Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 1, episode 8

Here is my holiday wish for this show: Send Teddy and Peggy away to live on an island somewhere with Powers Boothe (sorry, dude, but the mayoral stuff kills the show), dirty up Tami a bit so she’s not always such a freaking hero all the time, because we like Connie Britton and we will forgive her character some bad choices as long as they’re justified, because then we can enjoy agonizing over them; make the obstacle between her and Deacon being together NOT just be her boring husband, whom she clearly has not seen naked in five years; and keep her in the juicy scandalous music world, which, further, needs to be more juicy and scandalous. Even a role reversal where she becomes a hot doped-up mess and Deacon kicks her to rehab would work for me. I love lots of components of this show, and the music is fabulous, but right now it’s too protective of Tami’s sainthood and Absolute Correctness, and isn’t giving her enough avenues for sin.  PLEASE MORE SIN.

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  1. McLisa

    Tami’s ponytail with its big shiny curls blowing in the breeze over her blue leather jacket. The yellow leaves of fall in the background. I went into a trance. I MUST HAVE HER HAIR.

    I agree that the politics subplot needs to go. SNORE.

    And they could kill off Lucky or make him a seriously mean SOB like that douche that left poor pregnant and shoeless Natalie at the WalMart.

  2. Lynne

    So the show has made Peggy a regular, right? How are they going to justify her presence? Her character seems so temporary right now.

    Connie Britton’s hair should get its own credit. Also, I’m not sure how much longer I can take the Deacon-Rayna tension. You guys! Just do it already!

    Did NOT realize that Tebow’s kid sister was Sophia. Awww.

    • Heather

      They made her a regular for NEXT season, if the show gets picked up. Which seems… weird. My hope is that Tami and Teddy split up and he starts seeing her.

  3. Sandra

    There’s too damn many people in this show. It is impossible to care about all of them. But I care deeply about Connie Britton’s hair and want a follicle transplant so I can have it too. Even though I would look awful as a blonde.

  4. Joanne

    The filmed at one of two guitar-shaped swimming pools built by Webb Pierce. The pool you are referring next to the condos on Music Row was opened by Webb Pierce when the one at this house on Curtiswood Lane was causing too much of a nuisance to his neighbors with daily buses full of tourists stopping by. They were filming at the guitar-shaped pool at his former house (down the street from the Governor’s mansion).

    • Jennifer

      Jinx, Joanne! You owe me a coke. I’ll meet you at the fiddle-shaped pool.

  5. wordphreak

    Um, maybe juicier and more scandalous?

  6. Jennifer

    Photographing famous people in church is frowned upon. The only church cell phone photos I’ve ever seen were of Al Green, but he’s in Memphis, and they have different ways there.

    Here’s some info about the guitar-shaped swimming pool:


    If I am interpreting this correctly, there are two–one at Webb Pierce’s old house, which is now a private home, and one on Music Row, which was Pierce’s attempt at developing a tourist attraction. I’m pretty sure the scene was filmed at the private home, but someone else may have a better idea.

    Elvis stayed at Spence Manor (where the second guitar-shaped pool is) for a while.

    My knowledge is based on one of those “Tour of the Stars’ Homes” bus ride several years ago with my aunt, so I could be wrong. I vaguely remember both the pools being pointed out, but since neither was visible from the road, they weren’t that impressive.

  7. ok

    I like Deacon and Tami together but they have way too much baggage to make it work. I really want Tami to hook up with her hot new producer (who is clearly Jack White.) She can make him a bit more responsible/grounded, he can liven her up. There were definitely some romantic sparks in the dressing room at the very beginning.

    Scarlett is the worst. THE WORST. The writers need to stop making her a doormat–she’s beautiful, has musical talent…why is she some 50s throwback? Girl, read some Simone de Beauvoir and live your damn life! They also made Gunnar a totally possessive creep.

  8. andnowyoutellme

    How did you not post a screencap/spend precious web-column inches discussing the magic that was Tami’s red leather jacket when she went to see Coleman? HOW?! That thing was amazing.

    In other news, I think the producers should fire boring Scarlet&Gunnar&Avery and give Connie Britton’s hair its own credit in the opening titles.

    • Heather

      Ugh, I deleted it thinking I had it covered elsewhere, then forgot to double check. BOO TO ME. I agree it ruled.

  9. Mavis

    Anyone else get distracted when Hayden was proposing because of all the CANDLES? (I have a weird hyper-vigilance about that sort of ambiance. Dear Set Designers: It’s called “overkill”. Look it up. Love, Mavis) I have so many questions because, yes, pretty! But a pretty *fire hazard*. And no way did she do all that herself so maybe her Candle Wrangler can be added to the cast.

