Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 1, episode 1

This show was eminently watchable, not at all subtle — but in all the right ways; there are no birds in tiny boxes — and FULL of voluminous hair. Gwyneth, that piercing sensation you’re feeling is Tami Taylor stomping all over Country Strong. Bull true.

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  1. Annie S.

    The song Scarlet and Gunnar (oy, these names!) sing at the end was originally recorded by the very excellent Civil Wars. And, shockingly, the TV version is BETTER than the original.

    It’s only the pilot, but I have high hopes that this show delivers on what Smash (and even Glee in Season 1) promised. Sigh. I have so missed CB’s magnificent Tami-Taylor hair.

  2. Stefanie

    I want to watch this but I can’t stand Hayden Pantywaist. But seeing Tami Taylor would probably make up for it. Gah! Im so confused.

    I may watch it purely for that kitchen tho….

  3. Eliza Bennett

    I snorfled at “but then she’d have to be CGI’d and singing things about Al Michaels before NFL broadcasts.” I love that. Although unfortunately now I have “Al and Cris/are the best on tv../the NFL RUNS ON NBC” in my head.

  4. Tar Heel Gal

    Holy Texas Forever, what an perfect idea, Heather, a guest spot for our beloved Coach Taylor? Tami, pick up that phone and make it happen, honey! Great recap. You and I will have to pinky-wrassel for that dream kitchen, Missy. Eric Close looks mighty fine, doesn’t he? Lordy, that awful red dress and those pearls! They had me fooled with that scene, I thought Tami would buck PowersDaddy. Too many hunky guys with facial hair in jeans to keep track of, whew!

  5. Mikki

    This show has me hooked already – loved it! I know it’s soapy and somewhat predictable, but it’s good escapist fun! I may also have kitchen envy…it’s gorgeous!

  6. L22

    Bravo, Fug Girls! Love it. And agree- she will be Tami Taylor forever.

  7. Wendy

    I find it confusing (and a little annoying) when people refer to an actor by the name of their character in a show that is, no matter how much it was beloved, OVER. Now I can’t remember the name of Connie Britton’s character in the show SHE IS ACTUALLY ON. Seriously, give her a chance to be someone else! I’m pretty sure, as an actor, she would probably prefer not to ONLY be known for that one character. Maybe it just bothers me because I have never seen “Friday Night Lights” and only know her from “American Horror Story.”

    Also, could someone explain what the whole bird-in-a-box is about? I have never seen “Country Strong” because I find Gwenyth Paltrow nauseating.

    • Katie

      Fugcap of Country Strong: http://gofugyourself.com/fug-the-fromage-country-strong-06-2011

      Way better than the actual movie, I suspect.

      • anonymoose

        Wow! Thx for re-posting link to that Fugcap of Country Strong – it’s BRILLIANT and HILARIOUS!

    • Jenny

      I was confused, too- never watched FNL so I kept thinking I was missing something (did Raina have a stage name? did the writers change the character’s name at the last minute?).

    • vandalfan

      You just have to stick around here long enough to pick up the nicks. I haven’t seen commercial TV since way before the first 90201, so most of Heather and Jessica’s references were Greek to me (Pacey?). Now I think of GFY as my finger on the pulse of today’s youth.

      Cleavage high five for the win!

    • Squirrel!

      Not having seen Friday Night Lights, I recognize the character name of Tami Taylor, but I’m familiar with Connie Britton from Spin City (not that I could tell you what her name was on that show). So, there’s a little bit of confusion in my head. For me this is different than referring to Joshua Jackson as Pacey or Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson, because I’ve never seen their shows so there’s no conflict in my mind! Of course, it would be a bit much for me to expect Heather and Jessica to know what I’ve seen and what I haven’t seen. :-P

      GFY Heather, good call on Charles “Chip” Esten from Whose Line? Would not have recognized him without your mention of that show. He was sooo cute and sooo talented on Whose Line? That show used to make me laugh until tears rolled down my face!

      And Toonces hahahahaha.

      • Squirrel!

