Fug or Fab: Evangeline Lilly


Can I just say that I can’t believe Lost is ending this upcoming weekend? It’s going to be, as Boyz II Men once wisely noted, so hard to say goodbye to yesterday — and, in the case of Lost, to tomorrow and sideways as well. But we have no choice, and Evangeline “Freckles” Lilly seems to be forging ahead with her career. Behold her at Cannes:

SNOOZE. I mean, is it as annoying and wrong-headed as Nikki and Paolo? No. But is it as awesome as, like, Hurley, dude? No. In fairness, it does not sadden me the way the plight of John Locke saddens me. But nor does it fill me with the pure joy one might feel should one witness the happy reunion of Desmond and Penny, and I think we can all agree that is, after is, the platonic ideal of happiness, no? I find myself in neutral as regards this dress.

Indeed. Let’s look at her other Cannes ensemble, shall we?

Hey! I’ve got a lampshade just like that. Next time I pour too many cocktails, mayhap I’ll try to wear it, because this is weirdly kind of cute to me. Is it just the Island fever talking?