Fug It!

Okay, so Drew Barrymore is on her way in to a local post-production facility (if the photo caption is correct), and that probably means she’s just settling in for a day of trying to work on her directorial debut Whip It! and that I should just let her be comfortable in whatever the heck she wants. But I just need to make sure I am not hallucinating this:

[Photo: Splash News]

Drew IS wearing a bikini tube top that looks like a giant speed bump underneath a see-through Hanes-type undershirt, an orthopdic wrist brace, and pants that MIGHT be leggings and which are patterned in some sort of sci-fi take on argyle. Right? I’m not the only one seeing this? Because between the outfit and those shades, if you told me I passed out and hit my head on the desk, and woke up having drawn the storyboards for a John Hughes movie where Anthony Michael Hall tries to start a pop band with Drew, Ally Sheedy, Lea Thompson, and Andrew Dice Clay, I might believe you.