        I have to say I’m glad that Hayden Panettiere is not being referred to as The Cheerleader. I’ve never seen Lost, but I know her as Ally McBeal’s daughter and Malcolm (in the Middle)’s babysitter. Am I dating myself? Yes I am.

    • tamitaylorfanclub

      long live Tami Taylor!

  8. Jules

    I thought it was pretty good. And Lucky Spencer is a fun bonus. I don’t know why, but I’m always intrigued by that guy. I think he’s actually a really good actor. But it does seem like he’s going to be a jerk on this show. A cute jerk, at least.

  9. Lisa

    Loved the reference to Toonces the driving cat!

  10. Erin

    I really missed Tami Taylor (couldn’t watch American Horror Story). The cheerleader, not so much. And thank you for not missing the connection with Remember the Titans. That IS creepy.

  11. TaraMisu

    “deludiverse” LOLOLOL!! I live there too, with my shiny, curly locks. (in reality… wave, frizz, growing out bangs)

    I liked this show, I hope it continues to be semi-soapy. That red dress Tami (she will always be Tami Taylor) wore at the end was atrocious!!! I think I gasped out loud.

  12. Lisa

    Prediction: Gunnar sleeps with Hayden’s character. So then his girlfriend hooks up with the guy who has the hots for her. (can’t remember his name; there are so many cute guys in this show!)

  13. JM

    Since we’re doing shout outs to Country Strong, did everyone hear Blair Waldorf bring it up in Gossip Girl this week? Glad she (and the writers) have a sense of humor about it all.

  14. Lynne

    I would like to nominate Powers Boothe for nomination into the Villainy Hall of Fame. Who do I write to about that? Few people can do menacing and morally bankrupt quite like he does.

    Also, as to the potential of a Kyle Chandler guest spot… my heart says yes but my head says the show would never recover from their onscreen chemistry. It would mess up the whole Deacon-Rayna angsty dynamic because we’d all be too busy rooting for the Coach.

    • Wendy

      I’m with you about Powers Booth! Did you ever see the movie where he played Jim Jones? Since then everytime I see him I instantly think EVIL.

  15. PinkieBling

    BRILLIANT, Heather. Brava!

  16. Rowynn

    I never for a second considered actually watching this show, but I’ll look forward to recaps of each episode here. I don’t see how the show could possibly be as entertaining as what the Fug girls make of it.
    And Heather? I loved Powers Boothe on Deadwood, but I never could understand half the dialog either. We used to put Closed Captioning on for that show.

  17. Laura K

    I’m already hooked. Brilliant casting to put the Stella sisters as Reyna’s daughters—there has to be a performance coming up from them.

    • Carolyn

      Yes, loved seeing them. Hope they get to sing with their mama on stage or something soon!

  18. filmcricket

    Oh man. I don’t intend to watch this show, but I will definitely read the fug caps, for as long as I can follow them, anyway. Glad that Connie Britton, Powers Boothe and Eric Close all have a steady gig. Sorry that Eric Close is playing a sad sack – from what I understand from other fug caps, the sad sack husband inevitably leads to Kind Touching.

  19. amanda

    Brilliant recap. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the show and I’ve been waiting for someone (I like) to talk about it.

    My thoughts were that CB is totally a Reba. Then midway through the show a promo for a new Reba comedy show on ABC aired and I thought, YEP – that’s how they got Reba to consult and give the inside scoop, they gave her a different show.

    I think Hayden is totally – totally – Carrie Underwood and her outfits will eventually show this. Plus I’ve heard Carrie is a biotch and this personality is more her.

    Because, I think our Swifty is the “poet” girl. The look, the shit taste in boys, all signs point to Swifty.

    I am looking forward to your weekly recaps.

    PS _ Please stop calling her Tami. – Thanks!!!!

    • Miriam

      She IS Tami, though. Tami Taylor forever!

      • GFY Heather

        I’m so sorry, but it’s like a tic — I can’t NOT think of her as Tami Taylor. I know that’s frustrating for people but when I write “Rayna” it feels like I’m not talking about the right person.

