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    She MIGHT, however, leave a note, so Andrea fakes one that implies "Rich Twin" offed herself because of the shame of Ioan's company scandal and their impending poverty. Sadly, Andrea falls prey to the pitfalls of fake TV typing, and neglects to use the space bar (from what I could see). The biggest offender was always J.Lo.Hew on Ghost Whisperer, who would sit down to Pentium (fake Google) and drum her fingertips across the asdfjk; line a few times and then we'd cut to a screen shot with a complete and correctly punctuated phrase full of letters she did not push. But seriously, people, if all else fails, just type your name over and over so that at least you're using the space bar. THE KEY IS THE SPACE BAR. ACT YOURSELF TO THE SPACE BAR. Also that's going to be the name of the club I invent someday. All the tables will have stools that are keys, and then one space bar seat. So, you know... a bench-shaped bench. It will be the most boring bar in America and we will go out of business within a month, but hey, at least all our wait staffers will be in Vengeful Caftans. Which will inspire me to open The Vengeful Caftan...