Fug the Show: Revenge recap

A confession: I have no idea what is happening on this show. Seriously. Amanda is dead from getting blown up, Jack is sad, the Initiative is bad, Helen Crawley was BORING so Victoria shot her and ABC replaced her with a scarier looking actor, Padma’s Dad’s finger is in a box somewhere to convince her to…something….and Nolan is something something with her something something and then something with Daniel and does anyone even care anymore? There was literally even a scene this week where Emily basically said, “WELL TIME FOR ME TO GET BACK TO ENACTING REVENGE ON PEOPLE AND CROSSING THEIR FACES OUT AGAIN BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT EVERYONE WANTS” and, seriously, ABC, it’s about six weeks too late.

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  1. gayle

    Interesting fact Helen Hunt directed this episode

    • Katty McNiley Ripley

      Yep. The first thing that I did when the episode was go to imdb and check if it was really “Oscar Winner and Nominne” Helen Hunt. (and thinking about it, she kindda could have been Amanda/Emily mother, now that I think about it).

      I’d watch the Revenge 2.0 that you create in slide #4… Victoria running a brother (with Ashley in there obvs.! – I want to go there! REVEEENGE!

  2. Tamburlaine

    I love all the Agatha Christie references! I have to keep reading these recaps for Nolan… sigh.

    • Alameda Peg

      LOVE the Agatha Christie titles. Also, “poor man’s Crispin Glover” is Burn Gorman of Torchwood! Oh, Owen, we miss you.

      • Maisie

        Yup, Torchwood and numerous BBC and Masterpiece Theatre productions. Burn Gorman is really a terrific actor and doing the best he can with the crappy material he’s being saddled with on Revenge.

  3. Christy

    I thought the slide with the credits was going to be the one that showed HELEN HUNT as the director, gayle. I came here to post about it but you beat me to it. Well played.

    The other “huh…cool!’ director moment of the week came from Southland. This week’s episode was directed by Regina King. Can GFY do a “Flashback Fug” of 227 so that we can get your GFY take on Jackee’s outfits?

  4. MissTee

    Almost nothing makes me sadder than a sad Jack. I would like to cradle him close to my ample bosom and comfort him in his time of pain.

  5. ErinE

    Some questions:

    1) remember when all of Amanda’s stripper friends showed up to her baby shower? Why couldn’t they have come to the funeral since Charlotte was so desperate to have them there?

    2) Will this get better, or should I stop watching? At this point it’s just for the recaps anyway.

  6. Kristan

    Already dropped the show, but I consider the first year and a half that I watched to be a worthwhile investment, just so I can better understand your Fug-caps. :)

  7. Vandalfan

    Double Revenge- for the win.

    You guys slay me.

  8. Eli

    Revenge needs to do a crossover episode with Dallas so that the people of Southfork can teach the Hamptonians how to really do melodrama, brawls, shootin, and revenge. Cuz aside from a few good moments, Season 2 of this show is pretty damn boring.

  9. Alma

    I also space out during all the boring business/merger/Padma/Initiative/Nolan’s computer program dialogue. But when emotional Emily or Sad Jack or Hot Aiden are on, it is so good! I’m pretty exciting about the addition of the foster brother…I hope he adds some fun to this mostly boring show that I am still watching for some reason :)

    PS- Love the recaps Jessica!!

  10. Mary Urech Stallings

    As my husband asked me last night: How long does it take to get revenge?????

  11. jj

    This show is going over like a pregnant pole vaulter. If the Initiative’s nefarious plans are to BORE US TO DEATH then Terror Has Won!!!!

  12. Janice

    I was actually going to start watching this show, because of Burn; but on second thoughts, maybe not.

    For me, Helen Hunt’s involvement puts the cherry on the cake.