Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 1, episode 10

Inching towards plot advancement. Ish.

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  1. Aria

    I was coverting Tami’s concert attire — of course, only if I can look like that while wearing it. And Hayden’s dress was cute, but dang, she is ALWAYS in these super short things on stage and I don’t see how the front row does see straight up her dress.

    Agree that Tebow/Hayden scene was well done. I am more interested in her storyline than Tami’s. And YES, I thought the same thing about Tandy and her dad. Maybe they should have made her Tami’s stepmother instead of sister, b/c I get a very weird vibe between her and Powers Boothe.

  2. Faye

    Not a Hayden Panetierre fan at all (quite the reverse), but I really liked her in this episode. I thought she did a nice job of conveying vulnerability, and even though Juliette was to blame for this marriage fiasco, Hayden made me feel bad for her.

    Naked Lucky Spencer just creeps me out on so many levels, even though I think he might be a year or so older than me. It’s having seen him as a kid that make it impossible for me to see him as anything but that.

    And finally, I rolled my eyes to high heaven when Evil , Snidely-Wiplash Rocker lunges after our heroine Scarlet. Not to mock violence against women, but even he, the rocker libertine who probably slept with a million hot chicks, can’t resist her. Bien sur! She is the biggest Mary Sue that ever Sue-d on television. So annoying.

  3. ringthing

    I cherish these recaps, which are way more entertaining than the show at this point. My thoughts: I wish Tami would wear some lipcolor besides nude, at least three people told Hayden she needs to Take Responsibility for her actions and Scarlett gets on my last nerve. Also, Hayden is really good and I wish my beloved Tami was a little less laid back and had more spunk.

  4. Heather

    Agreed on all counts.

  5. Eliza Bennett

    I SHIP LIAM/JULIETTE. Liamette? Juliam?

    • Kara

      No way! Liam is too good for her – I am all for Rayna/Liam. I like Eric Close but Teddy is SO BORING and i am completely in favor of Rayna cheating on him with Liam. The only time he showed an ounce of personality was when he told his father-in-law that he knew their eldest daughter wasn’t biologically his, and he would come after his FIL is he did anything to challenge the bind between them, Beyond that, feh. But Liam walks the fine line between telling it like it is and being a jerk, and I think he has eyes for Rayna. If he and Juliette were to happen, I think it would be one of those “I hate you!” “I hate you!” [make out]

  6. witjunkie

    OK I’m confused though! I’m not watching this in real life…(I’m Fug-Watching?) Why all of a sudden are Tebow and Hayden getting a divorce? I thought they just got married at the end of the last one. Wha’happen?

    • Heather

      She jilted him — his mother wanted a real wedding but Hayden didn’t show up. Last shot of the show was her going to her private plane instead of the church.

  7. Stacey

    I love that you recap this show even though I watch every episode. Last week I was thinking to myself about what you might say about Tami’s on stage outfit.
    Also for the poster above me – basically they are getting a divorce because she only married him to sleep with him and when she got called out by her mom, for trying to fill a hole in her heart, and his family, for being white trash, she couldn’t abide by it and left him at the altar of their fake second wedding.

  8. Alice

    Oh my God the Tandy/Powers longing look of sexual tension creeped me out so heavily when I was watching this episode! And agreed on Liam/Juliette clearly going to have hot hate sex one of these days, and it’s going to be glorious.

    Whyyyy didn’t Teddy and Peggy finally bite the bullet and kiss in that last scene?! Such a let down, after all that face stroking and mutual panting. This show just needs way more resolutions of the sexual tension. It would force the plot forward at a face faster than the glacial crawl it goes at currently.