Fug and the Well Played, Cynthia Nixon City

When I originally saw this photo, in the thumbnail size it looked as though SJP was on the phone:

[Photos: WENN.com]

But then of course I realized she was just holding her hand in an awkward position, much like my old Agent Scully action figure does. Agent Scully’s hand shaped just like this, presumably so she can grip a flashlight with which to better examine alien remains, or so that she can hold to the GIANT cell phones they used to use on The X-Files. I also pictured her entire phone convo. It went something like: “Hello? Stylist? Why am I wearing a caftan when Cynthia looks all young and hot?”

[Photos: WENN.com]

And her stylist was like, “girlfriend, give her a break. Don’t you remember some of the stuff you made her wear during the run of the show? Besides, that dress looks slightly like newspaper, don’t you think?” And SJP was like, “OH FINE.” And then rang off in a total huff.