Henry pops by Gregory Harrison's house, because ol' Greg had the twins taken away by child protective services. Apparently the twins' names are Dash and Becks, which I think are actually acronyms for DESIGNER ANDROID SON HELPER and BOY ELECTRONIC CHILD-KITING SYSTEM. Henry hugs D.A.S.H. and B.E.C.K.S. before shooing them away so they can have "lunch," a.k.a. get oiled and fed some yummy coding. Gregory tells Henry that he has been tailing him for years, knows he and Rich Twin were cheering up his sack together, and wants to destroy him for being a total douche who probably killed a man and maybe even made his daughter disappear. Henry is so passive a player in his own life that he's like, "Whaaaaaa," but doesn't do much else.
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