Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 1, episode 5

Let’s pre-game for tonight’s new episode by reviewing last week’s: Scarlett FINALLY gets a tiny bit of a spine, albeit for slightly off reasons; Teddy remains pretty but dim; and we get LOTS of fisticuffs. Perfect for your hump day malaise.

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  1. mary lou bethune

    IT’s more fun to read your recap than see the actual show. Connie’s incredible hair did not have the volume it usually has; maybe they are going to make that a metaphor for her dissolution? I love her.

  2. Jill

    I love this recap so much I barely miss “The Ringer” recaps. The mental image of Lucky strumming on his guitar very loudly in the middle of their song is cracking me up!

    • ML

      Time for Luke to pull that boy aside for a father/son talking-to over at the Haunted Star and remind him that Laura wouldn’t like this side of his personality, even though he gets it honestly from the Spencer side of the family and… Oh… sorry. Wrong soap. But I’d still like to see that happen. Carry on.

  3. Lynne

    I’m really digging Hayden’s character on this show. I find myself rooting for her much more than I root for poor, sad little Scarlett. I’m hoping Scarlett becomes less reactionary and pliable as the show continues. Also, Deacon is very dreamy.

    Completely off topic, I am really enjoying now the Frank & Oak banner ad is positioned directly under Gwen Stefani’s head in the “Hot Right Now” list so that it appears she has the body of a dude in a plaid flannel shirt. Somehow, she’s kind of pulling it off.

  4. Lisa

    Your recaps make me so happy- I totally thought of you ladies when Hayden turned around last week in her peek-a-back top.
    And since I have no other outlet for this I’m just gonna vent for a sec about Scarlett and the wounded bird, baby voice that she uses ALL the time- we get it, she is the embodiment of purity/naïveté/childlike innocence, but for me it’s getting to the point where her innocence is so childlike that it’s starting to seem indecent that either of those boys would have… you know, a “grown up” relationship with her. Maybe it’s just me.

    • ringthing

      No, Lisa, I totally agree with you. I told my husband last week that if her lips get any poutier they are going to slide right off her face.

  5. Lauren

    Love these recaps (but I will forever mourn the passing of Ringer)! I laughed out loud when they had Scarlett, barefoot in the kitchen, cooking for Lucky. They were really trying to push her dutiful innocence down our throats with that one. I’m starting to dread any time she’s on the screen, except when she’s singing.

  6. Heather

    Right? Song-wise, I could listen ALL DAY to her and Gunnar croon over montages of Tami and Deacon gazing longingly at each other and Hayden P weeping in corners, or whatever. I am wondering if part of her issue is that the actress is Australian, so in addition to feigning a U.S. accent, she is also playing Southern, which might all come together to explain why she sounds like she’s speaking through marbles (and can’t open her mouth very far, for fear one of them will fall out).

    • Nicole

      Yes, I totally agree about Scarlett and her (speaking) voice. I too love when she and Gunnar sing, but she really needs to step up her talking game. I did just find out yesterday that she’s Australian, so I’m trying to cut her some slack, but I really hope she’s working with a dialect coach around the clock right now because she currently sounds like an animated mouse in a direct-to-dvd southern-themed children’s movie.

      Also, if they cast George Newbern as Peggy’s husband, I will die. Honestly, how could they not? I checked his imdb and his recent credits include a tv movie called The Heart of Christmas and another tv movie called Monster High: Escape From Skull Shores, so obviously he’d jump at the opportunity. Plus, we know he can play southern because he played Payne Sugarbaker on Designing Women. I don’t understand why this contract isn’t already locked up.

  7. Jenny

    I live in Nashvegas, and casting notices go up all the time, so I have vaguely spoilery feels about where things are heading that I am not sharing. However since they don’t cast extras in bedroom scenes (I hope), I have no insight as to when or if sexytimes between Deacon and Rayna might be happening. But I do hope it’s soon.

  8. Andrew S.

    These are the reason that I watch this show! This & the A.V. club reviews.

    To me, Peggy will always be the insufferable sister in law from ‘according to jim’ (whose name on that show I forget, so peggy it is) but I actually like Kim enough outside of that to be happy for her job.

  9. ringthing

    I love these recaps so much! Tami doesn’t look NEARLY expensive enough. The whole low key thing is saddening. At least she wore glittery eyeshadow in a scene last week, but where’s the big hair, expensive hand made stompin’ boots, sequins, divatude? There’s too much Crying and Feelings in this show so far.

  10. TaraMisu

    Yay to Melvin Ray Kearney II, thank you for your service Sir!!

    I love these recaps, I agree with someone ^ who said they are better than the actual show :D :D :D :D

  11. electric


  12. ML

    I’m actually glad I gave up on Real Life Nashville and am committed now only to NashFug. It’s like enjoying the taste of ice cream without having it drip and get your hands all sticky.

  13. Eli

    Hayden needs to hire Lucy Liu to be her mom’s sober companion. Dayumn.

  14. Vandalfan

    TEAM BO!

  15. ErinE

    i am definitely late to this post, but in slide 22 Kimberly WIlliams Paisley is TOTALLY wearing the Jennifer Aniston maybe pregnancy dress! Black with the white boob bow. Is that embarrassing for Aniston?