Fug the Show: Revenge recap, episode 207

I think it’s safe to say your show has problems when the plot requires your protagonist send her nemesis to prison and it’s disappointing because said nemesis was the only interesting person in town. Also when it’s running a show-long commercial for Neiman Marcus starring Revenge cast members in an alternate Revengiverse that seems kind of more entertaining than the actual show (albeit populated by even dumber people, which I didn’t think was possible). REVENGE!

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  1. Naomi

    The mention of Lena Olin and the Covenant was fantastic. :)

  2. Kristan

    I actually loved Neiman Marcusverse. I want to watch THAT show, so long as we add Samuel T. Anders from BSG (aka Blue Eyes’s brother) in!

    • Kristan

      PS: “Roger Bart and Emily VanCamp are good together — having them work together would have been totally fun. I do not know why this show insists on setting up interesting things and then just unraveling them immediately. See also: Nolan living with Emily.”


    • Jesse

      Isn’t it actually the Neiman-Marcus-for-Target-verse, tho? Affordable!

    • arigato

      Blue Eyes’ brother also just finished up a run as Robin’s hilarious dim boyfriend on How I Met Your Mother. He was very funny on the last episode, Splitsville – in an otherwise crappy episode….

      • Ann

        Blue Eyes will always be Anders from BSG. It always makes me happy to see him in stuff.

  3. Nicole

    “The Antipasto” Hahahahaha!!!

    • H.C.

      I know! I was kinda sad when Jessica finally IDs them by their actual name. Can’t wait to hear more about the Involtini next episode around!

  4. Louise

    I couldn’t look directly at the Neiman Marcus/Target debacle due to all of the second hand embarrassment I was experiencing.

    Nolan is CRAZY to risk his company for Ms. Sourpuss.

  5. Blair

    I am not sure the show really has issues or at least issues that can’t be easily resolved. I think for me the plot just moves at kind of a breathless pace and about 2/3 episodes are condensed into one episode. The breakneak speed makes it exciting and I think it also manages to gloss over plot holes and some of the weaker actors but it also makes the show confusing and somewhat more implausible. It kind of reminds me of the thrillers you pick up in airports to read on the plane and you really enjoy them but when you look back you kind of wonder what the heck just happened.

  6. Caity

    I actually LOL’d at Emily being Pretty Little Liars’ A, as these shows have a lot in common. Specifically that I seriously enjoy both of them but usually have no clue what is actually happening.

  7. The Other Molly

    I’m still wondering why Ashley and Victoria were wearing drapery tassels as necklaces, ala Scarlett in “Gone With The Wind”.

  8. Kara K

    Upstairs, Revengestairs is maybe my favourite of your picture name thing thought they’re all pretty great.

  9. Meghan

    Am I the only one who feels that, for the kind of show this is supposed to be, there is not NEARLY enough steamy half-nakedness and ridiculous soapy-ness? Man, season one was so much better.

  10. jj

    The Neiman Marcus/Target ads were disturbing. And cringy. Like the Brady’s singing. And Revenge needs more sex. Emily is the biggest DRAG. At least we had the porch. Maybe blue eyed guy will turn out to be super double agent for The Inquisitive?

  11. Annie E

    I was one of those people who looked up at Hulu and wondered why Amanda and Jack were rich now. Very confused.

    I think it was a HUUUGE mistake to take Conrad and Victoria, the villains we have gotten to know, and make them victims of the Antipasto all along. It is so dull. A shadowy group of evildoers is so much less interesting than the somewhat conflicted real people evildoers who live next door.

    Someone kill Padma please.

  12. Alma

    This show needs more good ol’ fashioned doin it. Spice it up! And also, make Nolan fun again!

  13. th

    “Am I supposed to wish she were Lena Olin and she’s there working for the Covenant?”

    I wanted Lena Olin to play Emily’s mom so badly.

  14. laura

    “Next, people who watch this show while reading a magazine looked up and were REALLY CONFUSED by how Jack and Amanda are rich now.”

    HAHA YES that is almost exactly what happened to me!!! I muted the ads on Hulu for a minute and when I came back, they were suddenly being fancy and I was like WTF?