Fug the Show: The Voice, nearing the home stretch

It had to happen eventually. There’s only so many times Christina could keep it sedate before her sanity got a pimple. Also: Cee Lo wears atomic gnashers. No, really.

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  1. Stefanie

    Im going to start wearing a tiara while I’m at work. I think it would really add something to the “business casual” dress code.

  2. Liane

    Christina was indeed pantsless. I did a stop & rewind. It was dancer’s hot pants thingy. Like she was in the chorus of an extra skanky production of Chicago.

  3. Ms.A

    I can not handle Fugxtina Agulerfug and Fug-Lo Green at the same time. Its too much! And why won’t Xtina wear pants???

  4. theotherjennifer

    CeeLo better layoff the CHEEtos…he gets bigger and more Cat Fancyish in every episode. I can’t even imagine what Xtina is thinking… maybe *she* should get a cat. and some pants.

    But I love the tiara at work idea – I’m totally on board with that.

  5. Steph

    I have no doubt that Xtina decided to hop up on stage to hug her contestant simply so we could see she was indeed, not wearing any pants. She was on a good role- less makeup, nice dresses… lulled us into a false sense of security!

    The tiara however, is a far better accessory than the death pancake.

    • Adriele

      I laughed when I saw she was pantless when she got up to hug Chris after his performance. I’m friends with him and called him after to ask if she wears pants in rehearsals and he said yes, but that she’s more Christina in rehearsals and more Xtina on stage (and thus pantless). So there’s your clarification- Xtina thinks fishnets double as pants.

      PS, it was a SUPER cheesy set for Chris’s number, but the neon heart was TERRIBLE!!!

  6. Steph

    Err- roll, not role. Although, she is kinda playing “a role”.

  7. Ms. Pants

    I saw Florence + the Machine last night. She had the caftan going. It had a total Enya feel. I hate my brain for associating the two.

    Side note: F+tM fans are fucking batshit.

  8. jerkygirl

    I love these almost as much as I love Cee-Lo (no one does “lovable weirdo” schtick like him–I think I got on the Cee-Lo train that year he dressed as Darth Vader with the rest of Gnarls Barkly as Stormtroopers at the Grammys or something). Christina is like a young version of an old diva with her fans and her tiaras and her refusal to wear pants. I guess old divas might wear pants though.

    Also–is anyone else getting tired of Adam Levine’s hipster lumberjack look? He’s even starting to get BEARDY and with that Forrest Gump-ified hair, it is not working for me. I like him better in purple tailored suits and things like that, which maybe is not his thing anymore, I don’t know, I only really know him from The Voice and from seeing him on some awards show or other in a purple tailored suit and thought, “oh, he looks good in that.” He used to remind me a bit of David Tennant, but now, he does not. :(

  9. Kara

    Christina’s scraggly hair extensions look so bad. I am dying to just shave her head and start over, and start her on a serious conditioning regimen. (Hair conditioner, not workouts.)

  10. Lauren

    Am I the only one who thinks Cee-Lo looks so bizarre not wearing sunglasses?! The one picture of him withouth I barely even know it was him!! And I feel like I would much rather he keep them on..otherwise I’m way too confused! Cristina…I give up. She’s a hot mess and clearly no one is going to shake her out of it.

  11. neiges

    The Voice is not at all like this in France!
    It doesn’t have the weirdo start, the f***ed up star and the two hunks. It’s more emotional, intense and minimal. The judges are all local big stars (altough one of them is Canadian). I wish they would go full Australian, the feeeeeelings exhaust me.
    Some boy band even gave away Aguilera as a b….? Nothing of that sort here, nothing I tell you. Only feeeeeeelings. Fhsss.

    • toxxic

      This is the american version. Our Aussie version is all feelings as well but we’ve only just started the battlerounds. We have Seal, Keith Urban, Delta Goodrem and Joel Madden. I only watch for Keith and Seal lol.

  12. Stefanie

    I’m totally going to have a shirt made with a picture of my cat’s face in the shape of a heart. Fluffy (seriously, that’s his name) will be famous.

  13. Eliza Bennett

    Cee-Lo’s facial hair shenanigans are distracting me from the other cray-ness. Seriously, go through that slideshow and check out all the different hairsuits he has for his chin. I stopped on slide 4 and laughed a good five minutes at the cat shirt and the teeeeeny tiny pointy evil soul patch. It might be my new desktop background.

  14. Gigi

    Is that a Green Bay Packers tat on Cee Lo’s arm?

    Where can I sign the petition to bring Eurovision to North America!?! That is a level of craziness that needs to go global.

    Why is it that I can’t watch this show without spending nearly all my time wondering what Blake thinks about all this Hollywood shenanigan-ry. Miranda, we’re not in Oklahoma anymore.

  15. KatKenSea

    “Plopped” is never good. You never want to be seen as having “plopped” or “been plopped” or even “plopped” something. I think especially not that last one. Unless, maybe, you’re 14 and there’s a field of wildflowers. If I had a rider, #1 would be, “Nothing involving a derivative of the word plop, thanks.”

  16. Kit

    Re Flo and the Machine – when they came out, Beloved Spouse was all – What in holy hell is THAT???!!! and then she started signing and by the end, Beloved Spouse was all “Well, I wouldn’t buy their record, but I’d go see their show.”

    (Beloved Spouse is 63 – I’m 50, and I sat back in wonder and awe!)

  17. Michael Jacobs

    The staging for half of these performers are pure Eurovision and I for one would love to see the craziness this show does already put on the European stage.

  18. Sajorina

    I’m glad I quit this show after the 1st season… Even though I love Adam Levine, I just couldn’t stand Xtina anymore! And, I have cats & I have cat shirts, but none of my cat shirts have pictures of my actual cats in them!

  19. Hima


    Green was in a recording studio this week in Los Angeles finalizing a remix of the Meow Mix cat food jingle featuring the Persian cat Purrfect, which he often holds on “The Voice.”


  20. gryt

    I frickin LOVED Cee-Loo’s cat t-shirt. He’s so fun! Big fan now. Xtina on the other hand? She has not been making new fans with this show (that’s a nice way of putting it). Ugh.