        • Fumi

          Heather, I love this fug-cap… I love that you refer to her as Tami Taylor…. She’ll always be Tami or Mrs. Coach regardless of how many other roles that she’s done… P.S She does have the greatest hair in hollywood!

        • CranAppleSnapple

          I always think of her as Paige’s sister on Ellen, and Ellen accidentally tapes a Thirty-Something over her birthing video! :D

  20. Lisa

    I really enjoyed the show, but this re-cap is sheer PERFECTION! I even picked the same people (Reba/Faith and Taylor/Carrie hybrids) that these characters are loosely representing. CLEARLY we are sisters of the heart.

    As for the commenter complaining about you calling Connie Britton by her former character’s name, personally, I loved it. It sounds EXACTLY like one of my friends recounting the episode to me, except she would use all three names (Connie, Tammi, Rayna) interchangeably, depending on which one popped in her head at the moment.

  21. ellenderavenous

    Oh my god, I’m crying. Best recap EVER.

  22. Jenny

    I think I will like it.

    But it seriously makes me miss Friday Night Lights even more. Sniff.

  23. Cat

    Great recap– I’m seriously digging this show right now.

  24. ringthing

    I am so glad you are recapping this show! You’re brilliant, plus I agree with whoever already said that there are too many cute guys in jeans with facial hair. I couldn’t keep them straight and I was really confused by the husband running for mayor thing, plus I might have fallen asleep, so your recap was very helpful as well as hilarious.

  25. Eli

    The only thing that would make this show better is if Tami Taylor and The Cheerleader sing a duet of “Does He Love You?” Serrrriously.

  26. Sajorina

    This show looks so awesomely bad that I’ll keep up with your recaps just for fun! But, the set designing is crazy good… Loved that chair on Tami’s dressing room, her kitchen is a dream and the furniture in Power’s dining room is lovely!

  27. Helen

    This is fantastic. After the first 10 minutes of the show, I was on the fence about whether or not watching more was warranted… but it’s probably worth it just to know every reference here! Thank you, Heather!

  28. chickadee

    I liked the first episode, but I don’t see the Carrie Underwood in the Juliette Character, except maybe her looks. Whether or not you like Carrie (and I do think she seems pretty stuck up) the girl has a serious voice that is not autotuned in any way (check out her live performance of How Great Thou Art if you doubt.) I see the Juliette character as a cross between Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert, actually.

  29. Miriam

    Did anyone else have trouble telling the men apart? Deacon, hubby Teddy & one of the boyfriends have similar looks. I had problems figuring out who Hayden was making hay with. Even grizzled old man mentor looks like Tami’s father!

    • heather

      I did! I have always had this problem but this one was really hard! I have to figure out a way to tell these people apart…

    • Annie E

      Yeah, I totally had this problem. It wasn’t until I read this recap that I learned all the men in their 30′s/40′s were different people. Handsome white dudes with brown hair.

  30. TonyG

    I have never seen Friday Night Lights, so, until I read the comments, I was so confused by this post — thinking, “why is Heather calling Rayna, Tami?…Is Tami her real name on the show but Rayna is her stage name?”

    I feel as if I am in a time warp sometimes as I don’t always watch the same shows as Fug Nation. I need to get with the program, so to speak.

  31. heather

    Have we also forgotten that Randy was involved in the other super amazingly recapped “Christmas Cupid”?

  32. Kate

    Thank you for the “Bunny” comment. As soon as he came on screen I thought, “Aw, I love you, but, why?” It’s been bothering me for nearly a week now.

  33. Aria

    ” This guy was in Remember The Titans with Hayden when she was 11 and he was 25, and now he’s having TV sex with her. That must be really, really, really weird. Like, talk-to-your-therapist weird.”

    That is very weird, but for me, nothing could ever top teenaged Charlotte Ross and 30-something Charles Shaunnessy , who played daughter/father on Days of Our Lives and then a couple years later played lovers. Weird.

  34. scone

    As an avowed lover of FNL, I think it’s impressive you didn’t refer to her as Mrs. Coach throughout. Plus, calling her Tami Taylor set up the brilliant Tami II joke, which made me snort.