle train-y think was gone & she wasn’t standing on the front. I agree with Chasmosaur in that we need to see it from a different angle.

  12. Jill

    Is there a pic taken just seconds after this one where she trips over the netting that she’s stepping on?

  13. Rayna

    JLo, I love you, but your dress has a bridal veil where the skirt is supposed to be.

    Chasmosaur, thanks for the link. It DOES look better in those photos. But still.

  14. Eva_baby

    Every single picture I’ve seen of her with this dress shows her STANDING ON THE HEM. Why?

    And I don’t see snowflakes. In some pictures the color of the dress looks like a dingy grey so that the appliques actually look like barnacles have attached themselves to the dress.

  15. kk

    The tittle of the book? CORPSE’S BRIDE of course
    I got to say at least the are consistent Jlo always looks tacky now and Marc always fug as usual.How cute of them to dress early for Halloween

  16. Gigi

    YAWN. We don’t care, Jennifer!

  17. Yardbird

    Mr. J tweeted a pic of this and called J-Lo something along the lines of the Jackie-O of our time. Yeesh.

  18. Kate

    I’m still undecided on the dress (though after Gladys’ fright, this is a palette cleanser) (Why did I click that link while eating lunch?! Ugh. Anyway) but her makeup is fantastic. Would love to pull off a nude lip like that. But, alas, I just look lipless in my attempts.

  19. EAG46

    If the tulle netting was gone, this dress would be Fab all the way. With it, it looks like J-Lo is wearing a disorganized wedding dress. Good hair and makeup, though.

  20. vandalfan

    If only I didn’t dislike the person wearing the dress, I’d describe this as absoulute perfection. It provides excellent coverage upstairs, no cleavage or puppies bouncing into view. Her legs, and figure in general, darn it, are a dancer’s perfection and well worth showing off. And she’s had kids!

  21. Maria

    I shouldn’t like it, and yet I do. She’s working the hell out of it. Of course, I’m so happy to be procrastinating away the last hour of my horrible workday that I may not be the best judge at the moment.

  22. Ashley

    It’s not her best dress ever, but she certainly makes it look better than 99% of the other celebs out there would make it look.

  23. Lizzie

    It does look a bit bridal. But the tulle at the bottom is almost gray, like it’s dirty or something. But she looks great.

  24. Blanche

    That is the perfect, fancy-barnacle-encrusted undersea Las Vegas wedding dress. In that sense it reminds me of what Antonia Juhasz should wear to the kangaroo court trial Chevron is having its Chamber of Commerce-managed toy, the US government drag her through–but maybe in an oil-slick black version instead.

  25. Bambi Anne Dear

    Look, I’d prefer to see it in its entirety, that is, from all angles, but so far if the front was shorter so that she didn’t trample it with her now veiled shoes it’s lovely and I think it escapes the matrimonial effect. If she had a hint of tiara it’d be the end.

  26. anni

    The dress is lovely but I wonder if JLo is aware that you can see how she’s squatting to make her appear closer to Marc’s height.

  27. anun

    it’s ok, but are they posing for new wedding cake toppers? It’s sort of confusing.

  28. frosty

    ahahahahahhaa “Garfleck”

  29. actron cp9190

    lovely Jenifer..

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