We cut to two days prior. I almost wonder if they thought this episode was airing after a rerun week, or something, because this entire first scene is exposition -- with flashbacks -- that rehashes what we learned last week, when people were all in different clothes. I'm not sure why FBI Agent Richard Alpert needed to leave and then come back to have this same conversation, except that maybe he has a firm anti-arm-sling bias and so he needed to wait for Ioan to heal, or perhaps he only takes "Rich Twin" seriously when her lipstick matches her blouse. Anyhoo, the rundown: Bad Man henchman is dead. May have killed Malcolm. May have told Bad Man that he found Bridget. Nobody is safe. Except Malcolm, because everyone has decided he's dead but nobody cares where his body is, and that's code for He's Totally Alive and Lurking Freely Until He Can Save The Day.
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