Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 1, episode 15

I’m bummed that this show came back from a long break with an hour that only marginally hinted at its goodness. Even Tami Taylor’s hair didn’t look up to its usual magnificence, although I’m sure no one noticed because we are too busy wondering when Scarlett will get a makeover. Girl, you’re not Rapunzel.

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  1. CakesOnAPlane

    EVERYTHING about commentary on Slide 22 FTW. When I saw the episode, I immediately wondered what you were going to say about Hayden’s ridiculous hair and about the fact that Dante accepted her offer without even asking about the pay. How did he get to be a bajillionaire if he is that bad of a businessman?

    Also, Scarlett’s hair has GOT to go (and I highly doubt that hair is all hers).

  2. Bex

    HAHHAHAHAH! I had the EXACT same reaction as you did to Gunnar slamming the door. This show is so ridiculous sometimes….and yet, I can’t look away.

    • Genevieve

      So did I! If they had an animal in the house they didn’t want to have join in the fun ;) , maybe, but otherwise, it’s one of those things that reminds you you’re watching a tv show. A fun, silly one but still.

      Oh, and I really thought we were getting the “Deacon learns he’s Maddie’s father” storyline this week but I guess we have to wait a bit more on that. I’m hoping for an even juicier reveal.

    • Sally

      I actually laughed out LOUD when they opened their doors and faced each other – this show has gotten better, but CLICHE, much?

  3. Melanie

    And of course if Avery burned the master tapes, that takes care of Dominic ruining his music, because there is no way anyone has a digital copy of it. Not in this day and age.

    • Maria

      Exactly! As if they’d even have tape tapes in this day and age, given that they’re not going for some authentic sound.

      • Erin

        They do have tape tapes these days — Foo Fighters recorded their last album on tape (I’ve watched their documentary a dozen times on Palladia) — so it’s plausible that they would exist. However, for the mixing and such that Wyclef has done, I would have guessed digital for Lucky.

        I know they film well in advance, but doesn’t Lucky need to high-tail it over to Port Charles for the GH 50th anniversary brouhaha?

  4. Breda

    I have a Thing about people in TV shows & movies never closing doors ever, even when it’s the front door, so even if that was a totally unnecessary door slam, I appreciate it in the balance of things.

    I still think Juliette was a fool for getting Deacon a dog, but that particular ridiculous plot point brought us Deacon with his boy-dog named Sue, so I will forgive it entirely.

  5. ringthing

    So many eye rolling moments yet I can’t look away either. I now watch this show muttering “Heather will be all over this” at different moments.. I wish Lucky Spencer would disappear completely. I liked the whole thing much more when they were on tour and the Tami/Deacon dynamic was going somewhere; the whole Hayden and her sick mom + Tami’s divorce and wacky family are just tedious.

  6. TaraMisu

    UGH. Scarlett’s hair is just….. it’s just …. I don’t even know. It’s like a nest of snakes or something. Got. To. Go.

    I love this show and I love the recaps :D

    • Jane

      Agreed on all counts. Actually, on reflection, I don’t know which is more irritating – her plastic straw hair or her “low talker” mumbling. Easily the most annoying character on TV for me at the moment.

  7. Becca

    A Sampson and Delilah reference? WIN. I loved the boy-dog named Sue. Amazing. And I thought the same thing about slamming the door and the counselor going on tour with Juliette.

  8. The Other Molly

    Lucky is the worst thing on this show. I was hoping his bus back to Nashville would take a detour over a cliff.
    Maddie getting hurt was a prequel to Maddie getting seriously hurt and needing a blood transfusion.
    And we all know whose is the only blood that will take care of that.

  9. junior

    All slide 7 made me think was Tami, Teddy, Maddie, Peggy… Couldn’t they have named Peggy something like Irene or Violet. So many double consonant sounds.

    • Maria

      Those kind of names are pretty culturally authentic though. And at least Rayna and Juliette aren’t in the same pattern.

  10. Elle

    I was mad after the latest episode was delayed but after watching it, I’m right back on the spoon.

  11. Cucina49

    “Six birds and two really possessive raccoons live in there.” Serious snort. Hilarious.

  12. Claire

    I think he’s just embarrassed to admit that he lost his soul in her hair last night, and is afraid to go looking because six birds and two really possessive raccoons also live in there.


    Well her hair looks like rope.

    Perfect Heather. I loved every second of your recap.

  13. milaxx

    PREACH! and she goes on talks show promoting the show looking like a Toddlers & Tiara reject. She needs a makeover in the worst sort of way.

