We flash back to a time eight months ago -- I can't keep up with this show's timeline, at this point, but I'm going to assume this is supposed to be not that long before the show started, which seems sort of nutso because when Andrea showed up in town earlier it was treated like she hadn't been around for a long time -- when Rich Twin flaunted that she convinced Ioan to sell Andrea's Miami house out from under her. She said, and I quote as directly as memory allows, "We all know you're just one disgusting sex act away from finding yourself a new sugar daddy," which is a great line and perfectly delivered by SMG. Like she's savoring a really good truffle. She also looks fantastic from the shoulders up -- per usual on this show, actually -- and perhaps a bit... overly layered the rest of the way. Maybe Rich Twin just really liked having a napkin built into her gowns.
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