Rich Twin, meanwhile, leaves Henry Sad-Sack a message that none of this is worth it if they can't be together (so apparently his sack can't be ENTIRELY made of sadness). She says she's telling Ioan the truth. And then she shows up in Ioan's hospital room just as Henry Sad-Sack gets the message, conveniently wearing her hair the exact same way Poor Twin was, and conveniently in exactly the same coat. This works to her advantage when Henry arrives in the nick of time, intercepts her, then spirits her away just as Poor Twin pops in to see Ioan. Wearing a different shirt but the same coat, so presumably she just draws comfort from the closeness of Ioan's AB-negative. And Ioan, of course, can't throw her off by asking her what Henry wanted to talk about, or why she looked crazy knocked-up five minutes ago and has suddenly deflated (seriously, when she sits down, Rich Twin's bump is ENORMOUS), because Juliet is apparently missing and so he's not really paying attention to basic social math.
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