Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 1, episode 6

I was JUST going to complain about how the whole Hayden vs. Tami premise has been dropped and they no longer have scenes together, but apparently tonight’s episode might rev that engine anew. Woohoo! So let’s just sit back and enjoy the arrival of Tim Tebow — sort of — and Scarlett objecting to Lucky Spencer renting property in Cougar Town.

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  1. Sandra

    They could’ve just gotten Actual Tebow for this gig. Clownasaurus Rex certainly isn’t giving him anything to do in East Rutherford and the kid they’ve got playing this role is too weedy to be an NFL player. Even the QBs have muscles on their muscles any more.

    Next, when did a guy EVER take a casserole to another guy without somebody’s wife or mama sending him? Especially a guy that age. Few of them keep ingredients in the house. And if he called in an order at Casseroles To Go, why didn’t he have them deliver it?

    In re: Powers Booth. Shouldn’t that be”.. cigars, Brut, and Scotch?” Without the butter? Of course in Tennessee, it’s probably Gentleman Jack, neat.

    • Trish

      Sandra, Marble Mouth sent Lucky to deliver the casserole of her making. [Can't believe I just typed THAT sentence!]

  2. Birbi

    This was great, Heather! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks Raggedy Ann has marbles in her mouth. AND a Gruffudd reference! Lawdy, how I miss that show (and your recaps.)

  3. Tar Heel Gal

    Oh, Heather! Every frame is perfection! Missy, you fired on all cylinders on this recap! You and Jessica are the bestestes! “YOU BIG MEANIES,” hahahaha! I don’t know about that butterscotch, tho….And a hung-over Tami Taylor can out-act most actresses sober! Thank you for such fun!

  4. Mouse

    “so he goes back to Cougar Town and asks about leasing property there. She tells him to come by her place that night, and after a moment of hesitation, he decides to pay the rent”

    *SNORT* This…this made my day! Everytime I read it, I giggle.

  5. ringthing

    I will keep watching this just for your recaps. So glad you mentioned Marble Mouth’s suitcase; I busted out laughing when I saw her with it.

  6. Sally

    LOVED the recap. Totally agree about Lucky slowdancing with a dude.

    BTW, Scarlett paid 25K for the photo, not 250K, and yes, I’m slightly embarrassed that I remembered this fact.

  7. Kate

    most predictable line of the show (so much so, that I actually recited it with the TV despite having not seen the episode yet):

    -Hayden: Are you asking me out?
    -Tebow: No, I’m asking you IN.

    Does anyone else think this show would be a million times better if someone other than Hayden were cast as Diva The Younger?

    • Heather

      I actually think she’s pretty good! My problem with it is that up to now, most of these storylines have existed in their own bubbles. It’s time for them to get messy.

  8. Jessica

    I THINK Hayden’s pool is in the backyard, and she just has a freakishly long driveway. I spend too much time reflecting upon this.

    • Alisa

      I, too, spend an inordinate amount of time on whether the pool was in the back or front yard. I came to the conclusion from what I could tell, it was in the backyard and her driveway is really long- either by ending in the backyard (so she can tell her paramours to park their cars out of sight from the prying eyes of the paparazzi) or it’s a circular (more like oval) driveway.
      If only I spent this much time analyzing my budget or something infinitely more useful to my daily life…

      • Heather

        I don’t know — it looked to me like her front door is in that shot, which would also make her front door in her backyard, which… it’s a weird house.

        • Vandalfan

          Perhaps she has a large porte cochere’ that runs the length of the house.

  9. Patrick Rash

    Here’s the thing about Hayden’s house…I thought the same thing about the pool and all the windows that lead to no privacy and anyone just being able to walk up to her door (could you imagine Britney answering her own door? And why is she home all the time? Maybe it’s different in Nashville than in LA) but anyway, I actually think that it’s the back of the house. If you look at the picture with her corvette by the pool you can see the rest of the drive way and it curves around. So I think she must have a gate or something at the front and this is the back.

  10. Jennifer

    I think Hayden’s house may be one of the stranger homes in Nashville. It’s called “Small World.”

    Here’s a photo:


    Here’s a view from above. The drive is circular, the front door is inset, and the pool is in a courtyard, surrounded by the house:


    OK, now I don’t think it’s the same house, because there is no place for her car next to the pool, but when I first saw the screen cap (I haven’t seen the show yet), I immediately thought of this place.