Fug The Trouser-Based Outfits

They just kept popping up, so I decided to put them all together in a little slideshow ode to Please Stop Trying To Ruin Pants Because We Need Other Starlets To Wear Them.

[Photos: WENN]

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  1. Mouse

    The crotch on Anita Kravos’ pants is a little ridiculous…but otherwise, I think she looks kind of charmingly slouchy and comfy. Maybe with flats it’d be even better!

  2. Sylvia

    This is a slide show of awesome. Everything is hurting my feelings deep, deep down. Brooke Penelope Davis should know better. And silken Bieber pants? SILK BIEBER PANTS!! My soul cannot y’all.

  3. Anita

    Lord, Ginnifer, learn to pose, at least a little! I’ve seen her on talk shows and she’s light and bubbly and all kinds of fun. You’d never know it from her red carpet appearances.

    • BrownEyedBetty

      Yeah, my thoughts exactly. She wants to be edgy or something on the red carpet…but it doesn’t work somehow. There’s a disconnect or something. And I’m noticing more and more that she has a very very round face. Does a super-short pixie really work for that shape, I wonder? I keep wanting to see something different with her hair and, of course, change that “edgy” sartorial style of hers. From this distance, it just doesn’t fit.

  4.  HelenBackAgain

    Jillian Barberie Reynolds won me over forever when she hosted EX-treme Dating, which I found airing one night when I woke up in front of the television very late. I was instantly mesmerized by her guilt-free glee over every awkward situation and her willingness to say ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING THAT ENTERED HER HEAD, and actually started watching the show on purpose.

    I love her and I love this crackballs outfit. It is perfect for her. She’s crazy, it’s crazy, it works.

    I would be delighted to take her out for an evening that would probably make me feel like I was 22 again, giggling in the bathroom with my girlfriends, but I would never give her my phone number.

  5. Jen

    Sophia B is so gorgeous to me, but I feel like she is always walking around in unflattering clothes. Is it because she is too short and maybe doesn’t know how to correctly dress her frame? Going through her archive shows so many more misses than hits. Her hair is usually pretty bad to me, too. Ugh, I wish she had some stylist to help her (I’m just assuming she does not based on past appearances.)!

    • BrownEyedBetty

      I agree. She has so much going for her. Gorgeous smile, lovely skin and hair, great figure. She just needs a tweak or two to get her on her way…

  6. Jacquilynne

    It’s weird, because a patterned dress or gown can cover both the torso and legs in the same pattern and not seem overwhelming, but as soon as that’s a top and pants or a jumpsuit, a pattern just becomes too much. I wonder if it has to do with the pattern being broken up / mismatched across the separate legs, making it look busier somehow?

  7. Katty McNiley Ripley

    What happened to Teri Polo? Is that even her?!
    She looks like she’s going to star in a Lifetime movie biopic of Pamela Anderson…

  8. Sandra

    Pants do not work the way these people seem to think they do.

  9. Ruth

    This is only tangentially related, but I have a Betsey Johnson jumpsuit that I bought in 1991. I LOVE it and wish I could still fit into it (I refuse to part with it, so it’s in my closet.) I firmly believe that I looked awesome in it. Luckily, I do not believe there is photographic evidence to support or deny it.

    The point is, sometimes jumpsuits may not look that great to the person looking at it, but to the person wearing it? They are magical. Also, 2013 not 1991, Teri Polo.

  10. foo

    It is bad when the best outfit looks like TV dead-air time. (And me think of Poltergeist, with blazers) Step into the light, shitty pants! All are welcome!

  11. Jessica

    Good gravy, do NONE of these women have a get-a-grip-girlfriend??

  12. Olivia

    Teri Polo’s outfit looks like something Britney would have worn in the late 1990′s/early 2000′s.

  13. K8e

    They are all wearing bracelets.

  14. ericajeanine

    I like Sophia Bush’s outfit.

    • Sajorina

      I like it too! To me the only problem is the length of the pants… They should be longer!

      • Esme

        What about the huge jodphur-like bulges on either side of her hips? Who wants to look WIDER there?

  15. Sajorina

    Ok, I have to admit it… I like Berenice Bejo’s outfit! I’d gladly wear the whole thing myself! *shrugs*

    • TonyG

      I actually loved Bejo’s pants and shoes! The top, I have to admit, is just badly fit, and I’m not crazy about the tie and black trim.

  16. vandalfan


  17. Karin
  18. Emma

    When did Ginnifer Goodwin start dressing – and posing – like a middle-aged real estate agent from the 80′s?