  10. Lorraine

    The Gunnar/Scarlett/Avery thing would be fine if there was anything real at stake. As it is, all that stands in G/S’s way is that she has low-self-esteem? That Avery might turn out to not be a jerk?
    If I could rewrite anything in Nashville, I would have made Scarlett a scrappy single mom with stage fright that can be overcome with liquor (she is Deacon’s niece, after all), Avery the deadbeat dad who’s trying to redeem himself as his career takes off, and Gunnar the innocent who doesn’t understand how guarded Scarlett HAS to be about her child/personal life.
    Even their song writing would be improved – wouldn’t it be neat if Gunnar thought that the Right One song was about him, and Scarlett could be like, duh, it’s about my child!

    Obviously I have overthought this. I’d also like it if just one person on this show had a name like “Jack” or “Amy.”

  11. chickadee

    Heaven help me, I really love “tim tebow”. He is so flippin’ cute and sweet. I know, I know, I’m a huge nerd.

    I think it’s a great storyline for Juliette though. I’ve hated her since the beginning but it shows a side of her that is genuinely excited to be accepted by someone for who she is and lets us feel some sympathy for her when Mrs. Tebow is mean.

  12. Celia

    I look forward to this fugcap every week!

  13. Tar Heel Gal

    We have to wait how long for another episode AND Heather’s recap?! Boo! Another great recap, ma’m. Wow, didn’t recognize Sophia as Tebow’s sister, she was lost in that dang swamp and then in the zombie barn for so long. HEY–how ’bout Heather or Jessica recapping The Walking Dead’s fashions and sweat for us? Can we get a vote?

    And let’s give a shout-out for the beverage of choice at sober Deacon’s initial meeting with that sober band–Cheerwine, made right here in North Carolina, woohoo! The stuff in the glass bottle is made with real cane sugar, plastic/cans not so much, don’t be fooled if you try it.

  14. Sally

    LOVE your recaps – never stop the music!!!

    WHY is Eric Close so awful as Teddy? I loved him in Without a Trace, but his acting is horrible – he’s just capable of squinting.

    ITA about making Tami more complicated.

  15. ErinE

    This was so funny : She was a huge fan of Flea until she realized how he spelled his name.

    This show has SO.MUCH potential. I hope they get it right. I work in politics and found the politics thing boring – and I’m an easy target on that stuff.

    I do love the songs. And for the first time ever, am having an appreciation for country music and definitely for the Nashville scene. It looks so fun!

  16. outlet

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  17. loonytick

    Actually, the churchgoers wouldn’t be taking cell phone pics because it’s Nashville, not because it’s church. The “don’t act like you care that you’re seeing a celebrity” code is so ingrained here…just the other day I stumbled upon the show’s crew filming a scene outdoors in Hillsboro Village, which is a little historic district with boutiques, coffeeshops, etc. Everyone was watching, some were gawking even, but absolutely no one had a phone out to snap photos and people’s conversations were about anything BUT the fact that a television show was shooting right in front of us. I must say, the crew was pretty awesome. They didn’t block traffic at all, and they didn’t even close access to any shops, even the ones in the middle of the scene. They just let people go in and out between takes.

    As for the guitar-shaped pool…everystinking thing that country music touched in the seventies was guitar themed. Most of Nashville is tired to death of it, but the Convention and Visitors Bureau is loathe to let go. They conceded not to make it an easily visible part of the new Convention center, but when you fly over downtown you’ll see that part of the roof has that shape. HUGE EYEROLL. I bet they beat down the doors of the shows producers saying, “there’s this pool, actually two of them, and WOULDN’T IT BE PERFECT? Oh shoot there shoot there please please please! Branding!”

    • JCC

      Complete agreement. Only tourists pay attention to stars, the locals are too cool to acknowledge them.

      It really is a cultural mandate. I can think of several reasons: 1) the old money world of Nashville never wanted to have anything to do with country music anyway; 2) Nashville is in the south and even though many people are transplants, there’s still the notion that it’s not polite to stare; 3) anyone could be famous at any moment. Your yard boy could be the next big thing; 4) the degrees of separation are not even six–country music starts always prided themselves on their accessibility to their fans. I am not in the music business and not trying to be in the music business and yet I encounter famous people ALL the time. I was looking at a friend’s FB feed and I thought, “That woman needs to touch up her roots,” and I realized my friend was at a party with Robert Plant. And he wasn’t the center of attention. He was just hanging out and happened to be in some of the shots.

      This is why the politics subplot is really frustrating. Because in Nashville, there is star power (which is transitory and may involve plane wrecks and house fires) and there is POWER. Callie Khouri know that, but she’s not conveying the POWER–the health care executives and the politicians and the behind the scenes movers and shakers and the descendants of the first settlers and the publishing titans and the university presidents (all 12 of them). It’s a pity, because those are really interesting stories.

  18. JJ Goode

    I don’t really enjoy the politics of the show either, but a friend that works with me at DISH thinks it helps to make the drama just attack the music. Maybe we really do need it? I enjoy the music more than anything, and I’m even saving this entire season to my DISH Hopper. With its hard drive capable of recording up to 2,000 hours of entertainment for me, I can finally become the giant TV fan I’ve always wanted to be—no more picking and choosing shows like I had to with my last DVR.