Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 1, episode 14

This magazine nailed the most important headline in the history of journalism, fake or otherwise: “CARNIVOROUS ROACH PLAYS POSSUM, THEN POUNCES ON PREY.” I knew it. I KNEW THEY’D BE COMING FOR US.

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  1. ErinE

    the dog comments made me laugh so hard! But I also decided that Hayden was pretty thoughtful about Deacon this episode – I kept waiting for him to be mad about the party, but he seemed really pleased and touched to see so many old friends there, and I kind of think the dog is just what he needs to love! He seems like he should already own a big ol’ dog best friend, doesn’t he?

    Who was the nosy lady at dance class? totally recognized her and can’t place it….

  2. Natasha

    Thank you! I’ve been waiting for you to post this for days!

    I need Scarlett to move out of the super sales mark-down racks of Anthropologie. It’s winter in Nashville and she’s wearing their spring lacy dresses and scratchy cardigans and it’s bothering me.

    Also, I took issue with the weird mixing of cream, black and brown in Gunnar’s singing ensemble for the Bluebird. However, his snap-front shirt did prove extremely useful and user-friendly in that last scene.

  3. Susannah

    I think one day I shall run for office and my slogan will be “Everybody Get Some.” That is spectacular. In bottle form.

  4. Amy

    As much as I am happy to see that Scarlett and Gunnar are finally doing it (those two have some pretty good chemistry), doesn’t it seem slightly ill-timed? I mean, his brother just died, how will he know it wasn’t out of pity! Although, I guess that is probably the point, so they can have the awkwardess and mumbling for a few episodes as Heather mentioned.

    Also, never thought there would be a show where I was rooting for the main character’s marriage to end, so well done Nashville. I think Rayna & Deacon and Teddy & Peggy just make so much more sense and am looking forward to some more elevator and office shenanigans.

  5. cdd

    re: Slide 32, THANK YOU!!!

    I can’t even tell you the number of dates I have been on where I have been brought to a steak house/seafood place/other meat predominant establishment, despite the fact that I’m allergic to meat. I just do not get it. Do they think I’m making it up? Are you going to cure me with a bite of your special sausage? AND, even if I didn’t have an allergy (which I do) and had simply made a personal choice to be vegetarian, why would you respect that?! People are dumb.

    Ugh, okay, rant over, Hayden was the worst this week. Dog’s cute though.

    • Sandra

      Well, at least it lets you weed out the losers from the get-go. If somebody can’t be bothered to pay attention to critically important things about a potential dating partner, it’s no loss when you kick him to the curb.

      Heather is right that a puppy isn’t just for your birthday, it’s for life, but Deacon and that puppy are each adorable individually and absolutely LETHAL working together.

  6. Mare

    Thanks so much for the update. I can clear my DVR of several episodes now. They have been sitting there, pouting, because I haven’t watched them. So judgy.

  7. Vandalfan

    She comforts him in his fresh grief over his dead brother with a little sofa nookie?

    As one does.

  8. Lola

    I am surprised that Scarlett’s awful, awful hair doesn’t get more notice. It is so scraggly and hideous. Can they really not do any better?

    • Margaret

      I think they’re going to pull a felicity on her and give her a sassy bob that will reinvent her career and style.

      • Heather

        I have made mention of it many times! The problem is, I get nervous that it’s her actual hair. IT CAN’T BE. And yet maybe? And that’s not her fault, if it is.

        • Eli

          Per Google Images I think that is her real hair but it has definitely looked better than the hippie dippy look she sports on N-ville.

  9. Trina

    Gunnar’s brother dying felt really sudden to me too. I actually thought they were going to start a love triangle with him, Scarlett, and Gunnar. Maybe he had too many obligations to Jane by Design. :)

  10. AmandaD

    I realize I’m really slow, but in my defense, I don’t watch the show, just read the recaps here. Anyway, I can’t believe I just barely realized this week that Deacon is played by baby-face Chip from Whose Line is it Anyway. He looks so different, all grown up. *sniff*

    • witjunkie

      WHAT oh my gosh.

