Fug the Show: Ringer, episode 9

There was some plot here, and we are back to a minimum of outfit changes, but I don’t want to leave you in suspense about the most momentous development of all: Henry Sad-Sack’s twins EXIST. WE HAVE PROOF. I KNOW. They must be so happy not to be in story purgatory anymore.

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  1. Cynthia

    Awesome recap (as always).

    BTW Here’s SMG looking like rich twin on the cover of Self magazine: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2011/11/16/sarah-michelle-gellar-covers-self-december-2011/

  2. Cristina

    God bless Ioan Gruffudd for each and every week trying so hard to polish the turd that is this show.

  3. Elizabeth

    “Am I willing to be held captive in it?” is going to be so useful in my future dressing-room dilemmas.

  4. DanerKebab

    1. I agree with Elizabeth – “Am I willing to be held captive in it?” is my new pre-purchase question-to-self.

    2. I checked IMDB (to look up the actress playing Olivia, not for this purpose), and found that the episode is actually TITLED “Shut up and eat your bologna.”

    • Heather

      I know! Isn’t that awesome?

      Olivia is Jaime Murray. I know her from this horrible show that ALSO starred Kristoffer Polaha that was about them all being Greek gods on Earth. It lasted like three episodes. She was Aphrodite.

      • DanerKebab

        I love it when the writers are in on the joke. :)

        I vaguely remember previews for that show. I hated her character on Dexter, but she has thoroughly won me over on Warehouse 13 (which I’m half a season behind on, so nobody tell me if my fan-dom is to be short-lived).

      • Eli

        I know her from the Spartacus show that is mostly just all about gratuitous sexing and violence with strapping young men.*

        *Not complaining.

  5. Rebecca

    I LIVE for your Ringer recaps every Wednesday! You never fail to make me howl with laughter.

  6. islandgirl1

    Zee Twins! Zee Twins! Okay, I actually managed to watch this show last night rather than much later in the week as I normally do. And I was so excited because that meant I could read your recap today. And it was, yet again, hilarious!

    When I saw the toga “left mammarial elephantitis” shirt, I knew that would be front and center.

    How do they make SMG look like she is dumpy???

  7. Mel

    yeah for the twins!! Did you notice they don’t have all the equipment: it’s either the image OR the sound, never both at the same time. I laughed so hard when I realized that the little vandals were mute at the beginning and THEN we got treated to the off camera soundbites of children! I guess we met halfway with the producers there!

  8. Rachel

    This was the best episode ever. I think the writer’s of this show must religiously read your summaries of the show because that is the only excuse I can think of for the sudden appearance Sad Sack’s Ghost Twins. Hmm…that sounded wrong…

  9. Sajorina

    Ok, it must be said… SMG is GORGEOUS!!! Now, the most inportant lesson learned from this show is “If I’m not willing to be held captive in it, then I shouldn’t wear it”, which reminds me of the most important lesson I learned from “Lost”: When traveling by plane, wear something that you won’t mind spending eternity wearing in a deserted? island!

    This was a creepy episode for me to watch because I watched the CW’s short-lived show “Valentine” in which Olivia played Henry Sad-Sack’s MOTHER: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1274409/ Creppy, I tell you!!!

    I wasn’t horrified by the fashion choices this week, but I was horrified by the furry vest made out of Yeti that BFF is still wearing! But, I loved the lovey-doveyness between Poor Twin & Ioan… I so wanted that to happen!

  10. Cynthia

    Based on next weeks preview IT actually happens between Bridget and Andrew. It’s just a short moment in the preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ikqodazoGU

  11. Jo

    Love the recaps and lovin this soap-fest of a show! Ladies please fug & recap ANTM All Stars next!!! It’s ripe for the pickin!

  12. taylor

    Wow, they pack a lot of plot into an episode! Heather, you’re the best for doing these!

  13. Eli

    I sort of actually love that necklace that SMG is wearing in the last slide of the recap when she is meeting with Billy Abbott and he is wearing the gun in that preposterous looking holster. I wish Poor Twin was wearing it, because Poor Twin’s budget is closer to mine and I don’t even spend all my disposable income on smack.

  14. Evie

    Hysterical! This show is so bad it’s good… well, I won’t go that far. I think that I may have to find a way to slip in “smells like shenanigans” into my vernacular.

  15. The Other Molly

    It’s pretty funny when you look at a list of all the episodes so far.

    She’s Ruining Everything
    If You Ever Want A French Lesson
    It’s Gonna Kill Me, But I’ll Do It
    A Whole New Kind Of Bitch
    Poor Kids Do It Every Day
    Oh Gawd, There’s Two Of Them
    Maybe We Can Get A Dog Instead
    Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna

    It’s like they take the worst line from all the dialogue in the show, and make it the episode title.
    The real intrigue in this episode is why was Siobhain paranoid and who was after her?
    The answer to that is probably key to what is really going on.
    By the way Fug Girls, there is a Church Bar in Philadelphia.

  16. Liz

    So one question – it actually sounded like Poor Twin wasn’t supposed to have had the gun and Rich Twin was mad that the cop for hire had given it to her and had been waiting on Billy to get it back. Not sure why they vomited a whole bunch of important catch up plot points into a 2 second telephone conversation. But . . . who cares – so happy to have such a fun silly show to watch and great recaps make it even more fun.

    • GFY Heather

      That may be true… to be honest, the gun plot point sort of muddled me.

  17. The Other Molly

    I think it’s become clear that nothing is what it seems on this show.
    All along, we have thought that Bridget whacked the cop who was protecting her and stole his gun.
    Now we are informed that he GAVE her the gun.
    I want to know why Bridget was paranoid, who was stalking her and why she is now
    trying to embezzle from Andrew’s company.
    I think Olivia (Andrew’s partner) has something to do with all this.
    And are they ever going to get around to WHAT BRIDGET DID?
    It “seems” as though she was responsible for the death of Siobhain’s child,
    but who knows with this show.

  18. coexxi

    Can’t wait for poor Twin grudufffing Ioan…. That toga top would bring togas out of mode in good old Rome. Love the little twins! Esp. that their are redheads has their mother is such NATURAL redhead! Malcolm will end in the basement with BFF. Hope he wears no shirt. Now I can watch the episode! (I’m still doing the recap first).

  19. Gapowie

    My favorite fashion-related aspect of this show is how consistent they are with Henry’s douchey rope bracelet. He never takes that thing off! It’s kind of awesome. Much like this show. And your recaps.

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