So she does. DELICIOUS. I guess the next day is his sixth anniversary with Rich Twin, and he thought they should celebrate by taking the Chunnel to ecstasy. It is times like these when I have the same questions I always used to have whenever someone on a soap got plastic surgery to steal someone's identity and then had sex with that person's loved one: Are they REALLY the same? I mean, really? Down to the wax job? I know it had been a while, but SURELY you know when you're not doing the wango tango with your actual wife. Or, like, when Original Roman left DAYS and they brought on the guy we now know as John Black, and it was revealed at one point that he WAS Roman, just brain--washed and with his face changed by Stefano DiMera. Wouldn't Marlena have noticed, er, differences the second she got his trousers down for some reunion sex? Do we really think Stefano DiMera was like, "Also, I had his GENITALS RENOVATED to make his disguise COMPLETE!" I am not sure Stefano was that thorough, you guys. Twenty years later, I have serious doubts.
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