      • AmandaD

        I know, right? When I heard last week that Whose Line is coming back with Colin, Ryan, Wayne and Aisha Tyler as host, after flailing about with joy, I’ve been lost in youtube watching clips. It would be great if Chip would guest appear, he was about the only one that could come close to keeping up with Wayne on the songs.

    • Rebecca H

      I just got lost in a dark hole of google image abyss.

  11. Halo

    I’m so in love with this show, and this ep was delightful because shit went down. Finally.

    I will say that while Scarlett always looks a hot mess, I don’t understand why it’s weird that she always wears dresses. I literally own one pair of pants that I never wear because I just feel more comfortable in dresses. It gets old to be told to put on a pair of jeans already, because NO. That said, Scarlett could wear some tights and weather-appropriate dresses for winter.

  12. Amanda

    I read your blog every day and never comment, but I just have to say that this is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time and I am so thankful for it. Such a quality recap. You made my day!

  13. Eli

    My random non-sequiturs…

    1. I remember the addiction counselor when he was on some Saturday morning Saved by the Bell ripoff show about a girl basketball player that also involved Dick Butkus.

    2. I cannot take that on this show Annie Banks Mackenzie is a giant slutty ho and on Scandal Brian Mackenzie is a killer. Way to ruin all my Father of the Bride warm fuzzies.

    3. There was seriously something anti-sexy about Scarlett having to remove Gunnar’s lame vest before she can strip off his shirt.

  14. Ciori

    SPOILER UK ALERT, we haven’t got this far yet in the uk, but yay they split :-))))))

  15. Megan

    Mega spoiler for the UK watchers :(

    • annabelle

      Why in the world would you click on RECAP

    • Nicole

      Well, it’s not really fair to claim spoilers when you know that the UK is behind and yet you chose to read a photo recap of an episode that you know isn’t going to air in your country for a few weeks.

      • witjunkie

        Oh – they mean the tabloid photo on the first pic. That would be hard to miss just clicking by. Bummer.

  16. Marcie

    Can I just say that Nashville doesn’t have paps. That’s the only thing that really bothered me about this episode. But I’m just glad they are sexing it up finally.

  17. Lynne

    I kind of love Scarlett. She’s fairly sensible and growing backbone by the day. She didn’t stew in angst over Gunnar. She basically said ‘okay, yep. Let’s ride this.’ I somehow think that when she and Gunnar sign with Rayna’s label, someone is going to give her a style makeover. Which she desperately needs. But I, for one, will be slightly disappointed. I sort of love that she’s a mess. That she wears fairly terrible thrift store, country girl clothes. I like that she’s not slick.

    One nitpick. If the press was all up in Rayna’s face over an alleged affair with Deacon, why wasn’t there a single reporter camped outside his house?

  18. Maria

    I’m glad Tami and Teddy are over, now when can we expect to her get back with Coach Taylor, who is undoubtedly her one-and-only.
    Seriously, her chemistry with any and all other men just pales.

  19. annabelle

    I was so disappointed in the the execution of the pity bang. It should have been hotter, he should have been more distraught, there should have been more *there* there. It was a missed opportunity.

    Loved your capture of Tami’s “Oh really” reaction face. Priceless.

  20. Jennifer

    OMG! That’s my Kroger! It looks a lot cleaner on TV.

    I’m amused by the art on the office walls. It comes from a well respected company, Anderson Design Group, but it’s just posters. People who are power players usually have original paintings on their walls.

    The Spirit of Nashville is an awesome series by ADG and you can get a poster for the Bluebird Cafe. (No affiliation).

    Here’s the poster on Teddy’s wall:


  21. Celia

    Re: the silly Happy Birthday banner, at the bar where Hayden had her 21st birthday party in my town, the very very similar “Happy Birthday Hayden” banner is still hanging. Maybe she just really likes them?