Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 1, episode 13

TWO IN A ROW where Tami gets her hands — actually, other body parts — dirty. And it closed with classic Gunnar and Scarlett musical awesomeness, AND she has a spine now, for real. I am gleeful.

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  1. ringthing

    Omg this had me laughing so hard I might pee or lose my job, whichever comes first. Heather, you are HILARIOUS. To make it even funnier, there’s the captions = Hayden Go Boom hahahahahahaha.

  2. Sylvia

    This show really is getting good. And I really love that you call every character by the names of their most famous characters. And I love Hayden’s coats as well.

    I wanted Teddy to grow a spine, but I didn’t want him to become an asshole. Then again, it could be argued that Tami has emotionally cheated off and on for years, leading to say a-hole ways. I don’t know, everyone seems to living a life other than the one they want. I find it sad.

    Actually, stay sad. That makes for GREAT music.

  3. patricia

    My favourite thing that you do Heather, is to call Hayden, Hayden and Connie, Tami Taylor.
    AND you had me dying at : “they will all be hella fired!”

  4. Annette

    lol “hella fired”

    glad this show finally is back on course, and glad you guys were here to make that middle tolerable!

  5. ErinE

    This episode was so good! finally!

    I feel like if they had planned on making the older daughter have a different dad than the younger daughter, they shouldn’t have picked sisters who are so identical (even though I adore those little girls! They’re so sweet)

    Hayden I wanted to hate, but she’s actually so good. She can mean mug with the best of them.

  6. Eli

    Now that the West Wing is on Netflix I have been catching up. Tami’s hair was not so glorious on that show but damn does she look young. It gives me a case of the olds.

  7. mary lou bethune

    The screen jumps around ? Is it just me?
    Anyway, awesome job, ladies. I love your analysis as much as the show but not as much as Connie and her nonpareil hair. She is a Woman.

  8. Stacey

    Love that you called out the tomatos!!! I was thinking WTF who gardens in this place that they have so many green and red tomatos hanging around on their countertops!

  9. Maria

    Perhaps the tomatoes are Tami’s secret hair treatment?

  10. TaraMisu

    Tami’s HAIR!!!!! I would sell my soul to the devil himself to get her hair secrets.

    Love this show, love the recaps, it’s like 2 shows in one :D

  11. Bucky

    While I love these recaps, I am totally distracted by whether and when y’all will stop calling Connie Britton Tami Taylor and start calling her Connie Britton. And it’s not because I want you to stop calling her Tami Taylor- I LOVE Tami Taylor. I am currently re-watching all of FNL for the third time in two years, so I am a-OK with calling her Tami Taylor forever and ever amen.

    BUT. I also watch Hart of Dixie, and in the first season’s recaps, y’all called Scott Porter Jason Street. This season, however, he is referred to as Scott Porter.

    My theory is that, as much as we all loved Street, we Kanye-caps LOVED Tami Taylor, so her character is more enduring. I wonder what kind of treatment Riggins would get if he ended up on a weekly series (please god yes)… These are the things I think about when I read these recaps.

    In summation, Texas forever.

    • Jessica

      Riggins will always always be Riggins! I think I actually usually call Scott Porter by his character name most of the time now, in part because Street was off FNL for a while, so we weren’t as knee-deep in it with him all the time.

  12. witjunkie

    And I think that NY Times article showed that Connie Britton wouldn’t mind at all being called Tami Taylor still.

  13. ok

    You are not giving Liam his due. He is far better for Rayna than Deacon, at least in the short-term!! Rayna and Deacon are terrible for each other– they bring out the worst in each other. Some things are just not meant to be.

    Liam and Rayne have crazy chemistry. I’m shipping them for the moment.

  14. Jeris

    God, when are they going to cancel this travesty of a show?

  15. amanda

    I need those red lens aviators that Hayden was sporting the morning after her “hella fired” tirade.

    Also, I feel like Scarlet may be the Mistress of the Mixed Signal. She doesn’t want to sleep with Gunner, but she will wear tiny lace shorts and thigh highs around the house?

  16. Marcie

    Can I just say that I am so envious of Hayden’s make up all the time! How can I get my skin so glowy?

  17. Faye

    Connie Britton was so good in this episode. You could really tell she was on an emotional roller coaster, and she sold every up and down on it effectively. And that hair . . .if that isn’t extensions, she had to have sold something to the devil for it. Yes, I am mad jealous.

    I used to be neutral on Deacon, but I’m sort of coming around to hating him. He is such a sanctimonious, judgemental a-hole, especially to Rayna, and given his history as an unreliable, destructive drug addict — pot and kettle, you know? And his relationship with Juliet also irks me. He ought to know by now that Juliet will listen to any little thing he says and run with it to the nth degree, yet he persists in 1) giving her advice and 2) acting all surprised and, again, judgemental when she goes cray-cray in carrying out what he told her to do.

    As for Juliet, I think my main issue with her is that she is such a reactive character. Everything she does seems to be driven by her tormented relationships — with her mother, with Deacon, with her manager, with her fans (ex: her reaction to the Twitter comments). Given her youth and insecurities this may be understandable, but it would be nice to get some sense of who Juliet Barnes actually is and what *she* actually wants. Even her latest, “I’m a real singer” shtick only seems to be in reaction to Rayna.

    Teddy is actually very realistic as a character — the loser who cheats on and blames his wife for not making hiim feel like a big man instead of facing up to his own culpability in his problems — but he’s mostly on my list for making his sweet daughter so sad. I just wanted to reach through the screen and give her a big hug when she heard him on the phone, clasped her sister’s hand, and told her mother the news. What a talented little actress.

  18. Joanie

    I’m so bummed we were shorted an episode this week. I couldn’t wait to have more to read. I’ve love Connie since she was Nikki on Spin City and this…well, there’s so many great ways to play with all these characters, it’s simply too fun NOT to be able to read along with the action. You give me life when you post recaps and asides. Thank you!

    Now, I don’t know about you, but I would seriously love to see CHARLES Esten jump back into his Chip Esten jeans to play hilariously off the cuff with Hayden and get her totally screwed up for a few days. And then have Teddy go back to the show he was in where he was actually rebuilt by a secret govt agency to be stronger than he is so he could have balls at least as big and steely as his father-in-law’s and walk away from the whole thing with Peggy on his arm.

    Flu is killing me. But I love the show and your recaps and I had to tell you so