Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 1, episodes 18 and 19

I can’t believe SEXY THINGS HAPPENED when I went out of town. Also, does this mean that I need to go out of town for the whole season?

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  1. Erin

    Oh how I love this show! Such soapy goodness with an aftertaste of country music. I’m on the Maddi’s rare blood disorder train with you, but first, I hope that Deacon doesn’t lose his sh*t when Rayna tells him. Chip Esten is just the best — he’s the most real character on the show. Adore him.

    One thing in the recap, I thought Coleman was the former mayor. That’s why him being lieutenant mayor (or vice mayor… whatever) was such a big deal — he essentially took a step down. Powers is just the puppetmaster.

    While I was irritated at the time they kept showing reruns or just not airing Nashville at all, I’m happy that there are a few more new episodes in the hopper. Here’s hoping that season two allows Hayden some character growth and enables her to get rid of her jump to conclusions mat.

    • Heather

      He wasn’t the former mayor — he ran for mayor and lost to Teddy. Powers Boothe was the former mayor.

      • Erin

        Didn’t he hold SOME office? Or am I projecting my political aspirations onto him? You can see how much I pay attention to that plot line…

    • KatyChicago

      Nice Office Space reference!

  2. Rosemary Mac Cabe

    First off, why would anyone put clothes in a dryer when you can dry them outside? Your dryer ruins clothes! Hanging outside is fabulous! Poor Scarlett. She just really cares for those rags she calls clothes.

    Second off, can we talk for a second about how Days of Our Lives Dante is? I think it’s something about his half-handsome, half-snarling face that has me suspecting him of having a secret twin every time he’s in frame.

  3. Breda

    I just adore Teddy’s scenes with Maddy. It’s so clearly Teddy’s best quality: he doesn’t care that her biological father is someone else, because she’s still his daughter. And his goofy dancing was AMAZING.

    I am also ridiculously invested in Deacon & Rayna. SO looking forward to the developments there!

  4. JCB

    AHHH YES. This totally made my day, Heather, I’ve been eagerly waiting for your awesome recaps.

  5. AJ

    Is it weird if I want to get a TAMI + DEACON FOREVER tattoo? Especially because that’s not her actual character name in this show? No. I’m that invested.

    Teddy has never been better than the two moments in this show that he has really stepped up as Maddie’s father – first vs Powers Boothe, second at the dance with geeky dancing. I’m a sucker for geeky dancing.

  6. Bex

    When CCC planted one on Gunnar, I was pounding the couch yelling, “I KNEW IT!!” I’m still hoping they’ll hug it out and get back to a platonic bromance. The promos for tonight’s episode look amazing. Is it 9:00 CT yet?

    • lulubelle

      I had a vague feeling of closet geigh when he first appeared in the show, but man, the second those two hit the couch I was all, “AIEIEEEeeeee … someone’s about to pounce!

  7. Lindsay

    LOVE your recaps! My burning question….why does Scarlett dress like a homeless, slutty Cabbage Patch Kid???

    • lulubelle

      I’m fully with you on Cabbage Patch, I’m vaguely with you on homeless, I am nowhere near you on slutty – when has she EVER looked slutty?

    • Lola

      And how is it, as a (sort-of) starving artist, she has such an impressive variety of pajamas, robes, lingerie, etc., etc.? She dresses likes she’s hanging out in an old-timey country brothel.

  8. Cortney D

    Your Nashville recaps give me life. Also, I too am ridiculously invested in Tammi/Deacon and very much appreciated the XOXOXOXOXO headings. Nice touch. Keep ‘em coming!

  9. lulubelle

    What is hotter than Deacon in that great fitting suit, white dress shirt, no tie? Nothing.

  10. ok

    Sorry, I know I am in the minority, but I HATE HATE HATE Tami & Deacon together. I don’t think they have a lot of chemistry together (they do great at longing lustful, though), and they suck as a couple– Tami is too perfect, Deacon is a hot-head screw-up. Some loves aren’t meant to be. This one ain’t.

    I feel extremely cheated out of Tami/Liam sexy-times!

  11. Genevieve

    Heather, I love your recaps of Nashville. I’m a sucker for Tami/Deacon too, and it’s all so much torture the “YES NO YES” dilemma. Also, next week’s preview is killing me: http://youtu.be/_JNFe1Yk1Zk Argh!

    • Genevieve

      Oh, and the YOLO caption on the Gunnar/ CCC kiss really cracked me up!

  12. Eli

    Bwahaha. Love the idea of Gunnar doing Mad Libs songs with rage-y type words.