  14. Cindy

    That recap was worthwhile if only for the idea of the ‘Nashville Jareds’ – I picture an entire baseball team outfitted in khakis.

    Though the rest of the recap was pretty hilarious too.

  15. Mavis

    The line about Vanessa Hudgens made me laugh out loud…and that’s no small feat. Thank you for that, Heather. Well played.

  16. Aria

    Great recap! I have to say, I hate smug rehab guy and mom’s sob story of “Remember That Time I Was Clean For An Hour And Went To Your Show And You Ignored Me? It Really Hurt, And Stuff.” Big whoop, you got clean and your daugther, that have neglected if not abused for YEARS ignored you so you promptly fell off the wagon and are still blaming her for that year later?! And Smug Rehab Guy agrees with mom? Ugg.

    “It seems Tami and Teddy have come up with this needlessly complicated plan wherein every ten days or so, they each pack up all their belongings and move in and out of the house.”

    –Actually, Heather, this is not unusual any more. Today, a lot of parents want more of a true shared/joint custody, at least while the divorce is pending, and instead of making the kids shuttle back and forth, this is how a lot of courts handle it now, by making the parents move in and out/alternate weeks.

    Scarlet’s hair and clothes get more and more ridiculous. I think she must have found that nightie inside of that old suitcase (that she must have bought at a yard sale)!

  17. AJ

    Did anyone else hope the burning of the master tapes would lead to a not-so-tragic, fatal explosion? I mean, that was a lot of lighter fluid y’all.

    But I pretty much find myself doing that in every scene he’s in. They just really need to off his character.

    Also… a super mega arena country pop music tour seems like the perfect place for a recovering addict to get through those tough, initial recovery stages. No, I don’t smell a relapse at all!

  18. Eric Stratton

    Yes, yes it is “sponsor/sponsee”, in case you were wondering. Believe me, I know.

  19. annabelle

    I am so happy this show has shown steady improvement. It lost me for a few episodes, but I always read your recaps, that brought me back for the last three or four.

    *I’ll admit, before I wasn’t paying enough attention to Scarlet’s hair because I was so distracted by her costuming, but holy fried yarn that is BAD. Like a lot, a lot.
    *Teddy has turned out to be a real tool and I look forward to evil father smiting him down.
    *Lucky is just needlessly there, but I’m glad the actor is getting a paycheck, so I’m not complaining.
    *For the life of me I would have never figured out where I know “the vet” from, I am so tickled to see it is POP. (That is my favorite number from Chicago)
    *I heart Deacon, ridiculously hard. Damn I love wounded men.

    As ALWAYS love the recap.

  20. M Kate

    Agreed about Scarlett. The way she lip-syncs also DOES NOT match the way that Alison Kraus – style vocal would come out of her mouth, though I understand they want to sex it up. And she certainly is a “low talker” but we already have Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alexis Bledel heading up the Mumble Girl Division in Hollywood.

  21. loonytick

    Juliette’s “concert” needed some sort of establishing shot that made it clear what that venue is–Two Old Hippies is a retail store in The Gulch that also has a stage off to one side (Nashville is littered with businesses whose floorplans include seemingly random stages…for serious. They don’t call this place Music City for nothing). That’s why there was a rack full of stuff in the middle of the crowd.

    Basically, if Juliette hadn’t tweeted the details of the performance, the carefully-invited crowd would have fit into the performance space. But because the hordes showed up, they spilled over into the retail area and tragedy ensued. It’s a plot point that makes no sense, unfortunately, unless you know that corner of Nashville in real life.

  22. MaryAnne

    Not a bad trade indeed – I would certainly be willing to to trade a tour of Nashville for a tour of Deacon’s anatomy.


  23. Sandra

    I knew I should have gutted out organic chemistry and gone to vet school! And trust me, anybody who isn’t compos mentis enough to have heard of A Boy Named Sue isn’t smart enough to get in. People medical school is an easier gig to get.

  24. Izalika

    To be fair, I had never heard of J. Cash’s Boy Named Sue before this…at least not as a clear indication that it is a song or an important reference of some point. When I saw this part in the episode, I only really quickly GUESSED that that’s what he was going for, because I thought I’d vaguely heard something about “A Boy Named Sue” at some point in my life…like if it were in a crossword or randomly referenced on a TV show or something.

  25. Cortney D

    All I could think of in the baseball stadium scene is HEY! When did they plan on moving Miller Park to Nashville? GET YOUR OWN STADIUM DESIGN Y’ALL! Bull True.